Swimmers and Divers Build Team Chemistry

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    Dede Torres


    Swimmer/ Sprint Freestyle           

    Team building has never really been an exciting thing for me. Usually it's the cliché trust fall that throws me off of the team building. But this last weekend we did something different than I've ever done with my fellow teammates. Thanks to the E.D.G.E ropes course our team had so much fun as we worked together to overcome various obstacles.

    4250526.jpegWe DID do a trust fall and yes it did require a lot a trust, but we also did some other really crazy things too. Most were really frustrating at first. Like hoisting our student coach Steven into the air with only ropes and brute strength so we could slowly lower him into a circle to get a small rubber chicken. Did I mention he was blindfolded? And id I also mention Steven is about 6'5''? Ya. He was heavy. But we succeeded!

    One of my favorite things we did this weekend was a team jump rope; as in all 24 or so of us jumping in the air at the same time. It was not an easy task for a bunch of swimmers (see previous blogs, extreme is a word I would use in describing the coordination of a swimmer and not in a good way.) It was so entertaining trying to figure out how we could all get in the air and over this rope and not injure ourselves or the person behind or in front of us. But we finally figured it out without any major mishaps as well as a great photo op!

    Thumbnail image for 4250527.jpegI think one of the greatest challenges of the day was the chicken jump. One person climbed up a not so convincingly stable telephone pole in order to jump off so they could reach out and catch a rubber chicken. (I don't know what it is about rubber chickens and these E.D.G.E people!) It was fun and exciting for me, but not so much with other girls on the team. They were terrified! But they ended up overcoming their fears and got that chicken!

    I can safely say that it was one of the best team building activities I've ever been a part of. I look forward to the coming season as we all grow better as swimmers and closer as teammates and friends.



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