Fresno State vs. Pacific Post-Game Quotes

Nov. 16, 2012

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Head Coach Rodney Terry

(On Allen Huddleston, his 3-pointer, and being on him during game...)

"I was proud of him. He hung in the game. He had a tough night. I said to him in front of the team just a little while ago, you have to make adjustments as the game goes along. How the game beneficiated, and it's no different for the post guys. If they're letting guys get physical in the post, post guys have to adjust. On the perimeter, they were really watching and caring for that basketball tonight. He had to really adjust to the game, adjust to the officiating. Take care of the basketball, go one direction, initiate offense, and get it going. There is no need for those empty possessions. We can't have those."

(On Kevin Foster...)

"Kevin has been doing a good job all year long in terms of rebounds of the basketball, especially on the defensive end for us. Early on in the season right now, if he didn't get the rebound, we are looking around to see who else will get the rebound. He's done a really good job in that regards. He gave us a low post presence tonight. He's getting better and better every night out in terms of that. I think this year he's really put himself in a position at the start of the year, unlike a year ago, for a really good campaign for us this year. Based on his conditioning and where he's at right us for us."

(On getting to the line and converting well...)

"We did. We really wanted tonight, we made a conscious effort to play downhill. I thought the last ball game we were playing a lot of east and west. We weren't really putting pressure on the basket, putting pressure on the paint. We did a much better job of that tonight. Making these guys have to stay in front of us."

(On having hard time staying in front of Lorenzo McCloud and taste of guards this season...)

"He was crafty tonight. He was really good. He went right at us. We knew coming into the ball game, we had to play him as a driver. He was a guy that really needs time to get into his shot. We really want to play him to where he was making contested jump shots, and not just staying out on the paint. We were over-aggressive, I think, at times in guarding him, and gave him a little bit too much crowding his space. He just went around us and got to the paint and did what he wanted to do."

(On if Terry decided if Cal Poly will be Robert Upshaw's debut...)

"Well you know Robert has made a lot of really good progress. He really has. Training staff has done a great job with him. He's had a chance to get another look from Dr. Hanson. They feel good about where he's at right now at present time. He's been cleared. We held him out tonight because we want to put Robert in the best position. We're not going to rush his process. We're not going to throw him in there when he's not ready right now. We want to get a little more practice time prior to him getting more game time. Monday night, he's going to get a chance to get a little bit of action. I don't know how much or how long, but you will get a little taste of him. We're going to ease him back in this process and not just throw him out there and expect him to be a 30-minute guy for us. That's not going to happen. We're going to take it slow with him and bring him along."

(On 2nd-half and struggling to build on...)

"To be honest with you, we didn't come out with the kind of defense and intensity in the first half. I thought our defense and intensity was much, much better in the second half. Our guys came out with a more of a mind set that we were going to sit down and really guard right now and not let this guys come in and execute there offense. We did a better job trying to rebound the basketball. They out-rebounded us in this game, but I thought we did a better job overall in terms of our defense and intensity. That was the difference in the game, between that and points off turnovers. We had 11 turnovers at half time and 19 points off turnovers. I think we finished for 17 in the game. That's the difference in the game in the second half. Taking care of the basketball, executing, and not giving easy baskets."

(On Pulling away in the second half..)

"We're going to have games like this all year and we'll grind it out. That's what we are, grinders. Our programs built on defense and taking a lot of pride and trying to get stops, and going down and executing well and understanding what we're trying to get done from an offensive stand point. It's going to be a 40-minute game and go until the whistle blows it off."

(On transition in tonight's game...)

"As the year goes on we will grow a lot as a team, we have new faces and guys getting familiar with playing with each other. Those advantage points, we're getting better at that. We're getting better converting from offence to defense. Is there room for improvement for both of those? There's no doubt about it."

#24 Kevin Foster

(13 point and 10 rebounds. How comfortable are you feeling with Coach Terry)

"I feel really comfortable. I like the system it works inside and out. It benefits me. I do look forward to playing the same way that I played tonight against some bigger opponents."

(Did it feel different playing at home? You looked confident out there.)

"Yeah, I was. I feel like the first couple of game I've been slow (offensively) and trying to get in the rhythm. I felt like I couldn't get my rhythm going but I feel like tonight I got it back. I feel like it's going to be good for the rest of the year."



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