Send Your Congratulations to the 2008 NCAA Champion Fresno State Baseball Team

Rita (Omaha): Congrats Bulldogs!!!

Boise, Idaho: Congrats Bulldogs! What a post-season run. Luv the Dawgs in Boise. Go Fresno. Go WAC!

Chicago: Congratulations you guys. I'm in Detroit, but I watched you guys climb that ladder. Your games were amazing and you were truly the stuff of dreams. Congratulations 2088 NCAA NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!

Nick (Sanger): The whole Fresno County knew you fellas could do it! Big Congrats top dogs!

Porterville: Congratulations boys! Go BULLDOGS!!!! Fresno State Alumn, Gustavo Rojo

Josh (Wheeling): Amazing. Loved watching you guys make history and be miraculous. Tell Steve to keep playing college ball and hold out for that no.1 draft pick. CONGRATS CHAMPS

Doug (Riverside, CA): Congrats Fresno!!!!! We couldn't be prouder. NCAA Champions!!!!

tulare: great job guys, we are very proud of you all!!!

Rigueur Eloisil, Murfreesboro, TN: Congratulations Fresno State Sports and the Baseball Team in particular. I am very proud of my school. I will be on campus next week to celebrate this sweeeeeeeet victory! Go DOGS!

Tyler (Hoover, AL): Congratulations guys. That was an awesome thing to watch and you guys did it the right way.

Sue Westover (Huntington Beach): You guys ROCK!!! Congrats!!

Dale Pittman Big Spring, TX: Thank you for a great CWS and CONGRATULATIONS to each one of you. It was a joy to watch and enjoy the moment and May God Bless each of you in a special way.

Atlanta: Congratulations! As a UGA fan, I was pulling for the other team but your team was fantastic and won with talent, drive and class. It was great to turn to my teenage sons and say "That's a championship team" Congratulations again.

Danville CA: Way to go!! Makes me proud to be a Californian

B. Graham (Kimberly, ID): Incredible BULLDOGS!! You Garnered the win.

Kristy(lemoore): WHOOO FRESNO STATE BULLDOGS ROCKS.! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAY2GO.!

Matthew (Birmingham, AL): From this Georgia Dawg, congratulations to a very gritty team. I apologize that UGA didn't give you more of a challenge, but your team is exciting to watch. Soak it in!

Juan (Strathmore): Go Bulldogs! You guys just made the Central Valley PROUD!

Madera Ranchos: Behind you all the way!!! Great work!

Brittney (fresno): Great job dogs!!! so proud to be a student at fresno state!!!

Bill INDY: Grew up in Fresno.....good to see the hard work from the "No" payoff..Congrats and go Dogs!!!!

David Madrid, Garden Grove,: congratulations fresno state, you made watching this years CWS worth wild. Thank you again for a great game!!!!! Enjoy the moment

Chris (Auberry): Great job, guys! You made our night on duty here at the fire station near Squaw Valley exciting. Congrats from the Sand Creek fire station crew. Go Dogs.

JoAnne (Fresno): WTG 'Dogs! We're so happy for you, and proud of our Alma Mater. The Clarks

Mario Pena, Fresno CA: You guys came to this World Series are the underdog of all college baseball teams. You guys played together as a team, as a family, but most of all... you guys showed the entire country what a true team is all about. You guys made history here in Fresno, and everyone (including myself) want to wish each and every player in this year 2008 Fresno State team a congrats for being the 2008 College World series National Champions!!!!! Can't wait to see you guys home!!!!! GO BULLDOGS!!!!


Coach Meza Divis!!!! Visalia!!!: WOW!!!! Congrats!!!!! GO DOGS!!!! National Champs!!!!!

Sally Q (clovis): WAY TO GO DOGS!!! Congratulations on the NCAA championship!!

Ree Witt (Tyler, TX): Go, Bulldogs! I was so caught up in your Cinderella story that I stayed glued to the games even after my LSU Tigers were eliminated. You won my heart and the hearts of so many across the country with your drive, determination, teamwork, etc., etc! Congratulations on your much deserved CWS title!

Tyler, Texas: AWESOME GUYS! You did the WAC proud. Louisiana Tech Alumni Class of 1977

Stuart Streit (Crystal Lake, IL): Way to go, what an inspirational story.

Kimberly Joe (Gilroy, CA) Class of 1989: Congratulations on a fantastic CWS win! You aretruly the Pride of the Valley!

Fresno CA: YOU truely are the WONDERDOGS!!! Great Job!!!

Tyler Madrid, Garden Grove: Congratulations!!! It was an awesome game. Congratulations Coach you and your team rock!!!!! It is cool that you are a GGHS Alumni as well as a GGHS former baseball player like me!!!!

Quinn (Baltimore, MD): I want to thank you guys for making the 2008 College Baseball Season one for the ages. As a graduating senior/D3 baseball player, it's awsome to see the baseball season wrapped up on such a high note. Congrads.

Lillian, Fresno: You are amazing!

Visalia: Greatest college baseball world series EVER!!! You leave Ohmaha as national champions and come back home as HEROS!!!

Honolulu: Congratulations on your victory!! The people of Hawaii were all cheering for you guys and you showed the true heart of a champion! Go WAC!!

Mark, Houston, TX: HUGE!!! Great job Bulldogs. If they didn't know you before...they know you NOW! 2008 Champs!

Jennifer (Fresno): Congratulations Fresno State Bulldogs!! You played an awesome game tonight!!! You guys are great!!!!

Phil (Chino, CA): You guys have made us proud from the very beginning!!! Congratulations on becoming National Champions!!! GO DOGS!!!


Hawaii Warriors: CONGRATS BULLDOGS!!!!!!!Good solid win......

Ricki Lundstrom - Tucson, AZ: Congratulations you 'Dogs!! WOW!! I watched all your games and love the grit and determination all of you showed. Your coach has to be so proud. An Arizona Wildcat alum

Highland Park, Pa: Way to go from Pennsylvania! A pleasure to watch you guys......... A baseball MOM!

George Mason University (Fairfax, VA): From all of us here at George Mason University, we want to congratulate the Fresno State Bulldogs on an outstanding run through the College World Series en route to your first National Title in baseball. You showed the country and the world that regardless of where you come from and the conference you play in, anyone can win it all!!! CONGRATULATIONS FRESNO!!!

Galen (Tecumseh, Nebraska): Congrats, Bulldogs! Hope you enjoyed your visit to our state - we enjoyed having you!

Thom ('93): Awesome!!!

Arnold: Congratulations guys!! We're proud to be bulldog alumni!!! Go Dogs!!!

Josh (Taft, CA): Congratulations 'Dogs -- you epitomize the mentality of our university! You all should be very proud of yourselves and your school. You've made the Central Valley very proud. - Josh Bryant Fresno State Class of 2005

bob: CONGRATS DOGS! Keep it uppp!

Honolulu: congrtaulations Bulldog Nation!!!

kait (Carlisle PA): Great Job boys you really did a wonderful job tonight and every nght of the world series!!!!!! i love you all but #15 your amazing and i love you 2 death!!!!! awesome home runs tonight and the nights before your awesome! great job to all you boys!!!!!!!!!! good luck with the rest of your lifes!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve Segal Chula Vista, CA: Amazing. Words can't describe how proud I am of the team. A great day for Fresno St, Alumni, and the Valley. Steve Segal Class of 1980

Jeremiah(Tulare): Great job this season. I was living in San Diego, saw my bulldogs in the SDSU/USD tournament. After the death of my wife on May 31, you guys helped out a lot with the grieving process. Thank you. Go Dogs!!!!!

Rialto: Way to Go Bulldogs!

Eric Thomson (Sacramento): You guys really showed heart out there and you made our school proud!!

Fontana, Ca: Congratulations BullDogs!!!!!

Vince Abasta, Fresno: I love baseball and what you guys did was unbelievable!!! Congratulations to all of you and all the former Bulldogs that wore that uniform!!!

Kyle (Omaha): As a Univ of Oregon grad, I know all too well about the heartaches Fresno fans have felt in the past-- very happy you guys won this

Brent (Visalia): Congratulations! You guys played with heart and courage and have made the valley very proud! GO DOGS!!!

Shannon & Brian (Justin, TX): Congratulations!! We are so proud of our 'Dawgs!! We've been rooting for you from TX!

Mary - Fresno: We were proud that you made it to the finals and now we are beyond proud.

Healy from Lexington, VA: Unbelievable. Unbelievable what this does for Fresno State and the city of Fresno. Proud alumnus watching from 2,500 miles away. Congratulations Fresno State Baseball and Fresno State. GO BULLDOGS.

megan san mateo: Dear Coach and Team, CONGRATULATIONS--ENJOYED WATCHING YOUR TEAM....

Josiah Tharps Fresno: You guys are amazing! congratulatins! you are an inspiration to me and many other!!!

Clovis: What a tremendous honor to watch these talented guys play and win the title for Fresno State!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bobby (Tucson, AZ): Congrats guys, way to play like champions!

Andrew (Omaha): Congrats Bulldogs! We loved having you here in Omaha...come back next year!

Michael (Fresno): Bulldogs, You have brought excitement back into Fresno State sports and Fresno loves you for it. You all did an awesome job. Looking forward to next season.

Brittany- Madera: Congratulations Guys!!!!! You played great even with all the injuries. Your baseball team proved that Fresno State is the best!! Just wanted to tell you that you made everyone proud so very proud. You guys have a lot of heart and it showed on the ball field! CONGRAT FRESNO STATE BASEBALL TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Victoria ~ Arroyo Grande, Ca: Congrats!!! You guys showed true heart! You fought for that title and you deserved it! Great job - I am so proud of you guys

Lisa (Hastings NE): Great Great game tonight Wonderdogs. Wish I could have been there.....

Phil Rail (Belton, MO): Congratulations Fresno State on your National Championship win at the College World Series. Go Bulldogs!

Jeremy, Cooper City. Florida: Congrat's on the WIN!!!! I am a 9yo travel baseball player, and I wanted you guys to win from the beginning,even though we live in Cane Country. And I hope the thumb gets better soon..........

Newport News, VA: Congrats Bulldogs from the east coast! I went to a Fresno State baseball camp in the mid 90's. I was pulling for you guys all the way baby!


Fresno, CA: That was the greatest victory in Fresno history. Thanks for the great season and for winning the world champioship. You've brought Fresno to a whole new level and gain the respect for our city. Thy Heng

Sarah Moroles, Hanford: CONGRATULATIONS GUYS! Great game!! You guys were AWESOME. We watched all the games and we we're SO happy when you guys did it! GO FRESNO BULLDOGS!! You guys deserved it!!! =]

ManDa!: CONGRATULATIONS BULLDOGS!!!!!! Way to PROVE everyone wrong!

Suzann Coite/San Ramon, CA: What a series! We were pulling for you guys all the way! Incredible team effort, good for you for NEVER giving up and fighting on to victory. Amazing! p.s. Danny Muno is HOT!

Lake Forest: Go Bulldogs way to play and get the job done got to love the woodbrige grad.

Bakersfield, CA: Congratulation NCAA Champions!...Each and every player did us proud in each aspect of the sport and in sportmanship. This was an amazing feat! I will cherish this for life. Perrier

Mary and Dave: PROUD TO BE A BULLDOG!!!!!!

Thousand Oaks/ Fresno: WOW!!!! YOU DID IT!!!!!! WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom Sutherlin (Omaha, NE): You guys are awesome. I've been watching the CWS since I was a kid here in Omaha. I'm 60 years old now and I have NEVER seen a team with more guts. Enjoy the memory forever!!!

Steve Virgen (Newport Beach): Fresno State Rules!! Congratulations Bulldogs!! Underdogs! Bulldogs! Unbelieva-bull 'Dogs!!! Wooo Hooo!!

Julian Sacramento: So very proud of you,Ca. is proud of you. Congrats to an all CA team.

Buddy Reed, Waynesboro, VA: CONGRATULATIONS !!!! To finish No. 1 when a team is top seeded is good. To not only finish, but dominate the competion, is TRUE GREATNESS !!!! YOUR TEAM IS TRULY THE BEST.

ashley walke: Send your Congratulations to the 2008 NcAA Champion Fresno state Baseball Team

Tory Ray (Colfax): You Guys Are Amazing, And Give A New Hope To The Baseball Program, University, And City Of Fresno!!! Way To Show Everyone What You Are Made Of!!!

B Fast (Fresno): UNREAL!!! Not even the same team I saw watch 2 months ago. CONGRATS GUYS!!!!!!!!

James New York: Congratulations from the St. John's University Baseball Community. Just a wonderful accomplishment. A true inspiration!!!! Enjoy It!!!

TC (MA): Congrats! What an accomplishment.

Dan (Porterville, CA): Congratulations on the title! You are great representatives of the Valley and Fresno State.

Izzy from Torrance, CA: class of 97 you guys were amazing guys!!! the most heart and tenacity i have ever seen!! i ran cross country and track for the Dogs and i feel nothing but absolute pride to be a Bulldog and you have made believers out of millions of people. again, congratulations... well earned!! Who's house???? DOG HOUSE!!!!!!!!!! National Champs!!! INCREDIBLE!!!!

Sean (Fresno): Congrats guys.



Gonzalo Aranda (Tracy, CA): Hey guys great job Im an RA at the dorms and I know I saw one of you guys at the atrium before you left to the WAC Tournament (It could of been Muno maybe) I told him I hope you guys do good out there, well, yea you guys did a little bit more than good. Great Job. We are America's Underdogs and we like it that way. Go Bulldogs!

Kyle (Atlanta, GA): Go bulldogs! Way to go guys. As a Georgia Tech student and fan, you're the only ones who could beat those hated "Dawgs". Enjoy the championship--you earned it. Go Fresno St.!

Kevin Le Grand, CA: You guys Rock! What grit and team effort! You have demonstrated what the meaning of Team means! Go Dogs!


Greg/ FRESNO: you guys rocked it OUT, BIG congrats to you guys. We'll see you all tomorrow(06.24.08)!!!!

Melissa Howland (Fresno): Ya'll are AWESOME!!!!!! We're so proud of you. Thanks for bringing so much pride to the valley!!!! Way to go BULLDOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian (San Diego): WOW!! This group of student athletes absolutely personifies and defines the word TEAM! Underdog or Cinderella doesn’t fit the performance I witnessed since the end of the regular season….BEST TEAM in the NATION sums it up best. You absolutely outplayed and outclassed every quality opponent you faced. There is NO DOUBT that the Fresno State Bulldogs were the most dominate college baseball team in the nation at the end of the season! Congratulations to my hometown DOGS! I’m proud to be from FRESNO!

Scott Steglinski (Hanford CA): Great Game, Awesome Series, CONGRATULATIONS. I have no fingernails left after the past few series, but well worth it.

Al (Madera, CA): Congrats! This is a Team about real baseball AND soooo much more... players with character & are truely refreshing/exciting...thanks, a new fan!

Billa (Fresno): Congrats Fresno...Proud to be a Bulldog! Show the world a small school can win on the biggest stage! Great Job!

Laura, Colorado: I was pulling for you guys all the way! Our Wonderdogs! Justin... you've got a career in the majors, man. Amazing pitching tonight. Good luck next year... you can win it all again!!! Love you guys! :)

Dawn T.: Hot Diggity 'Dogs! Way to go. You guys played your ever lovin' hearts and souls out and we are all so proud of you. Thanks for an amazing CWS ride!

Burlingame, CA: You did California proud! Congrats to a great team effort!


John Corvallis Oregon: Way to keep it in the west. Well done.

Rene (Coalinga,Ca): Congrats DOGS!!! You guys played with your hearts on the line!!! You guys showed the whole world that the Fresno State Bulldogs are the real deal!!! From UNDERDOGS to WONDERDOGS!!! GO DOGS!!!!

Buchanan Mom (Clovis): Congratulations! Awesome job! You make us all very proud!

Cory, Sonora: Great CWS tourny dogs! I still can't believe you're NATIONAL CHAMPS! Biggest story in collegiate sport history!

Ryan, (Visalia, CA.): Lets REPEAT next year! We should be a Top 10 team pre-season and should attract enough talent to REPEAT next year!

Joel & Neva: Congratulations Bulldogs!!!

Matt (San Jose, CA): Congrats Bulldogs on an amazing run!!! Never been prouder to be a Fresno State alum than I am tonight!

Selena & Romeo (Fresno): Congrats Boys! Proud day to be a Bulldog athlete!

Brian - Oregon: Way to go Dogs! Great victory. Great teamwork. You deserved this Championship!


Rue (Salem, OR.): Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Being from Fresno, this has been the most exciting, nerve-racking and best past few weeks for me! You guys never gave up and never stopped believing you belong. Enjoy this moment forever!!!!

Randy (FRESNO): Thank you for the most fun I have ever had watching baseball. You have made us proud.

Stacey - Fresno: Congratulations Bulldogs!

Fresno: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! A job well done!!! Thanks for an exciting season. GO DOGS!!

Joe (Pittsburgh, PA): Way to go. Watched all the games. Congrats !!!!

AJ & MARK IN San Luis Obispo,CA: Congratulations!! You are all incredible players!! Watched every televised game--YOU ROCK!!!!

Cody yorba linda: GREAT JOB DOGS! Watching you guys take every chance given to you and seeing every clutch play made was truely amazing. 2008 NCAA BASEBALL CHAMPS! Congrats Jake and the rest of the Bulldogs!!!

Millers (El Mirage, AZ): Way to go, we couldn't be more proud!!!

Kuyler (Strathmore): Way to go 'Dogs!!! You gave the Valley something to be proud of. I challenge the Valley to support the program and the University even more to continue this excellence!

Fresno: Congratulations "Dogs", CWS Champions 2008 !!

Perry (Alameda,CA): 2008 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!! Couldn't have gone to a more deserving team! From a VERY proud FRESNO STATE alumnus - Class of '79. LOVE THOSE 'DOGS!!


judy fresno: beautiful

James and Christina, Sacramento, CA: Congrats to the Bulldogs. Always remember the V IS FOR VALLEY!!! From 1998 and 2001 Alumni...

Dr. Joe ( Bakersfield): DiamondDogs to WonderDogs, you made us so very proud!!

Fremont California: I live in the SF Bay Area and I will enjoy wearing my FRESNO STATE NATIONAL CHAMPIONS shirts everywhere I go. To the Stanford and Cal baseball games, Giants and A's, Niners and Raiders, Sharks, Warriors, and most importantly when I am in San Jose!!!!!! I am so damned proud of this team, my school and bulldog fans everywhere! GO DOGS FOREVER! -Doug Class of '87

Jon, Fresno: Congratulations Bulldogs! Truly a magnificient sight to see you guys gut out some big victories.

Robbie sj: hey we poppin champne becuase we ball out cws hard all season long we be back next season n season to come we belive!!!

DAn - Spanish Fork, Utah: Way to go, Dogs! Every single game was fantastic. I am pumped. Wow. You deserved this one, Celebrate celebrate celebrate.

Zman(Sparks, NV): Way to kick butt, Dogs!

Rene (Coalinga,Ca): Congrats DOGS!!!! You guys played with your hearts on the line and did great!!! From UNDERDOGS to WONDERDOGS, Fresno State Bulldogs!!! You guys have made the whole Valley proud!!

Kayla (Des Moines): Way to go Bulldogs!!! You guys never gave up and did amazing! I watched every game of yours and knew you guys would be in the finals! No matter if you were down in a game you guys came back everytime!!! Congrat!! You guys are AWESOME!!!

paramount ca: great job! represent that cali style baseball. Go Dogs!

Kathi Waddle Arlington, TX: Fight Varsity!!! Way to go Bulldogs!!! I was proud to be wearing my Bulldog red and rooting for my favorite team!!!

Joe (Fresno): Great game Fresno St. Simply Amazing.............. Champions baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Turlock, Ca: GO DOGS!!!!!!


Jeff (El Segundo): Way to go Bulldogs, what a team.

Holly & Art, Stanford, CA: Some, Terrific, Humble, Radient Teamwork !!

Troy, Omaha: Congratulations Bulldogs. You all played with the hearts of champions. I was glad to get to see you play and I hope I see you next year.

Ken Balog (Hanford): Awsome job guys. You showed Sports Fans everywhere what TEAM stand for. From the Coaches down to the dude who re-stocks the sunflower seeds. Some Pro Teams can learn a lesson about "Class Act" from your effort.

Mary Weingart(Foothill Ranch): Congragulations to the baseball team and the coaches. Go Dogs

Boise, Idaho: You guys rock, great show of the "UnderDawgs"

Marco (Mexico City): Una de los mejores series y partidos de beisbol que he visto en toda mi vida!!!! Muchas Felicidades en sus logros Academicos y Educativos!!!! GO FRESNO STATE BULLDOGS.

Fresno Frank: How bout those Bulldogs??

Dublin, CA, Class of 1999: You've made all us alumni very proud--and we're proud of YOU!! GO DOGS!

Ron Flores(1979 Grad) Placentia CA: Congrats Bulldogs... You Truely are Wonderdogs !!! Never Give Up !!!

Brian Matsusaka - Honolulu Hawaii: Congratulations.......what an awesome achievement!! From the State of Hawaii!!!

Jason, Fresno: You guys are the best in the country! Congratz

Justin Henderson-Fresno: You Dog's were winners in our hearts when you made the final game. Now everyone knows that you are the real Bulldogs in this country. Thanks for the first title.

Harold P Batchelder (Corvallis): Congratulations to your Bulldogs; I know how much I enjoyed the past two years when the OSU Beavs surprised the field and then successfully defended their title. Fresno State was fun to watch.

Rue (Salem, OR): Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Being from Fresno, this has been the most exciting, nerve-racking and best past few weeks for me! You guys never gave up and never stopped believing you belong. Enjoy this moment forever!!!! I wish I could be there at FSU campus when you guys fly back to celebrate!!!

Rue (Salem, OR): Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Being from Fresno, this has been the most exciting, nerve-racking and best past few weeks for me! You guys never gave up and never stopped believing you belong. Enjoy this moment forever!!!!

Patrick (Las Vegas): Congrats! Great run. You made all of us alumni proud! Enough can't be said of you all!

Joey August Long Beach,CA: GREAT JOB Fresno State! You are a FANTASTIC team!

Judy R Santa Clarita(Susdorfs hometown: You the best!thanks for the great show!Enjoy this time

Ryan (Mankato, MN): Nice work guys. It was a thrill watching you pull off this amazing run. ENJOY IT!

David Kloth, Waxhaw, NC: You guys were and are amazing!!! Congratulations and thank you for giving us so much to cheer about. David Kloth, CSUF 1970

Ben Ingersoll, Soon to be Fresno: I'm proud to be a Bulldog this Fall, GO DOGS!

Bruce (Pismo Beach): Congratulations, Dogs!!! Way to go! This has been a fantastic series with a GREAT result!

Matt Conner, San Jose: Way to go Dogs!

Mackie (Trabuco Canyon, CA): Great job Bulldogs! I love you Justin Wilson, and I'm so proud that you're my cousin! I hope to see you soon! P.S. Is Danny Muno single? Put in a good word for me. :-D Hahaha

Dinuba: You guys made everybody so very proud! Congratulations!

Bri (Fresno): Never been more proud to be a Fresno State alum ('04) CONGRATULATIONS!

Cody-Yorba Linda Ca: GREAT JOB DOGS! It was amazing watching the "wonderdogs" come through with every clutch play possiable. 2008 NCAA BASEBALL CHAMPS! Congrats Jake and the rest of the bulldogs!!!

Alyssa (Fresno): CONGRATULATIONS! you guys were amazing see you tomorrow at beiden field!

Jordan (tempe): Congrats Dogs!! Back to Back!!

Mike Reid: I’m in the Navy stationed in North Carolina, and a native son of Fresno. I want to say GO DOGS, congrats You have RED WAVE support all over this nation.

Quinn (Philadelphia): Steve Detwiler is a 100% certified iron man stud, as are the rest of the Dogs. You make me so proud to be a Fresno State Alum.

Candice K. Jones, Fresno, CA: GO 'DOGS!!!!! National Champions, baby!!!!!!!! Tommy Mendonca!!! Marry ME!!!!

Joe (Columbus, OH): Way to go Dogs!! National Champs! As an alum (76)I couldn't be more proud. Congratulations!

The McVey's FRESNO, CA: WOW!! What an amazing bunch of kids! So much fun watching them!! Nice to see Fresno State get some well deserved recognition!! Were so proud of you in the Valley!!Way to go DOGS!! Were #1!!!!!!!!!

Mike Reid: I’m in the Navy stationed in North Carolina, and a native son of Fresno. I want to say GO DOGS, congrats You have RED WAVE support all over this nation.


Darnell Hillsborough Ca: Go Dawgs Congradulations!!!!!!!

Sandra (Lemoore): I am so proud to be a Bulldog tonight! Way to go guys, Congratulations, GO DOGS!!!!

Bruce Gibbings Visalia CA: 2008 NCAA Champion Fresno State Baseball Team never gives up. I congratulate each team member, the coaches, staff, and fans on a record breaking run to the championship. Never had a doubt! GO DOGS!

Bakers in Hudson Wisconsin: Way to go guys- Congrats, greatest series ever. We are proud of you in Wiscony. My parents are alumi and I was born in Fresno. Way to make us proud!

Bob B. (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA): GO DOGS!!! 2008 National Champs

Fresno, CA: National Champions 2008!!!!!!!! Were proud of our Dogs!!

Dave, Oakhurst: You have shown us all that teamwork can produce great things. I know you will remember this for your entire lives. Congratulations!!

San Diego: Way to go, Bulldogs! You did a dog-gone fine job....


M (North Carolina): Congratulations 2008 CWS Champions! I am proud to be a Fresno State Bulldog!!!


Chris (Riverside, CA): Yesssssssssssssss!!!!!! Mad props to all you guys for showing the country what Fresno State can do!! GO DOGS!!! Chris Perry Fresno State Class of 2007

Vivian (Fresno): Congratulations Dogs! Thank you for all your hard work, you deserve all the glory! GOOOO BULLDOGS.....

Mike Reid: I’m in the Navy stationed in North Carolina, and a native son of Fresno. I want to say GO DOGS, congrats You have RED WAVE support all over this nation.

Madera, CA: Amazing Dogs!!!!!!

Bobby M (Hanford, CA): never give up never stop beliving! I had to record your games cause when i watched live you lost LOL. So I TVo all the games since and yes when i chance it during the series you lost.. OPPS.. GO DOGS

Blake (Fresno): Go Fresno State Bulldogs!!!! We are proud of all of you!!!

Dean (Clovis): The gutsiest team ever! You guys are awesome. Congratulations!!

Thomas Trudeau (Napoleon,MI): Way to go guys! I have no rooting interest in any team involved in the tourney, but loved to watch your climb to glory! Great TEAM!

Amanda (Charlotte, NC): CONGRATS!!!!! I watched your games as often as I could throughout the tournament, and no one deserved the title more than you. The adversity you overcame was incredible and inspiring.

Mike Ansley, Fresno: You guys are totally amazing! We're all really proud of you here in the Valley. Great job!!! Congratulations!!!

Riverside: My home town! My father's alma mater! BLESS YOU, DOGS!!!!!!

Heath(Orlando/Destin, Florida): That was awesome! Way to be huge in the biggest moment & against all odds! You guys make me proud of Fresno & it feels great to be a Bulldog for life!!!

Gina (Merced): Congrats Bulldogs! You guys played a great series, hopefully this is the first of many championships you win!

zach nc: good job you guys earned it big time gooo buldogssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Peter (Santa Rosa): GO BULLDOGS!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! GREAT JOB!!! You guys made the Central Valley Proud!!!

Corey (Bakersfield): As a 1993 Fresno State Alumni, you guys rock! Thank you for a great series and continuing to have Fresno State make a HUGE statement to the rest of the NCAA. I am so proud of my school. Gooooooooo Dogs!!!!

