Bulldogs Talk with Media about Regional

May 30, 2012

By Stephen Trembley

Note: Quotes transcribed by Stacey Luke

The Fresno State baseball team met with the media on Wednesday before boarding a bus to Bay Area.

Mike Batesole, Fresno State, Head Baseball Coach
What changes has Stanford made since you last played them?
"Well were going to have the best pitcher in the country coming at us with a little chip on his shoulder. Everybody knows he's 9-1 and we were the one. He's going to be throwing a hundred miles per hours. He's a week away from an eight million dollar payday and he's going to be fired up to make sure he's the first guy taken in the draft and that means we're going to have our hands full."

How prepared is Tyler Linehan for this weekend and what he takes from pitching well the first time around against Stanford?
"[Linehan] had a great day that day. He got a lot of help from Haley. Hayley came in and threw three no-hit innings right behind him. That combination was good on that particular day. Right now he's hopefully going to be 100 percent and good to go. The trainers came in and said he's 100 percent a few days ago, but 100 percent range of motion and 100 percent to get on the mound and beat Stanford are two different things."

What are you looking for out of Linehan on Friday?
"I think more of what we're looking for is the quality, not so much the quantity, not so much the number of pitches, not so much is it six, seven or eight innings, but that he gives us everything he has, and it's neat and clean. Even if it is three or four innings."

Where is the team is right now?
"This team is feeling pretty good about its self. They're playing with a lot of heart, playing together, playing unselfish, and that's what it's all about. When you play like that it's amazing, it is magical how your individual numbers can go right through the roof. When your all worried about yourself that has a tendency not to happen but as soon as you start putting the other 40 first you start giving and giving to the team it's amazing how it works individually."



Talk about the other teams at the Regional and how you match up...
"The big concern was [if] we going to be able to be prepared for the draw. We should be able to be prepared and that gives you confidence in your game plan and confidence when you've seen a pitcher pitch on film and in person that makes you feel a little better when you are toe to rubber or digging in the box."

Talk about the sentiment that this team seems to find a way to excel at the end of the season
"It's a great one to have. You want to be playing your best baseball at the end. You don't want to leave it all on the field in March or April. I'm really proud of this group that they've figured it out. There was no guarantee that this group was going do that as young as they are, but they did figure it out about four weeks ago and they've been playing solid ever since."

What's the game plan for Mark Appel (Stanford's pitcher)?
"You got a guy who's going to be throwing 100 m.p.h., who's has the best breaking ball in college baseball, he's amazing. You watch him on film and you're like, `how do you put together a game plan for this?' We found over the years the best way is to attack them and that's what we're going to do. We're going to attack him, we're not going to sit back and take pitches, we're not going to choke up and go to right. We're going to attack him with everything we've got just like we did the first time."

Talk about the emergence of J.D. Salles... "He continues to get his work done, as the other guys have, and as long as you get your work done and you stay aggressive you're going to keep getting chances. We don't sign guys and bring them in here to sit the bench, we bring them in to pitch and hit. He's pitched really well against LA Tech and pitched as good he can during the whole WAC tournament. He kept working, he kept grinding and when you do that the coaches and the players respect that and you get more chances."

J.D. Salles, Fresno State, Right-handed Pitcher
How excited are you for this weekend to being playing Stanford in the NCAA Tournament
"We're fired up. Obviously, they're a great team. We've seen them already so we know what we have to do. We took one game from them and we weren't exactly as good as we are now so were fired up to go there. It's going to be a good environment. There are a lot of good teams there and we'll see what we can do."

What do you learn from WAC Championship?
"We had our backs against the wall, it was a do or die situation. I think playing games like that for a couple days, like we did for three games in 48 hours, is what's going to prepare us for this as we go into play these great teams ahead of us. Coach Batesole mentioned to us yesterday that everybody was playing for each other in that tournament. That's the biggest thing, either we do our job now or we're going home. That's what everyone was thinking, and that's why it worked out for us."

What was going through your mind when Daniel Moultrie was rounding third and scoring the winning run to win the WAC Tournament?
"We were all fired up. I've been playing with Daniel since I was 12 so that was pretty special to see him score that run and everybody was out of their mind excited."

What's it going to take to win this Regional
"Everybody's going to have to do their own individual job as well as our team job. If everybody's just goes out and plays our game, we're just as capable as anybody else to win this thing. We just got to go out there and do our piece and we can do it."

Chris Mariscal, Fresno State, Shortstop
Talk about being in NCAA tournament for the first time...
"It's very exciting, it's a great experience and a first time experience in the NCAA Regionals so we're all very excited."

Playing Stanford, what did you learn from last time?
"We just have to keep doing what we're doing and doing the same thing we did earlier in the season when we faced Stanford, and I think we'll be fine."

What did you learn from WAC Championship?
"It's just passion, feeding off each other and picking each other up. Just keep staying with each other."

How excited are you to be playing relatively close to home?
"The atmosphere is going to be great, there's obviously going to be some Fresno State fans and we're all very excited."

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