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June 25, 2008

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Fresno State Head Coach Mike Batesole
(opening statement): "I knew this was a good baseball team when we beat Long Beach at Long Beach. We could have ended the season there. That was good enough right there. As a coaching staff we got out of the way, and the eight seniors took charge. They decided to do things right both on and off the field."

(about the pitching staff): "When I saw how unselfish this team is, everyone wanted the ball every time. These guys wanted the ball and took it. We have not left anywhere for the last five weekends without being on empty."

(about starting pitcher Justin Wilson): "I knew it was over when I saw the look in his eye in the first inning. I knew he was going to do everything he could to get it done tonight."

(about the team's record in March): "We were talking about Omaha in March. We should have been talking about March in March."

Fresno State left fielder Steve Susdorf
(about whether Fresno State winning the national championship is a good thing for college baseball): "It's a great thing for college baseball. It shows you don't need a No. 1 draft pick to win. You just need everyone working together."

Fresno State starting pitcher Justin Wilson
(about the look in his eye tonight): "I just wanted to get on the mound and throw strikes for my team. With a good defense, coaching staff and team atmosphere, you do well together."

(about the team): "If we play our game, we win. Bates has said all year, make them pay for their mistakes, and you don't pay until the run crosses the plate."

Fresno State pitcher Brandon Burke
(about leaving his teammates): "We have grown so close. It's hard to say goodbye. You have to look forward to what life has to offer. But I'm going to let this soak in and celebrate with my teammates."

(about right fielder Steve Detwiler): "We only scored six runs and you knocked 'em all in."

Georgia Head Coach Dave Perno
(opening statement): "We'll remember this experience for a lifetime. The impact this experience has had on our program is phenomenal. Our guys set their sights to be here and they came here and won. We had some opportunities tonight but nothing fell for us. We couldn't keep (Fresno State) in the yard. We'll regroup. We're going to miss our juniors and seniors, because first and foremost, they're great people and I'm very proud of them. It's a tough day right now."

(on frustration tonight): "When it's a one-shot deal, you can't get frustrated. Our balls went to the track and Fresno State's found a way to get over the fence."

(if there was a hangover from last night): "No way. Our guys were definitely ready tonight. I thought putting Dean in was the right move at the right time, but he was just a little too excited."

(on where team falls in Georgia history): "As hard as this team fought and as much as it accomplished, we didn't get the job done. It would've been the best team ever if we had gotten the job done, but we just didn't."

(on what impressed him about Fresno State): "The home runs. They hit them every game."

(on what Fresno State's win does for college baseball): "It shows the parity in college baseball and gives teams hope that they can get here. They did it, and what's most impressive is they did it without their ace."

Georgia third baseman Ryan Peisel
(about Fresno State pitcher Justin Wilson): "He kept the ball down and worked both sides of the plate. He had our number and was sharp as a tack."

(on attitude in the dugout while trailing): "We pushed too hard as a group. We were all trying to for the six-run home run."

(on what made him nervous about Fresno State): "They were exactly like us. They had used the underdog card the whole time to their advantage and it brought them closer together."

(on characterizing the season): ""One game doesn't define the season as a failure at all. To come here has been a blast and it's going to be tough leaving."

Georgia shortstop Gordon Beckham
(about Fresno State pitcher Justin Wilson): "When we got runners in scoring position, we just couldn't get them in. He beat us because he did all the little things right."

(on what impressed him about Fresno State): "They were scrappy. They played better than us tonight and I tip my cap to them. They did enough to win."



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