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Sep 8, 2013

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Fresno State Quotes

Head Coach Tim DeRuyter Opening Statement
"We were able to go 1-0 this week, which is our goal every week. We should've finished the game much better than we did, but you gotta give Cal Poly a ton of credit. They're a good football team, well coached and played hard and they never quit. We have to do a much better job developing our depth so when we get our 2's and 3's in there they perform much better than they did tonight. Having said that, our goal every week is to go 1-0 and we did that, so now we're on to Colorado."

On defensive effort
"I really liked our defensive effort at the beginning of the football game. I think our 1's did a great job the whole time. I thought they were dialed in on the option. I thought we played with great intensity, tackled well and were much better than a week ago. Our second and third units we gotta get better. But, I was very pleased with how we played defensively, especially in the first half."

On play of senior Isaiah Burse
"What can you say about him, he was a real difference maker for us tonight. The first punt return he had we had a block called, so we weren't really even setting up a wall. We went after a block and a few guys peeled back to block for him, but he basically did that on his own. We had some guys miss blocks the first time around but come back to find blocks, but IB pretty much made that happen all on his own. On the second one, right before the end of the half there we were talking about maybe going block because they were backed up, but Coach Germano made a great call. He is really doing a great job coaching those guys. Between him and Dave Brown, they had a bunch of guys sustain blocks, IB makes a couple guys miss and he took it to the house. I like the ball in his hands with space and he can do some special things with it."

On trick-play touchdown for Austin Wentworth
"It was a play we've had since last December, I think. Every week we have specials in and we like spreading the ball around a little bit and having some fun. It was a play we thought we could execute and be able to make if we were down in the redzone. We didn't want Austin to have to run too far so it was a play designed to be from about the 10- to the 15-yard line. We didn't want to have the oxygen out there for him on the extra point."

Any extra motivation to run those plays here at Bulldog Stadium?
"I think we have them in whether were at Bulldog Stadium or on the road. Sometimes you don't call it because it isn't the right point of the game or on the right hash or whatever. But it was a situation where we had it in the arsenal going into the game and it happened to be that we were on the right hash and the right yard line. It was a 12- or 13-yard touchdown and it just happened to come out that way. We have everything scripted and it's a go to."

On the special trick plays and whether it is done for the fans
"It is more about getting the ball in guys' hands and letting them have fun. I guess if the fans enjoy it then it's a bonus. But it is really not our forward thought. Our foremost thought is, `hey, it's a play where we think we can spread the ball around and we got a chance to execute it'."

On the running game
"I thought at the beginning of the game we ran the ball much better. Marteze (Waller), in particular, ran the ball very hard and Juice (Josh Quezada) had some good runs. I thought T.J. (Thomas) ran the well at times. But we've gotta be able to get the hard yards, the third down and one and the goal line. We've gotta do a much better job of getting some movement and getting those critical yards."

On throwing the bullet passes and bubble screens more than down the field
"It just depends on what were seeing. If they are going to play a two-deep safety like these guys did, we're going to throw the ball underneath them. We did take some shots, but again our bubble-bullet game is an extension of our run game and there is typically a run called with those and depending on what the situation is we're either getting the ball outside for an outside run or were bullet or bubble and Derek makes that decision based on the look."

What's troubling the run-blocking?
"I am going to have to take a look. Today they were stunting and it wasn't anything we hadn't practiced against. They just did a better job of executing it then we did and we've gotta get better at that."

Concerned about the running game?
"I am very concerned in those situations. I thought we improved. I thought we had some good runs in there on our mixed downs stuff, but on third-and-one when we need a yard we gotta get a yard."

On the `Dogs first down defense
"I thought Coach (Nick) Toth and our defensive staff came up with a really good plan and guys executed it. When you take a triple-option team and you put them in second-and-long, you make it tough on them. They like to be in second-and-five on down two and now they are on schedule and they can do more with their offense. But our guys went out and played very, very hard and they were well-coached on the offense. We've gotta get our 2's and 3's better at doing that."

On importance of getting time for backups
"I think any time you get a chance to get those guys in to play it is good for your team development. It is good for morale and typically those guys the next week have a different pep in their step because they played instead of just watching. You've gotta earn your reps and we will take a critical look at that film tomorrow morning. I don't think it was a lack of effort, but I don't think they had the proper intensity sometimes and didn't realize we were playing a really good team. They see our 1's have a lot of success and they just assume they were going to and that's never the case, especially against a team that is well-coached and has a lot of pride like Cal Poly."

#4 Derek Carr

In a game like this, what do you take away most from this victory?
"Aw man, it's a win! I've been on the 4-9 side of things. I don't take any win for granted after that. It wasn't the prettiest win but like we always say, by one or 100, a win is a win. If we lose it, that is just a bad thing."

How did Isaiah spark the team?

