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Fresno State Athletics gains 10-year NCAA certification



On behalf of the Fresno State NCAA Certification Process Steering Committee, we want to thank all of the individuals across our campus, as well as the community members, who assisted in the completion of our Self-Study Report.  The final report is available below for review.

Paul M. Oliaro
NCAA Certification Process Steering Committee

Introduction to Self-Study Report

Operating Principle 1.1 & 1.2 Institutional Control, Presidential Authority and Shared Responsibilities & Rules Compliance

Operating Principle 2.1 & 2.2 Academic Standards & Support

Operating Principle Academic Standards (Charts)

Operating principle 3.1 Gender Issues Part 1

Operating principle 3.1 Gender Issues Part 2

Operating Principle 3.1 Gender Issues (Plan)

Operating Principle 3.1 Gender Issues (Complete Response)

Operating Principle 3.2 Minority Issues & Minority Equity Plan

Operating Principle 3.2 Minority Issues & Minority Equity Plan (Charts)

Operating Principle 3.3 Student-Athlete Well-Being

NCAA Certification Overview

Every Division I athletics program is responsible to conduct a “certification” process every 10 years to ensure that their athletics program is functioning in compliance with basic NCAA Operating Principles in the areas of Governance and Rules Compliance, Academic Integrity, and Equity and Student Athlete Well-being.  This is an 18 month process that involves the conduct of a campus self-study that allows the Athletics Department to demonstrate that it operates in compliance with NCAA principles. After the completion of the self-study, a NCAA peer review team will visit the campus and conduct a follow up to the self-study that was prepared by the campus. Upon the completion of the site visit, the peer review committee will provide a report to the NCAA Committee on Athletics Certification (CAC).

Fresno State looks forward to this opportunity to ensure that we are conducting our Athletics program in compliance with NCAA operating principles.  We have engaged over 50 faculty, staff, community members, students, student athletes, coaches and Athletics administrators in this process. We are utilizing this process to identify areas for improvement so we can continue to find ways to provide a better experience for our student athletes and develop a more effective Athletics program for our campus and community.

Included on this site is basic information about the certification process from the National Collegiate Athletics Association. We have also included the purposes and membership of our Steering Committee, which is directing our campus certification process. There are also three subcommittees, one to address each Operating Principle, that are assisting in the development of our self-study report. Please feel free to browse our Web site and if you have any specific questions about this process, you can feel free to contact either me or any of our committee chairs.

We look forward to having Fresno State recertified in Spring 2009.


Paul M. Oliaro
NCAA Certification Process Steering Committee
California State University, Fresno