Request Form

Requests for Donations

Donation requests are regulated by Fresno State Athletics Compliance staff in coordination with the Associate Athletics Director for Broadcasting and External Relations. Due to the department's policy, Fresno State Athletics can no longer donate any merchandise items to any organization. However, Fresno State Athletics may donate tickets (pending availability) if an organization meets certain requirements:

1) The organization must be one of the following groups: non-profit, charitable, educational, or institutional
2) The organization submits its request to the department four weeks before the tickets are needed for the event
3) In compliance with NCAA rules and bylaws, the tickets are not to directly or indirectly benefit an individual of recruitable age (grades 9-12)
4) The organization must be local to the area
5) The tickets must be used by the intended organization and cannot be sold.

There are a limited number of tickets that can be donated in a fiscal year (July 1-June 30). Pending approval, tickets will be donated on a first-come, first-served basis. Please download, fill out and submit the Fresno State Athletics Promotional Waiver form, along with a formal request on the organization's letterhead, to Christina Roybal in the Fresno State Athletics Department by fax at (559) 278-6611 or by mail to 1620 E. Bulldog Lane, Rm. 121 - OF87, Fresno, CA 93740.