Fresno State vs. San Diego Christian Post-Game Quotes

Dec. 6, 2012

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Head Coach Rodney Terry

(18 steals - Did you have that mentality going into the game?)

"We definitely wanted to speed these guys up a little bit. The first half we really wanted to do that and for whatever reason we weren't able to set tone from the very beginning. Never the less our guys picked up the pressure in the second half. Jerry came into the game and really changed the game with his energy, his defense, and his force. He also had great opportunities of rebounding. He changed the game and was the difference in the game tonight."

(Do you see an identity as a sixth man and energy guy off the bench there for him?)

"No, actually what Jerry (Brown) has really done over the last two games not being in the starting line up, he hasn't said anything, been sad or sorry for him. He's done exactly what we've asked him to do and the things we need him to do to help us win in games. We didn't win that game at Long Beach State,if he didn't come in and get six offensive rebounds for us and play with the energy and gave us the defensive work that he's given us the last two games. He's going to be an important person for us over the course of the season."

(How important was it for your entire freshman to have this game tonight?)

"We've said all along that it's not about the opponent; it's about us getting better as a team. For the young guys getting the experience, those guys value this. When they're out there in game situations, we have a chance to get better. The young guys are definitely getting good experience and we try and give them as much as possible."

(How about Brad Ely and his first two career points?)

"Brad was aggressive on that one play. I'm happy for Brad. Brad is a great guy that is a great teammate. All of the guys play for him. He works extremely hard in practice and he helps us get better in practice in a number of different ways. Sometimes we have him drive the bigger guys and make those guys have to go one on one because that's what we're going to see out in the pipe in the future. We're happy for Brad and we like Brad a lot."



(Changing the rotation in the last two games, what are you liking in the change of personnel you're seeing?)

"We wanted to give some other guys some experience right now and opportunities. In the end, Jerry's giving us great lift off of the bench and the spark off of the bench that we need. Anytime you're facing four or five guards at a time it's hard to play the big guys but the tables are about to turn and we're about to play some big teams. It was great experience for us because again it was the same type of plays we'll see in the Mountain West Conference. We'll continue to look at those line-ups and we'll continue to look at guys giving us good plays right now."

(Can we expect to see more of Kevin Foster?)

"No doubt about it. Tonight was Jerry's turn, he came in and gave an unbelievable spark off the bench. You have to be ready when your opportunity and your number is called, you need to be ready to play and again just do the things we ask you to as a part of the team to be successful. No doubt in my mind that Kevin Foster will play his way back in. We'll need Kevin. Players dictate how they play and how much they play."

(Momentum for the next games?)

"We know we have a very good opponent and their home court. This game was bigger than just playing San Diego Christian; we're playing for this game and every game after it. The one thing we want to take away is better one on one defense."

(Did you feel like this was a tune up night?)

"Any competition is an opportunity for our team to continue to get better. Everyday we step on the court we want to get better and continue to improve."

(Second half, was there something the first few minutes?)

"We wanted to come out and play the way we've player all year. We wanted to continue to execute things like we have and for the future. We wanted to get the experience with our young guys, we got better the second half with what we wanted to do."

#00 Jerry Brown

(On getting any extra motivation coming off the bench)

"For the last week, coach has been on me about being aggressive, rebounding, and playing the defense and coach really challenged me this week. I've taken it upon myself and my teammates to respond to coach and I feel like I did respond and I just want to keep on going from this."

(On earning the role on the starting lineup after this game)

"I don't really think about that. When I'm out there with my team I just want to do my job. I just want to be efficient."

(On excitement for playing the big schools in upcoming games and playing old teammate)

"Anytime you get the opportunity to play a high-level school like Washington State and Colorado, it's a great opportunity for our team to get better and a great chance for the younger guys to get experience because the older guys played a high-level last year. Playing against Mike (Ladd), that's going to be fun for all the guys that know him and played with him. It all goes back to us getting better on the team, that's our main focus right now."

(On last dunk and being aggressive)

"I just want to be aggressive. Anytime I'm on the court I just want to be efficient....Anytime I'm on the court I just want to be as aggressive as possible and earn my keep on the court."

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