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Aug 30, 2013

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Fresno State Quotes

Head Coach Tim DeRuyter

Opening Statement
"Give those guys (Rutgers) credit, they got up every time we landed one (punch) on them. Luckily we got the last shot in and made the last play. A little bit. Talking on the sidelines we were talking about how we could block the extra point. But, as the game went on I knew that their players were starting to get fatigued, both sides were. I thought particularly their defense was as we went up-tempo they started to fatigue and slow down. I think they thought the longer the game went maybe they wanted to win it or lose it right now. They have a heck of a weapon in 17 (Brandon Coleman). He's a big, big kid and very well deserving of being a first or second round guy or whatever they project him to be. And Nova had a hot hand at times and so they went with a play they thought could win it. I was just happy we made that one last play to get the win."

What was defensive scheme on last play?
"I gotta ask Nick (Toth) what the actual call was. We were going max coverage. A lot of teams on that two-point will slide to a trips and try to out-leverage you and pick you up in man coverage, but we were in zone and our guys passed it off pretty well."

How important was it at this point in the season for this team to face this kind of adversity?
"It's huge. It's everything. As a coach you want your players to go through that, to get knocked to the mat and have to get back up. Be down 20-7 and not look very good. Realize that you get right back in the game and take a lead, then have it go the other way. It is much better in the development of a team and the psyche then going out and beating someone by 30. To develop a team that no matter what circumstances we have we are going to win."

On mental strength of team, battling through lead changes and adversity
"We've got a special group of seniors that believes in themselves. They don't get down on each other. If somebody slips up, somebody is going to make up for them. I think our offense did a really good job of sparking us. At times I think we played really good on defense, but we gave up too many big plays, obviously. Every time we were down, we responded. It was nice to see our kicking game that wasn't great, obviously giving up the kickoff return, but Dillion Root at the end of the game to get us set up for that touchdown. That was huge. Isaiah Burse with his punt return. Guys did good and bad things and when you can have that and have it not be one-sided it's big."

On having 74 passes compared to 23 rushes
"I think we will ice Derek's arm down and he will be fine. A lot of it has to due with how they are going to try to defend us. Their charge going in was we are going to stop the run then we aren't going to try to go uphill. We are going to take what they give us."

On importance of sequence of plays in second quarter that went Fresno State's way
"That was a huge spot. I think we ended up losing the turnover. It would've been bigger than that had we lost that one (Carr fumble, but ruled down), but it went our way. Things weren't going our way. An opponent like Rutgers, this team was a Big East champ last year. They played physical and fast on defense and I think they are a really good football team that is going to win a lot of games. To get those breaks, we needed them and we took advantage of it afterwards and go the momentum back right there before the half."

On freshman kicker Colin McGuire hitting game-tying 47-yard field goal in fourth quarter
"That is why signed him. A year ago we had a walk-on kicker and I didn't feel comfortable putting him in that position. But we put Colin in that position all fall camp and he has the leg to do it. The think I love about him is he has the demeanor that if he would've missed it he wouldn't have got down on himself - I don't think he would've missed it - but at practice at times he does and he goes `okay I'll get my mechanics down and hit the next one' and that's what you have to have as a kicker. He is going to win a lot of games for us and I am glad we have him."

What was said in huddle after Rutgers scored touchdown to take lead with 1:18 left?
"It was really kind of matter of fact. You know we have been here before in this situation. We do it all camp long. We put different times and different timeouts and this time we had all three timeouts. That is easy. In camp we give them 1:15 and only one timeout so we went down the field and our guys have a lot of confidence and they made big plays."

Concerned with secondary?
"You have to give credit to Rutgers. They hit some balls right on the money. But we have to get that cleaned up. They did a good job of keeping us off rhythm when we were in run-stopper calls and they hit us with passes or we play pass and they hit us with a run. Every year personnel is going to be different and it takes some time for coaches to get a feel for who can do what. We will get that cleaned up. It was good to get a win, whether it was 52-51 or, as we talked about in the locker room, 3-0. When we can win and still have a day to correct some things, you like that a lot better. We will get that corrected. I have a lot of faith in our coaches."

One of the crazier games you've been in?
"With all the swings and mood changes, I don't know that I have ever been in one like this."

On running back situation
"We will look at the tape and we will get together with Coach Schramm and Coach Wade and see how their grades turned out. We aren't going to do it just based on one or two plays. I thought Josh did some good things, but again we need to look at the tape. We need to do a much better job with the quarterback-running back exchange. We can't put the ball on the ground. That's an unforgiveable sin and we have to get that cleaned up. If we can't then we can't play the players that are going to put the ball on the ground. We will take a look at the tape tomorrow."

