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Oct. 19, 2013

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Fresno State Quotes

Head Coach Tim DeRuyter

Opening Statement

"I thought we had a great crowd with tons of festivities going on. I thought it was awesome to have our tribute to Pete Mehas and to Coach (Jerry) Tarkanian. To have all of our football alumni, that was awesome to see our guys running through. I know our guys were charged up for that. I thought we started the game fast, which was our intention. We hadn't played in a couple weeks so we wanted to get going and get the crowd into it and that played well. We got into a little bit of a lull in the second quarter and got a little sloppy, but you got to give UNLV some credit. They stiffened up when we tried to land some knockout punches which is a tribute to them. I really think we made some good adjustments in the second half and were very efficient on offense methodically moving the ball down the field. All in all it is great to be 1-0 and looking forward to San Diego State next week."

On Davante Adams' big day

"He's good and Derek's good throwing it to him. Davante has worked really hard. He is focused and when he is focused I don't know that there are many people that can cover him one-on-one. Derek found him in good matchups and he made some good plays. I thought there secondary tried to play physical and that plays into his game. He just made a bunch of plays."

On the long touchdown on first play

"Coach (Dave) Schramm comes up with a great game plan each week and we talked about taking some shots early and Derek hit him. It was a great shot on the money and Davante made a great catch and did what we expect him to do."

On the strong running game

"We are still making progress there. I liked what we did when you can finish a game the way that we did is good. We got a lot of hard running yards when it was tough. We got in our "T" formation when Juice (Josh Quezada) scored and really executed that well. It was a little tip of the hat to Coach (Jim) Sweeney and his old "T"-heavy offense and a lot of our alums might recognize that. I think we are really making progress there."

On San Diego State next week

"We know it is going to be a challenge. We have such a great history with San Diego State. Coach (Rocky) Long has done a great job with those guys. They run a really unique defense. He has Coach (Bob) Toledo on his staff and he has been an offensive coordinator for years so we know we'll have our hands full. With the Oil Can here, we know they are going to want it back and it is going to be in their backyard. It is going to be a heckuva challenge for us."

On second half defensive adjustments

"I thought Nick (Toth) and our defensive staff made some really good adjustments. We got creased on one play that we didn't fit well. When you run some spread-option stuff like they do, you get one-on-ones and when one guy misses it can get ugly and it did. But we got some fits straightened out and I thought he did a nice job calling some pressures. We really did a nice job containing the run and got them in some third-and-long situations and when you do that you've really got a chance to get to the quarterback."

#4 Derek Carr

Derek, when you left your feet to get that first down what was going through your mind?
"I'm about to get yelled at. Honestly, when I took off they were playing man coverage, they didn't have a spy on me so I knew I was going to take off and get the first down. I will do what ever it takes to win. My whole mindset is based on where the sticks are."

Derek, can you talk about what it means to break the school record today?
"When the best QB to ever play here is your big brother, and you can have both your names on a book someday that says hey you have records together. It means a tremendous guild to me! Not only is he my big brother, but he's also my role model and I want to be just like him. Except I couldn't wear #8 cause he wouldn't let me. Just to know that we could do those things and look back at it someday and be able to come to so future Fresno State football games and not get kicked out, it feels kind of nice."

Were you aware of the progress you were making towards breaking those records?
"I knew during the game. They made an announcement and Paul Pineger shook my hand right after so then I kind of knew it happened. Paul was classy about it; he told me congratulations you deserve it. It was really cool to be able to experience that. All I care about is winning. The stats are great for my son to look at someday, but in the end I just want to win games."

Can you remember the last time you were sacked? Because, once again you're uniform is the cleanest of the bunch!
"Yeah, no doubt! That offensive line, they work their tale off and it shows. As well as for those running backs picking up the blitz. They deserve all the credit. I praise God and thank him, trust me. I pray every night for his protection because he is truly the one blocking for me."

How big was Devante Adams tonight?
"Oh man! He's amazing! He is the best receiver in the nation. Our wide receiver bunch is the best that any college football team has. They can all probably go play in the league my brother was in. They are ridiculous, and the greatest thing about them is that they are all humble. They work hard and it shows. Hard work pays off."