Cody-Yorba Linda, Ca: GREAT JOB DOGS! It was very fun to watch each player come through in the clutch and make it to the end! 2008 NCAA BASEBALL CHAMPS! Congrats Jake & all the rest of the dogs.

The Roy Girls: congratulations fresno!!!!!!! great game muno and wetzel! we love you!

Mora's Portland: Congratulations to the Dogs. Proud Alumni in Oregon. Go Dogs.

Tom Boyle (Madison, WI): Congrats to a great bunch of young men -- well done!!!

Blair (Natchitoches, LA): Congrats Bulldogs. Awesome job out there.

Tom & Denise (Menifee): Congratulations from two Trojans!!! What a great run for the roses.

Michael Pena, Huron: I am an original Red Waver since 1978. I graduated in 1983. I am the proudest ever of you fellow Battlin Bulldogs! You as a team has represented our school and community! You represent the toughnest and fortitutude of our school! Go Dogs! Go Red Wave!!!!

Gary (Tustin): WoW! Way cool and very awesome, it doesn't get any better than this, Thanks for the memories!

Sylvia (Visalia): Congratulations guys, what a great job. We are so proud of you!!!

MostWantedSpartan, SJ: Congrats Fresno ~mws

Holly & Art, Stanford, CA: Fantastic!! What a terrific TEAM!! And what an awesome exhibition of TEAmWork!!

Jill (San Diego): From the class of 1987: Congrats Bulldogs! You gave us quite a ride! AWESOME!!!

Amy (Clovis): Thanks for the amazing ride!! We are so proud of you!!!!!!

Doug, Walnut Creek: What a great team effort, never say die! You guys played great, and were alot of fun to watch ths past month! Steve Detwiler for president, what a performance.

Jammer Roberts (Las Vegas, Nv): Get down Bullogs!!!

Palm Springs: Congratuations! Thanks for an incredible CWS experience!

FSU grad '72 (Fresno): Wow! What an exciting time to be a Bulldog fan! Congrats to all the team & coaching staff!

Jenece (Phoenix) Proud Alumni: Been watching every game! We love you guys!!! CONGRATS!!!!

Northwood, Ohio: I love my Fresno State Bulldogs!!! I've been a fan since 2004 and nobody even knew you guys existed until I mentioned them to my friends and family. Now everyone knows that you are National Champions!!! Can't wait till your football team comes to Toledo this year! I'll ne there!!!

Alumni 2002: Congrats to an awesome team effort! You have made the valley proud, and just look at the respect you've got from the entire country! GO DOGS!!!

Dave and Lynda (Pleasanton): Proud alumni from 1984. It's great to be a Bulldog and associated with such great kids. Congratulations!!

Tyler (Fresno) Student: Great Job Boys!!! Congratulations!!!! 2008 National Champions!!! How Great does that sound baby!!! Go Fresno State!! Tomorrow when you boys get back is when the champagne comes out and we celebrate all summer!!!! Fresno is proud of you and we thank you!!! Tyler N.

Anna(Clovis): As an alumni of FSU, I am proud of what you have accomplished, and the way you represent the school.

Mark (Bakersfield, Ca): You all did Fresno and the Valley proud. We are all proud of your hard work and dedication. Thank you for bringing home the Championship! Go Dogs!

Terry Bakersfield: Way to go, the glass slipper is full. Champions 2008

Denise W (Fresno): We all kept the faith. From the players, to the coach to the staff, you have shown what a TEAM is all about. We are a very proud community! Thank you for all you've done!! GO DOGS!!!!

Lynne (Clovis, CA): Way to go DOGS!!! We are so proud of you all! Congrats!

Bryan (Cleveland Heights, OH): Great job guys! Living in Ohio I live for anything Fresno State, and you have let me enjoy the last few weeks! Way to go.

Scotty (Austin): Congratulations! Great team effort.

Shannan (Clovis): AWESOME! We are proud of you guys! Go Dogs!

peter (sanger): way to shut down all the big schools. the pac 10 is missing out with this schools coaching and the following of fans.

Mike C (Newbury Park CA: AWESOME...proud to be a bulldog is So absolutely amazing ride....THANK YOU

2 Boise State Alumni in Greeley, CO: We are so impressed and proud that you are a member of the WAC. You represented your school and your conference with strength, power, and grace. We watched you all the way through the CWS and never stopped believing in you. REMEMBER THERE ARE NO CINDERELLAS, JUST GREAT PLAYERS WHO WORK AND PLAY HARD AND LEAVE NOTHING OUT THERE CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Pizzle (Fresno): Somewhere Jimmy Valvano is smiling... You guys never gave up and i'm thrilled to have watched and follow your whole ride for the entire season...This is what sports is about, and i've never seen a country grab ahold of a team like Fresno. .. We are truly, #1

Keith: Thank you from Duncansville,Pennsylvania. Fresno proud. Pat Hill, good luck this season. Go Go Fresno.

Matt Allen (Gilbert, AZ): Great job, Bulldogs!!! I've never been prouder to be a Bulldog than right now!!!

Barbara, Sacramento: You bring fresh air to California.......congrats on the history making run to the TOP...enjoy the view!!

dill: great job

Jim (Tempe, AZ): Saw you guys in the Super Regional. Heck of a run boys. Nice job.

Melissa (Modesto): Thanks for putting HUGE smiles on our faces and giving us something to cheer for. We are so proud of you! GO DOGS!

Seal Beach Bulldog Football Mom: Congrats to all of you! Enjoy and savor every moment of the championship! You all deserve this and more. You make us all proud to be FS Bulldogs!

Dave & Shelly (Visalia): Contratulations! We had a great time watching you guys play.

Dinuba: GO DOGS!!!!! FRESNO FO SHO!!!!!!!!!

Michael (Virginia Beach/Formerly Fresno): I could not be any prouder as an alum! You guys are a great example of work ethic!! Great Job!! Go RED WAVE!!! I wish i could be in Fresno for the celebration.

Amber Britton: Kirkland WA: Way to represent! Awesome game playing Bulldogs. Having moved away, it was great to see so many televised games. Amazing playing....

billy walker: being from northfork i have to tell ya how good it to be a dogs fan congrats dogs

Mark: Bulldog born, Bulldog bred gonna be a Bulldog til I'm dead! This one was for you!

Andre Deshay (san francisco: Congratulations Fresno State kings of college baseball

Matt (Atlanta): WAY TO GO!! It was amazing watching you guys the whole Championship! The passion in the players was unbelievable and seeing you guys pummel uga was out of this world! Congratulations to the REAL DOGS!!!

Damien (Fresno): Congratulations, Bulldogs. Very proud of you.

Raul Lopez Jr. (Dinuba, Fresno, Tracy): National Champions!...Hell yeah baby!...The greatest cinderella story ever!...Immortality...These guys are "The Immortals"...Class of 2002!

Matt (Fresno): Way to go Dogs!!!!!!! Everyone left it on the field and it paid off! Go Dogs Go! Back to back to back WAC Champs 2008 NATIONAL CHAMPS!!!!!

FS Alum - Art Ortega (Pasco, Wa.): 2008 NCAA Champs!!! It's very nice to say that. Congrats to All. Thanks for making us proud.

Edem (Fresno): Congratulations guys, the odds were against you. You worked hard and you won, you deserve this. God Bless!

Sylvia (Visalia): Congratulations guys, what a great job...we are so proud of you!!!

Greg (Redondo Beach): Congratulations, Gentlemen! You made this Alumnus extremely proud by doing something that no one in history has done before. I'm probably more proud of the way you represented yourselves, our school and our community. Thanks for the great ride...

Fresno: Congratulations!!! You just proved to everyone, that if you believe - truly BELIEVE in your self and most importantly in your team, you can accomplish great things!!!! You are all admired by myself and my children!

jade, omaha: great game today, i am a big fan of you guys i love the way you guys play and when your present on the field you show greatness, and good catch detwiler (:


Judith (Ulysses, KS): Congratulations, Fresno State, from an Oklahoma State fan. You are awesome.

Erik (Fresno): AMAZING!!! Way to go guys! I have never been prouder to be a Bulldog! NCAA Champs, you guys deserve it. Congratulations!

Beth (Clovis): I had my grandson watch history tonight as Fresno State won! You guys are great and make the Valley Proud. The glass slipper fit, didn't it!

Sarah (Lindsay): WOW! Great Bats! Great teamwork! AWESOME WIN!! THANK YOU!

Aaron (Santa Clarita, CA): Congrats Bulldogs! Way to show the rest of the nation that anyone can win, and that class and drive will thrive over the competition.

Robert Anderson: Congratulations. Proud to be a Bulldog. Class of 57

Johnny (Redondo Beach): Bulldog born, Bulldog bred, gonna be a Bulldog 'til the day I'm dead. Way to represent Dogs!!!

Ruston, LA: Cinderella - you guys can flat out hit a baseball!

Tim (South Dakota): CONGRATS!! Was great watching you guys in person in Omaha! Amazing Run.. GO DOGS!

Pamela Gosford Australia: Well Done Fresno State - Go Bulldogs - Enjoy the triumph

Alec (Santa Maria): You have made me so proud. Like all bulldogs, I work hard to be a champion at what i do. Tomorrow, I will be at my desk early and more determine to make bulldogs proud. Woof, Alec

Slammer (Pleasanton): Awesome!!! Great job, you made us all very proud!!!

Renee, Turlock, CA: Congrats..GO BULLDOGS..!!

Randy Yaws (Hanford): Congrats Dogs You Guys Realy Showed Em We Couldnt Be Any More Proud Of That School Then We Are Right Now.. GO DOGS!!!!

Phil Medeiros (Thousand Oaks): Congratulations Bulldogs! You've made this 1991 FSU graduate incredibly happy. Unbelievable run! You have made your University, your town, and your alumni proud!

Cassie (Campbell): GOOOO BULLDOGS! You boys are amazing nice job for sticking it out all those days, you all did amazing!!! Congratulations!!

Jeff (Palm Springs): Bulldogs rocked the college baseball world! Way to make the Central Valley proud!


Seal Beach, CA: Who let the Bulldogs out???? What a thrilling series. Can't wait to see ya down here in So. Cal next season. What a team!! CSU Fresno rock on!

Gosford Australia: Well Done Guys Great to see so much tenacity and guts playing for the team. Wished I could have enjoyed the ride with you. Not the same watching on game tracker. Hi to Hopalong i.e Curtis Roy and Pamel Edwards (Fresno): Go Bulldogs!!! Amazing game

Fresno Frank: Wow. You have made us so proud. Go Bulldogs

Austin: No questions!! Congratulation to those Wonderdogs! Crazy Bulldogs fan from Austin, Texas. I'm a west coast pride! Its Little Dogs kicking Big Dogs tails! What a Cinderella season!Fresno State bulldogs-- Mission Accomplished...


Doug - Ocala, FL: Great Job!! You all worked hard, and deserve that national championship trophy.


Richard (Visalia): I won't even sleep tonight - that was a sick serious!! NCAA NATIONAL CHAMPIONS----GO DOGS!!!

Robert (Clovis): As an alumni of FSU, I am proud of what you have accomplished, and the way you represented the school.

Alexander Jaime(England): As an avid Fresno St. fan i stayed up until 4-5am everynight to cheer my Bulldogs on. Congratulations DOGS!!! Thank you for giving myself and fellow Bulldogs around the world great baseball to watch and one more reason to be Bulldog PROUD!!!

nick (san jose): CONGRATULATIONS BULLDOGS!!! 89th to 1 you guys rock!

Missouri: Congratulations Bulldogs! You have a great coach and a great team. You showed heart, grit, determination and poise even when others wrote you off. And you did it with class! Congratulations to you and UGA for a well played final.

San Antonio, Texas: Congratulations guys! Great game! You guys never let up. Enjoy the great win and cherish it forever!

jackie (fresno, but stationed in ga): This is so exciting for you guys! Just know that you have Fresno fans everywhere rooting for you!! Congrats!

Hanford CA: Congratulations, you are a super team. We are very, very proud of your accomplishments. Go Dogs!

LD (los angeles): congrats dogs, proud to be a fresno state alumni!

Kathy Brown, Austin: Congratulations to the Fresno State Bulldogs. You gave college baseball fans some of the best games ever shown. I wish I could be there to welcome you home. Good luck to everyone of you in your future endeavors, and I look forward to seeing the return players next year.

Vivian - Fresno: Congratulations, and thank you for working together as a team. That's what it is all about. You rock!

Karlena (Fresno): Congratulations!!! You guys Rock My Socks!!!!!! GO DOGS!!! :)

Doug - Clovis: GOOD JOB - you did yourselves and the comminity proud. THANK YOU

Derek (San Diego): What an incredible thrill it was to see Fresno State win the National Championship in college baseball. As a Boise State Alum and big fan of WAC football, I have been a fan of Fresno State because of their outstanding football program, which along with Boise State make the rest of the nation respect the Western Athletic Conference. Now with this amazing underdog story, the baseball teams accomplishment goes beyond recognition for our conference! Again, Congrats from a Bronco to a Bulldog! GO FRESNO!!!

Bud Visalia: Great Job, You made the whole Valley proud!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bipul, Fresno: Congratulations dogs! You really made us proud.

Michael Perez: You guys are apart of a classy operation, and truly showed your class. True winners. Congratulations gentlemen. Not only did you represent for the valley but you represented all of California. Great job men. My hats been off. See you at the parade!!!! GO BULLDOGS #1

Bart Turlock Calif: Congratulations to Tommy and the rest of the bulldogs. Tommy you did Turlock proud!!!

Nancy (Olympia, WA): Congratulations! What a fabulous series!

Paul O. (Coalinga): Awesome.

Fresno: You make out town very proud. Go Bulldogs

Michael,Half Moon Bay California: Wow what a wonderful win my hats off to the coaching staff and all the wonderful players for an outstanding year WAY TO GO BULLDOGS!!!!!

honolulu alumni "88: no ka oi numba one, to the bruddahs of the central valley you showed what you are made of. great success. imua bulldogs

Mike (San Diego): You guys are awesome, don't blink and enjoy every moment. You have made a lot of new fans! Great Job!

Patrick (Honolulu, Hawaii): National Champs! Way t'go FSU! You guys are "No Ka Oi" - #1 Baby! Mahalo for the most exciting CWS ever! Aloha from Hawaii!

Jeffery Rahn (Palm Springs): I'm so happy for you guys...way to hang in there. You make a Fresno Alum very proud!!! National Champs! What a ride!

tish, hanford: I've been watching the series and you guys are fantastic. The team work and leadership! You guys all have heart and it comes out in your playing. Congratulations!!GO DOGS!!


Visalia: Go Dogs!!!!!! You all deserve to go out and have a good time tonight.. we were on the edge of our seats the last 3 nights! History was made today; it could not have happened to a more determined team than the 2008 Fresno State Bulldogs!

Nigel, The Producer (Alice 96.7 FM): Congrats dogs! Go Dogs Go!!! Go Dogs Go! You guys did great! That is how you play baseball! Congrats once again to the Fresno State Bulldogs for winning the WAC and the NCAA National Championship!!! Go Dogs Go!!!!

David (FSU 1985): What an awesome performance! I now live in the Bay Area and my coworkers were rooting for the Bulldogs.

Chowchilla: I am forever a Fresno State Baseball fan thanks to you guys. I have 4 kids, 12, 10, 10 and 6 years old and you men should be proud to be such great role models for them. Our family watched every game--thanks for memories and congrats. My family will be cheering you on for the years to follow. Good luck and see ya next year. Jennifer Woods

Ryan Westenberg: Congrats dogs! Way to go! Am so proud of you guys! Awesome job! Go Dogs and Go Fresno State!!!

John DeGunya (Clovis): Congratulations 2008 Bulldogs!!! Bulldog Born, Bulldog Bred, I'm gonna be a Bulldog until the day I'm Dead!

Bruce Gibbings Visalia CA: Wat yo go Wonderdogs! I never had a doubt. See you all at Bieden Field on Thursday! Bruce

Chelsea Spencer, Clovis: WOOHOO! You guys were awesome! Congratulations!

Arnold Bazan (Alumni) (Woodlake): Know Thy Name. Great Job. Go DOGS!!!!!!!!!! National Chapions.

Leo and Kathy(Bakersfield): Go Dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great season and great to watch!

Durant OK: What's up boys. Im from the west coast and goin to school on a rodeo scholarship in OK. Watching your club play ball was pretty cool. It was like a Lou Holtz self help book for athletes on TV. The way you boys fight is just crazy. Congrats Mike and i'll see you boys in Omaha next year. We'll see if any spectators make the remark that you'll be on the bus early. Congrats guys!!

Becky (Fresno): Awesome! You make all of us alumni so proud! Thank-you for representing our school, city and state in such a positive way. Go Dogs!

Bryan (Fresno): What an amazing run. You kids have exceeded our hopes and expectations. You sure looked like you were having tons of fun win or lose out there. Great job and savor this. You have certainly earned it.

Hardcastle Family: Clovis: Awesome... Amazing... What a TEAM EFFORT!!!! Can't wait for the parade when you come home. GO DOGS:)

Fresno: You're an inspiration to us all! Congratulations to YOU and to Fresno!!!

madruga's (Denver): Congrats

Stephanie (Fresno, Ca): CONGRATULATIONS!!! It was so much fun to watch you guys play. Thank you for bringing good news to Fresno. Let the way you guys play as a TEAM be an inspiration to others. Go Dogs!

Tony Valenzuela - Phoenix: I am a die hard ASU fan but I was routing for the Fresno State Bulldogs after they beat us. Congratulations to Fresno State! At least ASU got beat by the World Champs.. Way to Go Fresno! Good Job.

Jeff Aguilera (Reno,NV): Every sport, every win, every lost and 19 years later im still cheering "FRESNO STATE" to every Power team Thanks for giving us the best WIN IN SCHOOL HISTORY and IN SPORTS HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!! GO DOGS!!....FRESNO STATE!...FS!!!

R. flores: As a former Navy resident of Lemoore, CA, I'm glad to see the team finally get their first title in baseball. Congrat's to the entire team and staff. GO BULLDOGS!!!

Ryan Massie Troy Ohio: Good going Fresno State congrts from Ohio Ryan

Mick (Fresno): Congrats Bulldogs. Way to go. Now we have a new championship to brag about and maybe Margie will tone it down. (Class of 1968)

Dennis Cleveland, Phoenix, AZ: Congrats you Dawgs!!! You are awesome!!! A very gutty performance. Nothing Cinderella about it. I am originally from the Valley and your community should be very proud of your attitude and leadership.

Susie (Sacramento): As a Bulldog parent, I can't tell you enough how proud we are of you! You showed the world what an awesome team Fresno is! Congrats!

san antonio, tx: congrats boys! way to represent the mid majors

Robert Jordan Austin,Texas: Congratulations on an exciting CWS win. We were pulling for you all the way.

Debra(Bass Lake,Fresno,Clovis): You guy's are AMAZING!!! What a class act you all are! WOW!!!You are the definition of a TEAM.

Eric Fresno: Congratulations guys you were so good and you dont even you how good you made my bad day!

Tony (FSU 1996): This is the greatest moment for me in the history of Fresno State. As an alumni of Fresno State born and raised in Fresno I couldn't be prouder of these dog's. You guys were absolutely amazing! Great heart, great determination. Can't wait to party with you guys on Thursday at the celebration!

Dave and Lynda (Pleasanton): As alumni from 1984, we are proud this day to be Bulldogs and associated with such great kids. Congratulations!!

V. Tapoglia-Staff congratulations on your woderful achievement. Please check out our article on your wonderful story on

Clovis: Great job fellas. Team work and coolness the whole way. Thank you so much for a great run. I thought the 85 NIT championship was big but this is the greatest athletic accomplishment in Fresno State History. Larry A Silva, AG Business 85.

Gallegos (Madera): WoW! Amazing! Go Fresno State! From 89 to #1 !! Yeah Baby! They should make a movie about you!!

David (Cheyenne, WY): GO DOGS!!! A Home grown valley boy gets to watch his Dogs win the Championship!!! WOOO!!!!

Debby Carter, Oakhurst: Way to make all of us Alums proud! Enjoy this moment to the fullest - you deserve it. Congratulations!

McKay Mohun (FRESNO!): Go Dogs! You guys played great out there and all it took was to believe that you guys could do it! Congratulations to all you guys for one of the greatest wins of all time! This should be a movie! Special shout out to Trent Soares my buddy from SJM, Jordan Ribera thank your dad for prayers, and Alan Ahmady former St. Anthonys student! Now who wants to repeat this!

Dennis White Sunnyvale CA: How sweet for FS. Congats from a Stanford fan. No one deserved it more


Villalobos Family Tucson: outstanding run. we enjoyed every inning. loved seeing you guys live in the Tempe regional. YES CHAMPS

Mark (Fresno): Betty & Woddy Winnegar were rooting for you guys upstairs in Heaven. They are your greatest fans! You rode the shoulders of Angels.

Paul (San Mateo): You guys play the game the way it should be played and showed the country what Fresno State is all about. Great Job.

Jim (Houston, TX): AMAZING!!! From the 'Dogs down here in SE TX, congrats to the National CHAMPS! This has been a blast, and I just wish I could be in Fresno when you guys celebrate! GO DOGS!!!!!!!


Adam Juarez (Reedley): My brother in SoCal always says that Fresno State chokes. Well thank you Diamond Dogs for shutting him up! Bulldog born, Bulldog bred, Gonna be a Bulldog til the day I'm dead!

Clay(Kentucky): I started watching this team against Arizona St. in the Supers. I could tell right away they were a tough, gutty bunch. FSU earned a big fan here in the last few weeks here in Kentucky.

Dina (hollister): Congratulations!! from an alumni and fan!! Enjoy!

Davis (Augusta, GA): Congratulations! I've never really been a fan but I'm glad UGA lost so I don't have to listen to my colleagues shove it down my throat for two weeks. For that, I say thank you for winning.

Jim I (Washington DC): Congrats Bulldogs. A job well done. You deserve it!!! Jim (Class of 1995)


Kayla (Austin Texas): Congratulations Bulldogs! As an incoming athlete to Fresno State you guys make me so proud to say I'm on my way to California! Great Determination, Focus, and Teamwork! Go Dogs!

Robert (Reedley): Thax for the big win !!!! We`re all high-stepping !!!!

Fran(East Carolina U.): I hope we can do the same thing next year!

Reggie Duncan (Norman, OK): I can't believe that Fresno State has won the CWS but anything is possible. I will soon be an intern in the athletics ticket office as Fresno State and I can't wait. It will be exciting to be apart of a team that is coming off a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP! GO BULLDOGS!

Smith's (Tulare): You guys are absolutely awesome!! Our family watched the whole series and we couldn't be more proud to be a Fresno State fan

John H (Omaha): That was fun to watch. Congrats!

Scott (Alaska): Simply amazing!!! You guys have inspired us all to aim for the top and achieve it all. Thank you for making me a Bulldog fan for life!

David T. (Lemoore): GO BULLDOGS!!! CONGRATULATIONS from the sailors serving at Naval Air Station Lemoore, CA. We're so proud to be a part of this family in the Valley. You're team are truly American Hero's. Thanks for going out with you're sling shot loaded with you're stones to knock out Goliath. DREAM DREAM DREAM!!! All Dreams come true when you don't listen to anyone but your dream. AMAZING!!!

Big Snacks - Fresno Ca.: Way to show the world how the "REAL" Bulldogs show the meaning of the word "True Grit" GREATEST Story in NCAA History way to put Fresno on the map and Paint the Valley and Nation RED!!

Stephanie, Texas: As a fan of college athletics, I couldn't have asked for more from the College World Series than Fresno State delivered. Thanks for the entertainment and congratulations on the national championship.

Andrew, Washington, DC: Congrats from a Carolina Fan/Alum. You played a heck of a tournament and deserve all the sucess you've earned!!

Vicki (Clovis): You have put Fresno State on the map once again...never have I watched more heart, more class walk out on to a field. Congratulations to a National Championship Team. You guys EARNED it and DESERVE it! GO IncredibullDOGS

Howard, Kelli and Daniel (Modesto, CA): As Bulldog fans (and Alumni) for years, we are incredibly proud! Thanks for bringing some deserved respect to our valley! Go Dogs!!

Mohuns (Fresno):: Go Dogs!!!!!!!!

brooke house clovis: right on dogs!! we knew you could do it!!!!

Carol (Clovis): Congratulations Bulldogs! We enjoyed watching your historic run and are so excited for you. We were most impressed when reporters asked players questions as to how well they did individually and every one, including Coach Batesole, didn't talk about themselves, but the team as a whole. Great team and great coaches.

Cynthia, Fresno: National Champions, Baby!!! Go Bulldogs!

Tanner (Trabuco Canyon): Way to go DOGS! You guys are amazing! I'm so proud to have a cousin like you Justin Wilson! I hope I get to see you this summer. Your team rocked!!!

Los Angeles: WOW! That's all I can say! You did it with class, and you did it as a team. My students, who are mostly baseball players, have been TRULY inspired; and they look at you as heroes. You bucked the odds as a #4 regional seed and truly showed the heart of champions. AWESOME JOB!!

Rob (Monrovia, CA): Congratulations Bulldogs! Not only did you make the San Joaquin Valley even prouder of you. All of California is proud of you!

Jason S. (Lincoln, Nebraska): Congratulations! I have been watching the CWS for a long, long time and haven't seen anything more impressive. Fantastic job. We all hope to see you in Nebraska again!!!!


Martinez, Lompoc, CA: Truly enjoyed watching you play. WOW!! You are truly an amazing team. The ESPN announcers didn't always believe in you but you showed them that the "Real Bulldogs are from California" Way to go Fresno State!

Jason Mailand, Class of 1994, Texas: Thanks for pounding Rice, also for doing it right! GO DOGS!

Matt - Gilbert, AZ: Good job, Bulldogs from a very happy alumnus in Arizona!

Greg Naftzger(Las Vegas): Congrats Guys! What a ride!!!!! It has been a great ride this postseason!!!!

stephanie-Fresno: congratulations Fresno State bulldogs! You've completed the best college championship run in History of collegiate sports!

RJ- Fresno: Way to make us all proud! What a ride! GO GOGS! ALUM 2001

Lopez Alums (Fresno: Who let the dogs out!!!! Yes! Congratulations to the Fresno State Bulldogs, Coaches, and very proud families! We’re a Bulldog family 1996 and 2006 alums! We can’t be more proud of you all! You guys are a “class act” representing Fresno State and the Valley around the nation. I’ll never forget this day – thank you. Great being a Bulldog! Go Dogs!

San Diego, CA: Congrats to you all! Go Dogs!

trig(fresno): way to go dogs now we all know who the real bulldogs of college is FRESNO ST. BULLDOGS

Rodney Kindlund (Asheville, NC): Congratulations, Bulldogs! You make us all proud! Watched you thru all games at CWS and knew you could and would do it! Once a Bulldog, always a Bulldog!

James (Virginia Beach): WAY TO GO!!!!! I have been telling the whole Navy for years, who the real Bulldogs are!!!!!

e! FRESNO: Steve D and J Wilson, YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!


Jim (Tempe): As an ASU fan, I was rooting for you guys all the way. I've never seen a team play with so much heart! It was a pleasure watching you guys play. Congratulations!

Oceanside: Wow...Thought the NIT was a big deal but this is the most amazing tale of grit and heart in FSU history. I'm proud. Matt Koumaras

Jason Mailand, The Woodlands Texas: Love you guys, thanks for pounding Rice and giving every other unranked team hope for a Championship. Proud to be a Bulldog, thanks for doing it the right way. GO DOGS!!!!!

Eddie Becker, Fresno State Alumni 2005: WOW, This should get the Red Wave out in full force this year leading up to the Football season. I know I am looking forward to even more so than before. Thanks for being the little Train that could. I am sure you have inspired all of Fresno if not the rest of the Nation. I know I teared up a bit. Good Luck next season. I hope all the JR’s stay and make another run at it.


