Equestrian Spotlight: Lauren Carr

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    Name: Lauren Carr
    Year: Sophomore
    Position: Equitation on the Flat

    Who's your favorite teacher on campus?
    Cheng Ko, he is not really my teacher but my athletic advisor and he has helped me so much since I have been at Fresno State. He fully supports the equestrian team and is there for any class crisis whenever we need him.

    What do want to do after you graduate from Fresno State?
    Hopefully continue on to get my masters and eventually become a criminal profiler.

    What's your favorite thing about Fresno State?
    The way the whole school and valley supports athletics. It's amazing to see how many fans turn out for the games from all over the central valley.

    How old were you when you first rode a horse and what do you remember about that experience?
    I was 2 ½ at my little brother's birthday party and all I remember is the embarrassing picture I have from that day. I was 7 when I first started taking serious riding lessons.

    What person would you most like to receive a riding lesson from?
    The "founding father" of equitation, George Morris.

    What's your favorite TV show?
    Grey's Anatomy, the drama of the characters makes my life seem so simple. I also love Criminal Minds because it portrays exactly what I want to be able to do in my career.

    Do you own your own horse? Describe him/her
    I owned a fabulous horse named Cortino who came to be on the team with me last year but sadly passed away. He gave his heart and soul to the team just like I have and the connection I had with him is the reason I will always love this sport. Somehow although horses can't talk, the way they communicate with you can touch your heart and the connection between horse and rider is developed and unbreakable.  Cortino taught me how strong that connection can be and I will never forget it.

    What do you do in your spare time?
    I am addicted to Netflix, and now that I have my own apartment I spend a lot of time cooking and being with my roommate Lanie Madrazo

    Who's the funniest member of your team?
    Holly Elsbernd, she does imitations of animals we see while traveling that are hysterical!

    Best lesson you have learned from your coach?
    Patience with the horses. I think it is one of the most important contributions to riding in this style. You have to have patience with a horse you have never ridden before. The more patience you have the easier it is to figure the horse out in the 4 minutes of warm up.

    What's your most prized possession?
    I have a ring I always wear that says, "Courage, Strength, Cortino". It symbolizes how much my horse Cortino taught me, and the courage and strength he had up until the end of his life. I will never forget how amazing he was and the connection we had, and this ring symbolizes that to me.

    What's your favorite meal?
    Anything my mom makes! I love barbecue chicken and sweet potatoes, and of course ice cream!

    What would surprise people to learn about you?
    I love to hike!

    Describe your dream vacation?
    Anywhere with my family, this summer I would love to travel out of the country with them. I think it would be a great cultural and learning experience.

    Favorite part about being a Bulldog equestrian rider?
    My teammates, when I came here from Phoenix I had 40 amazing girls who were all instant friends of mine. The friendships I have made I know will last a lifetime.

    Something everyone should know about being an equestrian rider?
    The horse doesn't do all the work! People ask me all the time if I just sit there, and that is absolutely false. Riding is hard work, and so is taking care of the horses.

    Best moment in your Bulldog Equestrian Career?

    Winning all 3 of my head- to- head competitions at Varsity Equestrian National Championships last year. It was an amazing closing to the season and such a fun trip.

    You know you are an equestrian rider when....
    Muddy, dirty boots can go with any outfit at the barn.

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