Just Being Frank Begins

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    Thumbnail image for 5147044.jpegIt's time to provide some insight into the Fresno State women's basketball program. To help us with that every other Friday assistant coach Brett Frank will give us snap shot of what is going on with the team throughout the course of the year in a series titled, "Just Being Frank."

    The story goes like this . . . .

    I was recently assigned a great and overwhelming task by our Sports Information Director, Steve Schaack. He requested I use my creative talent (a scary thought since there's very little of that to begin with) to begin a new blog for the women's basketball link on gobulldogs.com. Obviously, if you're reading this, you've successfully found it and my work is being rewarded as you scan and process each word.

    Initially, I was torn on whether to talk about our past season or the season that lies in front of us. I thought maybe you would want to know more about the stars of the past season, or the newcomers that will be instrumental in building on our recent success. I thought of entertaining you with funny and anecdotal stories of trips on the road or of a gathering with Fresno State's Tim Anderson and the Fresno State band performing an impromptu concert for our team.

    As I was desperately trying to find my groove, I realized that before I could dedicate myself to any of these ideas, I needed to have a title for the blog. "Brett's frets" took the early lead as I was terrified of not being able to ever figure out a direction to go with my assignment...

    Minutes later, while trying to find humor in my dilemma, I scrapped the first title to go with "Frank's WAC-ky Winners." This of course is a pun using the frequently used Western Athletic Conference nickname (WAC) with the recent success of our program (3 consecutive WAC Titles). Unfortunately, if you don't read the reason for the title, its humor is lost.

    So what title could grant me the freedom to talk to you about the ups, the downs, and the all-arounds of our Bulldog basketball program? While contemplating, associate head men's basketball coach Jeff Reinert asked me if I needed a car wash this weekend from his daughter's youth volleyball team. As I grabbed my wallet (a wedding party gift from two of my dearest friends), I noticed the engraved metal plate in the center with the letters "JBF," my initials. That's when it hit me, "Just Being Frank."

    A blog containing my perspectives on all things related to Bulldog women's basketball. Over the course of the next year, I will do my best to provide you with insight into all the happenings of our program. Hopefully, you'll continue to check back for updates. While I can't promise you'll always be entertained by my humor, I can promise I'll do my best to keep you informed of what's going on in our world.

    Now that you know my mission and goal, I think it's important you know the characters that will be involved in this ongoing series. Here's the rundown with their real name followed by their given nickname:

    2010-2011 Fresno State Women's Basketball Official Team List

    Starring As:
    Adrian Wiggins: Coach Wiggins/Dub
    Sadiaa Jones: Coach Jones/SaJo
    Amy Parrish: Coach Parrish/CP

    Emma Andrews: LaEmma Jaynique
    Marnique Arnold: Nique
    Taja Edwards: Taj
    Hayley Munro: H
    Jaleesa Ross: J
    Veronica Wilson: V
    Blakely Goldberg: TBD
    Alison Drennan: Ali/Drenno
    Alex Furr: TBD
    Jeanna Furst: G/G-Money
    Jalei Kinder: TBD
    Rosie Moult: Ro/RoRo
    Taylor Thompson: Tay/Taylor Tot

    Support Staff:
    Steve Schaack: Shack
    Amanda Hill: Mandy/Mandela/Mandolin/Dingo
    Bailey Amundsen: Bay/Bay-Bay
    Shayne Schiomi: Shayners
    Cyndy Favilla: Cyndyrella

    Will add additional characters to the play list as the story progresses throughout the season

    Hopefully, you're as excited as I am to share this journey. Until the next post, take care, God Bless, and GO DOGS!

    -Coach Brett Frank

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