Fresno State vs. Wyoming Post-Game Quotes

Jan. 16, 2013

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Head Coach Rodney Terry

(On Wyoming)
"Wyoming is a really good team. A very efficient team offensively and a really good defensive team. Just a really good ball club that we played tonight over there and Coach Shyatt has done great job with that group this year."

(On what this win meant to team)
"This win tonight is a byproduct of what we do every day. We pride ourselves on guarding really hard. It is about what we do on every possession. Guys have to continue to grow up in our program. We shortened that bench based on some guys maturity issues. We're gonna go with guys that understand the urgency right now. Conference play you have to bring it everyday. You can't just expect it to be there on game day and think it's just going to happen for you. It doesn't happen that way. You come in and prepare every single day for these types of challenges.

(On Tanner Giddings)
"I thought Tanner Giddings really grew up tonight. I thought he grew up in our last ball game. He had to play significant minutes against older guys. He is getting better and better. He is a young player that always follows the scouting report. Tanner is a guy that isn't going to miss any assignments defensively. That is all you want from a player. You want a guy that understands his job and does it."

(On offensive game plan and execution)
"We knew going in we were going to be playing against one of the better players in the Mountain West Conference. Leonard Washington has had a great year to this point, not just in conference play, but out of conference play as well. We knew we were really going to have to go after him a little bit and make him guard and play on both ends of the floor. Jerry (Brown) did a great job the first half really attacking him, not so much with an emphasis to score, but he did a good job of finding Tanner for some easy baskets. We really needed to make their guys defend on the other end and to be honest we needed to get into their bench. They have a short rotation right now and we needed to wear those guys down and I thought we did a pretty good job of that for the better part of the game."



(On Tyler Johnson's strong night and return to lineup)
"Tyler has been playing extremely well. I give him a lot of credit, I give our training staff a lot of credit in terms of putting him in a position to get back in their soon. To be able to play at the level he played tonight, he has been playing really confident, when he got injured it was a major blow to us because of the way he has been playing and his focus. He came back in tonight and didn't really miss a beat. He came back in there and a lot of times when you come back from injury you can have a little mental setback, but he didn't have that and he played right through it and did a great job for us."

(On bounce back effort following loss to New Mexico)
"I was really pleased with our guys. We got back Sunday and we had a great teaching tool with that game because the score didn't really indicate how well we played the first half up there. We played a really good first half, with the exception of five minutes. We were one possession away with five minutes to go and everything self-inflicting on our part. We never caught up and never recovered. We got back and we got a chance to do a great film session in terms of a lot of things that we could teach from and I thought our guys responded. We got back on the floor and we flushed that one out and started our preparation for Wyoming and our guys came out and performed at a high level."

(On bench depth against Nevada)
"We're going to need all of our guys. But I'll say this, everyday we expect our guys to punch the clock and do the things that we ask them to do. We're a program that likes to pride ourselves on a lot of accountability and we're going to have a lot of guys grow up. We're going to help them grow up. If their doing what their supposed to be doing, they'll have an opportunity to play."

(On getting "W", despite just 17 FG's and 17 turnovers)
"We've been a good ball club to this point and Wyoming is a good team. They came in here 14-1 and really easily could've been 15-0 at this point right now. So we knew we were going to have to come in and scrap and claw for every possession against these guys because they are efficient. They shoot the ball extremely well and again they have one of the better players in not just the Mountain West Conference, but in the country and I do think we did a better job of taking care of the ball. We had 19 turnovers the last time out. Some of those turnovers were a little bit late in the game and we got sloppy with the ball and weren't strong. You got to finish out games, but we'll continue to get better with that. Aaron (Anderson) will continue to get better with that, as will all of our guys. Understand, there has not been a lot of times where we play with the lead and it's another great learning experience for us. Nevertheless, we finished the way we needed to and we got our first Mountain West Conference win and I'm excited about that for our guys."

(On limiting Wyoming's Leonard Washington and missing Luke Martinez)
"It's never easy guarding that guy, the kind of year he has had to this point right now. We went into this game knowing we had to make him guard on the other end of the floor. We know he is a very important piece to them on the offensive end. Not having Martinez to this point right now, it hasn't really stopped their offense. They have been very efficient and other guys have come in and done a good job shooting the basketball for them. Obviously you lose a player of his caliber and you're going to miss him at some point, no question about that. He is a senior. He is a guy that is their second leading scorer. But, I think our guys did a really great job in preparation for Washington and Jerry did a great job on him."

(On Nevada)
"We know win or lose, you are only going to keep this game for one night. It's back to the drawing boards, back to preparation for the next game's opponent and trying to find a way to be successful. Nevada's got a great backcourt, we know from a year ago those guys. We had two good contests with those guys a year ago and we know we're going to have our hands full. We have to take care of the basketball. They have good length, but they are playing a little smaller than last year as opposed to the size they had a year ago. But anytime you have guard-play like they have, you know you are going to have your hands full, no question about that. We will be up for the challenge, our guys will get back to a routine tomorrow. We are back in the classroom tomorrow and guys are going to do a good job in the classroom and then start our preparation for Nevada tomorrow."

#0 Jerry Brown

(On the grueling MW schedule, how much fun did you have tonight?)
"I mean it just boils down to preparation. This whole week we've just been preparing. Coach (Terry) gave us a good scouting report. If we follow the scouting report, coach just makes everything basic for us and just makes it so we can have fun. Today we did a good job just executing the scouting report and it just makes everything that much better for us."

#5 Tanner Giddings

(On scoring career high)
"It was all, well Jerry passed me the ball, but it was all preparation. Coach tells me in practice all the time that I need to grow up and I need to be more aggressive on offence. So, today I just had that in my mind all game long, I feel like that helped."

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