Fresno State vs. Nevada Post-Game Quotes

Jan. 19, 2013

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Head Coach Rodney

(Was this the team that won the WAC title last year, and the team that is still trying to figure out how to win?)

"Two guys, between their guard play in terms of what they did tonight. Those guys definitely showed that they have been through some battles. Give them a lot of credit they made some shots. The first half they weren't particularly hard, but when they went to the foul line they made shots."

(On number of free throws and number of fouls)

"Well that speaks for its self. Anytime that we got back and got our defense set we did pretty well with those guys. Additionally early in the game to score against a set defense ... anytime you put a good shooter at the line it builds confidence for those guys. Kind of got our guys going early in the game."

(On Burton's play at the end of the first half)

"For one, the majority of the first half we didn't play the scouting report on him particularly well. Maybe even for the whole game. We knew coming into this game that he could really score the basketball going left, and there were numerous occasions where we let him go in that direction as opposed to forcing him right, and he really struggles going right. It makes hard plays when he is trying to do that. Give him a lot of credit, he made plays and he took what the defense gave him."

(On foul trouble in second half)

"It was big foul not having Marvelle on the floor, I thought KO did a nice job filling in for him. Made some shots for him and played well. Anytime you take a guy off the floor that can continue to break them down and play in the paint and do difference things, it a bit of a road tilt."

(On Robert Upshaw's defense)

"I thought Robert was very aggressive, gave us a shot blocker inside. Gave us someone in there ... we can get around the basket and their big guys struggle going up with high hands and finishing in there. He did a really good job of coming in and being an intimidator for us back in the back force."



(What made the difference tonight?)

"The two guards ... their guards just out played out guards. Take the two guards out and we pretty much did what we needed to do on the other guys. Their two main guys came in and scored for them. When your coming in, Burton was the head of the monster, and Story got his tonight. Those are feel good upfront guys, and when they make shots they are hard to beat."

(On offensive rhythm)
"I like what we did offensively. I don't think the offense beat us tonight. I thought our defense wasn't where it needed to be in terms of guarding two guys that can score the basketball. Between now and the next time we play those guys, were gonna have to do a better job when we know the strength of their team is the perimeter guys."

(On pace of the game)
"I think playing for those guys they are a high-possession team. They want to get up and down the floor in transition. I think it was right where it needs to be for us in terms of us winning the ball game. We got it down to, we tied the game, we went up a couple possessions as well. You just gotta close out the game strong and we didn't do that particularly well. We needed to get stops at the end of the game. We didn't get stops. We did enough offensively to win the game, but we didn't get the stops we needed down the stretch."

(On bouncing back for Boise State)
"We gotta bounce back. In this league, you know, you can only have it for one night. You win, you lose, very pivotal game for us. This time of year, I tell our guys, every game is a NCAA game. Every game that you play, you are playing for something. Playing for a postseason position. Every game's a NCAA game. Every possession is important. The urgency you have to have this time of year is very critical. And we had a chance at home tonight to put ourselves in great shape in the Mountain West Conference in the pivotal part of the start of the season."

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