Download Fresno State Sports Schedules Today

Automatically Sync Your Bulldogs' Game and Events Schedules to Your Calendar

With the easy instructions below, you can have all of your Bulldogs' home and away schedules automatically synced to your calendar!

We have currently uploaded the football, volleyball and soccer schedules, with cross country due out soon followed by each of the remaining Fresno State sports team.

As each other sport is uploaded to the schedule throughout the year, they will be automatically added to the calendar.

For Fresno State staff: If you have your work iPhone synced with your Zimbra calendar, this will also automatically sync into your iPhone calendar.

Instructions for Zimbra, iCal, Outlook 2007, Google and Yahoo! Calendar):

XML iCal

1. Once you are in Zimbra, select "Calendar"
2. Once in the "Calendar" section, on the left side under your name, there is another "Calendars" title and a button with an image of a calendar and a "+" on the bottom right, select this image to "Create a New Calendar"
3. You will then be prompted to add a "Name" for this calendar. Type a name (ex: "Fresno State Athletics) and also select both: "Exclude this calendar when reporting free/busy times" and "Synchronize appointments from remote calendar"
4. Once you select "Synchronize appointments from remote calendar ", please copy and paste this link into the URL section:
5. Press OK and the calendar will be added.

Apple iCal - Mac:
1. From within iCal, choose "Subscribe" from the "Calendar" menu at the top of your screen. 2. Enter to the desired iCalendar file in the "Subscribe to:" box and click "Subscribe". 3. iCal will then download the calendar and bring you to a screen which allows you to give a title to that calendar. Check the "Refresh:" checkbox and select "every day" which will instruct iCal to check for updates to the calendar on a daily basis. 4. That's it. Your new calendar will appear, and you can choose to show or hide it by selecting or deselecting the calendar's title in the "Calendars" screen.

Microsoft Outlook 2007 - Windows:
1. In Outlook 2007 Go to the Tools menu and click on Account Settings.
2. Click on New from the Internet Calendar and enter to the desired iCalendar file.
3. Click Add. 4. Type the name of the calendar as you want it to appear in Outlook in the Folder Name box and then click OK. The calendar will be listed under "Other Calendars" with the name you chose (it does not merge with "My Calendar").

Google Calendar:
1. Go to and sign in.
2. Click on "Add" in the "Other Calendars" box located at the bottom of the menu on the left.
3. Under Add select "Import calendar".
4. In the popup window, click "Choose file" to select the iCal file you downloaded above. (
5. Choose the calendar you'd like to import the schedule into using the "Calendar" drop-down. NOTE: If you don't want to import the schedule into an existing calendar, close this window and add a new calendar by clicking "Add" under "My calendars". Then repeat the steps above to import.

Yahoo! Calendar
1. Go to and sign> 2. Click on the "+" sign located next to Calendars on the menu on the left, select "Subscribe to Calendar".
3. Enter the URL of the iCalendar file (, and select "Next" on the top menu. Add text to "Display As" and select "Save" on the top menu. The new calendar will now appear and is accessible from the Calendars menu located on the left hand side of the screen.

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