Clovis: WOW! absolutely amazing. You made the whole valley proud of you.

e!. FRESNO,CA: YEAH!!!! UNDERDOGS TO WONDERDOGS!!!! TOP THAT!!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! GO FRESNO!!!! Everyone goes...where they from? FRESNO STATE!!!!

Eweezy (Fresno): With the economy being down, and life so tough, you really put a smile in a lot of peoples faces. Thank you and congrats.

alex,honolulu,hawaii: imua bulldogs, no ka oi, numba one, you should the world who is has valley pride congrats to the valley boys awesome job

Lindsey, San Diego, CA: So PROUD!!! Congrats to you all! Go DOGS!!

Lopez Alums (Fresno: Who let the dogs out!!!! Yes! Congratulations to the Fresno State Bulldogs, Coaches, and very proud families! We’re a Bulldog family 1996 and 2006 alums! We can’t be more proud of you all! You guys are a “class act” representing Fresno State and the Valley around the nation. I’ll never forget this day – thank you. Great being a Bulldog! Go Dogs!


Shirley (Wister, OK): Fresno native. Loved you in '91. Love you more now.

Eddie Becker, Fresno State Alumni 2005: WOW, This should get the Red Wave out in full force this year leading up to the Football season. I know I am looking forward to even more so than before. Thanks for being the little Train that could. I am sure you have inspired all of Fresno if not the rest of the Nation. I know I teared up a bit. Good Luck next season. I hope all the JR’s stay and make another run at it.

John - Athens, GA: As a Georgia alum, I must admit that I enjoyed watching you guys play...lots of heart, showing that Fresno State was just the better team in the end. Much respect. John.

CJ, Class of 2000 (Long Beach): Proud to be a Fresno State alum. Congrats Bulldogs, these past weeks have been amazing to watch.

LC (Fresno): You guys are simply amazing! Y'all showed true Bulldog spirit!

Anita, Antioch, CA: Congratualtions Bulldogs! You are the best of the best!

Roseanna (Turlock): You did the Great Central Valley proud! You are all perfect example of what team sports is supposed to be. Congratulations!

Chris (Lynn, MA): This win should teach a valuable lession-it is NEVER over until it is OVER. Congrats 'Dogs You deserve it.

Amber (Omaha): You guys were so much fun to watch! Congrats Bulldogs!!!

Scott: Do you believe in Miracles? Go Dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its all about TEAM!

pHIL-Wedowee,Alabama: Congrats,the BIG DOGS won!!!

Marcus Riley (currently in Green Bay): All the way from Wisconsin I couldnt get enough of watching you guys battle! makes me proud to be a BULLDOG! Great job on showing the world that the WAC and Fresno St. needs to be respected across the board.

CHUCK LEMOORE CALIF: Congratualtions Bulldogs!

Lisa and Butch (Santa Nella,CA): We're so proud of you guys!!!!GO DOGS!!!!!

T: I am a card carrying Bulldog Dugout Club member and I think I'm dreaming . . . CONGRATULATIONS

Walter (Fresno): Oh man what a show. Best thing on tv for a long, long time. Makes me proud to be an alumni. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Can't wait for the movie.

JB (Sioux City, Iowa): Congrats on the national title! I have been going to the CWS for more than 15 years and this team was one of the most fun to watch...ever. Hope to see you all in Omaha again next year. Go Dogs!

Angela (Culver City): Love you dogs! Way to go! Stop and enjoy every moment, you deserve it. Congratulations! Fresno State Rocks!

Ramona: Congratulations Bulldogs! First time I get to see a College World Series and you guys win! It just doesn't get any better than that. Sacramento, CA

Craig, Orange County, CA: Congratulations Bulldogs! "THE GIANT KILLERS"!!!!!

Barbara/Irvine CA: Awesome, simply awesome. You all ROCK

Kelly (Huntington Beach, CA): Hey y'all! I am so proud of you guys! I grew up in the Valley and I'm soooo happy you're representin'! Go Dogs!!!

Corvallis, Oregon: Congratulations to the Fresno State Bulldogs. Best Wishes to you as we pass the torch to you. Great Job!

Fred(Fresno): WOW!! Congrats to the 2008 Diamond Dogs and their terrific accomplishment. COLLEGE BASEBALL CHAMPIONS!!!!!!

Madera Ca: We love our Bulldogs up here in Stallion Country


Marissa (Santa Rosa): Congratulations Bulldogs!!! You have made my day because I was waiting to hear the news and the news was great. I'm so proud. GO BULLDOGS.BULLDOGS 4EVER

Lynette C (Sanger, CA): Way to go Diamond Dogs! We had a ton of fun watching you WIN IT ALL!!!

jill (Valencia ): You've all been part of my family for two weeks're awesome!!!

Kyle: Congratulations you guys were amazing to watch...some story for when you guys get older great season guys

Ross (Fresno): Congrats! The nation just found out that Fresno State doesn't take a back seat to anyone! Thank you for the memories! Be ready for the biggest party of the year tomorrow night!

omfg(Fresno): someone slap me. is this a dream? best two weeks of my life. congrats diamond dogs.

Danny (Reedley, CA): (Future CSU Fresno alumni, class of 2009) I NEVER watched a baseball game until I watched the Dogs amazing run from the Tempe regionals all the way to the championsip. Way to go Fresno!

Linda (St. Louis): I started out as an ASU fan, but the record-shattering FSU Bulldogs have captured my heart! Congrats on a well-deserved championship!!

Jody (Fresno): Fantastic! You are Champions.

Eric Fann Turlock,Ca: WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!. What a GREAT run from Long Beach to the CWS awesome. congrats Tommy Mendonca.

Cristy (Hanford Ca): As an alumni of Fresno State I couldn't be prouder.. what a wonderful bunch of young men and a classy coaching staff. Go Dogs!!

Lenore - Fresno 84 alumni: Congrats! We are proud of your achievement. Go Dogs!!!!!

John (Fresno): Thanks for the memories and thanks for a national title. See you tomorrow. WOW!!!!!!!!!!

Shannon ( The SJ Valley): CONGRATS!!! You D-Dogs are all Rock Stars!!! We are very proud of you!!! Woo Hoo!!!

Hometown Boy (Oakland, CA): Woot! I bet you we'll be watching this miracle run in theaters soon! Congrats... now what am I going to do with my time? Well deserved Dogs!!

Brian(Philadelphia): God Bless you guys. I went there in 83-85 and I am so proud. It feels good to have heros again.

Alejandra(Reedley): That's How We Do It...National Champs!!!Congratulations,Fresno State!

Greg (Reedley): Proud to be a BULLDOG (Class of 86). Awesome job at the CWS. The University and the Central Valley needed this one. Thanks for the memories!!!!


Jon..Oxnard, Ca: Congrats! On an amazing season. Way to represent for California. Unbelieveable run.. All i can say is WOW..WOW..WOW

Haley: You guys totally deserved this win. You worked hard and it paid off 100%. That game was amazing to watch!! You guys are a talented group of guys and I can't wait to see what happens with you in the future! :) Congratulations!

CHRIS (BAKO, CA): Congrats guys !! You've made the valley.. THE ENTIRE STATE.. very very proud... You guys were simple A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !!! Georgia Football... Your next !!!

Brandt (Orange City, Iowa): Thanks for a terrific ride. It is great to see college athletics at its best. Every individual doing their part for the overall success of the team. Congrats coaches and players.

Ed (Bakersfield) Alum 1994: Awesome. You've represented the Valley proudly.

Ramon-07 alum (Stockton, CA): What a great win that was. I had a good feeling after they beat #11 Long Beach State. "Hate it or love, the underdog's on top" as 50 cent would say, "go ahead and envy me!!!" wooooooohhhhhhooooooooo GO 'DOGS! The WAC is on the rise!!!

Jack Flanders (Seattle): Congratulations to the fantastic Fresno State Bulldog baseball team, coaches, staff, and all FSU students and fans!! Thanks for keeping the championship on the West Coast.

Garden City, KS: Im a KU Jayhawk fan but after visiting my daughter in Fresno I wanted you to win and it was a great final game Jan


Eric and Debbie-Madera,Ca.: NCAA National Champs,Your The Best in 08

Jeremy (Omaha): Congrats guys. I can say I've never followed a cws team even living here in Omaha, but I think I picked a great team to follow this year. I was even lucky enough to see the final game. Congratulations to all of you. Thanks for making my cws the best experience. I'll be there next year.

Gene (Hanford): What an amazing run! Nothing could be better than what we just saw. Proud to be a Bulldog Alum.

Modesto, Ca: Thanks for an awesome season!!!!

Jose -Fresno: Fresno State the best in the nation

ginny (Fresno): Brillant exhibition of teamwork! Go Dogs!

Don (Nashville): Congrats Bulldogs.

Tracy (omaha): Hoped you enjoy time in Omaha it was great to watch to you guys. Congradulations!!!!!!


TC(Fresno): In the words of Detwiler....."WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Go Dogs! Congrats!

Jeff (Southern Cal): Congrats guys! You were a blast to watch roll through the post season!

Randy (Clovis): There was a player on the other team who we'll leave nameless. This particular player was seen and heard dropping an f-bomb and throwing a childish tantrum on national television on more than one occassion. THANK YOU, THANK YOU Bulldogs and Coach Batesole for being an absolute class act. A lot can and has been said about your skills on the field, your toughness, determination, and all the things that make for a winning team, but your charecter shines the absolute brightest. You make the Valley very proud.

Paul B. (Coalinga): What a season.

Sacramento: You guys are the best! Thanks for bringing the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP to FRESNO!

David (class of '02): Great job guys. Way to represent the "no"! Go dawgs.. go dawgs..

Mike (Clovis): Way to go guys!!! This town is going crazy!

Ed - Maui - UHM Warrior c/o '82: What a great CWS!! Go FSU Dawgs! Many of us in Hawaii were cheering and pulling for you guys! Your Baseball team made many of us in the West and in WAC very proud. Congratulations for representing FSU, the Central Vally, and more importantly, your families with the "never give up, leave on the field attitude. And above all, being humble and being a class organization! GO DAWGS!!

geoff,clovis: You make us proud to be from Fresno & it's entire community!! What a great bunch

Matt (Charlotte, NC): Awesome, Simply Awesome. Thanks for a great run.

Ness (Escondido): Congrads to the National Champion Fresno State Bulldogs. Way to bring it home.

Dave, Bakersfield, CA: High gas prices, an unpopular war, a terrible economy. You guys just saved 2008.

Greg and Patsy Fresno: You hustled and teamed your way to a memorable championship!! You brought pride back to our athletic department!!!!

Bev (Clovis): WHAT A RIDE!!!!!! Congrats to all of you!!!!

Tiffany, Los Angeles-Alumnus: Wow, I've never been so proud to be a Bulldog. Congrats Diamond Dogs! Bulldog born, bulldog bred, gonna be a bulldog til the day I'm dead! WOOOOOO FREAKING HOOOOOOO! :)

David, Los Banos, CA: My proudest moment as a Fresno State Alumni. You did it with honor and character! Enjoy!

David (Concord, CA): Fresno Alum and lifetime Bulldog. Congrats guys! Well done!

Keith (Fresno): We love our "Under" Dogs! Thanks for a Historic Run that no one will ever forget.

Paul (San Diego): CONGRATULATION!!! What a incredibly inspirational story for the ages!!! A total team effort. You guys played with class, determination, and the heart of a champion every step of the way. One championship down, now let's make it two in the fall. GO DOGS GO!!!

Bronco Fan (Boise): Great Job Bulldogs. Go WAC

Bakersfield: YOU GUYS ROCK.We have never been more impressed by a group of ballplayers as we have of you.CONGRATULATIONS

Trung (LA): Congrats Bulldogs! Great stuff in CWS!

Etna, CA: Great job Fresno. I am a proud alumni . You inspired so many with your gutsy play, your persistence. I am proud to be a Fresno State Alumni.

Mike Hester (Portland OR) Class 89: We are BullDogs! Congrats Fresno State Baseball, you make us proud! Thank you. Play BullDog strong, never give up fighting! Never! Go BullDogs! Go Fresno State.

Joan: Congratulations to a group of great young men who represent Fresno well. God bless

Andrew (Dinuba): Great job Dogs!!!! You are the best of 2008!!!!! Unbelievable.

Jess, San Francisco: I am so proud of what this team accomplished - that is the essence of Bulldog Sports. I've always been proud to be born and raised in Fresno - the National Title just makes it sweeter. Go Dogs!!!

Reginald (Hayward, CA): #2 championship for the school- hope it will be a catalyst for other teams to bring the bacon. Congrats on a job well done!

Elliott (Fresno): Congrats Dogs!!!! I've been following the team since Tempe. Couldn't be a prouder fan right now. Now the Nation nows of the Fresno State Bulldogs!!! Go Dogs Go

Fresno: Academic All Americans! Hurrah.

Roger- Palm Desert: Congrats Fresno State Bulldogs!!! Class Of 90

Mike Hester (class of 89): We are BullDogs! Congrats Fresno State Baseball, you make us proud! Thank you. Play BullDog strong, never give up fighting! Never!

FedEx, Fresno,CA: Great job ! Congradulations Bulldogs ! No. 1 !

Karen, Merced: AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!! YOU GUYS ROCK! Never say die! You guys are amazing! You are a great inspiration for the Fresno, the Valley, and all of California! CONGRATS!!

Ken (Sac): You made the Valley proud. A gritty performance. Go Dogs!

Jeff, Clovis: Classiest bunch of atheletes I've ever seen, congradulations DOGS!!!

Adelita (Albuquerque, NM): This Lobos wants to say Woof! Woof! Woof! and congratulations to the Bulldogs!

Mike W (Fresno): Thanks for giving this community something to get behind and be proud of. Great job!

Frank and Michelle (Cedar Rapids, IA): Graduated in '92 and '91 respectively. DAWGS DID IT! WE ARE SO PROUD AND HAPPY TONIGHT.

Dan (DC): You represented California well! Go Dogs!

John Hoj (Ojai, California): Holy Cow! Go Dogs Go! What a great season for a great school. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! What a great ride!

Bryan (Sacramento): You guys deserved this win and you got it! And you told those writers from the SEC what West Coast baseball is about! Congrats!!! GO DOGS!!!!

Don (Nashville): Congrats Bulldogs.

Aaron (Orange County): Stoked! As an alumni traveling in Atlanta on business right now this is even sweeter! Nice job boys.

Michael Hester (class of 89): We are BullDogs! Congrats Fresno State Baseball, you make us proud! Thank you. Play BullDog strong, never give up fighting! Never!

Eric (San Francisco): Makes me want to donate even more money to Fresno State!!! Proud alumni unite around this amazing team!

Daniel (Austin, TX): Congrats! You deserve your moment of fame after this CWS run. Every sports page from Fresno to Athens will have you on the front cover and you have earned it. GO BULLDOGS!

Dan & Kristin Huggins ( Austin TX): Go Dogs, You were AWESOME !!!!!!!!! Proud to be FSU Alums. YOU ARE THE BEST THERE IS, no one else can say that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eskimo(Seattle): You guys are da bomb!!!

JoAnn (Augusta, GA): As a Georgia Tech fan, I was pulling for Fresno all the way! Congratuations, you all deserved to win the National Championship. Very classy team who showed a lot of grit.

Amanda (Fresno, Ca): Congrats guys! You are very deserving of this championship. You make me beyong proud to be a Bulldog!

Lopez Family (Fresno): Great Job..Perfect baseball throught CWS..Unity prevails

Riojas Clan (Clovis): congratulations CWS CHAMPS!! We are so proud of all of you. Way to go Detwiler and Mendonca!

Rob Granite Bay Ca: We loved watching TRUE to know you all, thanks for the ride. Sacramento Fans

Donnie (Pullman): Great job. You guys were as dominate and as fun to watch as any team I have ever watched.

Bakersfield Bulldog: Congrats Bulldogs from the South Valley. EVERYBODY down here has been pulling for you and you made us proud. Savor the moment!!!

Greg(Bakersfield): What a blast watching your team never giving up!

Kerry - Tracy, CA: This was something so special that all Fresno State fans can enjoy. Thanks for the wonderful memories and for showing the country what Fresno State is all about!

Joanne- Mama Bear Fresno: Boys- you've made a proud!!!



Bill- Omaha: GREAT JOB!!! See you next year to defend that title!!!

Adelita, Albuquerque, NM: This Lobo says Woof Woof Woof and congratulations to the Bulldogs!!!

The Stallings Family-Fresno: THANK YOU!!!! You made us so proud!!


Jack (Augusta, GA): Way to go, congratulations! It has been amazing watching you all over the last 2 weeks!

Austin, TX: congrats! The sports world revolves around Fresno, CA tonight and rightfully so.

Jonathan Wallers: Thanks guys for a great cinderella run and for making us all feel alive! I am so proud of you guys! GREAT JOB! Enjoy! How does NATIONAL CHAMPS sound!!!???

Susan - Woodland Hills, CA: Very Proud Bulldog Alumni! Congrats to the Men's Baseball Team. You're Number 1!!! Wahoo. You did it :o)

Samantha (Santa Maria): Our Dogs!!! Congrats on an awesome victory! Enjoy this moment biys! You guys deserve it. So proud to be an alumni and a fan!

Jake Fresno Class of 2005: You guys are the bomb! You have taught us all a lesson and made the valley so proud. Go DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Larry (Fresno): You made Fresno, the Valley and anyone who has ever lived here PROUD! Congratulations! Go DOGS! You have 4 new season ticket holders for next year!

Kevin (Greenville, NC): Congrats from an ECU Pirate. You all have accomplished a truly great feat. It shows that anything is possible. Once again, congratulations on a great run

"Aunt" Norma (Norco): What a great team!!! What a great coach!!! and coaching staff!!! What great attitudes!!! It takes it all working together to do what you did. It was unbelievable!!! I love you all!!!

Dan R, Fresno,CA: A WAC team GONE WILD !!! Congradulations ! We are very proud of you guys !

Ty Idaho: hey guys congrats go WAC i was pullin for you guys the whole turny Go Bulldogs Real Bulldogs are from California

Terrie-Sacramento, Class 86: Congratulations to the players and staff. Thank you for bringing back the joy, fun and purity of baseball.

Erik in Fresno (Class of 2000): I love it!

Patty: Congratulations, isn't collegiate baseball wonderful.


Russ & Margie (Fowler, CA): ATTA WAY, Fresno State Bulldogs! What a TEAM ! ! ! !

Marc Tosches (Guadalupe,CA): Congrats!!! What an awesome display of teamwork and guts. Very Historical CWS.What heart and desire in a baseball team. Way to go, Fresno State Bulldogs.

chance(colorado springs): you guys are my idols! you inspire me and my 11 year old baseball team because we are going to the state championships soon and we are HUGE underdogs just like you! you rock bulldogs! belive in the fresno!!!!!

Guillermo Chavez ( Fresno/Santa Mari,CA): I am proud to be a Bulldog. Mendoncca you rock..

Brandon Robertson (Visalia, Ca.) JAX FL: Just thank you. This is the most meaningful thing to ever happen to the "V" for as long as i've been a sports fan. A step in the right direction. Congratulations!

BAKERSFIELD: Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!

David From Livermore, CA: Good Job on your awersome season.

Visalia, CA: You have given the Valley something to cheer about. You have taught alot of young and men and women that TEAM effort is how you make things happen. Way to go DOGS!!!! We are so proud of you!!!!!

Richard Bambl (Visalia, CA): Congrats Diamond Dogs. You've made the Valley proud and set the bar for other Bulldog sports.

Rodriguez Family (Visalia): Congrats! Thanks for playing with so much heart and dedication!

Honolulu: Congrats...from the islands..GO Bulldogs!!!

Anthony (The Woodlands, TX): Congratulations!! The 14 hour drive to Omaha last weekend was the least I could do to show my support for your historic run. This will be talked about forever as one of the greatest TEAM accomplishments in sports history. Congrats again!!!

Dave M. , Clovis CA: Way to play as a team. You are true CHAMPIONS and a great example to all the kids in the valley. Conrats and thanks for the memories!!!

Tony/Andie Lee (Corcoran/Arroyo Grande): You guy's showed what hard work and belief in each other can do. PROUD to be BULLDOG'S

Chris (Virginia): Congratulations Bulldogs! Such an inspiring run! Glad I could watch it all!

Richard (san francisco): As a 1976 grad, I couldn't be prouder or more excited! Go Dogs! What a great team and a great win.

Shreveport, LA: Congratulations from the Bulldawgs from Louisiana Tech!! Ya'll made the WAC proud!

James. Fresno, CA: Hot Dogettie!!!!

Roger (Fresno): Absolutely unbelievable. One of the best runs in the history of sports.

Chris and Jens - Turlock: Congrats to the Dogs! What an inspiring and deserving group of young men. Way to go fellas.

Debra Martin (Petaluma): Form a former CSUF student and native Fresnan: CONGRATULATIONS - you guys ROCK!!!!

fresno: They say it is a miracle , I say GREAT TEAM PERFORMANCE. Proud to be a bulldog fan. Thank you all

Oscar, Mexico City,Boyd, China: Proud to be an alumni and very proud of our Dogs...On behave of all global Dogs..We Love our Dogs!!

Keith (Fresno State junior): Congrats to Det and all the Bulldogs. Det way to represent the Raider Nation playing tough and hard


Dave Gonzales (Clovis): Congratulations men. You guys made ALL of us Alumni proud. Thanks for a great season and NEVER giving in! FRESNO STATE! FRESNO STATE! FRESNO STATE!

staclyn, Bakersfield: Congratulations on a job well done. I am so proud to be a Bulldog! Class of 1988

Scott Cuviello (Washington DC: Way to go guys. Congrats.

Derrick (Clovis): Class of 1992. I am so proud of the Bulldogs for winning the NCAA Championship. You guys won with class, dignity, teamwork, and never gave up. You made the valley very proud no matter what. BULLDOG FOR LIFE. 2008 NATIONAL CHAMPS!!!!! Finally, we can gain some respect.

Nancy (Fresno/Porterville): CONGRATULATIONS BOYS YOU DID IT!!!! I am so proud of you and I am proud to be a bulldog!!! You boys were AMAZING!!! CONGRATULATIONS CWS CHAMPIONS!!!! GO BULLDOGS!!!!

Cody. Tulare,CA: Great job diamond Dogs! I love every single one of you guys! Thanks for showing hard work really does pay off! Thanks from all our hearts in the valley. I smell a repeat!

Amelia (Fresno): You are unbelieva-bulldogs! Great Job to every single player on the team and to the coaching staff. Congratulations...all of your hard work paid off! I am so proud of you all!

Fresno Alum: Congrats to the Bulldogs! A team that never ever quit, you proved to the entire world what a #4 regional team can do to a ranked powerhouse like Georgia. Way to go, and way to represent the West Coast! Now if Pat Hill can pull it off with the football team Fresno will truly be on the map!

Michael Messerly Omaha, Ne: Way to go Fresno State. I was fortunate to watch all the games in person. Thanks for playing the game the right way. Hope to see you all back soon in Omaha, Ne. Also this is a series that I will never forget.

Lynchburg,VA: Bulldogs, From Liberty University congrats on the National Championship, you guys earned it and should be proud of yourselves. Live it up! Have Fun. NATIONAL CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jose Sacramento: I've never been so proud to be a Fresno State Alumni!! Outstanding job!! Go Dogs!!! National Champs!!!

Jim & Christie (Sacramento): Congratulations team! We cried with happiness. You all are a testament to the power of determination and heart.

Raymond (Fresno, CA): Congratulations, you guys have become are hometown heroes.

Dallas, Kelseyville, CA: As a FS almnus, and former Bulldog athlete, It's a proud day to be a Bulldog. Thanks.

Visalia: Congrats

Rene Gutierrez (San Diego): Go Dogs!!

Ian Allen,Tx: That was crazy good i rooted yall for the whole college world series do it again next year GO BULLDOGS

Robert, Evan and Andrew Casey: Fresno: Congratulations! And thank you. My sons and I will forever be able to share these moments for the rest of our lives too. Go Bulldogs! Thanks' again!

Fresno Alum: Congrats to the Bulldogs! Way to show them how the dogs can be gritty. I loved the never say die attitude. You guys are true champions, next season will be interesting. Now Pat Hill and the football Bulldogs must represent the school and bust open the BSC, we've waited long enough!!!

Kevin (Turlock): Congrats Bulldogs! Way to put the Central Valley on the map! We're proud of you! Thank you!

Fresno, CA: Way to go! Go Dogs!

"Precious"Stockton/Fresno: Thank you winning the NC, it not only benefits you guys, but it also brings much pride to the city of Fresno congrats

Joe, Sacramento, CA: Pac-10? NOPE. Conference USA? NOTHING. ACC? A JOKE. SEC? CANT HANDLE US! CONGRATS FRESNO STATE BULLDOGS! You make the Valley proud!


Nick (Coos Bay, OR): Congratulations, Bulldogs!! I am an Oregon State fan and alum... I was a student during the 2005-2007 OSU run, but I couldn't help but root for you guys this year. So many similarities to both OSU championship teams... it's awesome to watch. I know how it feels for fans who never saw a team they root for win a championship... it's AWESOME. Congrats to all of you! You deserve it!

Nick (Coos Bay, OR): Congratulations, Bulldogs!! I am an Oregon State fan and alum... I was a student during the 2005-2007 OSU run, but I couldn't help but root for you guys this year. So many similarities to both OSU championship teams... it's awesome to watch. I know how it feels for fans who never saw a team they root for win a championship... it's AWESOME. Congrats to all of you! You deserve it!

staclyn, Bakersfield: Well done

Jack (Phoenix, AZ): Fresno boy. born and raised a bulldogs fan. go dogs. t-mac (tommy mendonca) why didn't u get drafted 1 overall. come to the d backs. ribera my dad knows ur dad. and sores my dad knows ur dad too i think. u rock

The Brownie Mom: Congrats to you for playing so well and showing how much fun a group of guys can have playing ball!!!

Vandenberg AFB, CA: You guys are truly the Pride of the Valley! Now Red Wave let's cheer on the 'Dogs for the upcoming football season - Rich Chavez

Roberto ( ( from Italy ): Congratulations from Italy ! Outstanding team of young men. Great !!!

Rod (Fresno): Great way to end the season! Nice effort Diamond Dogs!

Bambl Family (Visalia, CA): Congratulations. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication. You've made the Bulldog nation proud.

Lorenzo Fresno: hey fresno state congrats way to go we are so proud of you!!! way to go dogs!

Chris (San Antonio): Score one for the "Mid Majors" Go Dogs Go

Phil exeter: WOW!!you guys ain't no cinderalla! you were champions when you started out and thats why your champions tonight! and you did it with class!!

Aujero (Fresno): Way to play the game as a TEAM and show the nation what a bunch of "Goofballs" can do! We are proud of you!

Atwater: Way to go Bulldogs!!! Thank You for the Championship!!

Randy (Hanford,CA): Congrats Bulldogs, from a fellow alumni, What a great feat! Fun to watch. We were all rooting for you, knew you could do it!!!!

Jason (Tucson, AZ): Making us away from the valley proud.

Steven (Kingsburg): Congratulations Bulldogs! You're the pride of The Central Valley.


Wynne Family (Morrow, GA): We have only been gone 1 year...but out hearts will always be with FRESNO! GO DOGS! Awsome games!

Richard (Lynchburg, VA): Congrats, Bulldogs. Best baseball I've seen in three years, pro or collegiate. You guys are very deserving. Way to go!!!!

dillon (seattle,wa): well done boys you guys put on one heck of a show. the valley is very alive tonight.

Prather: All the teamwork and never quitting paid off way to make us proud dogs

Aaron and Melissa (Fresno, CA): Congratulations Bulldogs! What an outstanding performance. We are proud to be Alumni of the Fresno State Bulldogs. You made history tonight!

