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Sept. 20, 2013

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Fresno State Quotes

Head Coach Tim DeRuyter

Opening Statement
"So that's what that looks like huh? Can't say enough about the resolve about the guys in that locker room. They never lose faith in each other, they trust each other, and they love each other. When you do those things, you can do special things. We got some tremendous athletes, but that glue we have is special and I think those guys realize that. I'd be amiss to go on any further without giving a ton of credit to Coach Petersen and Boise State. Those guys were down a couple score, came back and never lost faith. We helped them a little bit by making some bone-headed plays and they took advantage of it and took the lead in the fourth quarter. But again, our guys never lost faith and found a way to get it done. So happy for them. So happy that we are 1-0 in the conference. They will enjoy a couple of days off and then get ready for Hawaii and another conference game."

They said you couldn't run the ball...
"I told our guys at halftime we had to run to win the game, run to finish. To see Josh (Quezada) score that last touchdown was special. I thought he ran the ball particularly hard today. The way they defended us, again we had a lot of throws to move the ball. We did convert one third-and-short. That's an area we still have to get better at, but that is a good defensive front and schematically they do some things that are difficult. They play very, very hard. But we know that if teams are going to take that away then we have other weapons and I like our weapons."

How much confidence sending offense back out after losing the lead?
"Those guys know, I mean we acted like it was no big deal. We were here a couple weeks ago with Rutgers, same thing. Let's just go down the field and score and then our rookie kicker kicked the extra point to take the lead. I was more concerned that we were going to be able to stop them and let them get into field goal range. We ran the ball to try to milk a little bit of the clock there at the end, but Josh (Quezada) scored and our defense did a great job getting that stop."

How gassed was that defense after 100 plays for Boise?
"I was gassed and I didn't even run 100 plays. We had guys like Tyler Davison that didn't come out of the game, Derron (Smith) and Charles (Washington). We had guys that are also playing another 20 plays of special teams. That is a gut check. It's a huge testament to Joey Boese, he has been grinding these guys since January to really get them in shape and I think they realize that that is what it took to win these kind of games and be resilient in the finish and I think they are thanking him now."

After Rutgers game you said that was best game to be a part of, does this one take the cake?
"It's a conference game. Boise's had our number the last six or seven years. I think in a lot of people mind's this game is the measuring stick to see where you are in this conference and to get past that is huge, not only for this team, but hopefully for future teams. Also for our fan base, I know they are tired of seeing this Milk Can up in Boise. I'm glad for our California dairy guys can be proud when they go to the Ag Fest this coming spring and know that the Milk Can is here in Fresno."

Describe how emotional this win is for the team and for the community.
"I don't know what more can be said about it. Our guys were all in. You talk about being at the poker table and throwing every chip in and we were all in. To win it in the fashion we did where you are up and down, to finish it the way we did I couldn't be more proud of my team. I was very emotional just seeing the looks on our guys faces. To see their look of accomplishment of the goal that we set out in January to do and we found a way to get it done was just huge."

What was call and what were you looking for on the last fourth down play?
"I know the last one we had a four-man rush. We were playing a coverage that bringing John Norton in as our nickel guy - you know he is such a competitor and just earned a scholarship this summer and is a great guy on and off the field, one of those glue guys and people outside of this team probably don't realize that he is one of the reasons this team is so close - to see him make that play it was huge.0 I was just really happy for him."

So emotional, it is because you put so much into this?
"You go through the grind of a season, and the season isn't just from August when the guys report, the season is from January and ever since I have been you hear about Boise and `you gotta beat Boise and Boise, Boise, Boise `. To see our guys work so hard and finally get to the top of that hill and knocking that down is just huge. So yeah, I guess I was emotional about it. Emotional for guys like John because I know how much it means to those guys. It means so much to me to see those guys have that success."

Know how much this means to the community and to former players?
"I think so because we have had a bunch on the sideline and in the locker room afterwards. To see those guys and the relief and joy on those guys faces to know that we can play that group toe-to-toe and come out on the right side."

Something you saw in the Boise secondary that made you feel like you could throw down the field?
"Schematically, they were playing some quarters coverages. We thought with some of our route combinations we liked our matchups. I think Dave Schramm and our offensive staff does a great job of attacking different schemes and teaching those schemes to Derek and Derek called I think most of the game. We put a lot on his plate and he knows the menu that he has to go to and he has some flexibility to make some adjustments and about 99% of the time he makes the right one."

