CSUF NCAA Certification

NCAA Certification

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The core of athletics certification is the institution’s self-study, in which campus-wide participation is critical. An effective self-study benefits the institution by providing:

  1. Self-awareness. The self-study offers a unique opportunity to educate individuals across the campus about the athletics program’s goals and purposes, the many challenges facing athletics and the ways in which athletics supports the institution’s mission.
  2. Affirmation. Athletics certification is couched in the affirmative—its aim, after all, is to certify— and the self-study process will reveal many aspects of the athletics program worthy of praise.
  3. Opportunities to improve. Even an outstanding program can be better, and problems will be identified routinely as part of any institution’s self-study. As these problems come to light, the self-study process will offer a forum for suggestions from individuals with a wide range of experience.