ESPN Has the Dogs Bowling

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    Apparently it's not too soon to project which teams will be heading to bowl games at the end of the 2010 season.

    With the start of the college football season this week two ESPN experts, Mark Schlabach and Andrea Adelson, made their bowl picks and both have the Dogs in postseason bowl games. The two reporters are on the opposite end of the bowl schedule spectrum, one predicting the Dogs will play in the first bowl game of the season and the other in the last non-BCS bowl game.

    Schalbach predicts the Dogs will be in the New Mexico Bowl and will play Mountain West Conference opponent Wyoming on Dec. 18.

    Adelson thinks the Dogs will be playing in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl in San Francisco on January 9, 2011 against Pac-10 opponent Oregon State. The Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, in addition to a new corporate partner, has tied itself to the WAC and will feature a team from the WAC against a team from the Pac-10.

    ESPN scheduled the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl the night before the BCS Championship game.

    Of the two scenarios, Schalbach's seems least likely. It's doubtful that the New Mexico Bowl would like to have the same team three years running and even less likely they want a repeat match-up of bowl opponents from the 2009 game. While it was a very entertaining game and drew great television ratings, bowl games try to avoid rematches.

    The Dogs have had great experiences in New Mexico the last two years and the fans there have welcomed the Dogs with open arms.

    Maisel's Three-Point Stance
    ESPN's Ivan Maisel also had some interesting comments on this three-point stance column this week about BYU's move to independence and Cincinnati's preparation for Saturday's game against the Bulldogs.

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