Fresno State's NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship Winners

    July 15, 1999

    In 1964, the NCAA created a postgraduate scholarship program honoring outstanding student-athletes from member institutions who also are outstanding scholars.

    The NCAA awards 174 scholarships each year to student-athletes who have excelled academically and athletically, and are in their last year of intercollegiate athletics competition. Criteria for nomination include: a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.00, enrolled in school in final year of competition, performed with distinction as a member of a varsity sport, intend to continue academic work beyond the baccalaureate degree as a full-time graduate student, and behaved both on and off the field with dignity.

    There are 35 scholarships awarded for football players, 32 scholarships for basketball players (16 each for men and women), and 107 scholarships (36 for men and 71 for women) for participants in sports other than football and basketball in which the NCAA conducts national championship competition. The NCAA postgraduate scholarships are one-time grants of $5,000 each and are not renewable.

    In July of 1999, two more All-America Bulldogs received a NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship award to push the UniversityUs total to nine strong. A first in their respective sports as women to receive a postgraduate award, tennis standout Dora Djilianova and track and field standout Melissa Price are the fourth and fifth student-athlete in the 1990's to be selected by the NCAA. And just two years ago, four-time All-American outfielder Robyn Yorke became the first Fresno State softball player and seventh Bulldog overall to receive a NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship.

    Recipient of a $5,000 scholarship for postgraduate study at the university or professional school of choice, Djilianova and Price join former Bulldogs Henry Corda, Dwayne Westphal, William Griever, Jr. (football), Roger George (track), Wendy Martell (basketball), Tommy Minor (baseball) and Robyn Yorke (softball) to receive a NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship.

    Fresno State's NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship Award Winners

    Year  Name                 Sport          Major
    1970  Henry Corda          Football       --
    1974  Dwayne Westphal      Football       Business
    1974  Roger George         Track          Marketing
    1987  Wendy Martell        Basketball     Physical Education
    1983  William Griever, Jr. Football       Biology
    1994  Tommy Minor          Baseball       Physiology (Pre-Med)
    1997  Robyn Yorke          Softball       Liberal Studies
    1999  Dora Djilianova      Tennis         Business
          Melissa Price        Track & Field  Business

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