Post-Game Quotes: New Mexico 89, Fresno State 78

Jan. 18, 2014

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Rodney Terry, Fresno State Head Coach

About the progress of the Bulldogs through the first six conference games...
"We've gotten better for it, we really have and I just said to our guys just a second ago exactly what you just said, we just played the top two teams in our league. I think San Diego State's played the best at this point right now in our league and I think New Mexico, obviously being picked to win our league, they're one of the better teams in the country and we've improved against both of those teams, we really have. We out rebound San Diego State by one so we showed some physicality and showed that we could be a team that could do a good job rebounding, we did tonight. We had 35 (total rebounds), had 16 offensive rebounds tonight against obviously the biggest team in our league, the strongest team in our league in the interior. So we've shown some things and we've grown, again we just don't have the results to show for it and we just got to keep battling. I told our guys a little while ago, we got to stay positive and we're going to get to where we want to get to. We got a lot of young guys over there that fought, I thought the effort was there. Did we get outmanned a little bit inside? Bairstow's a man, he's a load in there, not only for us but for a lot of people in the country, he's a load in there. He's a self-made guy who has really improved over the course of the years at New Mexico."

About Fresno State sophomore guard Marvelle Harris...
"Marvelle, very young player, sophomore, has shown this year at times that he could be a guy that we can rely on from a scoring standpoint. Young players, sometimes they go up and down until they're established enough to understand how they have to be consistent every night and when your shots are not falling off, and your things aren't going your way on offense, you have to find other ways to impact the game and I think he really tried to do that from a defensive standpoint and rebounding standpoint. So we're just going to keep plugging away and we're going to keep working with these guys. Hopefully again we can keep our fans behind us and understand that we are getting better. We got a young team that's going to be better for the future. We're playing a very established league. New Mexico has been good for a while; they haven't been an overnight deal. That's been sometime that they have been really good. San Diego State has been really good; Fish has been there 16 years. This is a tough league night in and night out."

About New Mexico freshman guard Colin Neal...
"Going into the game we knew that Colin was one of the better shooters and anytime we were going to be in zone, he was the guy that we knew they would probably have in their lineup as a shooter because he's a guy that that's what he brings to the table right now as a young player and in the flow of the game, you have to know, you may not know his name but you better know that number and that that guys a shooter out there and you have to have urgency to get out there to get to him and we let him make a couple of big shots early and they got on that 9-0 run to end the first half and we were pretty much playing catch up from there on out, that was a big run."

Tyler Johnson, Fresno State senior guard

About how New Mexico made a point to make it difficult for him to make his shots...
"It was frustrating they did the same thing last year as far as making me work to get anything really, to get shots, so credit to them, they did what they were supposed to do."

About how he stayed under control when frustrated
"I don't know, it's just different for different players sometimes it helps me focus in a little bit harder but unfortunately I thought I handled it well for a little bit but I kind of stayed mad and it carried over for a little while and you can't play this game upset. You have to play loose and you have to be having fun because right when the fun goes out of the game, you're not going to play well."

About going against Nevada (on Wednesday) and battling Deonte Burton...
"You have to do a great job on him. He's a scoring point guard. He's had some big games against us and Coach (Terry) always makes an emphasis... when (Malik) Story actually was playing (last year), they came in here and played really well, and Coach (Terry) made an emphasis when we went down there that you have to draw your line in the sand or they are just going to keep doing it so I think we just have to match his intensity and it's going to be a group effort, no individual and staying friends, it's going to be a team defense and a team effort."



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