Fresno State vs. Colorado Post Game Quotes

Dec. 12, 2012

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Head Coach Rodney Terry

(Opening Statement)

"Hard fought contest tonight. Knew we had to work this game for 40 minutes. Knew we had a really good opponent coming in and were going to have to do all the little small details we were going to have to do to have an opportunity to come out with a victory tonight. We got off to a slow start in the first half and had a much better effort in the second half. Thought our defense wasn't bad in the first half, thought we let our offense affect how we carried ourselves."

(On Rebounding and Colorado's Roberson)

"I'll be honest with you, he is one of the better rebounders in the country and we knew that coming in. We spent a couple days preparing. You have to prepare for a guy like that with a motor like that. His rebounds are difference-makers in games. We knew that going in, we worked on that and spent some time on that, and we made him look like a lottery-pick tonight in terms of what he was doing out there. He is a tremendous talent in terms of going after the basketball. But, that was a big possession for them when he came up with the basketball."

(Starting lineup for second half)

"Our young guys are gaining valuable experience every time out. Tanner, the guy we want to bring along, gonna be a good player in our program, but he is playing against an older and experienced player that understands how important it is to start a half and get going. Jerry has done a great job over the last 3 or 4 games and having great energy from the start and setting the tone and did that for us again tonight. I'm very pleased with what he is doing and how he is doing it and I thought he gave us a better chance for a better start."

(On Kevin Foster)

"Kevin was good tonight. But I think that was carry over from practice. He had two of his better practices of the year. Thought he had unbelievable energy over the last two days and his preparation the last two days have been his best. Sat down and talked with him about playing his way out of the rut he has been in a little bit and it was going to start in practice and thought tonight was a direct result of how he did those things this week."

(On stretch of 3 of 4 games against PAC-12 opponents)

"We are learning a lot about our team. I think people underestimate Washington State, I think they will be right where they need to be and they have a pro in Motum and it was a great matchup for us up there. It gets down to details. We have played well enough defensively against both of these teams to win both of these games. We aren't shooting the ball particularly well right now, but we will. We will have some time in this stretch once guys finish finals to really spend more time in the gym to spend more time on our shooting and hopefully we will see a direct result of that in terms of making more shots. This is a good stretch for us and we are growing as a team."

(On shooting struggles)

"Wish I had the magic answer for that one. Guys just have to step in there and do what they work on in terms of repetitions and working on their shot. 95% of this game in mental and you have to be a confident player and you have to be a confident team and we are real close. Real close doesn't count, and we aren't playing for moral victories we are playing to win. We played a quality opponent tonight and had our opportunities."

(On Upshaw)

"That is just a growth curve with our young guys understanding those small details and the inches you need in this game and even when you get fatigued you have to understand how important it is for you to execute on where were actually doing what we practice and being where we want you. He will continue to get better with that and to be honest this was a great growing up point for him tonight. He played against some great post guys tonight. He will respond to that level of play because were at a great level of play right now where you can't take any possessions off and you can't not play hard. It's a great growth period for he and Tanner both. Our older players they understand the level of competition is going up and you have to match that level."

What happened with that foul (Aaron Anderson in the last 20 seconds)? Is that just inexperience?

"Again, we're growing with that. Heck I almost jumped out there and fouled him myself. We really wanted to foul Roberson in that situation. Our guys are just growing. This is a team that is coming off of a tough loss and they're a post-season team. Last year they won the Pac 12 tournament and they not only got in the tournament, they advanced in the tournament. They have a number of key guys and a lot of experience. That's what we're trying to build toward and that's what we're trying to get to. We're trying to get to that point where we're a confident team down the stretch so we can finish it. Everyday that's our motto, we're trying to finish and get over the hump in that regards."

(On excited to be home for a few days?)

"We are excited about that. We needed to be here in terms of the guys have a lot of academics low right now that they are working with and working through. Being here is good for us and as we're trying to finish strong in the classroom and we need to do a great job down the stretch. Having a chance to stay in a regular routine is really good for our guys right now. We have a quality opponent coming in on Saturday and Irvine has had a really good non-conference slate."

#0 Jerry Brown

(On coming back from that down stretch)

"It was a hassle for us, we kind of dug ourselves into a hole there but we did a great job fighting back in the second half. It's all about finishing the game for us and we're right there but I feel like this team has a lot of growth."

How are you going to continue to get the win in the second half in the next game?

"We just have to come out with intensity and UC Irvine is a great team and we respect every opponent but we have to come out with intensity and bounce back."



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