Fresno State vs. Colorado Post-Game Quotes

Sept. 15, 2012

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Fresno State Quotes

Head coach Tim DeRuyter

Opening Statement...

"I was pleased by the way our guys came out of the gate. We needed to play fast, physical and fanatical in order to have a chance against them. Our guys had a good week of practice, and I was proud of the way we played. I think we have a good hard edge on our team, I was happy with the way we finished."

"I was extremely proud of and excited for Robbie Rouse. Robbie will be the first one to tell you it's not just him ... for him to get the all-time record, especially the way he did it on a 95-yarder ... I was really happy him. It couldn't have gone to a better player ... really happy he got the record tonight."

On Quick Plays...

"I think we have some very talented guys on this team, and I think when you spread people out, they have a chance to make some good plays. This is why I like this offense. Our guys are in great shape; they relish this opportunity."

On creating turnovers...

"We had four. That's got to be our signature. We've preached to these guys since day one, we got to win the takeaway battle. Our guys have done a good job of buying into that. I was happy with our production on defense getting the takeaways, especially with the scores like Philip (Thomas) had."

On strong start...

"We have good players. I think our guys have done a good job working their tails off. They believe in what we do. Again, when we put the guys in space, and we have very very talented guys, they are going to make explosive plays."

On quick lead...

"We aren't going to stop attacking. We got to the second half and we slowed some things down because it was clear the game was at hand ... until the game got out of hand, we are going to put our pedal to the metal as fast as we can and try and score as many points as we can."

What will you take most out of this game ...

"I think we got confidence, confidence in the system and confidence in each other, what we are capable of doing. We have another excellent opponent coming up this week. We haven't won a road game yet. So we need that confidence to go into Tulsa, to be able to compete with them. "

What makes Robbie so good?

"He's not the biggest guy, the fastest guy, but he's probably got the biggest heart of any guy I have ever seen playing that position."

"He's got great feat, great vision, more determination than anyone I have ever been around. You combine that with natural talent. I am just really really happy that he's playing for the Bulldogs, and sad I only get him for one more year."

Expectations for this week...

"I expected our guys to compete their tails off. I expected our guys to build on the confidence we built in the second half of Oregon. I expected our guys to compete like we were playing against Super Bowl champions. "

"I challenge our guys every week, it doesn't matter who we're playing, what matters is how we play. Our coaches did a great job of conveying that message to our players, and I really believe our guys are buying into that."

On offensive line...

"We don't gain the yards that we did without the offensive line playing really really well. I was really happy with our O-line play today."

On fast start...

"That is going to be our strategy for the year, start fast and get people on their heels. Since day one it's going to be fast, physical and fanatical."

Fresno State Players

Phillip Thomas

On picking the quarterback...

"I just planned my responsibility and just attacking the ball and making a play."

Thoughts on second interception...

"It's unbelievable, as a defender, you don't really get that much opportunity to touch the ball and have the ball in your hands and at first it felt awkward like oh shoot I have the ball in my hands right now. I'm really happy. I couldn't believe it. It was the best game I've played in my life."

From your standpoint, what did you think of the game?

"Just studying the film and knowing what your opponent is going to do helps you out a lot. We studied our film really hard this week, got in extra. Just playing fast. We did that and that can happen every single week"

On any carry over from Oregon...

"It's a lot. We see how good our defense can play. You watched the second half of the Oregon game and you see how good you compete and we hold it upon ourselves to play at that level. We get better every week. We saw how we did with Oregon and we saw how we came out at this game. We started fast and getting this out, getting the turnovers and that's what we plan on doing every game."

"It's not just me out there though. The quarterback thought I was the weak link out there. The other guys on the field were getting pressured and covering well. It's a product of a good defense. "

Do you enjoy it on defense?

"Yeah, I enjoy it, a lot of different pressures from a lot of different spots that can do a lot of different things. You see me all around the field; it utilizes it in a way I can play."

