Cross Country Teams Take First at San Francisco State Invitational

    Oct. 8, 1999

    This Week

     Sat., Oct. 16	at Cal Poly Invitational	San Luis Obispo, Calif.	10 a.m.

    Coming Up

     Sat., Oct. 30	WAC Championships	Woodward Park	10 a.m.
    Both Teams Place First at San Francisco State Invitational
    Both the men?s and women?s cross country teams came home successful Saturday afternoon. The men?s squad placed first with senior Tim Padilla and freshman Robert Vaca as the first finishing Bulldogs. Padilla and Vaca both ran times of 26:56 and sophomore Phillip Ogilvie followed immediately in a time of 26:58. Freshman Alex Mason also ran well (27:03), placing 10th overall and fourth among Fresno State. Also, the ?Dogs top five finished within 24 seconds of each other, a season best mark. The women?s team performed well, although the race was cut short due to a wrong turn taken by the lead bike. The race ended up being about 2.5 miles. Sophomore Jennifer Smith placed sixth overall with a time of 15:50. Freshman Sandi Russler kept pace behind Smith and finished in 15:59. Sophomore Rachel Bauer, senior Laura Bracht and junior Brianna Denley continue to run consistently in the third, fourth and fifth spots. The women?s top five finished within 23 seconds of each other, also an excellent mark.

    Coming Up . . .
    This Saturday, the cross country squads will head to San Luis Obispo to compete in the Cal Poly Invitational. Two weeks following this meet, the WAC Championships will be held at Woodward Park. Woodward Park held the NCAA Region 8 Championships last year and has previously been a host for many cross country events. This season the NCAA Regionals will be held in Portland Oregon.

    San Francisco State Invitational

    Team Results


    	1.	Fresno State	29
    	2.	CSU Sacramento	57
    	3.	CSU Stanislaus	60
    	4.	San Francisco
    		State		86

    Women (only 2.5 miles)

    	1.	Fresno State	48
    	2.	CSU Stanislaus	77
    	3.	CSU Sacramento	78
    	4.	California	89
    	5.	Sonoma State	106
    	6.	Chico State	118
    	7.	San Francisco 
    		State		153

    Individual Results

    Men - 8,000 Meters

    	6.	Tim Padilla	26:56
    	7.	Robert Vaca	26:56
    	9.	Phillip Ogilvie	26:58
    	10.	Alex Mason	27:03
    	14.	Sean Moody	27:20
    	15.	Josh Roddy	27:21
    	19.	Patrick Hogan	27:46
    	25.	Moses Avila	28:19
    	26.	Armando Negrete	28:22
    	27.	Dustin Marzolf	28:29
    	28.	Eddie Garcia	28:29
    	34.	Arthur Negrete	29:02
    	42.	Josh Tyson	30:04

    Women - 2.5 miles

    	6.	Jennifer Smith	15:50
    	9.	Sandi Russler	15:59
    	10.	Rachel Bauer	16:08
    	11.	Laura Bracht	16:12
    	12.	Brianna Denley	16:13
    	43.	Karen Mitchell	18:36
    	55.	Autumn Lodwick	21:46



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