Fresno State vs. San Diego State Post-game Quotes

Sept. 30, 2012

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Fresno State vs. San Diego State Post Game Quotes

Head coach Tim DeRuyter

Opening Statement

"I was really proud of the way our team rebounded from a horrific start. We came out and we wanted to start fast both halves and both halves we gave the ball up, didn't respond well on defense, let them go down and score. It was very similar, but the exact opposite of two weeks ago when we started the Colorado game. The difference was our team, after we got down 14, we came right back, showed resolve and won a game in a manner that I really wanted to see if we could be tested, have some adversity and be able to overcome. I was really proud of the character of our young men; they didn't get down on themselves, they kept fighting. The resolve he (Carr) showed to lead our team and continue to score in this football game was terrific. I really like how our defense is attacking and creating take-aways; we're still having too many assignment busts that we've got to get cleaned up.... If you can go 1-0 in this conference it's great."

On Rashad Evan's debut

"I thought it was a nice coming-out party. Ten catches for 100 yards with a long of 51, I was happy for him. He's been frustrated the last four was nice to get him involved and I thought he took advantage of the opportunity he had."

Concerned about being down 14-0 early

"I believe in this team. We've got a lot of high-character guys on this team. I wanted to have our guys in that situation, and I guess it's a little bit of a leap of faith until you're actually put in that situation, but I wanted to see it proven and our guys proved it tonight."

On forcing them into three straight turnovers

"Turnover margin is key and when we turn the ball over we talk to our defense: `Hey their defense is taking the ball away, we've got to outplay their defense.' That's the bottom line. To see the plays that Phillip (Thomas) made on the ball was tremendous. We had guys step up and make plays. Good teams find ways to win. There may be a game where we have to beat somebody 77-76 because we're not playing good defense. I have confidence in our guys to find ways to win."

Next up

"We've got to go on the road this week and learn to win on the road. We've got a tall task to go on the road and try and go 2-0 in this league and hopefully this momentum will help us through that."

"Our number one goal is to win this conference. And if you want to win in this conference you better hold serve at home. Winning on the road is tough; San Diego State's a very talented team, very well coached; we had to get this win and I was really happy with the resolve our guys showed to get this win."

#4 Derek Carr

2nd half, how were you going to respond

"It was a stupid decision. It just happens. I know I have to clean it up. It's going to eat at me all week. You just keep working hard. That's what I have been taught and guys will feed off of it. It is a team thing. It just made me mad. Nothing to take away from him, he bated me. He's a good player, that's what he does. I have never been that mad before."

On game tempo

"We just knew we were going to continue to fight, you just have to keep going. It says a lot about our team. After I threw that pick about 20 guys told me that they believed in me."

On difference from last weekend

"You can't compare it to last weekend. They can't double cover everyone."

Do you like playing this offense

"Yeah, it's fun. There's going to be mistakes. Coach gave me a hug and said go fix it. The encouragement helps, always."

On record

"Why did I throw the ball to number 2? It's exciting. It means a lot and this programs means the most to me."

#16 Phillip Thomas

On five turnovers

"It's big. We needed those turnovers. They are what win the games. We just out the dagger in them. It's a bug moment when things like that happen."

On biggest moment

"We forced a lot of fumbles and just all of that momentum. Offense went down and scored. We knew we had to keep feeding, we were hungry."

What did you say to the team as a captain?

"I knew we were way better than we were showing. I just got us all fired up and went out there and performed better."

On thoughts on getting turnover?

"I'm the receiver. The quarterback just threw the ball to me."

"We just have a better mind set. We know that we need to get turnovers. We harp on that every day in practice, day in and day out."

On leading country in interceptions

"It has been an amazing journey. It hurt to sit out last year. I told myself I would run my heart out every play. It's a whole unit. I don't take credit for anything; I give it to the defense."

On defense

"It means that we're going to put offense in a good position every game. We help them when they need help. It's a teammate effort we will be showing all season."

#11 Rashad Evans

Thoughts on game

"It was big. Everybody has been picking me up for a while. Derek Carr is a great quarterback. He was on fire."

On match up

"We went over a lot of film and a lot of stuff. Derek Carr catching a lot of coverage. It comes from Derek reading the defense and O-line doing their assignments. If I don't hold my guys they won't hold theirs. It's a team effort. We trust Derek, we put it on his back. We have 100% trust on him."

Could you have imagined a better debut?

"Just trying to do my job. Being back out there with my team. Defense is doing awesome. I love watching them play, it's exciting. I felt like it was the same excitement and electricity as it was when we were down. We responded, we came back and had a great came. Try not to harp on the down moments of the game."

"The pace is different. We have to execute it. Coach says if we don't look at the scoreboard and just do our job it will happen."

On wide receivers

"Our whole receiver core did a great job. They have great hands. Harper (Josh) and Adams (Davante) have the best hands on the team. It's going to be exciting here for a while."

Rocky Long, San Diego State head coach

Overall thoughts on game

"We played poorly and they are a good football team. They played really well and we played poorly. It was surprising that the score was that close. Their turnovers kept us in the game with our two touchdowns on defense. Our turnovers allowed them to score a lot more points than they probably would have or should have. We gave them the ball a lot more and they gained a bunch of yards. I thought it was a total win by them and we played poorly in all aspects of the game."



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