Fresno State vs. No. 5 Boise State Post-Game Quotes

Oct. 7, 2011

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Opening Comments:

"That was a hard one and I told the team I would give them Saturday and Sunday off and then come back on Monday and get ready for Utah next week. We still have a great opportunity to control our destiny in this conference and that is what we have to do. We work so hard for these types of games and we just never got on track. I give a lot to Boise State they came in here and took it to us in a tough football game.

I thought our defense played very well and it was just one of those nights where we wanted to do so much as a team and as a program, for our community, and for our fans, and we fell flat on our face. This was probably the hardest game I have gone through since I've been here on that standpoint. We got to move on and get ourselves back on task. The next two games are going to be tough. Utah and Nevada are key conference games. These last six weeks have been quite a grind on this football team and I thought we were fresh tonight and I thought we were really ready to go but it just started bad.

Our defense played hard but we just couldn't put them in that saving position all night. I called them in when we were down 30-0 in the second quarter and I just talked about starting over again at 0-0. That is all we could do at that point in the night. Hopefully our fans will forgive us for having a bad outing and come support us to win a conference championship. Tonight just wasn't our night for whatever reason besides the guys in the blue helmets. We never even got a chance to get into a game plan we were never in a regular football game tonight. When you are constantly playing catch up and give them 21 points off of turn overs that is a tough thing to come back from. It was very, very frustrating and that was a long game."

On Boise
"Tackles were made as soon as the ball was caught. I give Boise a lot of credit there was no run after catching tonight. They played better defense than any other team we have played tonight. They played a lot of press coverage and got up in our face pretty good. Our protection was good tonight and I was proud of us for that. Boise did a very good job but we were never in position to work plays, or get into positions tonight. I take complete responsibility for that."

On the Team
"I know our team was prepared and they worked very, very hard at practice. But we were never able to get anything going. We wanted to establish and we wanted to play action but it's really hard when you don't get a chance to do anything you worked on at practice. We spent the whole night inside our 20 and we were never in a position to dictate the game. Except for this game we have been a very competitive team all the way through against very competitive teams."

Preparing for Utah State
"The big thing I told them was that we need to stick together and we cannot start pointing fingers. We need to stay as tight as we can we are 2-4 and 1-0 in the conference. We need to come back on Monday, and start working on Utah, I am not even going to look at Boise because things especially offensively that we wanted to do we couldn't even get to. Next Saturday is a must win, it is a must win Saturday."

Boise State Head Coach Chris Peterson

On the Game
I think they played well. It was a short week and they did a good job with that and showed up tonight. The first half we got off to a good start and they didn't get off to probably the start they wanted. It kind of helps coming out of the gate fast. It's nice to be able to adjust from offense to offense and play well.

Was this the best overall performance this year?
Yeah, I think so. I think our defense played well and kind of set the tone. Got a few turnovers to get those short fields. Makes it an easier game.

On First Half Starts
We always want to start fast. We don't do anything special. We try to figure out how to play the second half. But they seem to come out ready to go.

On Defense
I think it was a complete game. We ran the ball a little bit. Kellen made some good throws to those receivers and we kicked the ball well for a while. Wiley got the one, which was scary. I mean, he can do that and we knew if we didn't cover well he would do that. They played well. They really did. We wanted to control the run game and I think we did that pretty well. I think the secondary is still playing really well. Those receivers are scary and they knew it and they stepped up. I think the tone kind of gets set by the defensive line and then everybody can kind of feed off of that.

On the Receivers
It is good to get those guys back on track, playing more consistent. We like that crew and I think they will continue to get better. [Geraldo] is a work in progress. You saw the one he should have had and then he comes back and makes a play. It's a work in progress. It's good. We think we should have had him out there all along, so it's good to have him out there.

On Fresno State
Our kids respect this program, the coaches do. We know this can be a tough place to play and so we take this team very serious. The kids came out playing hard right from the start. I just know that for whatever reason we have played well the last two years.

On Hunter White
It's really nice to see a guy like Hunter. He's kind of a utility guy. He plays a little bit on defense, a lot on special teams. He can do whatever we need him to do and he's just a great team guy. It's awesome to see a guy like that really have a huge, huge part of being a factor in terms of what is going on.

On Big Plays
Well it's more fun to have big plays, no question about it. But we'll take it however it comes to us for sure.



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