Doug (SLC): I'm from SLC and a staunch Utes fan, but any time I see an "underdog" beat the pants off of a BCS team I love it! Especially when those same "wonderdogs" were a former WAC rival. Congrats FSU and GO UTES!!!

CHINO MENDO/KERMAN: Congrats dogs u never gave up I knew it go FRESNO STATE

Floyd (Fresno CA): From the words of Montell Jordan "This is how we do it" You guys showed everyone what bulldog sports is about.

Michelle (Adelanto, CA): Congratulations on your outstanding achievement!! The games were fantastic. Way to show that CA pride!!!!

Larry Schiller, Fresno: It was a thrilling series, but the two most impressive things to me are the way the team played as a team and not a group of individuals and the fact that the eight seniors are all going to graduate!


CSUF alum (seattle WA): Thanks for reminding us what teamwork is all about!!!!Go Dogs!!!!

Leslie & Chuck Las Vegas: Congratulations Bulldogs! Peter play your heart out tommorrow for the boys Love MOM

Earl Grizzell '75 - Visalia: "Who's Cinderella? We're the FRESNO STATE BULLDOGS!" Gotta LOVE IT! BULLDOG POWER is Alive & Well!

Aaron (Bay Area): I remember the 1991 team and how close they came. How wonderful to finally get the title they didn't quite get. Congratulations to the whole team!

Bruinstump (Long Beach, CA): What an amazing run! Here's to a championship well deserved and hardly expected. I appreciate a team that knows how to play during money time.

Robb. Clovis: Awesome way to end the season. We had fun following you guys. Enjoy the ride and have fun. GO DOGS!

Brad (CSUF Professor): The coaches and players have shown enormous talent, grit and class both on and off the diamond. They will be an inspiration to all of us for decades to come.

Mary Ellen Ryder, Boise: WOW! I loved every minute; it was as gratifying as the Fiesta Bowl. Maybe people will finally realize that taking the WAC for granted is like ignoring a tiger under the bed. GO BULLDOGS!!!!!

Jimmy, MN: Great Job guys, hope to see you guys on ESPN classic one day !

Fresno, Ca: GO DOGS

Kim & Ron (Clovis, CA): Congratulations Bulldogs! You are awesome, the games were so exciting to watch! We are so proud of you all! GO FRESNO STATE BULLDOGS!

Phil (Fresno): Congratulations! Thanks for reminding the world what teamwork is all about

Paul (Fresno/San Diego): Congratulations! Great display of teamwork the past few weeks. Go Dogs!

Candy (Las Vegas): So incredible! Never have I seen such gutsy playing! You all are such an inspiration, keep playing ball and having fun!

Black Family / Fresno: I've been in this valley nearly my entire life. I've played and watched sports my entire life. But I've never seen anything like THEM DOGS! INCREDIBLE! You boys showed huge amounts of class, and guts. You are an inspiration to all who witnessed this CWS. Great job! See ya Thursday at the DOG HOUSE!

Fresno, Ca: Never stopped watching since regionals... you guys have the true hearts of Bulldogs!!! GO DOGS

T.P.(Clovis): Congrats Fresno State Bulldogs!!!!! Much Love!!!!

MerseyOwl (Liverpool): Congratulations Bulldogs!!! No ACC, SEC, or BCS needed!!!

Doug (Stockton, CA): I couldn't be more proud to be a Fresno State Alumni and Fan!!!! The Valley and the city of Stockton loves you all! Go Dawgs! Fresno is on the map!

Stephanie (Bakersfield): Congrats dogs. I enoyed watching you play. Class of 2003. Go Dogs.

Terry Gabriel, Raleigh, NC: Congrats Fresno State. I am a Bronco, class of '75 and am glad to see you prevail over Georgia. You did yourselves proud. Best of luck to you except when you play Boise State. Go Dogs!

dean (Fresno): speechless

Eddie (Fowler, CA): Congratulations Bulldogs!! You are outstanding student athletes, true students of the game.

FresYES!!!: Way to go Bulldogs!!!! You all are so awesome!!

Haley (Fresno CA): Congrats! im in highschool and i never watched any sports until i found out you made it to the college world series i love baseball now , you guys are amazing!!!!!

Louisiana: Truely inspirational. You are right you dont need a first round draft pick. All you need is TEAM. The whole country was pulling for you. Thanks

Esther A (Madera CA): Congratulations Fresno State...You DOGS kicked some major ass 2day.....GO DOGS

the allison family (visalia, ca): congrats guys! you guys played with such heart. it has been such a joy watching you guys and we couldn't be any more proud!



Mike&Trish(Kerman): 2 Sweet! The whole Valley is pumped & proud!!! FS Bulldogs! Incredible!


Uncle Larry: To my nephew Holden and the rest of the Dogs: Thanks!!!!!

Joshua Campbell Grangeville ID: congrats bulldogs whoooo whoooo go Fresno whooo first baseball national champs next football bcs bowl whooooo

jeremy (riverside): way to rep the school, the city and the V!

Visalia: I was sitting at game 2 of the super regional proudly wearing my alumni association shirt when it was announced over the PA that U of A was knocked out of the tourney. The two guys behind me began to discuss how that was great for ASU recruiting since they would be going to the CSW. Moments later Gavin Hedstrom hit a grand slam and the rest was history....GO DOGS!!!!

FRESNO: I just joined the Bulldog Baseball Facebook page:

Joshua Campbell Grangeville ID: congrats bulldogs whoooo whoooo go Fresno whooo first baseball national champs next football bcs bowl whooooo

Tim Mendonca (Tom's Bro) Turlock: Great Job dogs. No Cinderella story just a bulldog story. Great job Tom on getting Most Outstanding Player and on Team U.S.A. Love Ya T.C.

Jarrod (Merced): Great job guys glad a bunch of california guys could come together and show everyone what california baseball is about. Congratulations 2008 Champs!

Fresno, Ca: Man you guys were awesome!! WOW...

GreenDog ' 76 (Cupertino): Outstanding!!!

Fresno: Erik Wetzel...a man of courage, consistency and class. God has blessed you all with talent! Congratulations Diamond Dogs. The Red Wave is riding high with pride! Take it all in and savor the moment!

Michael Scott (Bellingham, WA): GO BULLDOGS! Born and raised in Fresno...always a faithful Bulldog. Congratulations from alumni in the pacific northwest.


Rob Scholl - Ithaca, NY: PLEASE tell me how to get a "Red Wool Navy FS By New Era®" baseball cap signed by Steven Detwiler. Just leave the instructions by posting a comment on and I promise to do the rest! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

Garrett (Sacramento): Never been more proud to call myself a Fresno State fan. Absolutely incredible.

William (Reno): way to go!!!!!

Kali in Los Angeles: I've always been proud of my school and then you guys went and did this. You guys Rock! Congrats.


Oakland, CA: Who let the DAWGS out?! You guys rule!

Blaine Martin (Abilene, Tx): way to go DOGS, way to show the country where the best baseball players come from! LETS REPEAT!

Bob (Turlock, CA): Hard for a UOP grad to say, but great job Bulldogs! And a big thumbs-up to Tom Mendonca. You made Turlock proud!


Bryan (Eugene, OR): Congrats! You guys proved that anything is possible if you only believe and keep competing. You are an inspiration to all! Enjoy!

cody indiana: detwiler ur an inspiration. all of u guys r. love watchin u play and will never forget this!


Mike (Bellingham, WA): showed what it is to be a Fresno State Bulldog and the pride we all hold in our university. The Red Wave supports like no other. GO BULLDOGS!!

Robert (Merced): Go BULLDOGS!!! You made Fresno and the whole San Joaquin Valley Proud. Thank ou for the electrifying season. You all made sports history....

Heather (the 'Chos): OMG!! You guys rocked not only the Valley, but the entire NCAA!! Congratulations on a hard fought, well deserved victory! GO DOGS!!!!

puyallup wa: Fresno is my hometown i couldnt be happier way to go bulldogs!!!!

Mike (Omaha): Congrats guys! The bulldogs were an amazing team to watch the whole post season - here's to seeing you back next year to defend the title!! Loved the photo galleries too, you guys play with so much emotion.

Teddy Haber - Fairfield/Fresno, CA: we did it, we should them who the real bulldogs are congrats and enjoy the championship

Noah (San Francisco): Watching you guys was truly inspiring. I am a Detwiler fan for life.

StanPatty (Fresno): 2008 College World series National Champions!! Can't get better than that. Go Dogs!!

Adam Fresno: Congrats from the music guy

Brandon Wells, Fresno CA: Because I'm at a loss for words... all I can say is thank you! Tonight is a night I will remember for the rest of my life! You guys are responsible for the tightest hug I've shared with my dad for years. For that I am eternally grateful. Thanks for playing your hearts out. I hope one day we Bulldog fans can accurately describe how much you mean to us! Go Dog's! (And Tommy... we know you'll do the Valley proud with team USA!)

Sandra Orange Cove Ca: You guys are an inspiration to the entire Valley! Thank you for bringin' it home!

Halim Family (Visalia, CA): Hey I'm so proud of you guys! You all played your hearts out and made history! Not to mention put Fresno State on the freaking MAP!!! S I M P L Y A M A Z I N G!

Les (New York City): Congrats, Fresno State Bulldogs

Jonathan Bernath (Los Angeles): 2006 Alum who used to cover baseball games. I knew you guys could do it. Way to go. Showing the world where are not no bodies and we mean business.

Justin: The best underdog story, you keep College Baseball and the story alive that enough heart and enough skill combimed can create anything possible. Congrats to a well deserved Win!!!!

Honolulu: The an amazing run! Much more than a national championship was won tonight. I cannot imagine what this means for the valley.

Herbert S (Ann Arbor, MI): Congrats Bulldogs! What an incredible CWS run. A truly historic accomplishment.

Fresno Frank living in Las Vegas: Class of 86. Thank you Coach Bieden, Coach Bennett, and Coach Batesol. Valley Pride, Valley Tradition. Congratulations guys.

Cindy S North Fork Ca: Congratulations! This is why I love baseball! You all were a joy to watch!


David(Fresno): You guys did more than win a championship! Thanks, I'll remember this feeling for the rest of my life!

Ellis (Logan): Congratulations, Bulldogs! Amazing what WAC teams have accomplished. Fiesta Bowl, Sugar Bowl, top 10 in men's basketball, and now national champions in baseball. Simply impressive. Utah State fans are proud to be associated with the best college baseball team in the country!

Peter (Tulare): Way To Go DOGS!! Fresno State National Champions. Sounds Great.

Janice Alum96: Congratulations- From underdogs to wunderdos. Go Dogs!!!

Porterville: Congratulations Bulldogs. We knew you would make us proud. We love our dogs

Tom Katie Liz: GOOD JOB BULLDOGS!!!!! #1 What a CWS

Kristine and Conrad (Proud FRESNANS): *** YOU GUYS ARE INCREDIBLE! *** Thank you for an amazing CWS experience for the past week! As we watched these past three days, my husband and I flashed back on our trip to the "Freedom Bowl' with the football team. You have truly energized this whole San Joaquin Valley AND the whole country. It was wonderful to witness your exuberance, heart, and class as you showed the world what makes an FSU Bulldog. God Bless you all!

Coarsegold: Way to represent for the school, town and the entire Valley! Congrats on your amazing season!

Kathy (Yakima WA): Awesome job - great series. You worked together and pulled it off. We are so proud of you!

Ryan (Omaha): That was as gutsy a performance I have ever seen! Congratulations guys! It was a pleasure to watch. Hope to see you in 09 to defend your title!

Marisa-Fresno-Firebaugh: Congrats Guys!!! What an amazing team!!! You played your hearts and soul last nite! You turned me into a basebal fan these last 2 weeks!! Amazing Story!!

TOM OMAHA: Excellent job Bulldogs! #1

Nick (New York CIty): Great job guys AMAZING season congrats!!

Boise, Id: Congrats from Boise!! What a pleasure watching through the tournament. Great work guys!! Go WAC!!

Marisa Fresno/firebaugh: Congrats Guys!!! What an amazing team!!! You played your hearts and soul out last nite! You turned me into a baseball fan these last 2 weeks! Amazing Story!!

Chris Camarillo: GREAT JOB Bringin that NCAA back to Cali. Enjoy your win! What a great Run!

Ken (Laguna Hills, CA): Congratulations Diamond Dogs! What a huge win!

Michele (Lincoln, Nebraska): Congratulations! It was so fun to watch a FANTASTIC TEAM, play with such emotion and TEAM effort! Congratulations on a job well done! You have made your university and alumni very proud!

Keith and Toni Fresno Ca.: You guys are the Bomb!!! Thanks for the thrilling ride. We are sooo proud!!!

Elizabeth-Salinas, CA: Congrats...this is truly an proud to be a Fresno State Alumni...:)

Mike (Fresno): Wow...simply wow. Great determination and effort by everyone on that team.

Bulldog Alumni '94, Kevin (El Paso, TX): showed what it is to be a Fresno State Bulldog and the pride we all hold in our university. Thanks guys for an amazing postseason run. It will be remembered for years to come. Take it all in and never forget what fun it is to play a game.

Conrad and Kristine (Proud FRESNANS): *** YOU GUYS ARE INCREDIBLE! *** Thank you for an amazing CWS experience for the past week! As we watched these past three days, my husband and I flashed back on our trip to the "Freedom Bowl' with the football team. You have truly energized this whole San Joaquin Valley. It was wonderful to witness your exuberance, heart, and class as you showed the world what makes an FSU Bulldog. God Bless you all!

Dog Lover: San Luis Obispo Ca.: I am a very proud "Dog" and 2000 Alum (MSW) of a great University CSUFresno! Great job Guys!

Jennifer Tomita (Woodland Hills, CA): Congratulations Bulldogs! You made a baseball fan out of me! Danny Muno, you are a superstar. I'm so proud of you!

Tara (Fresno): Congratulations Bulldogs!

The Hertel's Fresno, CA.: Congratulations Fresno State! You guys made the valley proud. Soak it in National Champs!!!! GO DOGS!

Neffs (Fresno): Awesome team awesome outcome. Congratulations to each of you! Move forward in life knowing anything is possible.

Mountain View, CA: I watched the whole damn run on T.V.; let me tell you guys I was sweating bullets after game one. I don’t know if you consider the anxiety you fans go through but we were feeling it! I grew up watching Fresno State sports and you have done for the program more than any other team in the history of the school. For the rest of your lives you will be able to say, “I was a member of the 2008 Fresno State baseball team,” what an honor that is. Congratulations!

Neffs Fresno: Awesome team awesome outcome. Congratulations to you ALL! Move forward into life with the knowledge that ANYTHING IS possible w/GOD.

Marcia (Fresno): You made me LOVE BASEBALL! Thanks for such an exciting season!

Rick & Lisa: Thank you for the ride of our lives! But most importantly thank you for showing the entire world that you can have fun and be competitive. The best part of the game was Justin Wilson smiling and joking with Danny Muno after his error. THAT’S WHY WE WON! You were winners before the game even began. Thank you.

Mata's San diego: class of 84 we were the only one rooting for u in the regional and kept on going until that final out

Mike T (New Braunfels, TX): Never been prouder to be a Fresno St. grad. Thank you for representing our school in a positive way to the rest of the country! Go Dogs!

Acosta Family (Miami FL): Congratulations Bull Dogs!!!! You guys deserved it, you played your hearts out! Once again, congratulations and enjoy your championship!

Dan (Ridgewood): Steve Detwiler and Tommy Mendonca you guys are inspirations and I look up to you as a high school player. Have good surgeries and Go Dawgs!

CWEBB (Fresno): 'Dogs: You are all Heart!! What a way to finish a magical postseason! This team will go down as the greatest in my lifetime as a Bulldogs Fan! 'Go Dogs!!!

Tommy Burciaga, Fresno: all you non-believers.....shhhhhhhh

Ron Paino, Fort Lauderdale, Fl.: Awsome job, what heart!! Never Give Up!!!!

HR, Georgia: Congratulation, on you win!! You played very hard for the win.

Karri, FSAA Lfe Member (Kingsburg): Your talent and character shines on and off the field! You guys are amazing! Congrats and thank you for your hard work!

Bakersfield: Awesome Job Fresno State Wonderdogs! You totally represented the Valley!


Chris Camarillo (FRESNO): Congatulations WONDERDOGS!!!!!! Awesome job guys. Can't wait to get together tonight. All of Fresno should be there to celebrate this phenomenal achievment. No one gave us a chance. This is what sports is all about. We're gonna have to move this party next door to the stadium. Everyone is going to be there!!!!!!

Al (Fresno): Congratulations on an awesome National Champtionship! You are the pride of the Valley. Celebrate! Celebrate! Celebrate!

Jim (Fresno): One of the greatest sporting events I have ever witnessed. Thanks guys.

Zeke: Thank you for bringing pride and respect back to Fresno State athletics.

Kathy/Stockton: WOW! I had so much fun watching the games and the excitement of winning was felt here at home!!! I was on the edge of my seat everynight!!! A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE BOYS!!!

Lorena Dostal (Fresno): I have never watch so much beisball in my life!!!!!CONGRATULATIONS YOU ARE NOW THE BEST COLLEGUE BESIBALL TEAM IN 2008

Kris (Sacramento): Awesome job! Best bestball I've seen in a long time. Go Dogs!!

Ron (Galva, IL): Congratulations - great display of teamwork, sportsmanship, and coaching!

Fresno: What an awesome ride! You guys have earned everything you get. You made history! GO DOGS!

Kerry (Madera): Great Job Bulldogs, a true class act. Thank you for being such great representatives from the Valley...on and off the field! A great group of young men....

Puyallup, WA-: Way to go!! We are flying our flag and wearing our t-shirts with pride. They looks better than glod and purple any day! Two from the class of 1977

Art (Fresno): Congrats!!!!! Way to bring excitement to the Bulldog community. We love watching you guys play. Enjoy it and we'll see you tonight.

michael (Chapel Hill, NC): Congrats Fresno St from Carolina. You guys played outstanding against the best teams in the Nation with your never say die attitude. You deserve the Title, CONGRATS!!!

Mike & Nadia G. (Fresno): You guys are awesome! Absolutely incredible season! Go dogs!!!

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico: You make me proud to be an Alumni!!! Go Dogs Forever!!!

Debbie Sweeney - Fresno: You have made our city so, so proud! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Jacqueline (Walnut Creek): Absolutely fantastic. You guys deserve this.

Carpenter family from Shingletown, CA: That was beautiful! You really took it to all the best the country had to offer. A real team of destiny. We were supposed to be camping, but couldn't go up each night until we saw you win. Enjoy.

ryan hanford,ca: you guys made the west coast proud and made the pride of valley an awsome experience congrats


David (Little Elm, TX): Congrats Bulldogs! Thank you for a great CWS to watch. You are an example of why I love to watch college baseball.


Christa - Fresno, CA: You guys were amazing- Coaches and players included! You made me so proud to be a bulldog!

Carol Villalobos - Fresno: Congratulations, Who let the dogs out!!!!!!! The team has made Fresno Proud.

Tom (Niles,Illinois): Thanks for showing America what a true success story looks like. Pure baseball was back for 12 days of glory.

Jim Tacoma, Wa.: Incredible. One of the greatest team efforts I have ever witnessed. Proud to say I'm from the Valley.

Debbie (Fremont): Many Congrats....SJSU is proud of you too!! Go WAC

Herbert S (Ann Arbor, MI): Congratulations Bulldogs! A truly historic CWS run.

Boise, Idaho Bronco Fan: Let’s remove the word “Upset” from the conversation when speaking of the teams Fresno State rolled through to win the National title. There is no question they belonged there and night after night proved they were the better team regardless of injury or lack of depth at pitching. MLB scouts better go back into their draft rooms and rethink what kind of player they are looking for. Most of the top players in their draft were watching last nights game on TV.

Emily D. (FRESNO!!): CONGRATULATIONS BOYS! I am so incredibly proud of you and proud to be a student at Fresno State. Amazing Job Dogs! P.S. Who knew our Dogs were so cute?

Eric - Alumni 86 (Oakley, CA): Congratulations Bulldogs!! What a great team effort and a well deserved championship. Bulldgos - "The pride of the valey"

Bob (Bay Village, OH0: WOW! That's why they play the games on the field...not in the broadcasting booth.....Congrats to the Bulldogs. Absolutely Fantastic!

Joe A(Hayward,CA): Thanks for the most enjoyable CWS in memory.

Traci (Sacramento): Way to go guys! You showed us that anything is possible if you want it bad enough! Go dogs!

Partida (Clovis, CA): Congrats!!! Thank you for the memories. We are very proud of you. This was a much need boost to our community and we thank you.

Jim(Charleston, SC): My hat is off to you guys....Being a UNC fan, I really thought we would bring it home, but it wasn't meant to be...what a team effort..always be proud of what you have accomplished on and off the field.

Mike (New Mexico Lobos): Congrats BULLDOGS!! Way to go for you, your fans the WAC and non-BCS!

Ted (Exeter): Congratulations on a great season. You make the Valley proud!


Travis Ball (Ridgecrest, Ca): Bulldog Alum. '06.....Would have loved to be eating some DOG HOUSE GRILL during this one.....GO DOGS!!!!!

brent, south texas: Wow, i'm a proud alumnus

Tom(Jacksonville, FL): Congratulations on your historic achievement!!!! But more importantly THANK YOU for the way you went about it. It is one thing to win a National Championship but it is another on the way you do it. You did it with class, passion, teamwork, and most importantly with heart. You represented our great school in true Bulldog fashion.

Lucio (CALEXICO, CA): Congratulations boys! What an a wonderful game. The Imperial Valley sends their congratulations. GO Dogs!!!

Lucio (CALEXICO, CA): Congratulations boys! What an a wonderful game. The Imperial Valley sends their congratulations. GO Dogs!!!

Jay ( NYC ): FANTASTIC WIN. You showed the world that when you believe in yourself that anything is possible. You did more than win a championship. You inspired and showed others that you can accomplish anything. You changed lives.

Beverly, MA: Long time Bulldogs fan! I was fortunate to be able to be sent to Fresno for training last season for the week! It was a blast watching the improbable happen and Fresno take it home! How sweet it is to take home the first of many to come! #1 Bulldogs!


Jeff, Atlanta: Fresno State Bulldogs, the spirit and heart of a Champion! Great baseball, great entertainment, great theater. Enjoy your deserved celebration!


Katie (Bloomington, IL): Wow, just amazing. Should be proud of everybody you beat to win this. Congratulations Bulldogs!

Esther Gonzalez (Fresno): The All-American Game played by the All-American Team. Cheers to our Diamond Bulldogs. We love you guys!

Davis: Way to go Dogs! National Champs.

Bakersfield (CSU Bakersfield: Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! Great team work!

Gary & Susan Green(Ruston,LA): Your WAC Tournament Host Family is proud for you!!

Ryan (Wantagh, New York): Way to go bulldogs, From Underdogs, to Topdogs. Way to never give up, and keep fighting. Congrats Bulldogs.

Denise - Ripon: CONGRATULATIONS!!! You've come a long way and deserve this victory. Your committment shows the true meaning of being a team.

Ronelle (Turlock, CA): GO BULLDOGS!!!! Great job Tommy and Blake! Always a BULLDOG.

Corbin Archer (Salt Lake City, UT): I am a former Bulldog Coach (Tennis, 2000). I am proud of the Baseball Team's accomplishments. The Bulldog spirit is alive and well!! Congrats.

Jim - Indy: Props to ESPN for covering every game of the series. I watched every Fresno St. game. I had a hunch about you guys.

Acosta Family (Miami, FL): Congratulations Bull Dogs! Way to play your hearts out!


Ven Vegesna (Sunnyvale, CA): Congrats! Thanks for taking all the Fans on this memorable journey.

Soto (Dallas): CONGRATS YALL!! Im supporting yall all the way from Texas!


Gary & Susan Green (Ruston,LA): Your WAC host family is proud for you!

Cris (Fresno): Way to go FSU. Congratulations!!!

Houston, Tx: What an exciting CWS! Congrats bulldogs! 2008 NCAA CHAMPS


Rich Paloma- Tracy CA: SJ Valley is so proud of you. Steve Detwiler - you are the example of a bulldog IMPRESSIVE

Bridgett & Gale Reid, Hanford, Ca.: You guys are amazing!! So Happy to see a team from the Valley be the Ultimate Champions!! Hi to #42, Gene Escat!

Armando (Portland): I am proudly wearing my Bulldog red in Oregon !! thanks guys !

Michael Engbretson (Redding,CA): Congratulations! I was so pleased to see our team perform so supremely, and also represent Fresno State with such class. Well done!



JJ (Class of '77): As a former bulldog, it may be the fondest memory in Fresno state history...

John - Exeter: Congratulations 'Dogs. You guys gave everyone from the valley something to be proud of. My eyes tear up just thinking about it. Red Wave for life!!!!!!

Tim (Omaha): Congrats! You made this year's one of the best CWS in history!

Thomasville GA: Congrats from a UGA fan and alumnus. Great series and you guys were not going to be denied.


Rick & Jeannie Stacey, Visalia: You guys have put the Valley on the map with your talent, quality and class. We're bustin' buttons here with pride in all of you. What a supreme achievement!

USS Ronald Reagan / Lemoore Sailors: hey guy just wanted to say you guys tore up the CWS and the entire ship and air wing was puulin for yall !!! Great job guys and just wanted to say strike group 7 is proud of all you guys !!!

Jason (San Jose): Way to go Bulldogs--you had proud Bulldog fans from across the country pulling for you. What a tremendous accomplishment!!

Sasha, the Siberian Husky & Buddy, Sasha: We may not be Bulldogs, but we love slippers! Congragulations "Cinderella"!! Wonderdogs!! CSUFresno '88

Tom Taylor (Melbourne, Florida): Congrats fellas! Glad to finally see a deserving team win! You def. earned it, so be proud! Everyone conrtibuted and that's the true meaning of teamwork. "From underDOGS to wonderDOGS" CONGRATS! -Tom

Denver: Great job, guys! Be very proud of yourselves!!

Greg (Naples, FL): Congratulations Bulldogs -- you did it and you did it with CLASS!!! Way to go!!!!!

Erik (Omaha): Detwiler for president!!!!!!!!!Congrats everyone.

karyn (Chicago/LEMOORE): Congratulations on your win! Thanks for representing the Central Valley so well! i am 'super' proud of you all!! GO BULLDOGS! Fresno State, that is!!

Janelle (Auberry): Thanks for being such a great representation of the great things that come from the valley. We are so proud of you!!

Jessica Trevino alumni 07'(Stanford,CA): Way to bring it DOGS!!! You guys are representing for the whole Valley!!! You guys played awesome. SO proud of Fresno State!!!

Jarrod - Hanford: Congrats to the dogs what a fight

Jim & Alex (Colorado Springs, CO): As alum and long time Fresnan... Way to go 'Dogs!!! Unbelieveable run. You made Fresno proud!!!!

Ryan Lucchesi (Fresno): Go Dogs! Thank you to Justin Wilson for pitching the game of your life. Thank you to Steve Detwiler for playing the best game of your life, or any other players for that matter, in the history of the CWS. Thank you to Tommy Mendonca for always coming up with the big hit or the big play. Thank you to Danny Muno for proving that no matter how many errors you make in one game you can successfully start the double play that clinches the game to redeem yourself. Thank you for beating the Georgia Bulldogs to win the national title – people outside Fresno have finally stopped confusing my hat with the wrong team. Thank you to Detwiler again for catching that final fly ball. Thank you to all of you for taking all of us to a higher place.

Ed (Clovis): Thanks for making me love baseball again. Congratulations!!!

Joanne (Kansas City MO): Congrats! That was a lot of fun to watch!

Jenn, Carlsbad, NM.: I just shouted for joy on a van full of NPS Rangers! Why? Because my Dogs have once again proven to the country that we should never be underestimated. Like true warriors, you never give up, and fight to the very bitter end. I have always been proud to be a Fresno State Bulldog Alumni, but moments like these make that feeling even more pronounced. Congrats from a life-long 'Dog, from way-out in the middle of the desert. 'Dogs Rock!

