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NCAA Certification

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Equity and Student-Athlete Well-Being Committee

Click here to view the NCAA Division I Committee on Athletics Certification Equity and Student-Athlete Well-Being document

Committee Directory
Member Role
Jan Parten Chair - jparten@csufresno.edu
Director, Human Resources
Soua Xiong Chair, USU Board
Carolyn Coon Dean of Students/Assist.VP
Kelli Eberlein Staff - Athletic Training
Joyce Ester Assistant Vice President
Bill Fasse Assoc. Provost
Moses Harris Student-Athlete - Football
Becky Malmo Coach - Equestrian
Betsy Mosher Senior Associate Director - Athletics
John Kriebs Assoc. Director, Facilities
Robert Palacio Faculty - Sociology
Vinci Ricchiuti Community Member
Katey Sellers Student-Athlete - Equestrian
Jay Udwadia Coach - Tennis
Joyce Ester Assistant VP -Judicial Affairs and Division Planning
Vince Wesson Community Member
Lynnette Zelezny Chair/Faculty - Psychology Department