Fresno State vs. Long Beach State Post-Game Quotes

Nov. 25, 2012

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Head Coach Rodney Terry

(On getting off to a good start)

"I thought we lost a little bit of our defensive intensity there for a stretch to be honest with you, because they went on a good little run right after that. We knew going in that to win this game we would have to take their transition baskets away. We finished the half giving them 20 points in transition, which was a huge part of the game. When we got back and got our defense set we are in pretty good shape."

(Did the length of their zone giving you trouble offensively?)

"I don't necessarily think it was the length part of it. I think we got shots that we wanted. We got to knock some of our shots down. We had opportunities; we didn't shoot the ball particularly well at the free throw line. I give those guys a lot of credit, they fought hard, and they came up with some fifty-fifty balls. That was the difference in the game."

(On Huddleston only playing five minutes in the first half)

"We definitely needed him on the floor, no question about that. He's the guy that gets the majority of the reps at that position. When you take a guy off the floor that means so much to your team, not only from the offensive stand point, but really challenge them in this game defensively. When you take that kind of guy off the floor in terms of running and executing what you are trying to get done. That's a huge fall for us right there."

(What did Upshaw show you in his first Save Mart Center game?)

"Robert's going to play his way through the whole time in terms of getting back into shape. He gave us a good presence on the offensive end. We still got to get better on the defensive end in terms of post defense and things of that nature. He's a game changer when we comes in the game, he will be playing his way back."

(On returning the favor next week at Long Beach)

"I give them a lot of credit again. Their program has been successful over the last few years. Coach Monson has done a really good job. They are a program right now that expects to win, we are still fighting and learning what that is all about, it terms of learning how to earn a win and earning some respect and what that is all about. Anytime where you have a program where they are at right now in term of post-season play, they expect it. We are still kind of hoping right now. The next step for us as a program is to understand that we expect it too. You got to get the job done, and that requires 40 minutes of working hard and grinding it out."



(On Foster and Olekaibe combining 5 for 20 from the field)

"Going into every ball game I don't really go into the game saying hey guys you have to make shots. I go into the game saying we have to have the effort and intensity on defense. You get lost on defense; offense comes a lot easier to you. You get into thinking it is all about our offense, you will shoot your way into a bad night. For whatever reason those guys weren't making shots tonight. Along the same line I can say the same thing about the defense. I don't think we have the intensity that we needed defensively to get those stops. We aren't going to make shots every night, but you can go out every night and you can have that effort on defense. We can have that consistently for forty minutes. "

(On Jerry Brown's performance)

"We need Jerry Brown to be the junkyard dog, we need him to give us some rebounds, we need him to give us some energy when he is in there. Play pretty good defense for us. He hasn't put it together consistently this year yet, but we need him to do that, and this team needs him to do that. That's his role, that's his job for what we are asking him to do in terms of not only being successful as an individual, but for our team as well."

(On Robert Upshaw's quickness on the baseline)

"I mean prior to his injury he had really worked hard to get into good shape, probably in the best shape he has been in in his life to be honest with you. He is down quite a few pounds from a year ago at this time, I think it defiantly shows in his mobility and getting down the floor and things of that nature. He will be a work in progress as the year goes on. He is going to get better in terms of his stamina and being able to have a sustained effort both offensively and defensively for us. It will be a process for him. He has been out, missed five weeks; it's going to take some time."

Allen Huddleston

(On losing at home)

"It's just frustrating especially when you can come out and get a win against a team that is very beatable, but we just have to prepare for the next game and try to get that win next game."

Do you like that fact that you're facing this team against next week when you'll play the 49ers down there?

"I think we definitely like knowing that were going to play them again and have a chance to beat them on their own floor."

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