When you got to the 2-yard line at the end, what was the mindset?
"I told Dave (Schramm) `let's slow down and take some time off the clock so they wouldn't have so much time' and he said `what do you think about the run' and I said `sounds good' because it would take some time off of it. I know they were doubling Davante (Adams) on the outside on the touchdown. We double call things and he made the right decision to hand it off and Juice (Josh Quezada) ran it hard to get it in."

On handshake with Coach Petersen after the game...
"He is a class guy. He told me `congratulations and you've got a good team'. He is a great guy, just what you would expect."

How do you keep team focused now that the Boise monkey is off your back?
"Because were in the league. Our number one goal is to win the Mountain West Conference so we have to go 1-0 every week. Now with the conference championship game we have to get to that game and if we go 1-0 every week hopefully we get the chance to host it here and win that final one again. Our goals are still out in front of us. We haven't accomplished anything yet. We are just 1-0 in the league."

#4 Derek Carr

On performance of offensive line not allowing defense to get near him...
"What a beautiful game of football. That was awesome. The offensive line did phenomenal. I don't remember if there were any sacks or not, but mind you, what a great line. Boise really wins games on their pass rush. From what I remember their offensive line had a big pass in front of them. Wow, what a great job they did."

On having a big lead at first...
"We stay calm. Everything is already ordained and everything happens for a reason. God was just using my teammates and I in that situation to bring him glory somehow. That's all I cared about that he got the glory out of this."

How does the milk can look to you?
"Oh I love this thing! It's great that we have it, but I would be a lot happier when it's a Mountain West Conference Championship. We play for championships here, but not going to lie it does feel pretty good to have this sitting here."

You've been here a long time, how does it feel to beat these guys?
"More than you know. It means a lot. Just because of how good of a football program they are. What a great win for our school. What a great win for our fans and for our community. It was phenomenal, especially for my family. I remember when I was ten-years-old sitting in front of the television watching Fresno State get beat by a last sack by Boise State. From that moment on I wanted to come here and win games and beat them. It took all the way from my redshirt senior year. We may see them again, that's that plan, but what a great team. You can tell in their character. They said and fought the whole game."

Thoughts on how you hoped to finish off what your brother started here...
"Of course, it was one of those things I wanted to do. But again, don't make it about me. This is about our team. It was great for my team and great for my family that we did those things, but Dallas has a better record than both David and me and that is all that matters."

Neither Boise or Fresno gave up many sacks - did you say to your offensive line, "If you guys can protect me we can win this?"
"Oh no. I just encourage those guys. I think that is my job as a leader on this team, to just encourage guys. My job this week was just to say `hey guys, you are the best o-line in the nation, you can stop anyone.' And they are. They prove it time and time again. Especially going into the season when the heat was on. What a great pass-rush record Rutgers had. I think they had one sack or no sacks in that game, so what I great job they've done."

What was your view of the final tip away pass when you were on the sidelines...
"So many emotions went through my head. I remember sitting there watching the sack happen when I was ten-years-old that is one thing that went through my head. Where is my brother? I know he is around and I want to go and hug him. I told him that one was for him. Because one of the main reasons I came here was because of that moment. I remember sitting up in the stands, crying because my brother lost his game. It was just a game, but it meant a lot of me. So I went straight to him and told hi that was for him."

What about Jonathan Norton?
"He is like the Robbie Rouse type, short, so people maybe overlook him sometimes. But if you look at the first play of the game, he starts the momentum right there, so it wasn't just the last part of the game. We know how good of a player Johnny is and there are times he goes out and guards Tay because that is just the kind of player he is. He is a man-to-man kind of guy. He is feisty just like Rouse was. To prove everyone wrong, I am so happy he was in that spot, at that time to make that play."

Thoughts on Isaiah Burse's contribution to the team this year ...
"Oh yeah, Isaiah, especially on third downs. That guy is tougher than anything. Some of the ways we give him the ball this year we didn't really do a lot last year, because we've grown in our system and I've learned how to gain time to give those guys the ball. He is too dynamic not to have the ball in his hands. There are plays where we didn't even block for him and we threw him a little bubble out there and said you got to make that guy miss and he did. If you draw that up on the board, you probably wouldn't call that a play, but with a guy like Isaiah you can throw it out there and he is going to make him miss."