The preparation this week for tonight's game...

"We knew that they were trying to come out and run the ball and run heavy. They have a big running back and we knew that they were going to do that. Once we stopped a run we knew that we could pick on the quarterback and knew where he would throw and make mistakes. If you let an offense run all over you, it's going to be an easy game for them."

Derek Carr

The play that the 94-yard run was on, what was that play and what was your vision?

"That play, they crashed so hard on him, in my head after I gave it to him I was like I should have kept that, and I took off running and I saw the lane and all of a sudden, Robbie found the same lane that I was looking at. I knew he was gone. That run was exactly him. They crashed down on him, they're all keying in on him. He didn't care, he just kept fighting and out ran a lot of Pac-12 runners. That was awesome, I'm so proud of him and I couldn't have happened to a better guy. I'm happy for him."

How many times has that play been called?

A lot, we like to call that one for him.

On last time not playing in second half...

"High school. My senior year, we didn't have to play many times in the second half. But I mean to do it in college against some quality opponents; these are some big dudes on that team. For our defense to play that well that we didn't have to play the second half, it was pretty cool."

On any surprise on defeating their defense...

"I don't think of that big of a picture during the game, I just think of one play at a time. Once we were connecting all of the plays, that's what I was expecting us to do. Once you look up at the scoreboard and all of a sudden bam it's 35-0 and you're like wow. It happened so fast we didn't have time to think about it. It's just kind of something you expect to do that every time, but of course it doesn't always work out that way. But for some reason, once we turn on the film we see if we can play like that all the time, we'll have much more success."

It seems like you were setting Robbie up from the get go, do you see it that way?

"Oh yeah, the guy has the best routes. He can run the best routes I've ever seen. Once we got it matched up on how we wanted, it was right after that. I didn't even look anywhere else. He had a great night. It was perfect for him. "

On maintaining momentum

"I keep working hard. It's something they've been telling me that since I was little. I just keep working hard. Honestly, you forgot to mention that pick. That's what is going to haunt me all night and my teammates know. Especially when I turned my film on, I don't care about the touchdowns, the yards, we won the game and I did the best I could to win the game. But I threw a pick. They had the coverage. They got me on that one. I hate being got by the defense. I absolutely hate when they disguise something good and I think that one will eat me up more than the yards and touchdowns."

On the way the team started...

"Like Coach says we start fast, physical, fanatical. So we want to start fast and we want to the physical game to them and play with fanatical effort. Once you watch the replays on Robbie's last run, Devonte Adams is all the way to the left side and he took off. Like Robbie will tell you, without guys making sweet passes like that, you wouldn't want to talk to us. It just shows how much we care about each other."

On the touchdown pass to Burse...

"We had a false start, we played with four and they kind of showed me their coverage and I signaled him a different route based on what coverage they show and when we line up, sure enough they showed that same coverage and I just gave him the thumbs up and he ran a great route. I had a great time. The route that he ran, you need time to throw it and the offence line did a great job."

Robbie Rouse

Where's that ball going?

"It's going to my mom's house, where all of the other accomplishments are. It means a lot. As of now, it's my greatest accomplishment."

On what it was like to set the record...

"It was better than I imagined. The way we came out and played, I want to thank my linemen. It's hard for me to really tell how great of a blocker they are, I know they are great because they are making hard cuts and it's easier for me to see my receivers. Josh Harper made a great cut and Devante Adams, he ran stride for stride with me and made a great block down field. I just want to thank my team, offense to defense, I couldn't have done it without them."

What did you tell your mom?

"I said thanks Mom I love you too."

On emotions...

"A lot of people ask me what are you going to do when it happens. I really didn't have an answer. When I crossed the goal line I just looked back and looked at my teammates and everybody just came running to me, it was a great feeling."

Did you hear the fans chanting your name?

