Construction Begins for Meyers Family Sports Medicine Center
The Meyers Family Sports Medicine Center will provide a key resource for all Fresno State student-athletes.
The Meyers Family Sports Medicine Center will provide a key resource for all Fresno State student-athletes.

By Stephen Trembley
Video Edited by: Karissa Ferrari

FRESNO, Calif. -- Construction crews have broken ground for the infrastructure of the Meyers Family Sports Medicine Center.

"We've broken ground and very excited about it," Associate Athletics Director for Facilities Operations John Kriebs said. "This is going to be a project that should be somewhere in the fall 2013 completion. The demolition has been done. I think you're going to see some erecting of some steel in the next 30 to 40 days."

As part of this infrastructure phase, the Zumwalt Construction crews will reroute underground utilities and start to excavate for the hydrotherapy pools.

"What's really going to be exciting is they are going to be digging the holes for the pools," Kriebs said. "In the Meyers Family Sports Medicine Center, we are going to have some therapeutic pools and that's one of the first things they have to work to get the plumbing underneath or to the pools."

"Contractors have removed the existing asphalt and concrete that will give you an idea of where the actual building pad will be," Facilities Management Project Manager Sara Wallet said. "We finalized the drawings and put out a request for proposal. We had many contractors that were interested and went with the folks (Zumwalt Construction) that we felt were best prepared for the job."

The center will serve as a cornerstone of Fresno State's "Student-Athlete Village," designed to centralize several student-athlete support functions, including sports medicine, academic counseling, strength and conditioning, nutrition education, and equipment services within a single secure location.

The facility has been developed for preventative medicine, nutritional counseling, physician examination, injury treatment, on-site x-ray and rehabilitation services.

The $6 million privately-funded capital project symbolizes the Bulldogs' strong commitment to create and continually enhance the best possible "student-athlete experience" at Fresno State.

"We are extremely grateful to the Meyers Family and all the project benefactors for their tremendous leadership and generosity," Director of Athletics Thomas Boeh said. "No single athletics facility will have a more consistent positive impact upon the physical well-being and daily lives of all 425 Bulldog student-athletes."

Marvin Meyers, a Fresno State alumnus, along with his son, Greg, have owned and operated Meyers Farm Family Trust and Oxford Farms, Inc. since 1982. He also established an innovative water banking project in the late 1990s that draws an array of wildlife and has become an educational resource for student and teacher education on wildlife habitat and water conservation. In November of 2010, Meyers was named the Greater Fresno Area Chamber of Commerce Agriculturist of the Year.

"What makes me most proud is how many young people we will affect and how we will help with recruiting for our athletics," Meyers said. "It's been delightful to meet the young student-athletes. As an old guy, it lifts me up to see young people getting after what they want to do."

Meyers' vision centers around helping elevate the entire department, one shared by the sports medicine professionals who work daily to put the Bulldogs in a position to succeed on and off the field.

"This facility will allow our staff and team physicians to come together under one roof and collaborate on the common goal of providing outstanding medical care to our student-athletes," Director of Athletic Training Kelli Eberlein said. "Our Bulldog student-athletes will be presented with an opportunity to prepare and recover in a first-class facility on a daily basis."

"An athletic training building isn't just as place where you tape people up," Dr. Eric Hanson said. "There is so much more that goes into what we do. We are going to be able to provide a higher quality of care to our athletes and greater education to our students because of this facility."

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