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Fresno State vs. Colorado State Post Game Quotes

Jan. 26, 2013

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Head Coach Rodney Terry

(On the first half, the interruptions- shotclock, basket, etc...)

"You know, I just said that to the guys. I love that effort in terms of the way we came back in the second half. We played a really good second half. Anytime you play a really good team, I think this team is one of the best in the league. They are an older team, an experienced team. You can't give 20 minutes away. Whatever reason it is, guys not making shots. We got great looks, great looks against a really good defensive team. They're probably the best defensive team we have played all year. Again, you have to execution, you have to play for 40 minutes, and we have only done that one time in league play. We're working towards that. That's what you have to do to win games in this league."

(On second half, and Colorado being able to put it away...)

"Their gaurd play was really good. Eikmeier shot the ball extremely well to start the game. Dorian Green seems like he's been at Colorado State forever, started every game. He's a really good player for those guys. When you come in the end, the 50-50 balls, the rebounding could've been a huge aspect of the game. They had 12 offensive rebounds. They are a physical team, an older team, but again, we can't give away 20 minutes and spotting guys 18 points in this league."

(On preparing for Braeden Anderson joining the team, having a "new team...")

"I think our team is excited for Braeden. Braeden's practiced this whole year to this point right now, and hasn't played in two years. He's been practicing extremely well. He's going to be a guy who plays with a lot of emotion. We're hoping he's a guy that comes in and gives us a little bit of physicality in terms of rebounding the basketball and defending. It gives us another interior guy that we can go to work with. Our young guys are still growing. Tanner Giddings has really made a lot of strides. Marvelle Harris, the way he's responding in the second half. Tyler's done what he's done to this point this year, as well. Tyler's our hardest working player, so our guys are not surprised that he's doing what he's doing and we are playing through him right now."

(On avoiding frustration about losses, and if young guys are getting frustrated...)

"Each and every game we go back. We know you can only keep this win with you one night, you can keep this loss with you one night. Our whole approach has been the same. We are in a routine right now in terms of our quick turn around and prep work for our next opponent. We respect every opponent we have in this league. We know we have quality opponents in this league. Our guys are plugging. They are fighting. They understand the challenges we have ahead. They understand the growing pains we've had to this point. We've had a lot of great teaching lessons. Some of those, obviously we would've loved to have a different result. A teaching lesson with a win would be a lot better than a teaching lesson with a loss. Our guys are competing right now and nobody is dropping their heads. We're staying together."

(On losses being so close, rebounds coming at the wrong time, etc...)

"They are big plays. They are difference makers. We're not going in this game, as good as Colorado State has been this year. They have been excellent at the 50-50 balls. Even tonight at halftime, they had 11 50-50 balls to start the game. That's a big ammo, and that's a big part of what they do. Our guys are staying together. They understand that this time of year it's about urgency. Our young guys are learning to understand that. We are continuing to compete and battle. Tyler and I talked after the last game up in Boise. We talked again, he said, "Coach, I'm so disappointed that we are coming so close each time." I said to him directly, I said, "Tyler, we are disappointed, and we are never going to stay in this program for being average. We want to be really good. And we're going to be good. It's just a matter of time of playing through it, and guys making plays, and finishing possessions."

(On how to prevent future opponents from getting opportunities to score...)

"We talked about how important that is. We are an aggressive defensive team and we play with a lot of effort, but channeling that effort and emotion sometimes, we haven't done so well on in the last three or four games. Putting guys in and bailing guys out and putting them at the free-throw line has cost us games. We've talked about playing hard, staying in front of the basketball, and making guys make contested shots without fouling. It's just an area we have got to improve and get better. We can't let guys at the end of the shot clock, we foul them and put them at the free-throw line. We just have to make a continued effort to get better in that area."

(On Kevin Olekaibe's playing time)

"I thought when he came in he gave us positive minutes. We're going to need everybody. Every guy that we suit out, we expect them to be prepared and ready for their opportunity when their number's called. But there is no question we are going to need him and need KO to be ready when his number is called and step up and come in and make some shots. He got some great looks early. He had two completely wide open looks to start the game and a number of other guys had open looks as well and we didn't make those. We expect him to keep working and plugging away and at some point he is going to have a really good night for us as well.

(On good start and back-door alley-oop to open game)

"We put it in a game ago and we didn't really use it the last game. We had a chance to come back and practice it a little bit and I thought we could try to get the crowd involved early in the game and get him (Tyler Johnson) going as well. The guys did a great job of executing the play."

(On what to expect Wednesday in Colorado Springs against Air Force)

"We're gonna face another older team. A team that starts four seniors. Another team that really understands and have been through the battles of this league. A team that shoots the ball really well. Team that plays really well on their home court. A team that runs the Princeton offense and they are patient and they have great pace of play on offense. We are going to have our hands full from a defensive standpoint, guarding what they run and what they do. We're just going to have to come out again and have an unbelievable effort on the road and continue to have our young guys grow against older players and older team.

Tyler Johnson

(On the team being so close to winning in past games)

"We are never discouraged. We understand that this is a really tough league. It is kind of disappointing that we have been so close in these games, but our guys are never going to get upset or hold onto these loses. I think the older guys have done a really good job at teaching the young guys that this is a tough league and one of the best leagues in the country. I mean if we keep playing the way we are supposed to play we are eventually going to come in on the upside of these games. "

(On scoring 12 out of the 14 points in the beginning of the first half)

"There seemed to be some open shots. The offense ran it the way we were supposed too and there were just opening so I took those shots and knocked some down."



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