What do you think the nation thinks of Fresno State?
"I just hope they see a team that stay together. I hope they see a team that loves each other. There is no doubt that every guy in that locker room loves each other. Whether it is guy one or guy 100. Every single one of us knows how important how roles are every single one of us trusts each other and loves each other. You can't be a team like Boise State in a close game without staying together."

#13 Derron Smith

Can you take us on the emotions leading to the 4th quarter, finally beating Boise?
"There are a lot of emotions running right now, a lot of excitement. Throughout the week we kept telling ourselves it is just another game and it was, but it was finally our time. We were tired hearing about Boise, no disrespect to them. They always have a good team, always play hard. We have respect for them, but it was a good feeling finally getting the W!"

On that 4th down play, what was it that you guys saw and know it was going to be a quick pass. Where were you on the field, and what did you see?
"I was on the weak side, so I was opposite side of the ball. Boise hadn't really been able to run the ball by us during the game, but they were running good routes and were hard to stop. We just went with what coach told us, and Justin Nortern was able to make a big play."

Derron, did you think the unexpected regarding how you guys prepared for tonight's game given you had extra week?
"You can never tell. You can't go back and play the game again to see how it would turn out, but I think it definitely helped us get a little healthier in some areas. I guess you could say it is a positive getting that bye week."

This is another seesaw game where they scored three straight touchdowns and you guys answered back. Just like the Rutgers game it was the defense that comes in the clutch. Can you talk about this unit rising to the occasion once again?
"It is just part of football. It's a team game. Our offense goes down and gets a touchdown, they handles their business. It was our turn to go out there. If we go out there and get that stop at the end of the game then we can get the W."

Did conditioning play a factor towards the end of the game considering they ran over 100 plays?
"I did not know they ran 100 plays, but I guess that explains why I am so exhausted. With the offense that we run, the defense is going to have to keep playing a lot of snaps on the field. It's a good thing we had Coach B in the summer getting us prepared for a season like this."

How does that milk can look?
"First time seeing it in person. It looks good, nice and shiny! I can see myself on it."

#43 Karl Mickelsen

On if he was exhausted...
"Oh, we were tired, but we were prepared. Coach Boese, our head training coach, he got us prepared for this. We were working like this since January. Pushing sleds out there when it's 105, everyday lifting weights. He has us in shape, so we were well prepared for it. We knew it was going to be a fast tempo game."

On what he saw in final fourth down play...
"I remember dropping back to my hook and I saw him throw the ball, and I look over and he deflected the ball, and it just hit me. It was a great feeling."

On Northern...
"That guy is one of the hardest working players on our team. He works hard in the weight room, works hard off the field in school and everything. He's one of those guys that gets it going. In the locker room, we will all just be sitting down, and he just gets your high. Just his presence in their in the locker room gets us all going. He's such a great guy, and he's so nice and everything. He's a baller."

#20 Josh Quezada

On knowing he put the "nail on the head..."
"It's a humbling experience being able to share that with my offensive linemen. Just the whole offensive front. Of course it's always a great experience to score a touchdown, but we knew the game was a number, so we have to just keep moving on. We can't really celebrate just yet, but today was awesome."

On what was goes through his mind on the field...
"One of the biggest things Coach Schramm tried to promote was just do your job. So I just try to anticipate what the defense is going to do, and I notice a lot of four down on the goal line, then they started shifting to the three line, three down. So just try to react, and at the same time read my offensive linemen."

On if the touchdown was extra satisfying...
"I was just trying to do my job as best as I could and be consistent. If I make a mistake and I'm not able to convert, I just try to move on and keep on moving on. I just got to forget about the negative and try to progress as you go along."

Being new to the area, if he could sense how bad the older guys and the community wanted to beat Boise...
"Of course. Everyone wants the camaraderie. It's a great experience being able to share this with my teammates. This is awesome. It's great. It's awesome to see all the fans there. I've never seen the student section filled up so much. It's a great feeling. We just need to move forward from here and take one week at a time. I'm kind of bummed we didn't get to play Colorado. I was looking forward to that game, and I haven't traveled in a really long time. Now we are on the road again, and that's what we are going to focus on."

On getting the running game going a little more...
"I'm just going to do my part a little more and do the best I can in practice and try to get some extra work in, especially as a running back. Definitely conditioning is a big thing. Today was like pretty much the first time I had an opportunity to play the full game, and now that I have that experience under my belt, I know what to expect. We have days off tomorrow and Sunday, so I am going to do the best I can to stretch and recover and do what's best for my body physically because most of the mental stuff will just go along because we focus on that a lot. Just take one day at a time."