Brian - Austin, Tx: Helluva an effort, and a much deserved national title.

Aaron M. Atlanta, Ga: Congrats Fresno State on your 2008 National Championship. You have several "old school" Fresno State fans that live in Georgia/

The COOKE (N.C): CONGRATULATIONS on your win.Tommy Medonca see you at the USA baseball games in N.C. Go USA

Todd (Irving, TX): From a hometown boy now living 1,200 miles away, I couldn't be more proud to be a TRUE BULLDOG. Congrats boys, I just wish I could be there to celebrate with you! 2008 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS...has a nice ring to it doesn't it?

Anthony (Los Angeles, CA): Way to go WONDERDOGS! Never been more proud to be an alumni. Cheers!

Jung Kim (Tallahassee, FL): Way to go you guys, you guy's never gave up right from the start (Confidence)!

Randy (Boca Raton, Florida): Congratulations not only on the incredibly difficult to come by National Championship, but also the spectacular performance in the post game interviews. Classy, professional and well done.

Joe Boston: Cngrats that run was almost as good as the sox

Steve---Lodi: Congrats from the alumni in Northern California! You guys were flat out fantastic! What an achievement!

Bulldog Marching Band: All of your friends in the Bulldog Band congratulate you on an amazing season. You make us all proud to be Bulldogs!

Richard Long (Lancaster, CA): Truly amazing. What a team effort. No question, no doubt, NCAA CHAMPIONS

Frank Dallas, TX '93: Go Dogs....showing that tough Bulldog spirit!

Leslie Poole, Bulldog softball alumni: Congratulations, gentlemen!! What an awesome achievement- you've made us all proud! "We're over Cinderella, it's all about the Buldogs." Love it!

Charlie - Tampa, FL: Congratulations to a gutsy and talented group of athletes from a die-hard Miami Hurricane fan.

Terry (Fresno): What a memorable win, I love every moment of it. Go dogs!

EM Brady (Clovis): We are SOOO proud of you! Way to play like a team! You guys are awesome... GO DOGS!!!

Boyet Sison (Philippines): Congratulations on a well deserved victory!

Michele (Lincoln, Nebraska): Congratulations Bulldogs! What a great TEAM effort! You were a joy to watch. There are now a lot of FS baseball fans, all over the nation!

Ben from Louisiana:: From a Louisiana Tech fan, you guys played great, it was fun watching you, congratulations! Proud to be in the WAC with you!

Mike In Reno.NV: Way to go guys. Everyone in the WAC is proud of you. See you on the football field soon!

Chris from Cleveland (formerly HI): Congrats to your team. I love watching WAC sports, and you've done us proud.

Dirtbag Fan: Congrats on your National Championship. I couldn't believe you made it that far. I was rooting for you all the way, once my Dirtbags were out!!

JUSTIN BLOCK (IRAQ): Alan Ahmady and Jordan Ribera congrats guys I have known you guys almost ym whole life and now to see what you have acomplished is amazing, great job Bulldogs,

Matt (Newhall, CA): Such an amazing season, congratulations to you all! Hart High Grad, Steve Susdorf defined how a senior should lead his troups, by example.

State of Vermont: Go Bulldogs! Cinderella who??

Mike (Boise, ID): Absolutely one of the best CWS I have every watched. Congratulations to Fresno State. Thank you for representing the WAC with such courage and determination.

Matt McGuire (Chicago): 1995 Alumn - Congratulations from Chicago! Thank you for representing the school so well. You guys are awesome!!

KamikaziDog (Ft Bliss, TX): REMEMBER THE NAME! Congratulations to the Fresno State Diamond Dogs! PRIDE OF THE VALLEY!

Albert(PalmdaleCa): Go Bulldogs!!! you make all us ex-pats proud. Born in Fresno, raised in LA. My heart belongs to the Central Valley. Thanks for the great memories.

Georgia: You won and you did it with class, grace and talent. Enjoy!

Rob LeGore - Hickory NC: I have always been a fan of college sports and baseball especially. The championship series was by far by far the most amazing experience I have ever had watching baseball games. Congratulations to Fresno State, truly well earned and deserved.

Chris (Lake Mary, FL): Wow, I have been a baseball fan since well basically forever and that was the greatest "wonderdog" achievement I've ever seen. Congrats!

M & P In Long Beach, CA: we loved watching the thrills of the CWS and are elated that the champions are in California. Way to go Bulldogs, what a fantastic series, great entertainment and really proud of all of you fighters!

Nick P. (Miami): Congrats!!!! You guys Deserve it.


Clay Ipsen (Atlanta, GA): You've made the whole Bulldog nation proud! Let's paint the nation RED. I have to go shut up some Dawgs fans now.

Rich (Nashville): As a Carolina alum, I watched the College World Series hoping for a Tar Heel championship; however, if they couldn't do, then I was glad to see you guys take it all! What a great team! You outplayed everyone else! Congratulations!!!

Todd (Irving, TX): From a hometown boy 1200 miles away...congratulations to the 2008 CWS NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!! Still can't believe it's real, but noone can EVER say we don't belong with the big boys! ENJOY IT BOYS! AND ENJOY IT FRESNO!!!

Todd (Irving, TX): Congratulations to the 2008 CWS NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!

Dr. Wayne Jones - Dallas, TX: You showed the world some real class! Congratulations!

Gump from Charleston, SC: Thanks for providing a reason to celebrate on a Wednesday in the Low Country. Nice job representing the school and the Valley over the past few weeks.

Kristie from Fresno: Wow, what a show!!! You guys are truly a team and it shows. Thank you for putting Fresno State sports back on the map!

matthew terrill (Jacksonville, FL): That was the most amazing run in sport's history. Congratulations, this will be remembered as one of the best sport stories. Simply remarkable

HorseMan(Omaha): Keep that pitching coach out of retirement for next season. We'll find him a horse to ride while you are in Omaha.

Jennifer Fresno, CA: I have been waiting 25 years, since the 1983 NIT Tournament, to see a Fresno State team bring this community together! Thanks for fighting your way to the end and making us proud!

Scott n Texas: Enjoyed watching you guys play in person and on TV. I told my brother last week to watch out for you guys!!!!

Gary & Cathy (Benicia): Congrats Fresno!!!!! We couldn't be prouder. NCAA Champions!!!!

Tim B. (Fresno): You boys will never buy another beer or a meal as long as im in this town! And i speak for everyone on that! Best team ever! Congratulations!

Tim B. (Fresno): BEst thing that has ever happened to this town! I'll speak for everyone when i say that you men will never buy a beer in this town again! Best team in the nation!

Preston (Richmond,Va): Congradulation Fresno State Go Dogs

Ed Hasbrouck Hts NJ: Congrats on your unbelievable journey. i will miss seeing you play. Bulldogs rule!


Lazaro - Fresno: Go Bulldogs!!!

Aaron-Athens, GA: I'm a Fresno State Alum who lives in Athens and works at UGA! It was incredible to watch the Bulldogs pull off the win at a sports bar in Athens. My co-workers are congratulating me left and right, even the UGA alum. It was a wild ride!

Mary (Statesboro, GA): Congratulations, Bulldogs! Go CSU-FRESNO! You're on the map NOW!

Brad Burchnell (Waterford, MI): GO DOGS! It was exciting and love seeing my Dogs back here! Awesome Job!

Thomas Holt (Macau, China) 1973: Way to go Diamond Dogs. You have made us all proud to be a Bulldog.

Philadelphia: Cogratulations on your stirring Championship. You have got a lot of new Phans here in Philly, especially pulling for our Phuture Phils Steve Susdorf. Enjoy!!!

Zach - Villa Park, IL: Congratulations Bulldogs... You deserve it, you did it! From a CWS faithful, you have made this one of the best Series' yet! Enjoy the party!

Tito (Mendota): Congratulations!!! I'm proud to be an alumni!!!

VP-San Diego (Fresno-Born & Raised): Congradulations, you guys sure make we wish I was home. Go Red,White & Blue.

Anthony (Los Angeles, CA): Way to go WONDERDOGS! Never been more proud to be an alum. Cheers!

Lynda (Martinez, Georgia): Congratulations to the Fresno State Bulldogs! Being a Georgia resident, I am most definitely at UGA Bulldog fan, but thoroughly enjoyed the Cinderalla Story of the Fresno State Bulldogs unfold. What a tremendous story...a well-deserved win!

The Downs Family in Fresno: Congratulations Fresno State! The ALPHADOGS!

Matt,Fresno: You played like champions because you had the talent,heart and desire of a champinons. Congratualtions on your championship it was long journey it was well earned. Your team gives hope to all those teams who thought they never had a chance. All of you define inspiration with a no quit attitude. Congratulations your story and accomplishments will forever be remembered. Thank you for the memories

Marcus Davis (Fresno): Amazing season!!! Thanks for showing the world the stuff we are made of GO DOG's

Stephanie, Fresno: Congratulations from Girl Scout Troop 08. Thank for showing our kids that dreams are reachable.

Meza (Stockton): As an Alum and Fan of Fresno State Athletics this is just Amazing!!!! Being the most amazing runs by an underdog in any sport…..and it was just great to hear the crowed chanting FRENO STATE….FRENO STATE….GO DOGS!!!!!!!!


MikeL - San Jose, CA: HUGE CONGRATS - 2008 Fresno St. BullDogs Baseball…you’ve made Sport HISTORY! Now who’s going to Disneyland?

Matt (Cedar Rapids, Iowa): Congrats Freno State!! I enjoyed watching all of your games in Omaha. Awesome team play!

Jim Berg-Elk Grove: Way to go Bulldogs. Great day for Fresno State Fans, Students and Alum- Alum 1989

Debbie (Orcutt, California): WAY TO GO BULLDOGS!!! I knew you guys could do it and now you proved it!! I'm proud of you all! Good Job! WOO-HOO! ~|:)

The Carltons (McDonough,Ga): Congratulations Fresno. Although we are Georgians, we are glad the right Bulldogs won. Watched all of your games and you guys gutted out an incredible win. Also glad you guys know how to correctly spell Dog (not Dawg). Celebrate a well deserved championship!

sandy(NC): Congrats! You are the prime example of dedication and commitment. You so deserve it!

Lemoore: CONGRATULATIONS BULLDOGS!!!!!!! What a way to represent the Valley. you guys made us proud. wow National Champs.. Awsome

Holmer(Lemoore): CONGRATULATIONS BULLDOGS!!! Dreams do come true.. what an amazing run.. National Champs WOW!!!

Susan (Roseburg, OR): Congratulations on a wonderful win. Bulldogs till the day we die. Go dogs.

Robs (Netherlands): Enjoyed the CWS Finals! Great accomplishment guys, congrats. You showed a lot of heart and spirit, love the way you play the game!

Greensboro NC: Let the Big Dog Eat! Somebody should make a movie of this team. Tar Heel Congratulations on an incredible College World Series victory!

Arkansas: Congratulations! That was fantastic!!!

Jill (Louisiana): Congratualtions ! I am a BULLDOG @ High School mascot is Bulldogs. You guys played awesome, I love watching the CWS, but this year was the best yet !

ben dinuba: congratulations bulldogs your hard work payed off go bulldogs

Australia: Congrats Bulldogs, all the way from Australia. Bulldog Fever and Valley Fever in Kangaroo Land. Missin Fresno. Dominic and Sandra Valdez


Erik Nyquist- New Mexico State: Congradulations way to represent the WAC! Great season.

Joel (Fresno) Alumni: Congratulations Dogs! You are an awesome team.... Who let the Dogs out.....

John (Raleigh): What a joy to watch the pure pleasure of the Bulldogs win. Great job by all!!!

Raul Fierro (Elk Grove, CA): Way to go Diamond Dogs, National Champs!!

MikeL....San Jose, CA: HUGE CONGRATS - 2008 Fresno St. BullDogs Baseball…you’ve made Sport HISTORY! Now who’s going to Disneyland?

Carlo Aquino: I love you!

GN (Honolulu, Hawaii): Congratulations Fresno St.! Well done!

jason (FRESNO): wow GOOOO DOGS!! what an amazing year!! Congrats to everybody!! Way to make the Valley proud!!

Erik Hafner (Fresno): Unbelievable run guys. You weren't even supposed to get out of the regionals, yet you busted your asses and outplayed the best teams in the country. Congrats.

Ryan (Fresno): Hell yea!!! Thats what I'm talkin about...Nat'l Champs!!!!!

Kathy Clovis: Congratulations on a job well done. You have given Fresno State Athletics a much needed boost, and you did it with CLASS! WAY TO GO!!!!!!!

Steven Weigand (Clovis): Most amazing sports story I have every followed... Congrats.

Jorge Campos(san Rafael ca): congrats bulldogs STEVE DETWILER YOUR MY BOY SAN RAFAEL LOVERS YOU BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

El Paso: U guys r crazy!! man congrats

NY, NY: Watching you guys fight for it all was amazing.. Congrats from another Bulldog Alum

Ian (San Jose): GREAT SEASON!!! You guys made my year!!! KEEP IT UP!!!

Luke (Fresno): currently a student at state and absolutely love what you guys have done!! doghouse was nuts today all in support of you! congrats

Eric (Roseville, CA): Congratulations and well done. You've made this alumnus (Class of '96) and all alumni proud.

Mr and Doc Fritz (Modesto): Congrat's guys. FSU has always been awesome and you guys just confirmed it big time. Incredible never say die, dog effort.

Rafael(Bellevue, NE): I was a bulldog in 2001. When I left the Valley for the mid-west in 2002, I continued to follow the bulldogs hoping that one day I would see them again. I felt like I left a piece of my-self behind. When I saw that Fresno State was in the CWS, I felt that the missing piece was coming complete. When Fresno State become champions, I felt complete. I want to say congratulations to the Bulldogs and also thank them for making me complete. I will always be a Fresno State Bulldog and my heart is always in the Valley.

CB (Clovis): You boys showed the true meaning of Valley Baseball. You deserved it more than anyone. Its no Cinderella story, thats bulldog baseball! Justin I knew you were a big game pitcher and would come through. Dogs' you all did awesome.

Macareno (Tulare County): We could all learn from these Bulldogs! Believe in yourself and great things can happen. Congratulations just doesn't say it all. You guys were beyond awesome.

Visalia: The best.............nice work ever!

kesone (eastvale, ca): way to go dogs, congrats

Jeff Padgett (Fresno): Unbelieveable...way to represent for Fresno and the SJV.

John Montgomery From Houston: Congrats boys. you did. Anyone, anytime, anywhere. The Epitone of greatness

V. Fresno: None of you guys look like Cinderella to me!! Awesome!!

BIGG HEC in Sacramento: Thanks for showing if you play the men on the field, not the name on the jersey's anything is possible. thats why you are FRESNO STATE BULLDOGS 2008 CWS CHAMPS...CONGARTS!!!!

Jane(Sarasota): Being a former Georgia resident my heart was pulling for Dean Weaver and the "UGA DAWGS"...I coached Dean in little league with his father...hats off to you guys, what an incredible tournament.

John Montgomery From Houston: Congrats boys. you did it. fresno alum from 06. now the sports world knows we can play with anyone anytime and anywhere.

Russ (Visalia): Congrats!!!! Thank you for the best three weeks of my life. It has been wonderful to watch. Enjoy all of the fruits of your labors. You deserve them!!

Fresno Pacific Univ Baseball: Congrad!!!! hope we win the title to rep fresno in the NAIA.... Yall amazing.... From FPU BaseBALL

J: Congrats dog's!!! this is one of the best things to happen on the valley! you gave me the best birthday present i could have wished for!!!! GO DOGS!


Mike Hanford, Ca: what a ride!! Thanks for the memories. CONGRATULATION!!!! GO DOGS!!!!!

Chris (Davis, CA): GREAT JOB GUYS!!!

Fresno: This was an astounding series/season/performance/finale...EVERYTHING. You have made Fresno proud! Bulldogs for life!! - Marcus

Jerry (San Jose): Congrats on an awesome season!

Tommy Trojan (Los Angeles): Congratulations Fresno State.. You showed Georgia, the SEC and the Nation who the top Dawg was....

Daniel Hernandez (Bakersfield, CA): What a great day to be a Bulldog!!! Congratulations from the class of 2006!!!

K.Ngo: How ironic is it that the toughest team in the nation finished as National Champions? Way to bring it back!!

FRESNO: I never watched baseball and never really liked it......until now. THANK YOU WONDERDOGS

Fresno: Congragulation to the Fresno State Bullog on a journey of a life time. Nancy Ho Fresno state alumni


Demi DeSoto (Medford, Oregon): CAN I GET A WOOF WOOF!!!! "Bulldog Born, Bulldog Bred, Bulldog 'Till The Day I'm Dead" - Jim Sweeney. You were not to be denied at the CWS. You showed the world your team spirit, tenacity, AND THOSE BATS!!!!! What a great team effort, coaching effort and the Red Wave, as always, carried the Fresno State flag well! It was a great night here in Oregon, reconnecting with other 1986 Alumni by phone, email, text messages all night. You made us all VERY proud of you and our Alma Matter!

Los Angeles: YOU GUYS ARE FREAKIN' AMAZING!!! congratulations on all of your success and thank you for a great season =) xoxo

Boise, ID: Go Bulldogs.. WCS CHAMPS Great Job, Well Done

Fresno, Ca: Go BULLDOGS!!!

Kyle (Hayward, CA): Congrats to the real Bulldogs! I'm proud to be Class of 1997!

Lemansgael-Las Vegas: AWESOME!! We generally don't support Fresno being Rebel fans, but what a great job! You deserve it Fresno!!

Bobby (Austin Texas): Your team made the Texas Longhorns baseball team look like an ordinary high school team.

Jim and Cindy: Awesome job. Made us proud not just by winning but by also showing great poise.

Modesto: we are so proud of your accomplishments....your team is a true inspiration to thousands of kids playing ball. Your hard work and team play deserves much credit...thanks for letting us enjoy it.

Jay, Quincy, CA: From a 1957 grad, way to go! And congratulations to all of you!!

Dave (San Joaquin): I am 52, and have wished Fresno State would win a national championship once in my lifetime. Thank you!!! Can I wish for one more?

Ricky Larson: You guys were awesome! Steve Detwiler, I want you to know that if you need a thumb tendon you can surely have mine. That way I can be sure that part of me is playing pro ball! Good job Dogs!

Julie (North Carolina): Truly amazing baseball. It is nice to see a team play together. Way to go....It is much deserved...Enjoy the ride :o)

Stan (Fresno): Never A Doubt!!Awesome job. Congrats!!

Brian (Fresno): Greatest thing to EVER happen to FRESNO! Be proud be a DOG!

Agoura Hills, CA: Thank you for truly representing California

Brent Fresno: What a ride! Thanks for the memories. How does it feel to be CWS legends? As a 1985 alum, I have never been prouder! Enjoy!

Greg, Danville, CA: Great job! You guys personified teamwork and heart. You made history tonight. I am so proud to be a Fresno State alumnus. I'll be Georgia fans are no longer saying, "Fresno, who?"

Tony (Parlier): Great job guys! so proud. See you guys tomorrow. Let the celebration begin!!

Anabela Almeida- Watsonville, CA: CONGRATS GUYS! I'm so PROUD to be a BULLDOG Alumni! You guys have made history! :-) I wish all of you the BEST!

Brian (Fresno): Go Dogs! Just so very proud of you guys. You are true Bulldogs! National Champs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Ron and Bryan (Tulare): Battling Bulldogs, Wonderdogs, you name it- probably the greatest success story, to date of any team in this entire nation. God Speed.

Anthony Ledesma (Fresno, CA): Wow. You guys were the talk of the town. This will live on for forever!

Keith Bessinger (Salt Lake City): I'm so proud to be from the Valley. You showed the nation heart and FIGHT! Thank you for what this means to me as a fan and to the entire community. ANYONE, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!

Devin (Fresno): I stopped watching baseball around 15 years ago due to the strikes and problems in the Major League. You guys have made me a fan once again.

Duane (Fresno): Amazing job Dogs! Way to put more pride for our school! -Fresno Sate Class of 1988

The Mitchell Family, (Newhall): BULLDOGS, you have shown the Nation what a true team is. You have played for the love of the game. PRIDE, AMAZING, EXCITEMENT, SPIRIT,, PASSION RELENTLESS. We are honored to be a part of this Bulldog Family

Thomas Newton Monterey, CA: Bulldog Alum 05' here, saying you made me proud to be a Dog. We bleed the Bulldog Red on the coast for you guys. This will go down in Bulldog lore and CWS lore for as long as both exist. Congratulations.

Dennis-Madera 75 CSUF Grad: Way to Go Dogs, YOU ROCK, that was sooooo Awesome. Congrats to all.

Mo (Northern Kern Co.): Way to go, Dogs!! You've made me even prouder of being your fans. I love your never-say-die attitude. I'm so glad for Wetzel and the rest of the team.

John Dias Kaiserslautern Germany: All The Way From Europe.. Proud to be from the Valley.. WELL DONE, CONGRADUATIONS.. DETWILER U ROCK

Michael Elizondo Dinuba Cali: Congats Fresno we went and watched you guys earlier this season and these past two weeks when i was down just watching you guys play really just made me really better thanks for everthing and congrats


Rev. Blair Holloway (San Diego): God has a Bulldog Flag (Fresno) next to the throne

Trevor (vista, San diego): Congrats... hopefully i can help bring home another in a few years

Jason(Fresno): CONGRATS 'DOGS. Excellent run to the title. You guys are why baseball is such a great game.

anonymous: You have shown the heart of all Bulldogs. We have always known that we have more heart than anyone else...but to see it during the CWS brought tears to my eyes. Congrats and you make me so proud of our coummunity! What a story! NCAA Champs 2008!

Bronco Fan (Corona, CA): From a fellow WAC team fan, Congratulations !!!! What an awesome team effort !!!!

Larry (Victorville, CA): Congratulations on being the 2008 National Champions! You play the game the right way, you play hard and you play tough. I have followed Fresno baseball forever, and I am very proud to be a Fresno fan!

StanPatty (Fresno): 2008 College World series National Champions!! Can't get better than that. Congratulations

shelby12 fresno: you guys did it im sooo happy i came screaming when you WON !!!!!

StanPatty (Fresno): 2008 College World series National Champions!! Can't get better than that. Congratulations

Honolulu: National Champions! Simply the best.Go fresno State. Congrats.

Megan (North Carolina): As a proud fan from NC, CONGRATULATIONS and God Bless! Yall are awesome!

Gary-Virginia Beach, VA: WOW !! Being from Fresno and now on the east coast, I watch anything that our Bulldogs do. You are the best team in history !! Go "DOGS" !!

Ray (Phoenix): Exciting!! Greatest run I've seen in sports in a long time! Made the SEC look 2nd rate!!

April (San Diego): Congrats! It's times like these that really make me proud to be a bulldog! B-U-L-L-D-O-G-S! GO DOGS GO! FIGHT DOGS FIGHT! GOOOOOOOO DOGS!!!

Andre (L.A.): From a Bruin: Congrats, was rooting for you guys ever since the early rounds of the tourney. Me and my roomie who is originally from Lemoore were glued to the TV rooting for you guys. Again, congrats, and see you at the Rose Bowl on September 27th...

Nate - Springfield, IL: You guys give us Cub fans hope! Great CWS throughtout! Congratulations!


Gary Edwards Virginia Beach VA: WOW !! The best team in NCAA History !! Go "DOGS"

Joseph C. (Fresno): you guys did it!! You guys have shown the world what Bulldog baseball is all about!! I'm proud to be a bulldog!!


Dana (Monterey, CA): Go Dogs! Nice job boys.... :)

Mike - Omaha: This is what it is all about. You guys showed the sporting world. Congratulations Bulldog nation.

Brent Beene (Helm, CA): Awesome run guys! You made all us alumni so proud. Enjoy it you earned it!

Eric Moreno (Texas): Congratulations Bulldogs, a job well done, who didn't say that with hard work anything is possible? and Detwiler way to go man with the injury you battle through it and at the end it paid off for you, your an example of a great baseball player. I was rooting for you guys all the way, from the regionals to the super regionals and in the CWS . You guys are a great team and again congratulations!!!!

omaha: you guys played great ball and showed the biggest pretty boys from georgia what baeballs all about congrats

Beene Family (Helm, CA): Congratulations on the great win! You made us all so proud here in the Valley.

Jim Alexander (Concord, CA): Proud of my Dogs. Just shows what great teamwork can do. You were the class of the series. Go Dog's! Class of 1974

Fresno Becky & Bonnie: Great Job Dogs! Congratulations!

Tech Fan (Birmingham, AL): Congrats to FSU from a La Tech Alumni. Way to make the WAC look good!

Baton Rouge, La: Congrats from a LSU fan. Enjoyed watching ya'll while we were in Omaha.

Char Diaz (Aguanga, CA): The sportsmanship you showed was a demonstration to the world of what a team should be. This is true of the whole school. When my daughter was looking for a good school in physical therapy, we all decided that the school had to be great in sports with a great sportsmanship attitude. Your college has it all.

Jessica(Tulare,Ca): WOW you guys are being talked about on every radio station from the valley!!!WAY TO REPRESENT!!GO DOGS!!!

Fresno Becky & Bonnie: Great Job Dogs! Congratulations!

Fresno: You made us proud! You show'd them what Fresno is made out of!!! Get out of the way world - here come the Bulldogs! You made me proud to be an alumni!

Garry-Fresno: Awesome feat Bulldogs! Congratulations.

Debbie Thomas (Turlock): Congratulations guys, you are the best! What a wild and exciting ride! You deserve it and we Love you Tommy!

Nancy (Sacramento): You make me even more proud to be a CSUF alum! (Class of 77)

Fresno: 2008 National Champions! Sounds good - huh? Way to go Bulldogs!

Chowchilla: Cangrats! Way to believe in your selves and work as a true team.

Mark Garcia (Long Beach): Congratulations Bulldogs! From a 1991 grad, you have the alumni very proud. this was truly one of the best TEAM efforts in the history of sports. Enjoy it and thanks for supplying us alumni with such a great memory!!

DAN & KAY (MONTANA): You are our Dogs...........

Kelly (omaha, NE): Hey Bulldogs--congratulations on a great run--it was fun watching all of you complete your journey!!

Tom Lingel (Sacramento): Wow Guys-there is nothing we can say that will convey our pride in what you have achieved !! You guys will from now and forever be special in the hearts of all Fresno State Bulldogs !!

Doug (Los Angeles, CA): Bulldogs, you've made the alumni very proud! Congratulations on being the biggest underdogs to win an NCAA title in the history of college sports! From champions! Way to go, boys!

Lupe Vasquez (Huron, CA): Go Dogs!! You make us proud. You showed a lot of class and heart yesterday. Thank you for the memories!!!!

Susie - Fresno: Way to go! We love you all. What a team effort with sportsmanship beyond questions. So proud of you.

Roan Gordon (Fresno): FABULOUS Bullbogs! Go Dogs!

Claudia(Memphis,TN): Right now we all need inspiration. Your team makes every American so proud. Right on Bulldogs!!!!

pack1 (Reno, NV): Congrats on your national championship. Way to represent the WAC. Looking forward to playing you next year

Dave C, Clovis, CA: Coach Batesole and Team, congratulations. Job well done. You have re-energized the Fresno Faithful and reminded the community and the valley of why we support FSU Athletics. Way to shine like a diamond.

Mark - Fresno: Simply Amazing

Doc Henderson, Nv: Wow you guys did it. I'm a big U of M fan, but you guys came to play. Congrats.


michael tree (mono chukchansi): welcome home champs! fresno,ca. you all made me&my son proud,thanks

Linda & David (Hanford, CA): You won with CLASS. We are proud of you.

MadTown (Fresno): We are the best in the nation. It feels damn good to finally say that.