"I get mad at him when he runs them back for touchdowns because I want to get back on the field. He is so dynamic. Like the one touchdown, we had a block called which means no one was blocking and he still got the ball, ran around everywhere and scored the touchdown. That's freak kind of stuff. He is a freaky athlete and it's stuff we know he can do and that's why he plays wide receiver in that corner because I love throwing to him."

Was the game plan to work on some of the things you struggled with at Rutgers?

We knew with these guys that they did not want us to throw the football. They did not want us to throw it especially down the field. We hear a lot that we didn't throw the deep ball, but if I threw the deep ball I know it would have been picked. There was two safeties all the way back there waiting for it. That's how teams are going to play us, so we have to run the ball, like more run game like you saw today. The first half we were rolling, but we just have to finish drives at the end. I think the way teams play us dictates what we are going to do. We never go into a game and say hey we need to work on this because we are going to do whatever it takes to win. That's what we did today and it just happened to be that they were going to stay too high and play really far back so we couldn't get our guys down field."

On Derek's running game...

"The running game is my best friend. That takes a lot of pressure off me and the O-line. When we run the ball good, they can't double those guys because they need more guys in the box. In the first half we were hitting some good gashes and some good runs. It's hard to see without the film because I'm not paying attention. I am doing my job. That's probably all I can say on that because it's hard to see without the film."

On calling Wentworth's number...

"Oh, it was great! It is always fun to see a big man score, especially an O-lineman because they get no credit or anything. It was a fun play that the coaches drew up, but there is always a method to their madness. We knew the coverage's they played and knew how teams played Davante, so it was a good play and it happened to work out for Austin that way."

Is it difficult to come back into the game after sitting for most of the fourth-quarter?

"For me it's not because I am always into the game. I always know what is going on and what we are doing on offense or know what we are trying to do. So from a physical standpoint, yeah it does, to get the soreness out and the kinks out. From a mental standpoint, not at all. I am tuned into what coverage's they are doing and their changes and all that. So like tonight, when you do have to go back in you know what you are doing."

Inspiration to go with play...

"It's hard to say. When teams play us like this and they just want to double Tay (Davante Adams) and do all those things, if we can we run a hitch round and give it to Tay (Adams), so no one is left outside. That's what inspires it, to get the ball in someone's hands. The way they play and the way we do things, it was going to be open that way."

#72 Austin Wentworth

On scoring on the trick play
"I was pretty tired and I actually broke my chinstrap. When they called the play it was like a worst-case scenario because I was dead-tired. But I went out there and Davante sold it and they went for it and tackled him and he gave me a nice easy toss. To get in the endzone and you're an offensive lineman you don't know what to do, but just celebrate with teammates, it was fun."

On making it look easy and how long it's been practiced
"We've practiced it and we put it in last year, but we never really got a chance to run it. It was kind of a joke and we would run it at practice and we would give Coach (Dave) Schramm crap and he finally put it in the game. When he finally called it in the game I was surprised. I was like 'okay here we go, better not mess this up' and I didnt. It was a dream come true for a lineman."

On fan reaction after scoring on trick play
"As soon as I went in I looked up into the student section and saw them going nuts. They had never seen that at home probably and I've never seen it so I was going crazy and celebrating with my teammates. It was something that I will never forget."

On play being fun for everyone
"That is a once-in-a-lifetime deal. Being a lineman I will probably never see that play again. Luckily Coach Schramm felt bad enough for me to call it so I got the opportunity."

#43 Karl Mickelsen

What were you doing defensively that were limiting to such few yards against your opponent?
"We knew coming into the game they were mostly an option and dive team. We had a really good game plan set up this week, and knew they were coming in with the midline dive. We just had a good defensive game plan set up for their offense."

How good does this game feel compared to the defensive showing from a week ago?
"It was a much better feeling! We had a better week of practice, and knew we had to fix a few mistakes. Right after Rutgers we got in the film room and corrected a lot of things that we had previously messed up on. This week we improved on lot of our things in technique wise and communication."

Did Burse's touchdown amp up the defense too?
"Yes, no doubt! When any of our teammates are having success we all get amped and hyped. We support one another. When someone has a great play as such as that we all get excited, and it give us another chance for the defense to get back on the field."

Not that the victory was ever in doubt, but it seemed like there was a big shift in momentum in the second half?
"We kind of eased off and put in our 2nd and 3rd string players to see how things would go. Eventually we had to put back in some of our 1st strings just to fix certain mistakes."

Does that hook and ladder play work against you guys in practice?
"To be honest, have never tried that against our defense. We never knew they were doing that type stuff on the other side of the ball. It was really exciting to see that tonight."

What was the key for you guys getting that inside pressure, forcing some of Poly's rushes to the outside where you guys were able burn them with your speed?
"This week we focused on a lot of our assignments. In practice we had people set up for dive plays and outside runs, so it was a matter of what coach chose to call and it was our job to execute whatever play he called."

