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Fresno State Sports Medicine

The Fresno State Sports Medicine program is committed to providing exceptional services to the student-athlete by utilizing a highly qualified, diverse and motivated staff whose foundation is built on the utmost ethical standards. Through communication, creativity and innovation, the athletic training staff, team physicians and allied specialists will collaborate in a team approach in order to meet the needs of the student-athlete. The certified athletic training staff will be aggressive in pursuing its own continuing education so as to remain on the cutting edge of the sports medicine field, allowing the department to provide the best available health care to its student-athletes.


Fresno State Sports Medicine
1620 E. Bulldog Lane
Fresno, CA 93740
Ph: 559-278-4170

Campus Student Health Center
The Student Health Center is available to all currently enrolled students. This facility provides care for all minor health needs and is equipped with its own pharmacy. By walking in and filling out a form, a student can be seen by a doctor, regardless of insurance or appointment. If your health concern is athletically related, you must obtain a referral form from your Athletic Trainer to cover any extra costs. The Health Center is near the Residence Halls; use the map in your Schedule of Courses or in the back of this handbook. During the academic year hours are 8a.m.-4:45 p.m., Monday - Friday. They are closed from 12-1 p.m. except for emergencies and closed on weekends. Some services have limited hours - for information call 278-2734.

Body Jewelry/Piercings
The Fresno State athletic training department policy states that all tongue rings be removed before practices and competitions, regardless of sport. ALL student-athletes are required to follow this policy. Student-athletes who do not comply with this policy will be removed from practice and competition until they comply. It is recommended that any other type of body piercing be removed for practice and competition. These include, but are not limited to eye, nose and lip. Each sport is subject to additional rules at the discretion of the coach.

The Fresno State athletic department medical care and treatment program is a self-contained program that uses a network of Fresno State providers and specialists. In the event of an athletically related injury, our athletic training and medical staff evaluates and recommends a treatment plan. When services are pre-authorized by our staff, our program covers any expense within the Fresno State network that the family's insurance does not cover (e.g., co-payments and deductibles). Our plan is secondary support to the family's insurance, which means that the family's insurance is primary and will be billed in every circumstance. Outside services will be authorized at the discretion of the Athletic Training Staff or Team Physician.

Walk-on Student-Athletes
All walk-on Student-athletes need to have proof of medical insurance and coverage for intercollegiate athletic injuries prior to being allowed to practice with the team. All student-athletes are required to have completed sickle-cell trait screening tests prior to full release for participation. This is a new requirement for all wanting to participate in ANY Fresno State athletic team.