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    By: Katie Wilbur/Women's Lacrosse

    Hey Bulldog fans!

                 Finally back from my adventure to the Galapagos Islands I wanted to let you know how it was and what I have planned for the rest of my summer.  So, I will start with the trip!

                It was fantastic!  The best part of the trip was how close you could get to the animals without them caring in the least!  There were many different types of birds and reptiles on the islands but none of them fear humans as a predator so they don't mind you stepping right over them.  There were many times that Marine Iguanas and Sea lions were sleeping across the path and didn't even move as we approached.  Among my favorite animals we saw were the Blue Footed Boobies, penguins, and the Galapagos Sea Lions.  We only spotted a few penguins as it was the end of their season in the region, but all the other animals were abundant!   One morning I was even able to see a Blue Whale surface and dive a few times as well as a few pods of dolphins!  Living on a floating hotel for a week was also an experience but it was a lot of fun getting to know the other passengers as well as the crew.  While on board we woke up early everyday, but we were also privileged to a midday siesta almost everyday, and boy could I get used to that lifestyle!

                Now that I am back safely on land and in the United States I don't have many plans for the rest of the summer.  However, I will be busy working as a lifeguard on Canandaigua Lake, taking a summer school class, of course getting all of my summer workouts in, and hopefully fitting in a lot of pick up lacrosse!  One of the great things about home is that everyone plays lacrosse and I don't need to look far for someone to play catch with or someone to shoot on me!

                That's all for now!



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    By Lindsay Gotham and Carlee Buck
    Fresno State Lacrosse Assistant Coaches

    A couple of  weekends ago, as many families and friends were packing up for a nice long weekend of Memorial Day camping and fun, we boarded a plane to travel east to immerse ourselves in everything lacrosse!  Memorial Day Weekend is one of the most exciting weekends in the lacrosse community, for a variety of reasons.

    By Katie Wilbur/Fresno State Lacrosse


    I was busy packing what seemed like a lifetime worth of belongings, which in reality was only a year's worth, into two suitcases when Steve Schaack called me and offered me the opportunity write this, a blog of sorts, keeping everyone updated with my summer.  So, here I am, writing and packing again.  This time I am packing for my first adventure of the summer.  In a few days I will leave Canandaigua and fly to Miami and on to the Guayaquil, where I will board the Nation Geographic Explorer boat for an exciting ten day adventure to the Galapagos Islands.

                    I am lucky enough to be going on the awesome trip as a graduation present from my Aunt.  Of course, I graduated a year ago, but last summer was overwhelmingly busy, and consequently we pushed the trip off to this summer.  I do not really know what to expect with the trip but I hope to encounter penguins and giant tortoises amongst other animals and climb a volcano during the adventure.  I should have the chance to explore some jungle areas with lots of different bird species as well as go snorkeling to see many different fish!

                    The Islands are located off the coast of Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean.  The total resident population of the Island chain is about 22,000 people, which is the size of Fresno State!  The natural spoken language in the area is Spanish and it should be about 80 degrees while I am there. Needless to say, I am ecstatic for the trip!  And, I look forward to sharing the experience with you when I return!

                    That's all for now!


    Katie Wilbur