Bakersfield, CA: Thanks for making us former FSU Bulldog baseball players so very proud of our program!! Awesome!! Steve Lackey 1973-1974

Hectro Hernandez #21 (from Denver Co.): Felicidadez diamond dogs! You make me proud to be a bulldog!!! Go Dogs.

Jenna (Sacramento): Congratulations national champs! What a great win! Northern California Bulldog alumni are behind you! GO DOGS!

Kevin (Fresno): I am so proud of the team, the coaches, and the school. Way to go guys! It's all about the SKULLET! NATIONAL CHAMPS!

Grubbs Family from South Carolina: We loved every game! Ya'll are truley the best. We have found another great school to pull for. Thanks for the memories. GO BULLDOGS

Steven(Selma,Ca): I wish I was there for the team from the start but I started following after the wac tournament, then the regional I started to believe, you guys are a special group. You outworked everybody and wanted just more than everybody else. Thnks to all the players and coaches! Class of 2001

Michael ('94), Chicago: Congratulations. It's been a long time coming, and well deserved.


Longhorn Fan (Austin, TX): If the Longhorns couldn't be there, it was great to watch your team through the series, hear your stories, and watch you celebrate your great win. Congrats!

Gary(Phoenix) Fresno State Alum: Proud of my Dogs! Congrats to a true champion!


Adri (Fresno): Hey guys, one word.... AMAZING! The community is very proud of your accomplishments.... Your heart, your guts, and teamwork are top notch! Welcome home, enjoy every minute of it, you earned it!

Randy (Thibodaux, LA): This is what college baseball is all about! Big school or small school, the team that plays as a TEAM wins! Congratulations on an amazing season! Go dawgs!

Proud in Clovis, CA: Way to go, Justin! You are all a great bunch of guys!

KAPPA ALPHA THETA (fresno): you bring tears of joy to our eyes. way to go dogs!!! we cant wait for next season!!! HERE WE GO BULLDOGS!!! HERE WE GO!!!!

Jerry Branscum, Ash Flat, Arkansas: Congrats guys. I was pulling for you all the way. I love to pull for the underdog.

Danny G. (Sanger): Everyone throughout the Valley is Proud of you guys way to kick A$$ !!

Josh (Fresno State Staff): Congratulations on pulling off the biggest upset in college sports history. You showed that nothing can beat a team of players playing with 100% heart.

Nick Baca, Honolulu: I tip my UH Warrior green hat to the 2008 NCAA baseball national champions. Good job Fresno State!

James ( San Francisco ): Way to go Boys. You made us proud.

Nicole (Fresno): I am so proud of you guys, you played your hardest and never gave up. You have set a great example for the Fresno State Diamond Dogs program!!!

Mark - Lompoc, Ca: Congrats Bulldogs. What a way to top off the season.

Terry (Rocklin): Guys, what a great example you have set for the boys coming up in the Little League levels. Composure and performance under pressure. Great job!

Lake Elsinore: WOOF!!! WOOF!!!!

K. (Fresno): Absolutely amazing. Way to go boys!

Dee Dee Melkonian: Congratulations we are all proud of you!! I lost my voice for 3 days!! Go DOGS!!

Adam in Fresno: Go Dogs! Congradulations!!! And a special thank you to the Wonderful Omaha fans who went out there and cheered on our Dogs! Hopefully we will see you again in Omaha real soon! GOOOOOOOOOO DOGS!!!

Jeff Cooley-Vacaville, CA: Been waiting on this to happen for years and years. I followed them all the way and I accidentally broke a lamp last night when they won. No torn ligaments in my thumb though....

Kat (Fres-Yes!!): Hey 'Dogs!! Congrats on your Huge win!! I am so proud that you guys came together as a unit and got the job done. Ya'll really woke up the valley and got a lot of people to join the Red Wave. Congrats again and remember, Bulldog bread, Bulldog till the day I am dead!!

Taylor (Fresno): YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!! I HAD SOOOO MUCH FUN WATCHING YOU PLAY THIS SEASON, AND I HOPE YOU CAN DO THIS WELL NEXT YEAR!!!!!! I can't wait to go to Fresno State in 6 years!!!!!

Art Quiroz: From a proud FSU Alum, Class of 1990, Congratulations to Mike Batesole and the Diamond Dogs, 2008 NCAA World Series Champions!

Conkie - Parker, AZ: Since you had to overcome the ASU Sundevils I'm glad to see you finished at the top of the heap, congratulations.

Nolan (Philomath, Oregon): What a great series for you guys. You did exactly what my Oregon State Beavers did last year. Went on a great postseason run, and you deserve the championship. I was rooting for you all the way. Congrats!

Sonoma County via Visalia: What a run! Congratulations Fresno State.... you've done the Valley proud!

Juve (Fresno): it was incredible how the 'dogs came on top with determination, courage, disipline, character, and class

Mike O'Donnell(Omaha Area): Congrats!!!! Very deserving !! Hope to see you all next year...

fresno state: Amazing win last night! Something the whole cityof fresno will remember!!! You guys turned me into a baseball fan!!!! Go FSU Dogs!!!

Jim (Virginia Beach, VA): Greatest College World Series I have ever watched. Well Done Guys!! Jim, Florida State '78

Jim (Virginia Beach, VA): Greatest College World Series I have ever watched. Well Done Guys!! Jim, Florida State '78

JLD (Athens, GA): On behalf of everyone from the West Coast who lives in Athens and is sick to death of the Georgia Bulldogs, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WINNING! You made the tournament a pleasure to watch.


Mitch, Firebuagh: You can only conquer what you are willing to confront. You did is Great job....

John Fresno: Awesome Job Guys, That was the most entertaining baseball I have ever watched !!!

James (Turlock, Ca): Congrats guys! I am proud to be a Fresno State alumni. A truly great performance that I will never forget.

Steph B. (love Bandit) Las Vegas: Congrats Fresno State i didnt miss a game very prouds of you guy you made me proud


Susan Graham (1997) - Seattle, WA: Way to go BULLDOGS! You represent CSUF well by showing your dedication and tenacity!!

Al(san jose): your the best!!!!

Kevin M - 1988 alum (Camarillo): Your achievement is a true testament of what being an FSU Bulldog is all about. You were underestimated AGAIN; as a reg. 4th seed, unranked, and it was thought that you barely earned a spot in the tournament by winning our league tournament. Every year from an academic, professional and athletic perspective (Bulldogs students, alumni, and athletic programs) have to prove ourselves over and over again. We - Bulldogs - rarely get the benefit of the doubt versus those who come from the large programs. We always come out fighting day after dayand year after year. In my experience it's this integrity with the will and pride to fight the good fight over and over again is what brings us to success and separates us from the crowd

Omaha, NE: Thank you for the class and spirit you showed in front of the thousands of children in that stadium last night. My son was awed by your commitment to team and the way you always played with a smile on your faces. You are true heroes to those kids and to us parents as well!

Omaha, NE: Thank you for the class and spirit you showed in front of the thousands of children in that stadium last night. My son was awed by your commitment to team and the way you always played with a smile on your faces. You are true heroes to those kids and to us parents as well!

Gidgett (CLOVIS): I am a new fan of FSU BAseball thanks to you guys. Awsome Job. Thank you for an EXCITING WEEK! ENJOY! You guys earned it.

Mitchell Ortega (Fresno, Ca): Congratulations Fresno State Baseball!!! 2008 NCAA Champions! You guys worked hard the whole season, and it all paid off. This town is so proud of all of you. Thank you.

Billy (Georgia): I was sad that Georgia lost, but you guys deserved it. Good job.

Megan (Omaha): I thought you guys did an amazing job and you made the series a lot of fun to watch! Hope to see you guys back next year!

Kim & Ralph Cave (Alumni in Scotts Vly): You are all amazing! Enjoy this moment forever! Congratulaions and thank you for the memories! GO DOGS!

Randy V. Palmview , TX: 2008 NCAA Champion Fresno State Baseball Team .FINALLY A CHAMPION IN FRESNO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Albert (Georgia: Now People in Georgia can stop asking me "Where is Fresno State?" Congrats guys!

Kevin - Ames, Iowa: My boss is from Atlanta and he's a Georgia Bulldog he's wearing a real Bulldog shirt. WTG, wish I was home for the fun.

Kevin - Ames, Iowa: My boss is from Atlanta and he's a Georgia Bulldog he's wearing a real Bulldog shirt. WTG, wish I was home for the fun.

Sanger , CA: Congrats to each of you for winning and having the HEART to give your all. You make the San Joaquin Valley Proud. And each of you are a mentor to boys everywhere more than you even know. Job Well Done! Thank You. Henrietta

Jamie (Clovis): Pride of the Valley!

Bryan (Clayton, CA): Way to go Bulldogs! Made all Californians proud

Gentry Rocha--Fresno: From one proud Portugee to another--Congratulations Bulldogs!!

Bryan (Clayton, CA): Way to go Bulldogs! Made all Californians proud

Gentry Rocha Fresno: From one Portugee to another---Congratulations Bulldogs!!


Christopher Fresno: Bulldogs are #1

Zara Turlock: Congradulations!! Cinderella whos that? Next is the football team onto be champs just like you!!! go dogs!! I'll be going to Fresno State in a couple of years!!

Columbus, GA: I'm a die hard UGA fan, but I have to give you guys a big congratulations. What an amazing baseball team. You boys deserved your win 100%. Nice job, Fresno.

Tom Bush (San Jacinto, CA): What an AWESOME display of teamwork, great coaching and a team spirit that will keep all of Fres(Yes!) on the map and tongues of appreciative sports fans for a very lon, long time. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

Jill Spruance (Fresno): You won before you won, guys!!! Every time you took the field, a camera zoomed in on you, you spoke a word, you encouraged each other. You are ambassadors for this community and everything that is good about America!! Thanks!!!

Baton Rouge (gwen): A MOST SINCERE CONGRATS from an LSU fan! Go BullDogs, Geaux Tigers! Visit Louisiana! Yay Fresno!

Boydston (Taft,/Fresno, Ca): Amazing season, Feels great to be a Bulldog right now, you did the unthinkable and much more. You never gave up and you played the game how it was meant to be played, sadly Im in my hometown for the summer so i can come back next year to watch a title be defended with pride...You are the one in a million, in a season where you were riddled with injury you went from the Underdogs to true Top Dogs great job and I cant wait for next season :)

patrick [reno]: congrats, welcome to the big time

Boydston (Taft,/Fresno, Ca): Amazing season, Feels great to be a Bulldog right now, you did the unthinkable and much more. You never gave up and you played the game how it was meant to be played, sadly Im in my hometown for the summer so i can come back next year to watch a title be defended with pride...You are the one in a million, in a season where you were riddled with injury you went from the Underdogs to true Top Dogs great job and I cant wait for next season :)

Ronbo (WA State): Awesome job and congratulations to all of you!!! Watching you work your way up the long road and then overcome that tough Game 1 loss in the championship was truly inspirational. Hang on to the feeling you have right now and revisit when the world comes to knock you down again. Best of luck to you all.

Erica Henry (Fesno State W.Basketball): Congrats on a big time victory...I was supporting you guys all the way! WOW Im so lucky to be apart of this historic yr........CONGRATS once again...and GO DOGS!!!!!!!!

Honolulu: Congrats Bulldogs and way to represent the WAC! Good for you, an inspiring performance for sure!

Tim (Corvallis, OR): Congratulations from the OSU Beavers (CWS champs '06 and '07)! Way to go.

clara irs fresno: go dogs

Fresno: CONGRATULATIONS DOGS!!!!! susdorf, wetzel, mendonca, detwiler, muno, all of you boys are amazing. you all are true heroes of fresno now, amazing job

Tom (Salem, OR): Great job FSU. Last couple years, Oregon State and now Fresno State; gotta love those Underdogs, I mean Wonderdogs.

Pat (Fresno): Way to go Bulldogs! You showed everyone the meaning of TEAMWORK! I am soooo proud of you all.

Tiffany (Fresno): Congratulations Bulldogs. You had an amazing run. Enjoy this win, this championship, and now your rest!

Wayne (Scottsdale, AZ): It was tough when you beat ASU, but congratulations, that was awsome.


Richard Ruth (Aptos, CA): Congratulations Bulldogs you did a great job

Christopher Ibarra (Phoenix, AZ.): Way to go DOGGS!!! I will always root for my ALMA MATER and I will always be a BULLDOG at heart!!! You've made us all very proud...see you soon.

Aleksandar Bekic (Varazdin,Croatia-EU): What a story...what a job...what a performance...WOOOW!!! God job guys, over here across the world with only 1000 ballplayers alltogether, You guys made our sport even greater and gave us something to work on!!! Greetings from Croatia!

Tony (San Diego): Congrats Bulldogs u guy are natinol champions im on an all star team and i hope that my team could accomplish so congrats and go bull dogs

David Lyon (Culver City, CA): Congratulations. Proud to be from the Valley!

OTTO (Turlock,CA): Congradulations and thanks for the memories, we will talk about this for many years to come. Good luck Tommy in the Olympics

Aleksandar Bekic (Varazdin,Croatia-EU): What a story...what a job...what a performance...WOOOW!!! God job guys, over here across the world with only 1000 ballplayers alltogether, You guys made our sport even greater and gave us something to work on!!! Greetings from Croatia!


nick ball: i proud of my fresno state bulldogs

Allene - Ohio: Great game. Knew you could do it...

bobby singh fresno: congrtaulations Bulldog Nation!!!

Colorado Springs: Your national championship shows what great teamwork and attitude can accomplish. Congrats.

Chris (Los Angeles): Congrats dogs. It was very inspiring to watch this amazing achievement. Class of 2001.

harjinder singh ( kerman,ca ): You are amazing! WOW !! The best team in NCAA History !! Go "DOGS"

Chris (Hilliard, OH): Congratulations on your victory! You played with heart and class. Bulldogs everywhere are proud of you. Loved watching every minute of the games.

Becka & Phillip/Fresno: CONGRATS DOGS!! you rocked that field. anything is possible and you guys proved that!!!!!

jeff grillet(burlington,wa): hey congrats made me and my whole family proud to be from fresno wish we could be down there to welcome you home...but enjoy it and give em hell next season

Sanger fan: Thank you Bulldogs for showing the entire country what Fresno is all about. You also took our minds off of all our problems for awhile and let us ride your coat tails. Thank you so much for your heart and guts!!!!!!! You make us proud!!!!!!


Mario (Fresno): First Time I Watched That Much Baseball in my Life Great Win For Fresno go Dogs & Keep Duckin (Bats) lol

Libby (Madison): Both of my sons were rooting for you and are so happy you won!

Hannah (FRESNO): you guys played really great baseball and you make all the people from the "no" proud!!!!!

Hannah (FRESNO): you guys played really great baseball and you make all the people from the "no" proud!!!!!

Adrian, Fresno: Congratulations!! You guys are a true inspiration to everyone in the Valley. I'm still in shock and i luv it.

Brian (Sacarmento, ca): Best CWS Champs in History!!! Go Dogz!!! #1 fan in Sactown

Paul - Austin: Congratulations Bulldogs! As a Texas Longhorn fan, y'all are the reason I watched the tournament great job! Mendonca Rocks!!

Mikelle (Hanford): Congrats!! You guys make it clear why I am so excited to start at Fresno State. Steve Detwiler, you are my hero!! :)

Laura - Atlanta: Way to go Dogs! I wasn't too popular around here cheering for you guys, but I knew you'd do it. Laura CSUF Alumni 1974

Polo (Madera): anyplace, anyone, anytime. Go Dogs!!!

Doug (Murrieta, CA): You have made the entire Univeristy, athletic program and alumni proud.....Keep riding the Red Wave! Go Dogs.

Kelly (Savannah, GA): As an alumni, (Class of '76), was sweet to see you guys pull it off, especially against UGA. Way to go!!

Paul-Mission Viejo: You guys don't quit...we got some help from Erik Wetzel's Mom upstairs too.Great job Wonderdogs!!

Kyle Heath(ohio): Congratulations on the great win! you guys earned it

Houston: As a alum living in Houston, gives me great pride to watch the victory! You guys rocked.

Kyle Heath(ohio): Congratulations on the great win! you guys earned it

Merced, CA: Go Dog's! Class of 1977 It took the whole team to get there!! I’m so proud of the Bulldogs. Thank You, Fresno State ace Justin Wilson pitched seven great shutout innings and Steve Detwiler hit two home runs won the game.

Merced, CA: Go Dog's! Class of 1977 It took the whole team to get there!! I’m so proud of the Bulldogs. Thank You, Fresno State ace Justin Wilson pitched seven great shutout innings and Steve Detwiler hit two home runs won the game.

Kevin Fearnside (Fresno): WAY TO GO GUYS! You make all of us very proud!

Firebaugh: Never watched baseball before untill 2 weeks ago!! What an amazing baseball team!! The whole state is proud of you!!!!

Craig (hollywood): Coach your a class act. Welty get your check book out!!!!!!!

David (Selma, CA.): Congrats Dawgs. What a run.

Aunt Bah - Arcata: Great job guys. You never gave up on yourselves or each other. You are a true team!!!

Richard Ruth (Aptos, CA): Congratulations on your win Fresno needed it.

Roger (Atlanta): As a native Californian I was happy to see you knock off UGA. What a great seson, thanks for the memories. enjoy it!

Don (Little Chhute, WI): How 'bout dem DOGS!!!! Congrats!!! You played great baseball, enjoy the moment.

Don (Little Chhute, WI): How 'bout dem DOGS!!!! Congrats!!! You played great baseball, enjoy the moment.

The Franklin's (Tucson, AZ): Way to go Bulldogs!!! What a terrific CWS!!!!

The Franklin's (Tucson, AZ): Way to go Bulldogs!!! What a terrific CWS!!!!

Drew (Fresno): Go Dogs!! This is the greatest thing to ever happen to this town!!


Juve (Fresno): it was an increible way to come on top with heart, determination, and class ~2008 CWS National Champions~

FS Football Mom (Seal Beach, CA): Congrats to all of you baseball Bulldogs! Savor every moment. You deserve all of this and more. We are so proud of you! Have a great time celebrating! You make us all proud!

FS Football Mom (Seal Beach, CA): Congrats to all of you baseball Bulldogs! Savor every moment. You deserve all of this and more. We are so proud of you! Have a great time celebrating! You make us all proud!

Matt, Los Angeles: Congrats,

Todd (Irving, TX): A Fresno native watching his hometown team shock the sports world. It doesn't get much better than bringing a National Championship back home to the Central Valley!!


Todd (Irving, TX): A Fresno native watching his hometown team shock the sports world. It doesn't get much better than bringing a National Championship back home to the Central Valley!!

Robert- Visalia: NCAA Champions 2008. The old saying ( We play anybody anytime anywhere) Can you say repeat!!!!

Robert- Visalia: NCAA Champions 2008. The old saying ( We play anybody anytime anywhere) Can you say repeat!!!!

Madera: You guys make the valley proud. Way to go!!!!!!

Dawn (Fresno): Thank you for making us proud to be alumni. God Bless you all!

Julia (Fresno): You go guys! You really ROCK! I knew you could do it. Every time I watched I knew you would pull thru and win! Go DOGS!

Elaine - Reno, NV: Congratulations on a historic win. Priceless!

Dusty Lawrence Clovis, Ca: Grats Dogs!!! A great Coach that lets the kids play the game the way it needs to be played with heart and sweet....go back next year and do it again.

Anthony M. Fraser (Sanger, Ca.): What an amazing accomplishment!!! Great Job Bulldog Baseball. NATIONAL CHAMPIONS! I can not wait to see that National Championship Sign at Beiden Field. The Valley is so proud of you.

alexandra(fresno): you guys were awesome out there!!! congrats and you just made fresno state and national sports history!!! live it up and we'll never forget you guys!!!

Robert (Texas): You guys made me so proud to be a Fresno native!!! Congratulations on becoming NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!

Adam (Austin, TX): Originally born in Fresno, I've always been a fan of Bulldog athletics. It was incredible watching the baseball team climb all the way to the top (crushing Rice was particularly satisfying since they eliminated Texas). This was definitely the greatest underdog story in the history of North American sports! If I were the owner of a MLB team, I'd take another look at every one of these Fresno State players! Congratulations Fresno State!!!


Anonymous (Fresno): The Valley has a lot to be proud of. I am just so proud of those boys and the university that is brings tears to my eyes. Thank you the parents, the players and everyone else.

Steve Vondran: As a former Bulldog (1987-89), you guys pulled off what we were hoping to accomplish in the 1988 World Series. Congratulations. Simply amazing. Great team ball and some great individual efforts! Steve Vondran

KEVIN (CLOVIS): justin wilson way to represent for buchanan bear nation baseball

Michael (San Jose): Congratulations Champions! Your outstanding play and poise made this alumni proud. Thanks!

Laurie Breault (Fresno): You guys provided the most entertaining series of baseball that I've ever seen! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Laurie Breault (Fresno): You guys provided the most entertaining series of baseball that I've ever seen! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Brandon, Mississippi: This Southern Miss grad was thrilled when Fresno State claimed it all. Way to go, Bulldogs, glad to see you stick it to the "big boys"! Congratulations on a well-deserved title!

Brandon, Mississippi: This Southern Miss grad was thrilled when Fresno State claimed it all. Way to go, Bulldogs, glad to see you stick it to the "big boys"! Congratulations on a well-deserved title!

Mike (Manteca, CA): Congratulations fellow Bulldogs!!! You men were phenominal and I have never been more proud to be a Bulldog alumni than I do right now. I have always been proud of Fresno State, but this takes the cake! Congrats and thank you! We love ya!


Mike "The Cowboy" Webb: FSU all the way doing it with Valley Talents!

James Hayward: Fresno players and coaching staff...Awesome season you earned it. Way to battle back all season and especially in the finals. GO CALI!!!! WEST COAST BABY!!!

Gilbert (Fresno): Proud to be a Bulldog...Congratulations!!!

Eddie (Visalia): Way to put Fresno, Ca on the map guys! Portuguese power!

John Hammond, Indiana: Amazing run through the playoffs and CWS. This team has to be mention in the same breath as the US Hockey Team victory

Cheri -Fresno: Awesome job!! YOU ROCK

Debbie H. (Fresno): GO DOGS!!!!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT

Anthony, Lexington, KY: never been prouder to be a Fresno native!! we are now a city of champions!!! go dogs!

Kevin (Clovis): this is the best thing that has happened to Fresno in my lifetime you guys were the best sports story ever. they better make a movie on this

LuAnn (Arkansas): Congratulations on your CWS victory! I usually don't watch college baseball but yall have changed my mind!

Andrew (Reedley): Sweaty palms, pounding hearts, nail biting, and disbelieve. That's how it was for Georgia, we knew you would do it!!! Great job men!!!

Donn Johnson (Misson Viejo -Bulldog '73): Congratulations Bulldogs - Your win allows us old Bulldogs to still have a bite

Sacramento Ca: From all the Hornets, and Flores Family

All of Woodlake Ca.: Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so proud.........

Rob (Los Angeles): I was there in '83 for the NIT, a student in '92 for the Freedom Bowl, but this is the most special win of all! I am proud to be an alum everyday (class of '96), but today is even more special! Congratulations guys!!!!

Larry Vasquez: Thanks for WAKING UP THIS TOWN!!!!

Regina (Fresno): You put the wag back in my Bulldog tail! Go 'Dogs!!!

Gary (Tahoe City, CA): Thank you, Bulldogs, for showing the world what you can achieve with a positive attitude, the power of teamwork, a lot of effort, and a love for what you're doing. You guys were amazing! You've made the Valley proud! CSUF '87

Craig (Seattle): Congratulations to the FSU Bulldogs!!! You were a joy to watch!!!


Sabrina Hughes (San Jose, CA): Congrats Bulldogs! You earned every bit of this glory. Thanks for making the alumni proud!

Tim Smith ( Santa Clarita): As a fan of college baseball it is great to California Schools become champions!!!! GO Bulldogs and Congrats.

Kathy (Atwater): You are what the definition of what teamwork is!!! Congratulations and very well deserved.

Lia (Tulare): Wow!Congrats! Your team taught my 3 sons (all baseball players) what hard work and determination can do. Never give up on your dreams.

Kent family, Petaluma, CA: CONGRATULATIONS!!! We cheered you on from the start of the series and you were awesome throughout! FRESNO STATE BABY!!!

Linda & David (Hanford, CA): We are SOOOOO proud of all of you. What a great example of TEAMWORK. We are CSU, Fresno alums. Thanks for making us love the game of baseball!!! Enjoy everything about your win - you deserve it!!!

Joyride Insurance - Fresno, CA: Congratulations!!! we closed the office early to watch history

Raymond, WA: We are so proud. See you in about two weeks. Susan & Ray Robinson - mother and step-father of Asst. Coach Patrick Waer

Kirk Talbott Newport Beach: You guys deserve all the respect and congratulations. You played as a team and it shows how much you care about each other. Awesome job! Good luck in the future.


Don - Vidalia, GA: Congratulations goes to the west coast Bulldogs from a UGA alum. Maybe we will meet next year again.

Me: Hello!!!! At Congrats!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!

Steve ,Bethlehem,Ga: Congratulations guys,best team won!You made it the most exciting series in college history!

Kacie: My brother-in-law is from Georgia and he lives for Georgia athletics and in the bottom of the 7th inning last night, he was rooting for Fresno State! You guys are awesome!

Jacqueline Alumni(Santa Fe Springs): Congrats!!Good Job

Mel Vogel: What a great climb. You beat the best the NCAA put before you and you put it to all of them. To beat UNC, Arizona and UGA twice was an accomplishment.


Robert, Aurora,Nebraska,class of 61: Congratulations! Made me proud. Tired of hearing about the Corn- huskers!

Alfred (Santa Maria, CA): As a recent grad, I want to give a BIG congrats to the Bulldogs on their NATIONAL win! You earned it! We Bulldogs are all behind you! We knew you could do it! GO FRESNO STATE!!!!

john williams jr (fresno ca): WERE #1 BABY................

Roxana (Turlock, CA): Way to put Fresno State on the map, great job!


Eric (class 86): Great Job Dogs....You are the pride of the valley!!!

Tony, Rancho Murieta, CA: I'm on the minor league traveling allstars and you guys rock! I hope I can be like you one day. How did you do it?!

Brad ( Missouri ): Go Bulldogs

Kerry, Tallahassee, FL: Fresno State, the FSU that knows how to play baseball. CSUF 75-76

Brad ( Missouri ): Way to go Fresno State. It was nice to see a team play with such heart. GO BULLDOGS.

Greg (Fullerton, CA): CSUF Titans Alum - NICE!

ASU Sundevil Fan (Tempe, AZ): Congrats FSU Bulldogs!!!!! I enjoyed watching you in person at the Super's and on TV!!!! Best sports story of the year!!!!!!

Mike (Manteca, CA): Congratulations fellow Bulldogs!!! You men were phenominal and I have never been more proud to be a Bulldog alumni than I do right now. I have always been proud of Fresno State, but this takes the cake! Congrats and thank you! We love ya!

Simon (Falls Church, Va): Truly inspirational! Reminds me of George Mason reaching the final four in the basketball tourney a couple years ago. You have a lot to be proud of!!!

Diego M (Reedley, Ca): In My heart I always knew the Valley IS Baseball. Thank You For bringing a National Championship home in my life time. Simply Amazing! Baseball for Life.

Jacob (virginia): great win bulldogs, shows you have guts

Fresno: You guys make me even MORE proud to be a Fresno State Bulldog! Thank you so much.

James (Porterville): Way to go Diamond Dogs!!! Congratulations on your first National Title!!! FSU Bulldogs Rule...

Pete (Johnston, R.I.): Congratulations on your remarkable run to the National Championship!! Amazing!

Loretta Uyeno - Vallejo, CA: Great job guys - it was really fun to watch you play! Keep having fun and enjoy it - you deserve it!


