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California State University, Fresno Athletics

We are people who look ahead and go forward. Athletics play a key role within the educational mission to advance knowledge and develop individuals to drive our collective progress. Our commitment, through determined effort, dedicated teamwork, creativity, openness, honesty and integrity is to focus on the best interests of our student-athletes and of Fresno State. In preparing our student-athletes for future success at the highest level, we will hone leadership and character that transcends the arena of athletics to promote the greater good.

Department of Athletics' Priorities

We will:

  • Identify and recruit the most promising student-athletes available and provide them with a campus and intercollegiate athletics support infrastructure designed to foster one of the West Coast's finest "student-athlete experience."
  • Recruit and procure highly-skilled professional staff members who are positioned to demonstrate exceptional leadership and management techniques.
  • Enhance the academic progress, graduation success rates and social development of the aggregate student-athlete population.
  • Develop and maintain a culture which promotes and celebrates NCAA compliance, gender equality (Title IX compliance), diversity, sportsmanship and collegiality.
  • Continue to enhance revenue streams and implement operating efficiencies in order to achieve sustainable fiscal stability and support student-athlete achievement.
  • Build a nationally competitive, broad-based NCAA Division I FBS athletics program. All applicable sports teams will be consistently ranked among the elite of the Mountain West Conference and participate frequently in NCAA Championships.