On Derek Carr
"He is what we think. He is the real deal. He had ice in veins. This year he can make plays with his feet, unlike last year. I thought our protection, except for maybe one or two plays, was excellent. When he gets that kind of protection, he feels confident to get the ball where it needs to go and we got some frisbee catching dogs that will go get it."

#4 Derek Carr

Comment on Singing Bulldog Spirit Song in Locker Room...
"That was so much fun! I'm glad Coach DeRuyter brought that back because that was so much fun. I'm sure you heard us from the locker room outside."

Reaction to going back and forth with Rutgers...
"I'll tell you right now it reminds me of everything I went through with my son. You have your son and you are at the highest of highs, I can't even explain it. He had his surgery and everything I went through, you know the story. Praise God, that's all I can tell you. I could go on and preach to you, but I know you don't want to hear that. Thank God for what happened today. My son is home now and after that game it was just like that relief. I sat there and balled my eyes out. I guess he has made me a little soft."

Having no control over the two-point conversion...
"Football is the ultimate team sport. I'm sure when I threw the pick, Derron wasn't very happy but there wasn't anything he could do about it. If they mess up there is nothing we could do about it and we don't get down on each other. When I came off the field after I threw that pick, no one cared because they knew I was going to get it next time. If they mess something up, I don't care because I know they can do it next time. I know how good they are. I am kind of a control freak so I like to have control over things, but when it's not, I just get down on my knees and pray and we did. That was the craziest game I've ever been a part of."

Was this your signature game of your career?
"I don't get caught up in all that stuff. I am just going to continue working as hard as I can. You guys get tired of me saying that, but it's the truth. Tomorrow, I'll try and relax and come in and watch the film. I didn't play a perfect game. That pick in the end zone could have cost us, but defense bailed us out. They helped us not give up a touchdown. I have a lot of things to work on. Signature game? You guys can say whatever you want, I'm not opposed but it doesn't mean anything to me because we have a lot more games to go."

How about funest?
"If funest is a word, then yes! It was the most fun game, I promise, that I have ever been a part of. But I was at peace the whole time and I never thought once that we were going to lose. Like I told these guys, last year when we played New Mexico and we were down 20 to nothing, none of us once thought that we were going to lose that game. That is what is special about this team, especially this year. There was not one moment when we thought we were going to lose this game. "

#13 Derron Smith

Were you caught off-guard when they lined up for two in overtime?
"I think the whole defense was a little bit. The first overtime, they score to match ours and you assume they are going to kick the extra point. When they kept their offense out there, it caught us a little off-guard, but we handled the play well and got the stop."

On feelings during last play
"As a competitor you want to be out there for that last play. Like I said, it caught us off-guard a little, but we wouldn't want it any other way."

On what he saw on last play
"They had Coleman to the short side so I was thinking that they were going to try to get a one-on-one with him. When they motioned him over, we had seen that on film that they try to run a little rub route and try to get him free on a little flat route and Charles Washington made a great play. He came down and made a really good play on the incompletion."

On what coaches told defense after the game
"We really haven't had enough time for the coaches to mention everything. We are just happy to get the win. There are some holes out there, but for the first game with a few new pieces there is always going to be little spots where you need to correct. We are going to go in and watch the film and see what we need to do better. They did a good job of keeping us off balance and hitting us with pass plays. They did a few things different then what we saw on film. It wasn't as much of the posts and deep routes and they hit us with some deep comebacks and deep outs and that kind of caught us off-guard at the beginning of the game."

On atmosphere of crowd
"It was incredible. I haven't been in an atmosphere like that since the Nebraska game there. It was amazing to see them all in the white matching us. The atmosphere in the locker room after the game was crazy. Everybody was exhausted, but we were hyped and having fun out there. Everybody is laid out somewhere, whether it is at home or in the locker room.

#19 Colin McGuire

On game-tying kick in fourth quarter
"It was nice that it was 47 yards. Every hit is supposed to be the same, but just backing it up made it that much more fun. All of this is still so new to me and it is just that much better to be here now."

On which kick he was most nervous about
"Absolutely the extra point. I knew that was the game right there and that would be it, so definitely that extra point. "

Nervous at all?
"I'll be nervous on the sidelines, but once I get out there it is fun and it's a game and it is for my teammates."

On coach having confidence in him
"He has been telling people that all camp and it is really encouraging. It is things like that that will motivate me to be more professional and practice more and prove to coach that he can be more confident in me."

How do you prepare on the sidelines?
"I have to warm up and get my leg ready. The crowd gets loud so I know something good is happening then I will pray and say `let me just glorify you God' and then I hit the kick."

On stadium atmosphere
"It was electric. It is definitely a new feeling. I am from Texas and football is pretty big there, but it is nothing like this and it is incredible."

What attracted you to Fresno State?
"I had a few other offers, more than a kicker probably should have. But what attracted me to Fresno State was the coaches are like a family. They will treat you like a human being and it isn't like a business and I like that."

