QUOTES: Fresno State 77, Fresno Pacific 68

Nov. 2, 2012

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Rodney Terry, Fresno State, head coach

(On Three Freshmen playing and their game)
"Marvelle is growing as a young player. Aaron Anderson, as well. First time playing in front of the public and getting a chance to be on the main stage and things of that nature. I thought they handled themselves well for the better part of the game. Tanner obviously carried himself well in terms of what we're asking him to do. I talked about this from the start. This team is going to have growing pains early in the year, as guys get experience and get better with what we're trying to do from an execution standpoint. Some of that will have to do with. Our older guys have got to produce for us. They can't have nights off. Jerry Brown, Kevin Foster, Allan. They're older players. They have to produce. I was pleased with what our young guys were able to do once they were in the game."

(On the stretch of the game, big possessions, big shots when it counted)
"We had a little bit of execution towards the end there. There's a lot of room still to grow for this team. Tonight we didn't get better, and I have a problem with that because that's one of the things we hang our hat on in this program. It's about getting better each and every day. We didn't get better today. Not to take anything away from Fresno Pacific, they came out and they competed well and got after it. But we didn't get better as a team today."

(On Fresno State's 25 turnovers in the game)
"The thing and the disappointing point about that whole aspect was that was the number one thing. We had three things going into this game that we really wanted to see tonight, and we accomplished one of the three. We want to take care of the basketball; the value of taking care of the basketball. Alan helps that he had to wait the whole year. I can't make any excuses for him because some of the mistakes he's making right now we can't coach. He's going to have to put it right back on him again in terms of taking care of the basketball, getting in and getting some extra ball-handling work and getting some things done. That was an area that we obviously have to continue to grow as a team."

(On Kevin Foster looking confident in second half, and tough matchup, and Terry's thoughts on effort)
"Not bad. I was not happy with the first half performance because again being a senior, he should be a guy that we want to establish inside out, and he didn't give us the inside presence that we wanted to start the game. He's flopping around, shooting shots that we don't work on. He has to shoot the shots that we work on. We got the ball to him, the emphasis was placed on our perimeter guys to get that back inside and not settle for jump shots early in the game. We gotta be ready to produce. Can't waste a whole half. The beauty of that is we're going to have some guys get help here real soon. When guys are not doing their job, they're going to sit."

(On Allen Huddleston's play at point guard)
"He's got a lot of room to grow. I'm going to be hard on that position because again we can't be a team that beats ourselves. We hav eto give ourselves a chance to win. A year ago, we had one of the better assisted turnover ratios in the country. We have to take care of the basketball. Steven Shepp did that for us a year ago. That's the challenge that Allan is going to have to compete to get better each and every day. Aaron's going to have to help him, Tyler's going to have to help him. We will get KO back here in the next couple of days and we'll acclimate him and get him back in there to help us with the ball handling, as well."

(On message to team going to Texas next week)
"We have to get better. We have to get better in all areas. We have to get better in our defense, we have to get better with our execution, we have to get better with taking care of the basketball. We have to get better."

(On FPU matching up-tempo game, and concerns of teams like this giving problems)
"We'll get better as the year goes along. We'll get better handling pressure. I'm disappointed tonight that we let a team come in and really get after us. We didn't respond in the way I wanted us to respond. They mirrored the way we should be looking. Especially from a defensive standpoint, getting after it, really competing the way we want to compete. All things that are correctable, we'll correct those things. We'll get what we want to get done or the guys on the floor, won't be out there."

Tanner Giddings, Fresno State, Freshman, Forward/Center

(On his contribution on both offense and defense)
"The coaches emphasize playing hard on the defensive end, and the offense will then just come naturally. That's what I do. I work hard on defense and hope the offense will come.

(On first block shot and confidence)
"It got me excited. It made me realize I can compete at this level. I can guard. It just made me want to compete even more throughout the game, so I just kept playing as hard as I could."

(On excitement of opening the regular season at No. 24 Texas) "I'm very excited. I'm taking it on as a challenge."

Chris Wright, Fresno Pacific, head coach

"We shot about as poorly as we can from the field, but that happens. The difference in the game was we gave up too many easy buckets. There was a stretch in the first half, the last four minutes, where I think we gave up three bucks in transition and to start the second half we gave up two easy ones. You are not going to beat division one teams or anyone if you do that.

"When you look at their field goal percentage they shot over 50 and that's obviously too high, but when you force 25 turnovers, and especially at our level, that is going to lead to a lot of easy buckets.

"I love how hard this team plays now we just have to play a little smarter and execute a little harder."



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