Ray Lopes Statement About the Terry Pettis Case
    Head men's basketball coach Ray Lopes spoke Thursday of his cooperation with the Fresno Police Department in regards to the Terry Pettis case.
    Head men's basketball coach Ray Lopes spoke Thursday of his cooperation with the Fresno Police Department in regards to the Terry Pettis case.

    May 13, 2004

  • Lopes Statement on Pettis (from 5/11)

    Following is a statement from Fresno State head men's basketball coach Ray Lopes about the ongoing investigation into the case involving former player and former student Terry Pettis:

    I was shocked to read today that I was being accused of not cooperating with Fresno Police Department detectives regarding their investigation of ex-Fresno State student and former basketball player Terry Pettis.

    In fact, I have had numerous contacts with detectives and have made every effort to assist them in locating students and former students they wished to speak with in this case.

    I have also kept university officials informed about the investigation and my actions to assist the Fresno Police Department.

    I will always be available to police officials to discuss this matter.

    I regret if there is any misunderstanding.

    Following is a summary of Ray Lopes' contacts and cooperation with Fresno Police Department:

  • Received an informal contact by a police detective regarding an investigation involving a former player.

  • Telephoned in late afternoon of Wednesday, May 5, by police detective regarding same investigation. Detective wanted my assistance in contacting some former and current players for information about the investigation.

  • I had made contact or attempted to contact each of the players that I was asked to contact. One of the players requested is no longer on the team and does not live in Fresno. I informed the detective of that. I telephoned the detective and informed him of my conversations and actions. The detective expressed appreciation for my help.

  • I contacted the detective to see if he had enough information. I updated him on my progress to contact players which I previously was unable to contact and told him I would continue my efforts.

  • A detective left a message informing me that the players had not contacted him. I immediately re-contacted all of the players that I had previously contacted or their representatives and urged their cooperation with police. I left a message via voice mail that afternoon and informed the detective of what I had done. He left me a subsequent message that he appreciated my efforts.

  • I spoke with a former player about the fact that he had not contacted the police and advised him to contact the detective and cooperate. It is my understanding that he did contact the detective that afternoon.

  • I contacted another former player and advised him to contact and cooperate with the investigations.

  • It is my understanding at this point that everyone the police department asked me to assist in making contact with, has done so.

  • I met with the team and assistant coaches to again inform them that if they are contacted by the police they should cooperate, and I also explained the seriousness of this investigation.

  • From May 5 to May 12, I have either left messages or provided information on six of those eight days to the Fresno Police Department.
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