Cal Poly Quotes

Head Coach Tim Walsh

Opening Statement...
"I think that some things became glaring and I think we made improvements in the second half. I asked our defense, `Alright you guys stood up and played the first half, now let's see what kind of men you're going to be in the second half. I am asking you to do the same thing again and I'm going to tell the other two sides of the ball to step up,' and I thought we did. I don't care who it was against or what they did, we battled in the second half and our game plan was better in the second half. We had better things to call and started believing in some of things we could do and some good stuff started to happen. It's unfortunate that Vince got hurt, but I just told him in this game, you get hurt, and its really unfortunate, but some guys misery could be another guy's opportunity and I thought Chris came in and did some great things and made some plays. He didn't operate perfectly, trust me, but he made some plays and made some stuff happen, especially with his legs and the long ball. So, from that stand point, there was a lot of positives. I told our team there's a lot of positive tape. We're not happy that its 41 to 25, but I'm proud of how we played in the second half. We could've folded up and got beat 68 to nothing. We fought and made it to 41 to 25 where we were actually calling timeouts to get back in the game. They had to put their guys back in, and I'm sure that's not what he wanted to do. I give our players a lot of credit, and that's what we pride ourselves on is who we are, not just what we are. We're football players and all that, but we have good guys with great character."

On if the second half turnaround was needed for the morale of the rest of the season...
"Their ones, that's a good football team. We're not playing, no offense, the University of San Diego. That's a legitimate FBS football team. They're one of the top 30 in the country. Athletically we aren't going to play against a team that more athletic than that, I'll tell you that much. I think we learned a lot about the speed of the game and what we need to do and things like that. We can use this as a learning experience. I thought the momentum we created at the end probably helps, but I don't think that whatever happened in this game was going to make or break our season because I think we have too many tough guys to let that happen. I was just proud of the way we fought back."

Injury update on Vince...
"It's not good. Until he gets an MRI we won't know for sure, but it's his knee, so it probably isn't good."

Based on how many time Fresno State threw the ball against Rutgers, what was the game plan going into tonight?
"We thought they might try to run the ball a little more because they feel like they maybe need to do that in order to be who they want to be for the rest of the year. I don't know how many times they ran it, but I thought we did some good things against the run. Obviously we had some great short yard stance, even in the first half. Like I said before, our defense played well, and they had some good throws and they had a good game plan against us where they made some plays in the past game. Overall, I was pretty happy with the way we played. We were going to try to make sure we tackled them in the open field, which we did a better job on defense, not on special teams, but on defense. That was the number one priority on defense: keep the ball in front of us, no big plays. Reality is, we really didn't have a lot of big plays. Even on the goal line, they had to run a trick play to score a touchdown because the time before we stopped them on four downs. So, good for them. It was a good play, good call, creative, all that great stuff, but it wasn't like they pounded us."

Main differences between first half and second half...
"I don't think we played well on offense, and I'm not sure we coached our best game on offense. Our game plan might have been a little too conservative. They do some really good things against us, and I think in the second half we came out and just said, `Let's go play. Let's go play with our stuff and see what happens.' Coach Tuitele did a much better job and he's going to grow. This is only his second game calling plays. He's going to grow tremendously because of the experience he just had, too. Our offense started to believe, and I think you could see confidence start to build in us and that's going to be a good thing for us the rest of the year."

On the first punt return and if it changed dynamic...
"I think it's unfortunate because we try to give guys the opportunity to play on special teams. Maybe they don't get a ton of downs in other places. If we have to now play our ones, we will play our ones because we can't allow that to turn the momentum of the game. I really think that our defense played well enough for that score to be 13, 17 to nothing on half time. As bad as we played on offense, on defense we did not play poorly against a really explosive offense. That offense is legit. They scored 52 points against a really good Rutgers. I'm not in any way, shape or form disappointed in our defense, and I hope their attitude is that they can play even better. If they can, good things are going to happen for us. I thought overall, the punt return, yeah, they are disheartened. You go out there for one play. You gotta make one play. Isaiah Burse is one of the best returners in the country. It's not like we were playing against some guy that's not going to play in the NFL. That guy is going to play on Sundays."

#9 Chris Brown

On how he felt seeing CP outgained FS and making put starters back in...
"I mean it just says that we gotta play better, we gotta execute our plays from the start of the game. If we executed from the start of the game, we'd have a different outcome. I tried to do the best that I could to help our team get back in the game. I always try to win it, but we came up short."

On if he earned starting position...
"No, I just try to stay ready. Coach always tells me to stay ready."

How did it feel to get his first meaningful plays...
"It felt good, but I mean nobody likes losing. I could always do better. I had a couple misreads and I dropped the ball on the ground, but I tried to pick it back up."

How he felt seeing Vince go down and knowing CP was trailing...
"All I thought was, `Time to get in there and make something happen.' I tried to rally our team together and say, `Trust me as I put my trust in you and let's make something happen."

Difference in second half?
"I don't really know if they were expecting something different out of me. They obviously brought a little pressure. I just tried to stay true to my reads."



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