POSTGAME QUOTES: Nevada 79, Fresno State 76 (3OT)

Feb. 25, 2012

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POSTGAME QUOTES: Nevada 79, Fresno State 76 (3OT)

Rodney Terry, Head Coach, Fresno State

"They made plays where they had plays down the stretch; they had key offensive rebounds and put backs. I liked our guys' effort. I thought our guys played extremely hard. They executed in all the things we were trying to get done in terms of the game plan, offensive and defensively. But we have to continue to work on finishing and closing out games.

On the final shots of regulation

"We got the perfect match up that we wanted. With Tyler Johnson we flattened out and we'll take that match up any day of the week in terms of the last shot. You want the last shot of the game and we ended up with the last shot. You can't draw the play over on the side and get a better shot, an eight foot shot right at the basket, a shot that had the chance to go in, and the guy you want to shot the basketball. I thought all our looks were good and I thought, again, I give them a lot of credit. They made shots when they had to and we didn't."

On Kevin Olekaibe's final shot of the game

"They did a good job of defending that play. We talked about a counter too, and they came through in terms of taking away his shot. I said to him that I thought the counter was open and they were going to game plan the ball to guard him because he definitely was a guy to get a shot for. Give them a lot of credit; they made a great defensive possession in terms of making a stop and we just couldn't balance of our way of how we wanted to turn out."

On bouncing back for final two home games

"It won't be different to what we've done all year. We talk all the time about how were never going to get too high or never going to get too low. We win the game, we lose the game, we have one night. It's how we carry ourselves out like men and like winners and we prepare for the next day. We flush this out, you flush it out, if you win or lose you flush this game out and you move onto the next one."



On having a shot at making a run in the WAC Tournament

"We thought that all year long, to be honest with you. Are we disappointed with the outcome of tonight's game? Absolutely. But we feel like we could compete with anyone on any given night, we do. But we'll never be a program that settles for just being close and just being happy with going into a triple overtime game with the leader right now, in terms of being the best team. We play to win, every contest we play in; we play to win and that is what we will be about the whole time we're here."

Kevin Foster, Junior, Forward

On Foster fouling out with a minute remaining in triple overtime

"It's tough; I felt like if I never would have fouled out I could have really helped the team, by the way I was playing the whole game, by playing hard and making plays. I definitely could have helped my team, but my team played hard out there."

Jonathan Wills, Senior, Guard

On the team's performance against a physical Nevada team

"Coach [Michael] Schwartz and Terry drew plays and puts players in positions to make plays and that makes me comfortable as a player. We always expect max 100 from the team and that's not going to change, ever. We always expect max 100."

David Carter, Head Coach, Nevada

"Both teams didn't want to lose, they really battled to win the game. The guys had to find the will to win considering we were playing on the opponents floor. The team showed their will tonight to win the game."

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