Boise State Quotes

Head Coach Chris Petersen

Opening Statement
"We made too many errors just across the board. We could point the finger in a lot of different directions. When playing a good team we can't make those type of errors."

On the comeback...
"We played hard. We gotta execute. When you're playing a good team, you can't just play hard. You gotta be able to execute, you gotta hang on the ball, you gotta be able to not throw easy interceptions. If we tighten some of those things up, we might have a chance down the road."

On QB Joe Southwick in second half...
"Everybody's playing hurt. He gotta play hurt, too, and that's fine. There's a difference between playing hurt and playing injured. He's hurting a little bit, but he's still able to play."

On Aaron Baltazar...
"Aaron runs hard. He's a good player, and he's going to continue to get better. We've got a lot of good, young players that will continue to get better. We got a lot of work to do to do what we want to do, I know that."

On the plays Grant Hedrick was in and if that was game plan...
"No, we had it in the game plan for Grant, and we should've had him in there a little more. We had a package for him, and he did a great job for it."

On Carr's ability to "carve Boise up" on the field...
"Yeah he did. We gotta play better pass defense. There's not question about it. He's very good, and he's got a lot of good receivers to go along with that package. So credit to those guys. We can play better than that. There was too many balls in the seams where guys were running fast and full speed, and we gotta be able to tighten that up."

On having a young defense...
"We just gotta keep working. Just in practice, that's all we gotta do, just study the tape, and if we keep grinding week after week, we will improve. We can't let down, we gotta keep fighting, and we will."

If he was surprised by Fresno State offense...
"I don't think they really did a whole lot that surprised us. We will have to put the tape on and see if there's a few wrinkles or two. I know a lot of the things we've seen before they just executed well."

On the pooch kickoff...
"It just depends on where Dan puts it. Sometimes they'll get it, sometimes we know it's not going to go to their good returner. We know from experience those balls are hard to handle. They're hard to communicate. That stuff happens a lot to us in practice. We work a lot against that in practice because those things happen."

On decision to go for two...
"It was wide open, we just gotta execute. It was wide open."

On kick returns...
"We got a couple of those that were nice. We could've had a little more out of them, so we will have to look at those, as well."

On ability to turn game around as opposed to game against Washington...
"Yeah, I thought they played hard. We're making progress, we are. Fresno's a real good team. Credit to those guys. We play hard, we just gotta execute."

On Jay Ajayi's fumble and not coming back in the game and if Aaron Baltazar will be primary...
"We'll see. If one guy fumbles it, we got other guys that can play. We're not gonna cut a guys head off because of one mistake."

On last play...
"I really couldn't see it real well. I think Kirby had a chance at it. I don't know if Joe could set his feet like he needed to. The ball needed a little more zip on it. It's a combination. I can't form a strong opinion on it without seeing it on tape."

On having the roughest start of season in a couple years...
"We got the toughest schedule we've had ever since I've been here. It is what it is. We'll keep fighting and keep improving."

On playing Thomas Sperbeck instead of Aaron Burks and if it's long term decision...
"No. It's kind of week to week, but it's a long season and we play a lot of receivers."

#34 Kirby Moore:

"Obviously Joe gave me a chance, and I gotta come down with that one. That's on me."

On taking back the lead at first, what does it show about team...
"The guys are gonna keep fighting every game. It's not over until the final whistle."

On what game was like to experience on the field...
"It was very up and down. We had a chance there at the end and we didn't take advantage of it."

On their special teams...
"They did a great job. Obviously the special teams played a huge part in this game. On the offensive end, we could've done a better job at the end."

On watching Carr on the sideline...
"Obviously they have a very good offense over there. We did some good things, too. It was going to be the last team who had the ball, and obviously we didn't make the most of that."

On QB Joe Southwick's toughness...
"Obviously Joe was battling out there. He was making some tough throws, running the ball. He did a great job."

On freshman Aaron Baltazar...
"He did some really good things, and I know he is going to be great player in the future."

On how he will put the last 4th down play behind him...
"Just whenever we get back on the practice field, try to get better."

On how to handle the atmosphere better...
"I think we handled it a lot better, and will still got a long ways to go, though."



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