Equestrian Spotlight: Holly Elsbernd

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    Equestrian Spotlight: Holly Elsbernd
    Year: Senior
    Position: Equitation Over Fences

    Who's your favorite teacher on campus?
    Dr. Fu (Sociology) because he is always so helpful and makes class fun to attend.

    What do want to do after you graduate from Fresno State?
    I want to go further in my riding career and would love to get into to any career involving animals.

    What's your favorite thing about Fresno State?
    My team, they're my family away from home. The team has given me endless opportunities and lessons learned that will help me through out my life.

    How old were you when you first rode a horse and what do you remember about that experience?
    I was 6 months old when my parents first put me on a horse. I don't remember it at all but I do remember always wanting to ride growing up.

    What person would you most like to receive a riding lesson from?
    George Morris, even though he scares me. He's a professional with many great accomplishments who is a big figure in the Hunter Jumper and Equitation world.

    What's your favorite TV show?
    Grey's Anatomy

    Do you own your own horse? Describe him/her.
    I have two horses, Just Plain Blane and Fabiane. Blane I've owned over ten years. He taught me the bond between a rider and horse that was needed to win many first places and champions. He is a 14 year old Bay Thoroughbred with a white heart on his forehead. Fabiane is the love of my life. My parents got me him when I out grew Blane and he took me to the next level of my riding. He is a 12 year old Bay Hanoverian. He makes me laugh any time I'm around him.

    What do you do in your spare time?
    My spare time has lately been dedicated to my school work and studying. But when I'm all finished with that I like to hang out with my teammates and friends.

    Who's the funniest member of your team?
    Honestly, my whole team is constantly making me laugh. Anytime I'm with them I'm always having a great time.

    Best lesson you have learned from your coach?
    To always have a positive attitude and be there to support my teammates no matter what.

    What's your most prized possession?
    My horses

    What's your favorite meal?
    Anything my mom cooks.

    What would surprise people to learn about you?
    I'm not as shy as I come off to be.

    Describe your dream vacation?
    On the hot beach somewhere in Hawaii.

    Favorite part about being a Bulldog equestrian rider?
    Being part of a team who shares a common goal and the opportunities it has given me.

    Something everyone should know about being an equestrian rider?
    It's not as easy as we make it look; it takes a lot of hard work, heart and dedication.

    Best moment in your Bulldog Equestrian Career?
    When I won both my points and MVP against Kansas and Auburn all in the same day.

    You know you are an equestrian rider when....
    You cluck at people and things to go faster and yell WHOA at inanimate objects to make them stop.

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