Fresno State vs. North Dakota Post-Game Quotes

Sept. 17, 2011

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Fresno State Head Coach Pat Hill

Opening Comments:
"First of all I told the kids in the locker room that it's not what you want from a sports standpoint but I'm going to tell you that I knew this was going to be a very tough game for us with the movement all week. We've had a really tough time with movement and North Dakota played outstanding. I give our team a lot of credit too. When you have to make the plays and you make them then that is a very good thing. We had to make a drive at the end of the game to score and move ahead and then we had to make a first down at the end to preserve to win. Defensively we had to make a stop twice and the personal foul kept that drive alive.

It was hard getting the running game going but Robbie Rouse ended up with over 110 yards and I thought Derek played very well. We only threw the ball 17 times and he was 11 for 17 for 235 yards. We only had 52 plays in the game. It was a little like our game at Nebraska last week. North Dakota controlled the game statistically but I am proud how our guys came back and won the game after a tough emotional game. My hats off to North Dakota I thought they played well.

That was a great way for us to come back and win a game. Winning a home game is really important. The kids did a good job. We still have a lot of work to do. We are still a work in process. We have a big game next week in Idaho and Idaho is a must win. It is a must win for the Bulldogs and a must win for Idaho.

The Bulldogs stepped up in the fourth quarter and I am glad they did because we needed to win that football game tonight no doubt about it."

On the game:

"I was not surprised at all. I knew that was going to be a tough game I told the team. I didn't like the way we practiced on Tuesday and Wednesday I didn't think our concentration was very good. And I was worried from an offensive standpoint on our movement. That is where we had our problems. I thought that North Dakota did a very good job defensively against us. We did not do a very good job at practice and therefore did not to a good job in the game."

On lead in 4th quarter:

"We needed to pull down and make a score on offense and a stop on defense and we did both of those things so they responded well and I'm glad they responded well. They came back in the fourth quarter and won a football game they needed to win."

On the crowd:

"People in our crowds have been good. I thought they were very loud and very into it during third down. Our student section was full and the fans that were there did an excellent job. They supported us and gave us great energy in the fourth quarter."

North Dakota Head Coach Chris Mussman

What it would have taken to win
"There were some things in there that needed to happen for us to win that game and the special teams play on the one punt return and the two big ones over the top really hurt."

On the game
"I'm proud of our guys and the effort that they gave. We came into a pretty hostile environment and didn't bat an eye. Coach Hill has built a great environment here at Fresno State and made it a great place to be a part of a football game; we just came up a little bit short."

Moral Victory?
"Our guys continued to battle throughout, there is no such thing as a moral victory, we lost the game but I'm proud of their effort and proud of what they did for this program today and hopefully we can build on that."



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