Rutgers Quotes

Head Coach Kyle Flood

Opening Statement
"I'd like to start by congratulating Coach DeRuyter and his football team. We knew coming out here that they had a really fine football team and a hostile environment to play in, and I think both of those things showed up tonight. It was a great atmosphere for college football, not always the finest for visitors, but I tribute that to the fans out here...excellent football team. I feel like both teams fought really hard, back and forth, lead changes, big changes on both sides, really dynamic performances from a lot of players in the game. It's really far and few between at Rutgers where we can hold a team under 100 yards and not come out on top, but tonight that happened to us. I feel like Gary had a good night, and Devante and Brandon both had good nights, and I felt that P.J. James did a nice job breaking out in the run game a little bit for us. At times I feel that the special teams really helped us, and at times needed a little bit of assisting. They deserve a lot of credit, Fresno State does, for making one more play than we did tonight. I think that's the story of the game. Both teams made a lot of plays, and both teams probably made more mistakes than they wanted to, but they made one more than we did and they deserve to win."

About his decision on going for the Two-Point Conversion...
"I felt like we had already made a two-point play, I felt Ron had another good call, that we really had the ball in the hands of two of our better players, Gary and Brandon, and it was just a little bit off of his fingertips, a little too wide, whatever you want to say, we will look at the protection and see how that was on tape, and ultimately I will be judged by those decisions but I don't regret it and I told both players I would do it again if I had that opportunity."

If exhaustion of defense was a factor in the end...
"It really was more to do with the offense than the defense. I felt like that was a great opportunity to win the game, and we actually had made the decision at the start of that drive that when we scored the touchdown we were going to go for two and end the game. It was much more about my confidence in the offense executing that play than anything else."

On Carr's 25-yard pass at the end...
"I think it's a little bit of that, certainly you want to limit the big plays they make, but I think it seemed to be their process as well with all the shorter passes they threw, I know he threw it 70-something times, but I don't know how many of those passes are over 10 yards for what they were intended for. There were a lot of catch-and-runs, and I'm sure when we will look at the tape there's gonna be some tackles that we wanted to make or we think we should make, but they've got some fine athletes over there, and they are going to test you, and that's the reason they play the way they do."

On what he learned about his team from this game...
"I'm really proud of the way they fought. I don't know that I learned it tonight because I felt we had a group of players that will fight to the end and could play a dynamic style of football and could really go nose-to-nose with anybody in the country, and Fresno State's got a fine football team. They probably feel the same way about their guys, and to play through a game like this with some of the younger players on the team, there's no doubt in my mind that we will get better because of it."

Did the pace of the game, how long it was have a negative impact on your team...>br> "No I don't think so. I think both teams have to deal with those conditions. Their defense had to go 27 minutes between drives, so I don't know if that becomes an issue. Gary looked pretty sharp at the end of the game to me, so it probably affects both teams equally. I don't know if it's a positive or negative."

On Paul James...
"I think he was the hot hand tonight. Right now after an emotional game like that I don't think it's a time to discuss the depth chart, but were going to get back and look at the film and I'm really proud of P.J. He's one of the reasons we had a chance to win that game at the end."

On the missed field goal...
"I thought it was a little wide right. I think I will have to look at in on tape to see if technically there was something of an issue, but I think it got up, got an early rise to it, he just pushed it a little to the right."

On the last 30 seconds of the game...
"I think were disappointed we didn't win. I don't know that that one drive was the reason. Were going to look at this tape. It's always the things that happen at the end of the game that are always fresh in everyone's mind in terms of why you lose, but I know that there's gonna be so many opportunities that we had in this game to make another play that could've put us in a situation to win the game, and I'm very pleased in the way we executed those plays to give us an opportunity with the time we had left. I've got to evaluate to see if I should've taken that time out on the extra point. I felt that if we took the time out, we'd have a chance to block it, and if we had a time out, maybe we could've moved the ball closer. Those are things we have to evaluate, but those are decisions you make in the moment and you make them for reasons and you learn from it, you evaluate it, then you go forward, but I don't regret any of my decisions tonight."

On Officials' calls...
"You know I don't know if I want to discuss officiating. I always think it's a little unfair when the game gets taken out of the hands of the players. Those are discussions I'm going to have with Terry."

On his gutsy calls...did he feel he had to do that because of "Carr and Fresno..."
"It's got much more to do with my confidence in my players. I have a tremendous amount of confidence in Gary..."

Seemed as though not one team could maintain momentum, is that a testament to the quality of the two teams?
"I think it's a testament to how tough the two football teams are mentally because what may be perceived as momentum swings don't affect a mentally tough football player, mentally tough football team, and I think both teams have that quality."



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