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Fresno State Athletics Policy Regarding Athletic Agents

The eligibility of our student-athletes and prospective student-athletes is a valuable resource. With this being said, Fresno State is committed to protecting the athletic eligibility of our student-athletes as well as prospects whenever possible.

If you are an agent, hope to become an agent, or work for an agent it is important that you remember some key points before attempting to contact any student-athlete at Fresno State:

• Agents must be registered with the state of California as a Sports Agent before representing or attempting to represent any athlete, professional or amateur, this is a California State law. Please read the Miller-Ayala Act, California's State law on athletic agents.

• Agents must be registered with the Fresno State Athletic Compliance office as an athletic agent (this may only occur after being properly registered with the state of California). Proof of state registration must be presented to the Compliance Office with a completed Fresno State Registration Form.

• Agents must abide by all NCAA, Mountain West Conference and University rules, as well as all state and federal laws related to sports agents. Failure to do so will result in the agent's name or agency being reported to the appropriate state agencies that regulate your industry.

• All correspondence intended for student-athletes must be sent through the Fresno State Athletic Compliance Office. If and when appropriate, the correspondence will be forwarded to the student-athlete(s).


In order to apply for registration with the State of California to be an athletic agent, you must submit the following forms to the State:

To register with the State of California, contact:

Office of the Secretary of State
Special Filings Unit

1500 11th Street, Room 365
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 653-4984