Community Gets Involved

    Nov. 11, 2010

    FRESNO, Calif. - Corporate `Dogs is a new program started this year by the Bulldog Foundation for the purpose of promoting Fresno State and to engage in the community. It gives companies the option to purchase group football tickets at a discounted rate as well as receive other great incentives.

    Fresno State Athletics and the Bulldog Foundation are asking corporations in Fresno and across the San Joaquin Valley for their support in the 2010-11 year. They are providing some outstanding opportunities for businesses to purchase tickets for Bulldog football games and other upcoming Bulldog sporting events.

    Corporate `Dogs participants can have their name displayed on the south end zone matrix board three times during games. They also have the opportunity to purchase this season's special "Red Wave, Rise Up!" t-shirts at a discounted price of $9 each.

    Peak Broabcasting supports Bulldog Pride.

    Another incentive that engages employees from the company is each individual game ticket purchased, the recipient receives a $5 Bulldog Bucks coupon for the Bulldog Shop. "The Bulldog Foundation came up with the idea of Corporate `Dogs when athletics traveled to different cities and the town came to watch their home school compete against Fresno State," Darin Zuber, Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Bulldog Foundation states. "There was a strong presence within these communities from businesses because they promoted their home school with displays and home colors."

    Corporations who participate can save up to $13 on individual football tickets. The Fresno State Bulldogs have three home games left on the schedule and three opportunities to support your student-athletes.

    The Bulldogs compete against the Nevada Wolfpack on November 13. Corporations and companies who purchase 25 to 99 tickets save $7 per ticket, 100-499 tickets save $10 per ticket, and 500+ tickets save $13 per ticket.

    Seats are allocated in sections 5, 18, 23 and/or 26.

    "We thought that was something that would be very good for our community and Fresno State," Zuber said. "I am excited to see that there are businesses in the San Joaquin Valley who have embraced this concept and are actively promoting the Bulldogs. We need more of the Red Wave to rise up and rally behind the 'Dogs."

    Companies that are currently participating in Corporate `Dogs include ASI Benefits, Control Co., Delray Tire Inc., London Properties and Peak Broadcasting.

    Food Maxx shows their Bulldog spirit.

    "At Delray Tires Inc., we feel like college sports are a big part of the community and the involvement with Fresno State was a strong partnership to develop," Matt Mastriano, Director of Marketing for Delray Tire and Retreading Inc. said. "We have been happy with our program and have tried to integrate that at our Fresno store with color scheme in the showroom and Fresno state sports posters throughout."

    Delray Ties will be doing a customer appreciation night later this year. They will be sponsoring a tailgate and giving our customers tickets to the Illinois game.

    Fresno State Athletics asks employers and employees to show their Bulldogs pride and during football or other sports home game weeks to decorate your windows and offices with Fresno State memorabilia.

    Another great way to show spirit is Wear Red Fridays, on Friday of game weeks, home or away, we request the staff wear red.

    The Market is a proud supporter of Bulldog Athletics.

    If you are interested in learning more about the Corporate `Dogs program, purchasing group tickets, purchasing official Corporate `Dogs signage or getting involved with Fresno State Athletics or the Bulldog Foundation, contact Heidi Fisher at 559-278-7202 or

    "We Are Your Team" -- For Fresno State football ticket information click on the tickets link at the top of the page.

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