"I did. I was celebrating with my team and everything and I love the fans. But, I love my teammates. We grind for seven months. People don't understand our hard work. "

"It's been said that we go to big time schools and we reserve so much energy for them and when we come back the next weekend we don't play to our level. The way we played tonight is the way we should expect to play every week. We weren't shocked because we knew what we were capable of. Tonight is the way we need to play every game. "

On setting the record in Bulldog Stadium...

"Definitely, for it to happen at home with the great fans and my family was here. It was great to have it home."

On any pressure to break record...

"I'm a hard competitor; I try to live up to the pressure. I just knew that I wanted to get on the field and play and as I got older, my goals just got higher and higher. This one just happened to come along and I'm thankful for it."

Did you see Devante's block?

"Oh I saw it. He was in front of me and the guy wasn't looking at me but he looked tired. We knew we had an advantage of Colorado because of their weather. We practice in this 100-degree heat and it was 51 all week. We knew the weather would get to them early. The guy looked tired and Devante had him and once he made that last block I knew the end zone was there."

Colorado University Head Coach Jon Embree

Overall Thoughts on Game

"We ran into a bus. We took too many big plays early. We didn't sustain drives. We turned over the ball and it seemed like every time we threw an interception, it was a touchdown. Overall it was a poor effort."

On what's next...

"Keep grinding, keep fighting and keep competing. I don't know what else to tell you, we have to find a way to come out and take what we do on the practice field and transfer it on Saturday and transfer it from the beginning. Critical mistakes and things that we prepare for, we just for whatever reason, don't do it when it's live bullets."

On thoughts of the players in the locker room...

"I just know from a coaching staff standpoint that if the players are what I believe they are then there is going to be a lot of resolve and a lot of fight to figure out how to do it next week on the road again, at our first conference game."

On team...

"I still believe in this team. I know our performance doesn't reflect what we are and what we are capable of being. I just know what I see for the most part every day and I believe in this team, I still do."

Approach after being down by so much...

"You just have to see who keeps competing when you turn on the tape. Who's competing and who nailed it in. We watch it as a team to see who is out there still fighting."

On moving forward on defense and points...

"Some of that was on the offense too. We had 14 points on interceptions and we had another one go in there deep and that's 21. It's a team effort. That score reflects our team effort, it's not just one side of the ball."

On quarterback situation...

"I will have to look at the tape. We wanted to give five (Conner Wood) some live reps and we wanted four (Jordan Webb) to do some stuff too and we just felt it was better with the situation of the score to give Nick some reps. So we will look and see who did what and who didn't do what and then we'll make that assessment sometime next week."

Christian Tyler had a big game last week, but he didn't seem to not be big factor in today's game...

"Well it was 21-0 before we really knew what happened, so that kinda took out some of the stuff we wanted to do initially. When you are down 21-0, there are so many things you want todo from a running standpoint that you really can't do. We needed to try and do something to create some momentum and get first downs to try and counteract what has happening on the other side."

So many new guys on the offensive line- this was the third straight week guys just kept pouring in...

"I gotta see if that is the line or the backs or if it's the quarterback with the hot issue. We spend a significant amount of time on blitz pickup every day, so again I have to see why we had those issues and if someone got beat or if someone didn't pick up. If someone is getting beat you just have to clean up technique in the matchup, but if it is someone running free than that is another issue."

On bouncing back after tough loss...

"You know there is a lot of anger in there, but you have no choice but to come back. We play next week and the clock isn't stopping, so we gotta keep going and keep grinding and finding a way. We will see what happens with our leadership and what happens when we respond as coaches. It is all of us. We have to come back on Monday, coaches on Sunday, and find a way to fix whatever it is that is ailing us and then keep moving forward."

On first quarter

"Those long plays were breakdowns. We get so eager to make plays that we give up plays. We just got to do our assignment, especially on defense, it just takes one guy. The guys were really anxious to do stuff and make plays and unfortunately it went the other way."



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