Fresno State vs. UNLV Post-Game Quotes

¬¬¬How did your team do this tonight?
Coach Terry: "Well like I just said to our guys just a little while ago, our guys in terms of their preparation they never stopped working hard and believing in what we are trying to do, they won this game two days ago. Their focused, I thought that the last two days has probably been the best it's been all year, and anytime you have that, guys pulling for each other... and this time of year, in February you've gotta have unbelievable chemistry, and guys having each other's backs and trusting their teammates and believing in their teammates, and I think over the last couple of days our guys have done a great job of that and they carried that over tonight."

What did you see from Kevin Olekaibe tonight?

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Terry: "Kevin came out aggressive, he came out aggressive you know, we really outlined what each guy needed to do from an offensive standpoint and one of those keys for him in particular was to come out and be very aggressive and he did that from the offset and finished that same way."

Nobody had more rebounds tonight then that 6'2" junior Tyler Johnson sitting right next to you..
Terry: "Tyler Johnson did a great job of coming down. We really talked about our guards coming down and helping us in this game. We knew that these guys coming in a big part of their offense was offensive rebounding, transition offense and we needed to finish our stops with our guards coming down helping our big guys rebound."

How proud of this team were you about the way they finished the game?
Terry: No, I was real proud of these guys here, I was real proud. The way again, I said to them it's the best our bench has been all year in terms of pulling for their teammates. Guys on the floor it's the best we've had all year in terms of guys getting in huddles and staying engaged in the game, and you have to do that for forty minutes in this league, you can't play thirty-two or thirty-four minutes, you have to play forty minutes in this league."

You've had a lot of moments this year, whether it's the end of the half and the other team hits a big shot on your home floor, or then end of a shot clock. Last week at Air Force a forty foot runner at the end of the first half, you had a moment like that in this game for your team when it gets down to the end of the shot clock and Allen Huddleston throws up a prayer and it goes in. How good did that feel to be on the right side of that?
Terry: "It felt great to be on the right side of it, cause we've definitely had that feeling in terms of another team you know making a shot at the end that really deflated you a little bit, but in the case tonight it gave us a lot of energy and momentum and our guys kept building on it."

Is this the biggest win of the year?
Terry:"Oh by far, I mean we played tonight, I think the most talented team in our league. You know we've got really good teams in our league, but they I think man to man down their roster they have the most talent in our league. We knew coming in we had an unbelievable challenge against these guys, I mean Anthony Bennett to this point not only has had the kind of year to be warrant player of the year in our conference, but player of the year nationally. So we knew coming in we had our hands full with a very talented team."

Kevin, starting today after coming off the bench the last couple of games did that inspire you, is that a reason you scored 21 points today?
Kevin Olekaibe: "I wouldn't say so. I mean my teammates and my coaches have faith in me, and coach putting me back in the starting line up just showed me he didn't give up on me. I mean I just knew what I had to do and my teammates found me and I was just knocking down shots."

Are you feeling back to being your old self?
Olekaibe: "Yea I would say so. I mean I'm putting more time in the gym now I mean I got away from that a while ago, and you know it just feels good to be in there and doing what I know how to do."

Did it make you feel good tonight, knowing you grew up there as a high school senior scoring 35 a game and they weren't your destination?
Olekaibe:"I mean yea, it gave me more fire cause I'm from Vegas and I knew a lot of people were watching and UNLV is a very good team, and we just followed our game plan."

Tyler, you're 10th rebound was a career high? It was a key point in the game. Did you have more intensity in the game tonight?
Tyler Johnson: "I was just doing what coaches asked me to do. I kind of got away from that a little bit this year, crashing offensive glass. Luckily I came up with that one at a key moment in the game. My shot wasn't really falling so I was kind of trying to find other ways to get myself involved with the game.

What does this game do for you guys looking forward?
Terry: "Well I said to our guys just little while ago, in this league you only have it for one night, win, lose, and obviously it's a great feeling for us tonight. We beat a quality opponent her tonight that we have a lot of respect for, but you know we only get a chance to celebrate it for one night and move back on the next day. You know tomorrow our preparation turns toward San Diego State, you know we have a tough environment, venue to play in down there Saturday, and you know we will do what we've done all year long in terms of our routine, we will get back to our regular routine on Thursday and just continue to try to build on it, but we had great effort tonight from everybody.

What would you say you were most pleased with tonight as coach?
Terry: "I thought we played as a team tonight. I thought we were a team all the way around, and again I think when you talk about team contributions in terms of everybody contributing to what we were doing, everybody was really engaged tonight on the bench, the guys were into the game the entire time. The guys on the floor, it may seem like a little thing, but guys get in huddles, guys understanding what we are trying to execute, what we are trying to do it was really big for us tonight and you know it's gonna be big for us the remainder of the year in terms of guys staying together and playing as a team.

Thoughts on Braeden Anderson
Terry: "Absolutely, Braeden came in and gave us quality minutes. Again, we've said we have really tried to keep it simple for Braeden, at this point right now, you know, coming in at the level of competition he's competing against right now, right off the bat. Just come in and play with a motor, give us a defensive, try to rebound the basketball for us, set good screens. Just really keep it as simple as we can for him right now, until he continues to develop. But I thought he gave us quality minutes coming in for Foster and was really good for us tonight."



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