Pime (Downey, CA): Make way for the BIG DOGS Georgia! NCAACWS 2008 CHAMPS

stacy (rochester ny): you guys played awesome! i knew since the super regionals you would win the national championship. also congrats to tommy mendoca on the us national team spot!

Dana (Fresno, CA: Congratulaltions Bulldogs!! You made Fresno PROUD and Memorable!! Fun to watch!!

Steve (Seattle Wa.): Congrats Bulldogs!! the northwest was pulling for you guys all the way

stacy (rochester ny): you guys played awesome! i knew since the super regionals you would win the national championship. also congrats to tommy mendoca on the us national team spot!

Andrew (Boston, MA): I grew up watching the Diamond 'Dogs play when Bob Bennett was the coach. I have so many great memories. Congratulations guys, you have made this lifelong Fresno State fan very proud!

Visalia: You make us so proud to be bulldogs and alumni. Fresno's not the only city feeling it. Visalia and Turlock are loving it too!! GO DOGS!!

Andrew (Boston, MA): I grew up watching the Diamond 'Dogs play when Bob Bennett was the coach. I have so many great memories. Congratulations guys, you have made this lifelong Fresno State fan very proud!

E Meza Benson,Az: Congrats!! great job, way to demonstrate the true meaning of teamwork and composure. GO WAC!!!

Bobby (Sapulpa,OK_: Congrats FRESNO ST. BULLDOGS!!! You turned a bunch of heads and rewrote a ton of record books! Congrats to every single p;ayer and coach.

Damian(Bakersfield): I love baseball and that run was as good as it gets. You guys and your coaches were so cool and a blast to watch the way you battled injuries and adversity and played the game the way it was meant to be played. Georgia's attitude and arrogance made it even more special!

Brittney (Fresno, Ca!): You guys did amazing!!! You really did us proud!! You showed the country what fresno is made of! C'mon home boys, party's waiting!!!

College Station: Congratulations!!!

Becka & Phil/Fresno: CONGRATS DOGS!!! YOU guys rocked that field. anything is possible and you guys proved that!!!

Jenny Wentz (Clovis): Congratulation NCAA 2008 CHAMPS!!!! woooooohooooo!!!! GO BULLDOGS!!!!!!!!!!

Eric (Visalia): Pride of the valley baby, congrats!!

Gary (Clovis): Great job! You have given us valley residents a memory we will never forget. Thank you.

CARLOS (MIAMI): From a Hurricanes fan who knows that it is not the first ranking that counts but the final one-- SINCERE CONGRATULATIONS BULLDOGS !!!

Meri - Madera: What a true team effort - you guys ROCK. You showed what can be done with a lot of hard work and dedication. CONGRATS!!! Madera was rockin' last night as well :)

Roseann (Madera, CAP: What a ride! You were so exciting to watch and an inspiration to many. You made us proud!

Gayle (Niceville, Fl): Congrats Bulldogs!! what a win and what team!! Gave those Georgia boys a real whooping!!

Barbara MO: GO Dogs I knew you would do it I never once doubted you.

Chris Brown - Fresno, CA: Thank you guys! It's a great day to be a Fresno State Bulldog. Congrats!

Seaside, CA: My eight year old son lost interest in baseball this year but because of this Outstanding Team, he now know what it is to have fun…

Seaside, CA: My eight year old son lost interest in baseball this year but because of this Outstanding Team, he now know what it is to have fun…

Maggie Peru, NE.: Job well done!!! Was hollering for you all the way. Know how it feels to be the underdog. PSC did it in 1990 in football.

Dana/Lompoc: WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go 'Dawgs!! CELEBRATIONS ABOUND. I'm sure!!

Fresno, CA: Congratulations Bulldogs! We are so proud of your accomplishment. It's been awesome to watch you all on the National stage. You did us proud!

Scott//Omaha: What you guys did all year, in the brackets and in Omaha was simply amazing.Im thinking repeat...great job to the staff and the players...see ya next year.

jerry (Pittsburgh): Gave up tickets to see yankees for the first time in 46 years to watch you play. Great deal great team and coaching

Dave (FSU '87-'89): When you won this it was as if we all were right there with you. Thank you for showing the kind of never say die determination that all us former FSU student/athlete alumni know all so well. From a former footballer-I'd like to give you my heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS NATIONAL CHAMPS!! GO DOGS!!

Courtney (council bluffs, iowa): You made the World Series Exciting. Congrats and Go Bulldogs!

ED (Three Rivers: YEA!! NICE JOB BULL DOGS!!!!

Melanie & Ray: Congrats! Bulldogs, You have made history!!!!!!! So glad we two are a part of your celebration! You are the future, Present and nothing nor anyone can hold you back now!!!WhooWah! We are waven the RED!

Keith and Toni Fresno Ca.: You guys are the BOMB!!! Thanks for a thrilling ride. You deserve all the congratulations! See you tonight! Go DOGS!!!

Atlanta: Congratulations Bulldogs! I now live in Atlanta and was at ESPN Zone watching the game with Georgia fans everywhere. I kept my pride, composure, and enthusiasm, and chased them bulldogs out of the bar...We are the real Bulldogs! ...Soma Balber

Anna (Fresno, CA): Great Job Bulldogs!!!

Ken and Jan: Vienna, VA: Congratulations! We are so proud of all of our Bulldogs and the excitement you brought to Fresno and all of us alumni.

San Rafael: Thanks for a fun, exciting, inspiring CWS.....from a '78 Alum!!!!!

John Grenz(Porterville, CA): Way to go! We are sooo proud of you guys. What a team showed the world and the USA good sportsmanship, grit and determination. Enjoy your moment in time and history.

Melanie & Ray: Whooooooooo Rahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Go Bulldogs!

Melanie & Ray-Hanford/Fresno: WHoooooooooRahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Brad and Di (Clovis): Congratulations Dogs! Way to play the game!

Fres-yes, Ca: I've never been more proud to be an alumni. You guys have done the University & the city proud!

Chris Brook (Vail, CO): Great job. I met Tommy M. at the Upstream restaurant with his family. Great kid and hitter. A big congratulations to all the Bulldogs. Thanks for the ride this year.

Espinosa Family, Fresno, ca: Congrats Bulldogs!! You made us very proud to be Bulldogs and Fresnans.

Hans - Morgan Hill, CA: Even though I am a Chico State Wildcat, CONGRATS! You guys make the whole CSU system and the Valley proud. Way to go!

Wendy - Salinas: Underdogs... Top Dogs... Bulldogs!

Gail - Fullerton: What spirit and sportsmanship you displayed. Go West Coast Baseball! From Titan Fans

Watsonville: Atta Babe

Jacob, Clovis: CONGRATS!!!! uguys rock thanks for an awsome here come on lets repreat. CONGRATS


Tom Stevens(85)(Camarillo,CA): The FSU Alum are proud of you guys. We all knew you could do it without a doubt. Come back next year and make it a repeat!!!

Mike (Roseville Ca): What an exciting CWS, You guy's deserve it. Cogratulations. GO DOGS

Debbie (Stockton): We are so proud! Thanks for an exciting week. You have tremendous support in the Central Valley. Great job!

David Mitzman-Los Angeles, CA: Congrats to the guys of true sandlot ball. You show the heart, soul, love and fun of the game and real team unity! A movie to be made! A FSU alum forever!

Manny DeSantos-Hanford,CA: Thanks for the great memories!

Kim (Clovis/Buchanan): You guys ROCK!! What an inspiration for future players!

Robert (Fresno): You guys will forever be in the history books...champions forever!!!! GREAT JOB!!!!!!

Alex- Castroville, Ca 2002 Alum: Great job fellas...Proud to be a Fresno State Alum...Defend it next year guys...Il be chearing you guys on defending that title...

Sacramento: good job boys, WEST COAST BASEBALL IS THE BEST

Kurt (Escondido, CA): What an unbelievable team effort! I loved every minute of it. Now that you've wrapped up the National Championship TV will not be the same!!! Go DOGS!!! Class of '94

Matt - La Mesa, CA: What an incredible run. You made us alums so PROUD. Nobody can ever take this away from you, so enjoy every monent of it. GO DAWGS!!!!!!

Avondre Jones: You guys really sliced 'em up. Atta baby!

Rick (Fresno: Never say die attitude takes you all the way to the top!!!!!!!!! Congratulations......GO DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!

Lucia Soledad: Good job YOU GUYS!!! Congratulations CHAMPIONS!

Susanne (Grover Beach): Pete Beiden is my late great-uncle. He is smiling down on the accomplishments of this team! What a great tradition of Baseball at Fresno State.

Holquin Family (Corcoran, CA): Congratulations on your National Championship. You have made the Valley proud!

Jim Mounsey: U guys won AS A TEAM. Every coach in the nation should try to figure out what u did...AND COPY IT!!

Jay Gill (Tulare, CA): Congratulations guys. You guys made a new baseball fan. Me and my family are proud of you.

Steve & Valerie (Tracy, CA): WTG Bulldogs! You guys were awesome. You "Rocked" Omaha. We are so very proud of all of you.

Fresno: You accomplished what has NEVER been done!!! How proud can a community, city, county, state be? You look and performed like a million bucks. Thank you for such a fine display of professional team athletics.


Lopez (Nayarit Mexico): Fantastico!!!!!!Congrats and Go Bulldogs!

Debbie (Napa, CA): Congratulations!!! We are so proud of you! Go Dogs!!!

Paul (Fresno/1998 Alum): All I can say is WOW!! What an amazing run our team had. Great to see them knock off so many of the "Big" schools along the way!

Liz (Savannah Georgia): I am a Fresno State Alum who is happy to say that today is all about Fresno State. I am proud to be wearing my Fresno State shirt in GA Bulldog land. Go Dogs!!!

Troy Fernandez (Reno, NV): Congratulations Bulldogs! Awesome job!!! You guys rock!!! From a Nevada WolfPack Alumni

Elizabeth - Omaha: We really embrace college sports in Nebraska. Thanks for making this an especially cool CWS!

Chuck, Boise: Don't listen the the sports talkin' heads. They just don't like being shown they're wrong. You guys did GREAT and thanks for the fun...twice. I enjoyed watching baseball more than I have in years. Thanks for the fun.

Danny (Denver): Congrats to the underdog, wonderdog, diamonddog, BULLDOG!!!!! You made us all proud!

Janice Williams '89 (Lindsay TX): Your team is a class act. Proud to celebrate with you vicariously from the Lone Star state.

Eric (Simi Valley, CA: Class of 2002): Your accomplishments are truly second to none. Thank you for the national confidence, perfection and championship.

mark and carrie-Bodfish,ca: Congrats on a job well done all heart baby Go Bullgogs God Bless!

Tim Garcia- Fresno, Ca: Awesome games, awesome feeling and true die hard Bulldogs fan! I remember all our football upsets, near misses, but this one is by far the greatest in school history! Go Dogs'!!

sarah o'connell Boston: Awesome game go Dogs Ps from kristens sister

John (Turlock, Ca.): Class of 92 Live in Tom and Blake's hometown Coach a 10u baseball team and I have a great example to show my kids how to play the game the right way.Thanks Bulldogs

David Spooner SAC: Followed you guys all year long and my mom went to FS so i plan to go there to CONGRATS!!!!


Jimmy Beckham from Georgia: Well done Bulldogs. I'm sad to say I'm from Georgia and we had our butts handed to us by those guys. I hope we don't play you in any BCS football game this year cause' I ain't rooting for my team no more. :(

Toledo: You remeinded all of us what the game is all about..have proud..congratulations !!!!

Lee, Seattle: Thanks for making dreams come true for so many of us. What a wild ride!

DJ Wilson, Clovis: Thanks guys for making college baseball fun to watch again. You all are responsible for showing the nation what pure will and determination can accomplish.I have enjoyed following you all this season and I have never been more proud to be a Bulldog fan. Go Dogs!!!

Mike Dirlam - Kansas City: Been a Bulldog forever. Congratulations.

Mark De Paola (Redlands, CA):: Underdogs to Topdogs!! Congratulations to the entire Fresno State Baseball Team.

Becky & Bonnie Fresno: Way to go dogs!!! Congrats!!

Richland, MS: Congratulations Bulldogs on a job well done winning the baseball title! Your team put their all out there on the field and it showed! GO BULLDOGS!

Bob Linda Kevin Patterson Carlsbad: Brandon - You absolutely rock dude! We fell in love with your team. Congrats!

Marc Wittwer (Moreno Valley): Awesome job BULLDOGS!! You showed what a true champion reallly is !! GO DAWGS!!

Jeff Madera: I've never been so proud to be part of the bulldog family. You've inspired a nation and put the spark back into the valley. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication over the past weeks. Is there a dog in the house?????

Carlos A. Sanchez (Miami): As a UM fan (and USC alum) I must congratulate the Dogs on an incredible win! Our Canes choked horribly in the CWS and let UGA get off with a cheap win. I knew they were good but certainly beatable. Thank you, Mendonca and Detwiler for shelling UGA'a overrated pitchers, something our "big hitters" failed to do. After seeing the swagger GA players had as they entered the final 3 series unbeaten it was great to see the shi- eating grin wiped right off their faces!

88DogAlum: Congratualtions to you fine representatives of my Alma Mater! Bulldog born, Bulldog bred, Bulldog proud!

Marc Wittwer (Moreno Valley): Awesome job BULLDOGS!! You showed what a true champion reallly is !! GO DAWGS!!

Steve (Clovis): Awsome Job! Thanks for the memories.

Jeff, Folsom: I want to say congrads to the Bulldogs you guys are awesome

Marc Wittwer (Moreno Valley): Congratulations BULLDOGS!! You showed what it takes to be a CHAMPION!! What an awesome job of playing like a TEAM! IT'S GREAT TO BE A BULLDOG!! GO DAWGS!!!

Marc Wittwer (Moreno Valley): Congratulations BULLDOGS!! You showed what it takes to be a CHAMPION!! What an awesome job of playing like a TEAM! IT'S GREAT TO BE A BULLDOG!! GO DAWGS!!!

Jan Fresno: Well done! You guys not only did a great job, you demonstrated true sportsmanship! Congratulations!!!!

Bert & Linda Hanson / Bay Area: Great Job Guys. From the class of 82!

Gene & Armella Martin, Chino Hills, CA: Very proud grandparents of Erik Wetzel. Very proud fans of entire team. What a performance! What a joy to watch. You guys ROCK!

Marc Wittwer (Moreno Valley): Congratulations BULLDOGS!! You showed what it takes to be a CHAMPION!! What an awesome job of playing like a TEAM! IT'S GREAT TO BE A BULLDOG!! GO DAWGS!!!

Eric Winn (San Diego): Great Job dogs

Jeff (El Segundo): What a team, I will never forget.

Michael Frantz (Clovis): Awesome job Bulldogs. Great run to the championship. You just increased you fan base by 200%.

Victor- The Woodlands, TX: I'm a Valley transplant now in the Houston area. Thanks for the great ride. We are proud of our DAWGS!!!

Rudy, Corona,CA: Congratulations Bulldogs!Fresno is now on the map!!!

Needles, CA: For the love of the game...way to go a baseball mom

Needles: For the Love of the game... way to go from a baseball mom

Jason (Killeen, TX: This is what the baseball world needed to see, True Champions who didn't play for the money but played for the game itself. Congrats to FSU baseball and the University!

Bakersfield, CA.: Pride of the valley.....Character trumps all...way to go DOGS...Proud of you!!!!

Denver,CO: What a run! Amazing what you guys did over the last month

Steve, Klamath Falls: Way to go Dogs.

Steve (Auburn, CA): Congratulations.. I am so proud to be a bulldog fan right now. You guys made baseball exciting, that was the most fun I have had watching any sporting event in a LONG time. Great job!

Danny (Los Angeles): Congrats Bulldogs!! Lets go for the BCS Championship.

Jill Wyman (Washington, DC): Congrats to my fellow Bulldogs!! You had 22 current and former students cheering you on...from this 2001 Grad, Job Well Done! I wish you all much success!! You were so much fun to watch! God Bless you all! :)

Joyce&Brad Fresno,Ca: Congratulations on a game well played we love you, GO DOGS!

Kristina-Monterey Ca: Great job bulldogs.I was suprised by your win.Good job in the colege world series.Come back next year and do it again.Freson state rocks.Yeah bulldogs

Lazaro Dominguez-Miami, Fl.: Tremendous efforts and heart from great bunch of players, congrats. Laz

California Little League Coach: You are such an inspiration -- I recorded your games to show our young players how the game should be played. The grit, determination, joy and humility are all to be applauded!

Pamela Gosford Australia: Congratulations Tommy what an honour MVP in National Series. Hope this takes you to your dreams.

Fresno, CA: you guys are such an inspiration to me. you really put your heart out there and that makes me say, "wow." CONGRATS!

San Diego, CA (&Buenos Aires,Argentina): All the way in Argentina---I'm loving my 'Dogs! In between the empanadas and BBQ, I'm so jazzed so find out they won it all. They love their soccer here--I love my Alumni: Fresno State!

Terry-Bay Area: You guys made me a proud grad! The Bay Area is celebrating your historic victory. Great job!

Christina Orozco: Hey Guys! Congratulations!! Remember me? Ur old athletic trainer! I'm at the University of Virginia now and all I have to say is you've all got the East Coast talking!! I'm so proud and happy for each and everyone of you, you all deserve it!!


Chris (Charlotte): Congratulations from a Tar Heel fan. I went to Omaha and saw all of the games. This team played outstanding baseball.

Tim Mazzei Clovis: Remarkable run and what a thrill you gave all of us. So proud of all of you. Will never forget this ever. Congrats.

Holly (Aptos): SO proud to be a BULLDOG! You guys were awesome!!!

Kristin (Clovis): YOU GUYS HAVE MADE HISTORY....not only in the books for athletics but in the hearts of all of Fresno. Congrats and soak it all in!

Fowler: I'am very proud of the whole Fresno State Baseball team!! Great team work!! Lets do it again next year!!! Christian

Lee: Congratulations from one LSU fan. You guys are true gamers, and are worthy of a National Championship.

Lisa R. Fresno California: "Congratulations! We're All So Proud Of You"

Dario (FRESNO, CA): Thanks for all the hard-work, passion, and especially the unforgettable memories. I can truly see myself telling my grandkids, "I can remember when them DOGS of '08 went all the way!" Proud to be a Fresno State BULLDOG!

Kimly (Fresno): You go boys! National Champs!!

Nate, 9, Tuscaloosa, AL: Congrats! I love the way ya'll play!

Brian (Suffolk, VA): How did you do it........? INCREDIBLE ! The biggest sports story of the year, no doubt......go dawgs !!

tammy(coconut creek, fl): you guys are the best!!!!!! i enjoyed watching all your games. your heart and soul was in every game. congrats to all you that are moving on to the next level, i will be looking for you!!!

Jimmy (Merced): Congrats boys!!! I'm proud to call myself a Fresno State fan and to have a team like you to root for... Thanks for all the memories you have given and the national championship you have brought to the VALLEY!!! Go Dogs!!!

Todd (Hollister, MO): Underdog who? Way to go Fresno State!!!

jeff clovis: Bulldog born, bulldog bred. GONNA BE A BULLDOG TILL THE DAY I'M DEAD

Jon(Martinez): We alumni are so very proud of you for living the dream thank You

Minneapolis: Congratulaions. You make us proud. A great time for being joyful. Lots to remember. Jim & Kathy (Class of '65)

Gary (Baton Rouge, La.): LSU Tiger fan here. You guys are AWESOME. Congratulations on a MUCH deserved and earned National Championship......GEAUX BULLDOGS.

Jose Vasquez, Buena Park: I knew eventually Coach Batesole would win one. Having played under him for 2 years at CSUN makes you realize one thing, be relentless. And it paid off hardcore for the Bulldogs. It was a blast to watch you guys on TV and congratulations on your CWS Championship, you earned it.

David (Fresno, CA): You worked together to pull off the greatest upset victory in collegiate history! The Bible is right: "The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong...but time and chance happen to them all." (Ecclesiastes 10:11)

Julie (Fresno): You guys rock! Way to go 'Dogs!

Moffes (La Piedad, Michoacan, Mexico): Felicidades desde Mexico! That's what Fresno State and the people from the valley are all about! You make the valley proud!

Tammy (Hanford): Congratulations and thank you so much for the thrilling moments you gave us to remember! I am now inspired to buy season tickets for the very first time!


Moffles (Ticuitaco, Michoacan, Mexico): Felicidades!



Fresno, CA: These types of accomplishments are ONCE in a lifetime opportunities. What you guys did, people go there entire lifetime and don't get to see or be a part of events such as these. This was bigger than a sporting event, you represented the Whole Central Valley through out your CWS run. Words cannot describe your accomplishment. You guys made the WHOLE Central Valley Proud. Thank You Once Again.

Ted (Columbia, S.C.): Congrats to the Bulldogs! I watched every minute of every one of your games, the most entertaining college world series.

Anna (Fresno, CA): The Meat Market Clovis Congratulates the Fresno State Baseball Wonder Dogs on an outstanding season. We are so PROUD of all the coaches and players for representing the Central Valley with such class. GO DOGS!!!!!!

Gary Batesole (Indianapolis): It took a Batesole!

Stéphane, Strasbourg/France: Congratulations guys. I've watched the 3 games fromFrance. You won as a team, you've been very strong. Thanks for the show.


Josephine (Porterville): What an amazing series....Congrats to all of you for your fantastic WIN Go Bulldogs.

Dan (Fresno): Way to go, you guys are awesome. You guys never let up and never gave up. Way to show what Fresno is really all about. You guys are GREAT!!!!

Mark (Fresno): You guys made the valley proud. Great Job to coach Batesole, the staff, and You The Players!!!!

Tom M. (Ontario, Calif.): Old Chapman College player from 70' guys played great, heads up ball! Congrats! Had me on the edge of my seat!!

MINER63, El Paso: Congrattuations from an old WAC buddy.

Chris (Long Beach): Congrats Dogs! You make alumni proud! 94'-99'

Sal -- San Jose Ca: Congratulations dawgs.. Go Valley BOYZ!!!!

Big Mac, Fresno Ca.: Yeeeaaaahhh Bulldogs You Did It. Congrats On Ur Win You R Da Best.

Melanie C [fresno (:]: You guys are amazing. Fresno is wayy proud of you guys.

Anthony-Clovis, CA Class of 90: Thank you for taking my family on a journey of a lifetime that we will never forget. CONGRATS!!! You make us so PROUD to be alumni..

Vernon and Shirley Dorsey: Go Bulldogs! It's about time our Bulldogs go their recognition! They couldn't deny us this one! YEAH!

Anthony-Clovis, CA Class of 90: Thank you for the once in a lifetime journey..UNFORGETABLE!!! We are so proud to be Alumni. Congras to all of you

Vicki (Auberry): Thank you for reminding us all what hard work and desire can accomplish!

Laraine (Bakersfield): Thanks for putting us on the map!!!No one ever hears about the Central Valley. You helped 4 million people this week give us a second thought!

Judy (Washington DC): Fresno State graduates live all over the country, but for the past few weeks you have united all of us in our thoughts and hearts! I am proud to be a Bulldog!

Julie R. Norwalk, Ca: Congratulations Bulldogs Good Job loved it...

DY OC: I am a 2001 Dogs Alumni. I played CF or the dogs for two years. My Senior year we had a great team, but do to injury our run ended in the regionals at USC. What you guys did while playing through injury was one of the most inspiring things I have ever seen in my life. That is the kind of effort that will of down in CWS history. I am from Southern Cal and usually I have to listen to stories about USC, ULCA, Cal Sate Fullerton and Long Beach State. From now on I will be able to jump pin and say those stories are ok, but I have one that tops them all. I am so proud to be a Dog, thank you for the ride!!!!!

Kennedy family-Farfield,Ca: You guy's brought us to tear's. Commitment, drive,unselfishness,you guy's are the best and now the world knows it.Great job coach Batesole. Congrat's to all of you, you made allof us bulldogs proud.

Bob (Sydney, Australia): Fantastic job from all of us down under!!!!

Nancy Darland, Ruston,LA: Congrats to a fellow WAC team on an amazing CWS victory.I look forward to seeing you play LA Tech next year.

Vince Reyes (Fresno!!): As an alum I am proud that you represented not only our city, but the state of Calif. You guys showed guts and heart. The stuff that "REAL" champions are made of. Getting knocked down and getting back up, AWESOME! You also showed that it was all about enjoying life and having fun! Congratulations on a fantastic feat.

Ken Akerman (Tempe, AZ): Congratulations, Bulldogs. I am an ASU student and you became my team of choice after you defeated my favorite team, the Sun Devils.

john colin Redondo Beach: I just what to say you guys had a great run and hopefuly you can do it next year


Central Distributing (FRESNO): Congrats Bulldogs! You are # 1 and we are very proud of your accomplishment! We have a picture to show our support but we couldn't attach it. Today (June 27th) was Bulldog day at our company. WAY TO GO TEAM!

Shirley and Vernon (San Bernardino): CONGRATULATIONS!!!! The Bulldogs deserve this one and a whole lot more to come!

Garrett: You guys make it SO much fun to be a Bulldog. After you won, everybody in my neighborhood was in thier backyards yelling!!!

Leonard Breitling (Kingsburg): Thanks for the great memories.

eric (omaha): congrats guys! we loved having you in omaha -- come back next year!!


Ramstein Air Base Germany: You made my year!! Had to stay up really late to watch, but I was with ya all the way. Wow!

Jacob - Corona, CA: Way to go DOGS !!!!! No more Wonderdogs talk, now it's National Champ Dogs !!!!!! Ruff, Ruff, Ruff, Ruff !!!!

Brooke, Hanford CA: To see the FRESNO ST. baseball team go this far is beyond amazing. Every single one of you should feel amazing, because you deserved it! I'm so proud to say our valley's college baseball team are CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Novato, CA: This isn't about Cinderella, this is about the Bulldogs. Great quote. You made California and Fresno State proud.

Gary B. Coarsegold: A Big Congratulations best series of games I have seen in a long while

Jason ' 97 (San Jose, CA): Congrats on the huge win. Proud to be an alum. GO DOGS!



Manny &Mike Soliz(Visalia,CA.): Thanks for some great memories and you are all just awesome.GO BULLDOGS!!!!!!!

Shannon from Lexington, South Carolina: Way to go Ribera!!! So proud of you and the whole team. Chance of a lifetime and you all ran with it! Bravo:)

Scott (Wayne, PA): It could not have been more fun and exciting watching your story unfold on the national stage. Far better than MLB. AWESOME DOGpile. Congratulations!

Andrew - New Mexico: what a run, so very proud to be a fresno state fan. the memories will never fade. go fresno

Nancy , Washington Court house, OH: CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FRESNO STATE BULLDOGS!! The best week of the year is when I can watch the College World Series..and you guys made it even better!!! Thanks for exciting college baseball!!! Each one of you deserve the National Championship!!!

Vanessa and Sean (Fresno): YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!! AWESOME PERFORMANCE!!!! GO BULLDOGS!!!!!!

Steve (Lemoore): As a USC guy I am so proud of you guys who played the game with heart; the way uit was meant tobe played. Congrats and enjoy the spoils of this Championship and prepare for more to come. Well done and God Bless. Fight On!

West Chester, PA: Congratulations Bulldogs! We enjoyed watching your run.

Steve- Richmond, KY: A new fan, an American story.

Joe Fresno: You could never right a movie script that would beat this real accomplishment. Go Dogs Class of 87

Tom (Tallahassee): Best wekk of baseball I can remember. Congrats from an ACC fan!

Phil (Kerman): You have made a fan out of me. congrats on the best season given all bulldog fans.

Fans From Fullerton, CA: Congratulations, you earned it and deserve it.

Brinnah & Joseph (Sanger, CA): Congratulations Bulldogs! Our future school Fresno State (Ages 9 & 7)!!!

Manny T. Marcos (Sanger, CA): Congratulations Guys! I prayed my heart out through the ups and downs of the season and playoffs! God Bless you all.... Our little school has deserved it for so long!!!

