Fresno State - Weber State Postgame Quotes

Sept. 1, 2012

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Fresno State Quotes

Coach Tim DeRuyter

Opening Statement...

" I'm extremely proud of everything that happened tonight, to go out there and see the Red Wave. I thought the crowd was great. They were very loud and I think they were entertained. It was the first time I heard the band, and I thought they did a tremendous job and that they were inspiring to our guys and our fans. I was proud of the effort of our team. I talked to the guys in the locker room. We've got a heck of a lot of work to do to get more discipline. We had too many penalties. There are penalties of aggression, but we had too many dumb penalties and it's got to be nipped in the bud. I was impressed with our conditioning. I thought in the fourth quarter that definitely showed up. I thought in the third quarter we didn't do a very good job of coming out of half time. I've got to do a better job, apparently, of talking to them at half time. I talked better before the game than I did at half time. We gotta have better focus. We shot ourselves in the foot on some drives. We had some penalties on defense that extended their drive, but we knew it was going to be a very competitive Weber State team. I was very impressed with their quarterback, he's a tremendous competitor. I think they are going to win a lot of games. I just want to thank our staff. I think they did a tremendous job, starting back in January until now. Installing our themes on both sides, but I like where we are at after the first game."

First offensive play, three yard line...

"Well we want to be aggressive. My charge to coach Schramm is that we are going to be fast, physical and fanatical. To me that is a statement about being aggressive, we are going to go after people. We are going to take our shots when we have them, and that's going to be our style."

"I think we started extremely fast, we didn't do a good job sustaining that and is what was disappointing. We had guys make great plays, Derek made a couple great throws, Devante made a couple nice catches and Robbie had some great runs where he was hemmed up and still made positive runs."

On Defense...

"I think overall we approached play with the fanaticism that we want to play with. We did a really good job against the run. We gave a couple...I can't remember another run that was more than 3 or 4 yards, that's encouraging to see....29 rushes for 67 yards. You do that and you're gonna win most ball games. We got that one take away which I thought was a key point in the ball game. Alston got that interception, and our offense right way went for the jugular and went up for a big play to get it done."

On debuting as head coach...

"It is totally different when it is your program not for just one game. I was just happy with our staff, the way our players performed. We got a lot of work to do to get better, but I was very very pleased with them and of their hard work."

Draw play on Robbie (Rouse)...

"He's the kind of guy, you go in a phone booth with him, you wouldn't be able to catch him. So you spread people out sideline to sideline, he's going to make people miss. That's why I like him in our scheme, he's dynamic, he's electric."

#4 Derek Carr

First play call...

"I thought it was a great call, of course, it was a pass play. We had kind of an idea of what we saw on film, and they kind of did what we thought, so coach Schramm did a great job, and he doesn't care where we are on the field, we are going to run our offense. Once we saw they were going to line up that way, it was good after that.Marcel (Jensen) did a great job of making a great catch."

On Adams' two touchdowns...

"He's a great player and it shows how great our depth is at receiver. When certain circumstances happen to where some of our guys had to step in and play key roles, I thought we were on a good page. You also have to tip your hat to guys like Anthony Riggins, Greg Watson, he came in and ran two great routes and made a great catch on the first one. I'm just proud of our guys and how much we fought. We put a quarterback at receiver and he did some great things."

Crowd difference...

"I kid you not, one time last year towards the end of the season I looked up and it was empty. We were losing, and it was a bad feeling. So I went in with that mind set this summer and to the work outs and all of that. I don't want to see that again, and I worked as hard as I could. I was so proud of our fans, they were there, they were loud, and gave our new coaches a glimpse of what our fans can do."

Start of game...

"I think we came out and did some good things on both sides of the ball. It's definitely good to see number 16 back on defense, I love that guy. I thought Robbie ran the heck out of the ball, and that makes my job so much easier."

Connected on first 10 passes...

"I was just excited to throw against a different team, and I was just trying to do what I was coached to do. The right place at the right time. I didn't even know it was ten in a row, I don't even think like that. That sounds pretty sweet though, hopefully we can keep that going."

#16 Phillip Thomas

On first game back

"It felt great. A lot of emotions from me, really excited to be back on the field and to struggle with them and to succeed with them. I'm happy about the way we played today."

Fast start on defense...

"It is always good to start out fast and get a good lead, but I feel like towards the middle and third quarter we stepped off the gas pedal, and we have to keep making those plays as the game goes along."

Difference from last season

"I feel like we played with more attitude, more fanaticism. We are having fun, playing fast and being physical and just doing our jobs."

Estimation of Derron Smith...

"He's a great player. He's going to be someone to look forward to in the future, he's a smart player and we can look forward for him to make big plays this year."

#8 Robbie Rouse

On good start tonight...

"Last year left a bad taste in a lot of our mouths, so for us to come out and start with this victory, it meant a lot for us."

Thrive in this offense

"This offense is a great offense and the fact that we spread them out. I just like an offense where I can get the ball, so whatever one I can get the ball, I like that offense. My first time going live since San Diego State, so it felt good to be back out there and helping my team out. It just felt good."

22 carries...

"There were a lot of draws in there, which is great for me, and it leaves me with one on one situations. My lines are making blocks, and the receivers too. When you get the ball it's off of instinct, it's the first read, and things might come up, and you just have to take it."

Inching closer to record...

"Coach DeRuyter set a couple of goals for us, to win the conference and to win the bowl game. Tonight we got the win, and I had a productive game for my team, and I'm just going to continue to try and stack weeks for my team and let everything else as far as the record take care of itself."

Weber State Head Coach Jody Sears

Overall Thoughts

"Great environment. Our kids played extremely hard. I was really proud of their effort and really proud of their intensity. That was the one question mark I had. We've coached them hard all spring. We've coached them hard all camp and that is what I wanted to see them do. I wanted to see them come out and play hard. We were a little bit tentative on defense the first couple series and the first half. It was a pure fundamental thing, but our effort was great and we played hard."

Adjustments made coming out 21-0

"We just had to settle down and put our eyes in the right spot. The coaches made good adjustments and the kids made adjustments as well, and that is when we started getting some stops. In that second half we started getting back into it, but as a good quarterback you have to be just right every time. If you don't he is gonna cut you and get you every time."



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