Bryan Winter Knoxville TN: Bulldogs rule wish i was back home with you!! Bulldog born bulldog bred bulldog till the day im dead. Stuck in VOLS country


Teo-Fresno State Alumni: Proud to be a bulldog Alummni! GO DOGS!!

Whitney, Fresno: I have never been a big person to watch baseball on t.v. but i watched u all the way up you guys are great congrats!!!!!!

Dan Concannon (Omaha): You guys fought hard and deserve all that you won! Go Fresno!

Haley....FRESNO!!!: You guys did AMZAING!!!! I have never seen baseball played like that ever!!! I didn't like baseball....until NOW!!! Congrats! Way to represent our lovely town!!! LOL p.s. Good job JUSTIN WILSON....

Juice (San Diego): Congratulations Bulldogs! I must admit that I didn't believe you would win the championship but I was always rooting for you. Way to prove all the doubters wrong. We over me.

Estevan (Glenwood Springs,CO): Putting the valley on the map anytime,anywhere,anyone thats Fresno State Style

Lee Robert Kousek ( Miami, Fla. ): I truly enjoyed watching a team defy all odds! a team that beat the Nations very best! You are the very best! Thank you for a great World Series!

Brian Perkins, Fresno: This is something I will never forget. What a ride. Congrats to the Diamond Dogs and Everyone who supports them. GO DOGS!!!!

Undea (Fresno): Wow, I'm not baseball fan but any from Fresno State gets me excited. What a story to remember.

Karina (fresno): Congratulations guys! I am so very proud of you guys! I can't wait to see you play again next season. You will see me again in the student section! I love you guys!

Richard- Fresno, CA: Sterling...absolutely sterling!

Sparta, TN: Here I am A real Dawg fan not far from those other dogs. Way to go Fresno you truly are TOP DAWGS!!!

Katie (Fresno): WAY TO GO DOGS!!!!! You guys were awesome! im sooo proud of you all! You really put Fresno on the map; thanks for representing us so WELL! CONGRATS TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!!! go celebrate!!! :)

John Kenna (Ocean Springs): Congrats to you guys! Awesome performance!!!

Beth (Iowa): WHOOT WHOOT GO BULLDOGS!!!! congrats guys way to go!!!!!!!

Karl Reiter Chino: What a great run to a championship. A team with dignity, class and a never say die attitude. We are all so proud!

Jack Savage(Nipomo, CA): Super Dogs!!! Wonder Dogs!!!! Awesome Dudes!!!

Solomon (Fresno): Love reading these comments by people from every which way! Fresno State football is nexxxxxxxxt!

Raul( Visalia): Contrats!. WE put off one day of vacation to watch the final game!! You guys did all alumni proud.

robby cook jonesboro: From one of the biggest UGA fans in Baseball, congratulations on winning the title. See ya next year. GO GA DAWGS.

Jennifer (Omaha): Congratulations Bulldogs!!! Thanks for making it Fantastic CWS!!!

Amy - Playa Del Rey, CA: Great job Bulldogs! I've been bragging to my Los Angeles friends all day!


J.T. (Camden SC): Congratulations to Fresno State !! You guys earned it !!! J.T. UNC - Class of 1976

Tom Ft. Wright: Congratulations a run no one will ever forget. As a high school baseball coach, loved watching you play with passion and fun. Playing the game the way it was meant to be played. I only hope my players were watching and learned something from you.

Famous Memphis (Fresno): Thank you bulldogs you gave us something to cheer for when the nation just seems so down right now. We needed an underdog to come through to give us hope that we can come throught these hard times. Go DOGS!!!!!!!

Tom, Jan & Brad - Arlington, TX: SSSOOOOO happy and proud. This is the FIELD of DREAMS in perfection! DOG-GONE you did it!!

Eddie S - Clovis, Ca: Unbelieveable, Unconcievable, Undeniable!, GO DOGS!!!!!!

Pam R (Bakersfield): Congratulations! Fresno State, College World Series Champions! That has a nice ring to it! After watching the men play their hearts out and having fun doing it, the Fresno State Baseball coaches and team have set an example for all of us. I had so much fun watching the games, even with the losses, you never gave up! At 4 pm. PST, Thursday, June 26th I still wanted to see more Fresno State Baseball, but guess I will have to wait for next season! Congratulations to everyone who made Fresno State Baseball so much fun to watch!!!

Hanford: You guys are an inspiration to all of us! We are SO proud of all of you!

Jack from Napa: Bravo, Bulldogs! You guys did your school, your community, and alums like me (Class of '84) proud. It was a run for the ages, and something no one can ever take away from you!

The Ortiz Boys New Mexico: Great Job Bulldogs, it has been great to see the Detirmination to Achive and Compete from all of your Great Team.

Chris- Selma, CA: Very inspirational win! Its great to be a Bulldog! Go Dogs!!

Kevin (Fresno): Great job to everyone. It was amazing ride for all of you and for all of us who followed each game. Best wishes to those moving on. See you next year for those coming back!

Exeter,Ca: we didnt go home first you guys are awesome take a level higher

Cindy in San Antonio: What a run! As a Dog fan forever it was great to watch (even on vacation) Thanks to a coach who justs lets his kids have fun. Go Dogs

Chris Narez (Fresno State student): I have never been prouder of being a bulldog! Thank you for making memories that will last me forever!

Portland, Oregon: Congrats Dogs. Fan for life...

Tammy Martin Dimmitt, TX: From TEXAS, u go DOGS, U ROCK, sorry AZ & Pat Murphrey, Sorry to RICE ... U GO DOGS

Michael Guinn: Way to go DOGS! I was glued to the set each night! Even though I've moved home to Ventura- I will always be a DOGS FAN!! You guys are awesome!


Evon (Madera): CONGRATS DOGS I LOVE YOU GUYS there ws a time when you got in that i knew without a doubt that you guys just could not lose. IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS AND UR THE REASON WE LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!

Ryan (Turlock): Woot Woot!!!! Go BULLDOGS!!!!!

Mike-Fresno: Watched and and enjoyed every game, U did your school and the city of Fresno proud..CONGRATULATIONS...GO DOGS!!!

Alisha from Modesto, California: you guys are AMAZING and an inspiration! Congrats! You guys deserve it!

Tim: You Guys played Like The Yankees. Without the contracts! Pure Baseball Champions. Thank you very much For Playing for the *V* and BULDOGS.

George (Dallas): Congratulations from a former conference mate (SMU)!

Eric Piazzoni (South Bend IN): Great job guys. Even out here people have been coming up to the only Fresno State grad they know (me) and commenting on what a fantastic run you had. Congrats guys, you did the school, the city, the valley and the alumni proud.

Lenore -Washington DC: Go Bulldogs! Now, people will know who the Fresno State Bulldogs are when I wear my hat!

Tracey (Kingsburg): Our daughters, Danielle and Allison go to Fresno State. We attended quite a few games and never doubted this was a special team. Congrats to everyone involved - especially the players! What memories you have made that will last a lifetime. We are so happy for you and proud of you.

Pc's To Go (Fresno): Congratulations 2008 Bulldogs Baseball. What a fantastic run! You made the valley proud!


Nick G. Clovis: Now that's a stimulous check!! Great job men!

Sherra Vongehr, Clovis, Ca: Wow! You made me a fan of baseball! What a bootstraps story of determination and courage. Thank you for all your tremendous effort and skill!

Wolfpack Pete: From Reno Nevada, you made us proud. Congrat's!

Matt-Davenport, Ne: Congrats to you all. Im from Fresno and just moved here to Davenport, Ne about a year ago. Everyone here knows of little old Fresno State but just laugh at my pride for it. Now I can start the new school year with bragging rights. Thanks guys!


Fresno: Bulldog born bulldog bred ima be a bulldog till the day im dead! congrats dawgs from a former player

Bruce San Jose: My dad told me a about five weeks ago that if Fresno State made the post season, they would go all the way. I didn't think much about it at the time, but sure enough you pulled it off. Walt Halen knew all along the same thing you knew! Congratulations!

Jamie Southern: Congratulations!! Thanks for representing ALL the bulldogs out there!

Sean (Fresno): Unbelievable! We are so proud of you.

John Brussa: Fresno guys are AWESOME!!! Watched it all from day one to the CWS Champ game and rooted you all the way! (even though I am a wolf pack fan you guys are the ones!) JB

Kevin and Chris (Bagram, Afghanistan): Watching you guys play helped give us a break over here, it showed great heart and determination...Never Quit

Katherine (Fresno, CA: Great job Bulldogs! You guys were awesome! Congratulations!!!!!!!!

Joe: WOW!!! WOW!!!! and WOW !!! Your win will become a very big sales motivational tool. I am waiting for the DVD to come out!!! WOW and congratulations to you all

Matthew (Los Angeles): Amazing performance! Congrats and thank you for working so hard! You deserve this! GO DOGS!!!!

Kim Visalia: WAY TO GO! You make me proud to be a Bulldog.

Laura Currey (Mt. Pleasant, Texas): My son and I really enjoyed watching you guys play. You play with heart and have fun. Love those homeruns! Steve Detwiler super fun to watch.

Lin Cole, Fresno: Watched every exciting game. Awesome! You guys did GREAT!

Johnny (fresno,CA): great job Dogs!!! you guys rock!!!!!!

Johnny (fresno,CA): you guys rock!!!!!

Murrieta, CA - Gloria Bernal: You made all us Californians proud of you, what a series! It was so much fun to watch! Go Dogs!

Clumps two persons Alberta Canada: Nice job Dogs

Lorenzo (Reedley): Putting Fresno State on the map- with team with their backs to the wall 6 times we DID WORK congats!

Clump ( Two Persons Alberta Canada): Way to go dogs

Brian - San Luis Obispo: Great Job Guys, we are proud of you. Your fans are the best

Erin(Murrieta, Ca): Congrats on your win, two boys from my high school will be joining you guys next year on the baseball team so a lot of us have gotten into your school and the baseball team, your team is amazing to watch play and what a way to come back and show everyone what you're made of!

Miami: Hurricane Nation send serious respect to the li'l Bulldogs for knocking off the Big-Boy Bulldogs. Great job, great champs. See you next year!

Alan (Surry, VA): Best CWS I ever saw! You guys had me describing the play-by-play to my wife, cuz she was too nervous to watch! Saw every game from the Super Regional to the dogpile. Great drama! As a student of SoCal baseball, I know you won the games in practice. Awaiting the books and the DVD's! Proud of you!

Kenneth (San Antonio, TX): You guys are basically what I've been waiting for my whole life. I loved the no fear attitude. If more underdogs played that way, they'd be just as dangerous as you. Awesome job.

John, Houston: I am an LSU fan, congrats, what a great team and a great effort by the Bulldogs.

Richard, Bishop, Ca: From Sierra High to Bishop played freshman and winter ball for the dogs. I'm so happy.

Mike (tulare): You have made all of us baseball alum very proud. Looking forword to another run next year!!!

Shirley Rae Bowlin: Thanks for the best week of tv ever!!

Al Borne (Sacramento): I never thought The Sacto Bee would put anything Fresno on the front page, but they did. Great job.

Dave (Visalia): You made all Alums proud as you won with class and brought a since of pride and attention to the valley that has not happened like this before and for that we all THANK YOU!!!!!!!

James Bergstedt Visalia,Ca.: Watched Bulldogs football in their game against USC a few years ago. Up until that game, I rarely watched sports, let alone follow a team. That one game made me a believer in Bulldog football. Didn't watch any Bulldogs baseball until the Super Regionals. Their talent and big hearts gained my attention. Watched this great group of men take on the best in the nation and bring a National Championship to Fresno. Count me as a new fan and supporter of Bulldog baseball. GOOOO DOGSSSS!!! P.S. This team deserves a trip to the White House. A visit with the prez would be a great ending to a memorable season.

Tommy Burciaga, Fresno: Awsome!

Jon(Chaska.MN): Congrats underdogs can win to congrats Go DAWGS

Rey (Rocklin): On the road I saw Dog fans representing from Sacramento to Vegas. You guys make us proud to be Fresno State Bulldogs!

Dale Byrum, Franklin, KY: My Alma Mater is Lipscomb University in Nashville. I dream of a time when they can win as underdogs. Congrats to you. I was rooting for you all the way!

Spokane, WA: Thanks for taking the term "cinderella" to a whole new level. Gonzaga Basketball is happy to turn the title over to you. You did the title proud and are true CHAMPIONS!!!

Krissie (Santa Barbara): WAY TO GO BULLDOGS!!!!! I am proud to be a bulldog and to be a fresno state alumni! Way to prove EVERYONE wrong and put Fresno State on the map!!!!

AshleyJ (Kerman): I have always been a Fresno State Fan... But you guys made me a Baseball fanatic!! WTG Fresno!!! #15 YOU ROCK!!

Eddie (Fresno): Simply said: BULLDOG BORN! BULLDOG BRED! I'LL BE A BULLDOG 'TIL THE DAY I'M DEAD! See you again at Beiden Field in '09 Diamond 'Dogs!!!

Craig- Dallas TX: For all 6 of the Fresno Alumni here in Dallas, we were lound and pround all over of the Big "D"

Brian Boyd (Sac State): Blake Amador is the greatest pinch runner in the game today. Congrats Bulldogs, you really played like champs

Toni: Congratulations to the most deserving team! You've even made my 9 yr. old daughter a fan! Thanks for making the valley proud & for doing it all while having fun! It was a joy to watch!

Roni (Dublin, CA): Congrats Bulldogs! You truly are the Valley's team!!

Dave Marshall (Louisville): When the REAL 'Dogs forced a game three I drove 750 miles from Louisville, KY to see the championshp! Fresno State alum here....way to go Bulldogs....I've been bragging about you all over Kentucky!!

Tony in Sacramento: Big Heart, Big Dogs! You made all of California Proud, Best Baseball in the Country!

Clovis: Hi, I am a high school ball player from Clovis High. This year our team won our league which was unexpected, was seeded 2nd in the playoffs also unexpected, and made it to the valley championship game after winning to games in exciting extra inning fashion. No one expected to do this, but we did, kinda like you guys. Your win has made us want to bring back another national championship, and valley title to the twin cities. Congrats, and GO DOGS!

Erica: I couldn't be more proud to be a former Bulldog! Congrats & enjoy the moment- You Deserve It!

James ( Portland ): Congrats from Beaver Nation, another win for the West Coast.

JP (Fresno, Ecuador, New York): Congratulations guys! You made us proud! Keep it up! Go Dogs!

Andy: Congrats on the Championship!! I always root for the underdog and I'm Glad I did. You proved to me and the entire sports world what you can do if you have the HEART!

Ian (Istanbul, Turkey) Dept. of State: Wonderdogs, Miracle on Grass, Underdogs, etc., etc. Simple words cannot describe what was accomplished this June in Tempe and Omaha. You've done us all proud. Ian-alum 2004 and 2006.

Celtic FC (Glasgow, Scotland): Way to go, Bulldogs-----that was a performance worthy of the silver screen........

Mandy: Congratulations on a job done wonderfully well!

GRay Robertson: Good job, you won the big one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Travis Huff (Fresno) GO DOGS!!: I would just like to say, that YOU GUYS are the DEFINITION of TEAM. It shows on and off the field, and I hope every single player on this team goes on to see GREAT success!! Thanks for the inspiration during these tough times economically!!

Coach Jackson (Chicago): No city or school is more deserving Great Job Coach Batesole!

Margarita Salas-Douglass, 1st Lt. USAF: Great work, Diamond Dogs. 1998 alumna. from Baghdad, Iraq.

Maria vega (Kerman): Congratulations Fresno State! And, Steve, you don't look like Eddie Munster. You look more like Richie Valence.

Omaha,Ne: thanx for making this years series so fun and unforgetable..You guys have proven so much to all..

D.T. (San Jose): Am a SJSU alum, but I love those 'Dogs! My sister was a HUGE 'Dogs sports fan. She is in heaven now smiling down on you.

Danny(Lancaster,PA): Congratulations. You showed everyone what it means to believe in yourself and be a champion.

Leyla Mundy (Saugerties, NY): I am so proud be a Fresno State Alumni! I wish I could have been there to celebrate but just know that I was raising a party all the way in New York! GOOOOOO Dogs!

Jaime Sac: have been a huge fan since I was a kid, and people would say Fresno Who? Way to put us on the MAP! Who let the dogs out!

Joe (Fresno): Thanks for the best two weeks of baseball I have ever watched in my LIFE! I still have the chills!

Kathy and Brian (Tulare, Ca): You are great role models for our young children. Thank-you and God Bless.

Melissa (Fresno): You guys are all so talented and inspirational! As a Fresno State student, I feel honored to be represented by such a wonderful group! Congratulations-- way to show Fresno to the World!

Sal (San Jose): Once a BULLDOG, always a BULLDOG!! Congrats to all you guys, you deserve it! (Class of '94)

Gus Arnold (Boise, Idaho): I am a huge BSU fan, but you guys rock!!! You showed the world that the WAC can run with a bigger conference if you play with heart. Good work and......... GO DAWGS!!!!!

Terri (England, UK): Great job!!! I watched the last few minutes of the game on Youtube. guys made it look effortless. Well done.

George (Fresno): Speechless. I'm a very proud alum. you guys made my year! Can't wait for the 2009 season!!!

Bret Mitchell, Madera Ranchos: Players and Coaches: You played GOOD baseball: Clean, HEART, Skillful competition! I am very proud for your achievement in winning the National Championship!

Danielle (Tracy): GO DOGGSSSS!!!!!! you guys are awsome!

Tom (Belmont): Simply Amazing! Could not ask for anything more. Congratulations Boys. Class of '97

O.C.: Go dogs!!!!


Jame(Pevely): Bulldogs!!!!!!Congratulation's on the victory!!!

Rob T: As an ASU alumn, I was rooting for you guys after you put us out. What a great story and a great job you guys did!! Congrats!

Paul Wells(Turlock High 08'): TOMMY!!! Way to make Turlock proud!!! I miss ya man!! Congratulations on everthing...Paul wells

Gilbert Garcia (Orange Cove,CA): Congratulations on a great season we are proud of you. Go Bulldogs!

Devin(Steger): Brandon Burke is my uncle and Bulldogs rule!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eric - Goodyear, Az.: Spectacular effort!!!! Bulldog for ever!

St john of Fresno Ca. . .: Through thick and thin I've watched you guys play baseball. A favorite pastime that you've brought back for millions to enjoy. . .Thank you and Congratulations. . . St john

Jobe (United Kingdom): We even hopped on the Fresno State Bulldog bandwagon overseas in the UK. If you guys ever make it over here for an exhibition or something, you'll have the stands packed. Who needs football (soccer to us) when you have Bulldog baseball!

Todd (Irving, TX): As a former Fresno resident now a resident of North Texas, congratulations to the 2008 CWS National Champions as well as to my hometown for finally showing what this city is all about and the pride we have for our team. GO DOGS!

Caleb - Coalinga: You guys deserved more from this community. Thanks for all the exitement you guys brought into my house..

Nita ( Turlock): that was all so unbelievably amazing! great job guys! your futures in baseball can only go up from here!

Mike Graham (Colorado Springs): Growing up in Kingsburg following the Bulldogs was great. Watching Fresno State Athletics rise into the National spotlight in the last decade in too much for words. Congrats!!

Lydia/ Fresno State University: Congratulations to the new NCAA College World Series National Champions.....THE FRESNO STATE DIAMOND DOGS!!!! Just goes to show if you believe.... the sky's the limit... Greatest series I've ever seen...THANK YOU

Tim Garcia (Fresno, Ca): Fresno State has been Nominated for a ESPN ESPY's award "Best Upset" for 2008. Fans vote on the winner, so all you Bulldog fans be sure to vote!!! Bring FSU an ESPY! Go to and spread the word. Thanks.

Marissa Cervantez(Madera,Ca): FRESNO, YOU KNOW! My sister Angela Cervantez was a 1998 National Champion in Softball at FSU and now FSU has a 2008 National Champion in Baseball and am proud of all you guys for staying strong and bringing home another title. GO BULLDOGS!

FRESNO: What a GREAT bunch of kids and COACH! Enjoy! And stay the same!! Proud and grounded.

Joaquin(Mendota,Ca): Congrats you guys for winning the world series and brinning the title to Fresno. Hard work and workin as a team will help you guys bring back another title home. But it takes hard work and dedication to win a championship. GO BULLDOGS

coty[banks, OR]: that was awesoem! you guys never thot u were underdogs and just played your game, congrats!

Bill Sobkow FSU 1968 (Calder SK): I always think of Pete when great things happen in Fresno. Congratulations Baseball.

Chris Winters Fresno/Seoul Korea: Thank you for your great character and determination. You are the pride of the valley and you became the pride of many throughout the nation.

Ian Sampson(San Diego, CA): Congratulations on bringing a championship to the Valley.

Frank F. (Fresno): Congrats on winning the championship, and showing the world the DOGS are for reals...

sal Kingsburg: GREAT JOB GUYS! you painted the entire nation RED, we are all very proudn. from underdog, to wonderdog, to Top Dog, but through it all, always a BULLDOG!

Atlanta, GA: Moved to Atlanta from Fresno 4 years ago but we still always root for the Fresno State Bulldogs. You make us proud. Congrats on a great series!!

Maricela(Lindsay, CA): congratulations BULLDOGS!!!! GO BULLDOGS!!!! Congrats guys amazing job! For those of you from Tulare County and the surrounding counties come check out our website where we will have and interview with some local stars of the FSU 08 Champs! Stay tuned to

Keith (San Ramon, CA): You guys are the best!!! We are all so proud of the Baseball team!!!

Massimiliano (Ravenna, Italy): Just.........congratulation.

Debbie (Austin, TX): Congrats TOP DAWGS!! I really enjoyed watching you play and rooted for you the whole series. If UT can't be there, what better team than Augie's alma mater!! =)

Dominic Novato: congrats on the world series and this is dominic balestrieri

Newport News, VA: yeeeeheeee! Fresno State rocks Virginia too! way 2 go!


Ivan(Buenos Aires, Argentina): congratulation on the win!!!!! me and my friends down here in buenos aires were rooting for you guys all way, 2008 CHAMPION!!! GO FRESNO STATE!!

phoenix: Way to go bulldogs it was awesome beating ASWHO in their own house better yet going all the way. What a great story so proud of the WAC and city of Fresno.

anthony (san jose,ca): congrats guys, you guys deserve it, keep up the hard work and get back the the CWS next year. were pullin for ya. go bulldogs!

Leftt in San Diego: Way to battle Bulldogs! It was very impressive how you battled pitch to pitch. We had a blast watching you, and congratulations for representing the state well...

Tony G. (San Diego): As an FSU alumn, I used to get teased by the sports bloggers with Fresno WHO? Well, ya'll showed em WHO FRESNO IS!!! A TEAM for the AGES CONGRATS!!!!

Derek (Reno): i saw you guys play in reno this year. i also went to fresno for the series against nevada and you guys beat my brother in the wac championship. i cant wait to play you guys next year!

Pinedale Cali: Wow what a great story!!! I am still so exicted to see all the bulldog fever that is going on across the nation.

Pinedale Cali: Wow what a great story!!! I am still so exicted to see all the bulldog fever that is going on across the nation.

Manteca, CA: Congrats for an outstanding season... Go dogs~~~~~~~

kahlen (nj): i love you guys... your such an inspiration... i love susdorf!!

Jason (fresno): Simply said: BULLDOG BORN! BULLDOG BRED! I'LL BE A BULLDOG 'TIL THE DAY I'M DEAD! See you again at Beiden Field in '09 Diamond 'Dogs!!!

Jodie (fresno state alum): wooooooohoooooooooo! watched you on TV. i am so happy for y'all. go dogs!


chance(colorado springs): you rock guys! congrats!!! :)

Erika (Fresno): you really put on a show! you showed where the real dogs are from. hope you had an mazing time and i love you danny muno... Congrats and GO FRESNO STATE

Dustin (Missoula, MT): Great job Bulldogs!

Solaegui Family (Fresno Ca): Way to go Dogs!!!! We are thrilled for you !!!!

Tim-Fresno: Congratulations! I watched the last two games in Chicago, and you have a lot of fans in the windy city now!


Lane Eggen (Waterloo, NE): You guys rock! Hope you had a blast in Omaha -Steve's homerun ball is in safe hands - I am a new fan for life! Lane Eggen

Kurt Colorado Springs: Underdogs to Wonderdogs! Saw you in Omaha this year vs. Rice and watched the rest on tv great story.

Karlee (Minneapolis): Congrats Bulldogs!! See ya again there next year!!

Tim (Fresno): Good stuff guys, good stuff. I'm still proud.

ben, oXnArd: Congrats!

chris munoz (downey): congrats!! never doubted my lifelong bulldogs. grew up in fresno and always and still want to go to fresno state to play ball. showed them who the real BULLDOGS are!!

Philip PEI CANADA: We were cheering for you here in Eastern Canada ! Very proud of you guys!

Justin (Fresno): What a great ride! Thank you for taking the Central Valley with you, one of the coolest moments in my life was watching my school win a national championship! GO DOGS!

New York: Congrats fro class of 1964 alumnus Globie

Kathy (Jasper, AL): Congratulations! Just wanted to let you know what an inspiration Steve Detwiler and Tommy Mendonca was to my son. He is fighting with a UCL tendon and he was encouraged by their determination. He will be a senior this year. Thanks Guys!

JON SMOLJAN: Wow what a run.... From all the fans in Orosi and the surrounding areas.I blasted my car radio everyday to listen to you guys.. Awesome job again....

AJ (St. Louis): Great job boys It goes to show how far "TEAM" can take you. Cinderella what?? you guys are the national champs!

Kristy (Fort Worth, Tx): CONGRATS GUYS!!! Im an alumni of the Fresno St softball team and moved back home. I was so excited to see u guys make it all the way to the top. Thanks for bringing another championsip home!!!! :-)

Jeffrey CA: good game Justin Miller its Spencers friend!


zach armenta(olympia): you guys rock. I told all my friends you would win. My dad is a alumni and has never been more proud of FRESNO STATE

Aaron (Bellevue, Nebraska): I am originally from Visalia, California and now living in Nebraska. I was there at Rosenblatt Stadium to witness history and it was awesome! Great job Bulldogs!

Fresno, CA: Congratulations on such an awesome display of teamwork and dedication. The team was expected to do nothing and this team just shined. AWESOME TO SAY THE LEAST!

Aldo (Salinas): awesome!

Anna (Linden, CA): Loved watching you guys play!!! It made my summer! And Steve you are AMAZING!!!

Preston (Los Angeles, CA): I was at Six Flags Magic Mountain waiting in line for Goliath, watching you guys on ESPN on my cell phone when the last out happened. We threw our hands up and were thrilled! (Everyone though we were weird, but who cares!)

Mexico City: Congratulations.... Remember: "You´ll never walk alone" From Mexico

Mexico City: congratulations ... go bulldogs...

Malibu: Great Job Boys! That was one hell of a series. You showed everyone that anyone can win if they set their mind on a goal and pursue it. I'm going to be playing a North Carolina University next year and I would love to get to play you guys in the future. Great Job!

Mark Baer: Congrats on your College World Championship, Good luck this year and Go Derek Benny

jason new york: good job

paul, boston: Excellent dogs!

Pedro,Delano: Way to go you guys are the best story in sports today so proud they should make a film base on the FRESNO STATE BULLDOGS

Fabian (Mosnang, Switzerland): Congrats Bulldogs!!

One more time: Lets do it again boys

Bulldog Kenny, Mt. Shasta, CA: It never gets old -- watching the video. Congrats & Merry Christmas!!

Ronnie, Clovis: Congrats Bulldogs....Nice to have a winner in Fresno

Zachary Miami Springs: congrats bulldogs

Tim Talboy Citrus Heights: As a Fresno State Alumni, and did the video camera during the 1995 season under Bob Bennett, I must say I'm stoked. Way to go, DUDES
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