Adams had three TD's in the first half last game, and another three in the first half today. Do you see him elevating in his game more in the past couple weeks?
"The teams are not double covering him. When they do we get to Burse and the other guys. Our mindset is if anyone is going to play us man we treat it like they are disrespecting us. Devante loves one on one coverage, so hopefully we continue to see it. He continues his level of play each week, and it just so happened today that half his catches were TD's."

#15 Davante Adams

On what's been better these past couple games

"Early on in the season we had a few decent games, but we were seeing a lot of doubles toward my side or Cover 2 with a guy under me and over the top which made it difficult. We have to take things like that as a compliment. For them to put two guys towards me, we have other guys like Burse and Harp and Greg and Marcel that produce just as much as I do. If they are going to continue to put people on me or cover one-on-one, I am just going to keep doing what I do."

On the one-on-one coverage from UNLV

"I think of it as just guys being stubborn or running what they run. We just have to keep attacking it and get them out of it. They kept going back to it and we just kept going and attacking it."

On school-receiving record touchdown being nullified by pass interference

"The official called it, so I guess I did. I don't know if I agree with the call, but that is what refs are for. I would've liked to have had the record. But in the end, I would much rather get a victory and come out and see my team happy and singing in the locker room than getting the record."

On the touchdown catch on first play of the game

"They were in a good coverage to cover it. I got on my horse and Derek hung on to it for awhile and the guy can throw the ball for 80 yards so it wasn't a problem for him so I just ran and beat him inside and I looked back and the ball was gone and it was 6."

#6 L.J. Jones

You guys were getting to the QB quite a bit tonight
"Oh man, we need to pass rush. It helps us out in the backcourt, because it allows the ball to come out quicker, which helps us get a jump on the ball. Unfortunately we weren't able to get an interception tonight, but if we keep at it we will eventually."

Any thoughts about San Diego State next weekend?
"We are going to come in tomorrow and watch film as a group and start preparing ourselves for next week. That way we can go out there and execute at a high level."

You guys didn't have any turnovers tonight but did feel like this team could perform?
"As long as we play together as one cohesive unit we can go get that W, that is all we care about."

Do you think this was the best defensive game for you guys thus far?
"I would say we really haven't been able to put together a complete game yet on defense. Once we see that, we will be able to do a lot bigger things."

UNLV Quotes

Head Coach Bobby Hauck

What was done differently by the Bulldogs that surprised you?
"Offensively no. They did what they do, and they're good at it. Nothing surprising there. I thought defensively, they did a real nice job utilizing their open date. They gave us a couple different things, both pressure and coverage, that we had not seen, and we really, really struggled with it. Nick and Tim did a great job with that. They gave us some things we hadn't seen, and we just didn't handle it."

What did you take away from the game?
"We had good field position the second half, and we didn't capitalize on it. At all. That killed us. We came out of the locker room, had a nice return and good field position, a chance to cut it to seven and make it a seven point game, and we just didn't do it. And we did it again. Their defense did a good job against us. I give them some credit. Going into the game, I dind't think their defense would be able to handle us like they did. They had a nice plan, and their kids played hard, and they got us."

Why so many short passes for QB Caleb Herring?
"They gave us some things he didn't expect, and I just think we didn't handle it real great on the offensive side of the ball. I think we just didn't react and respond well to things we hadn't seen. That's been something that our offense has done a really nice job of in this four-game win streak that we've had. We just need to fix that and go to it."

On Carr's "on-the-money" passes
"It's what he does every week. It's what he does. He's good. There's a reason why he got 12,000 yards or something tonight. He's a good player. Their receivers are really good. Number 15 got after us, and he wins on the ball a lot. We had no allusions about who they were on offense, they just made their plays, and we don't like to give up that number of yards certainly at any point in time. There was some decent stuff they did on that side of the ball where they just flat made plays and we didn't."

On the short passes, why?
"You take what they give you. They did a nice job, they gave us some things. I thought they utilized their open date real well. They gave us a couple things, both in terms of pressure and structure and also bluffing it and going to coverage that we had not seen, and we did not respond to it very well."

On the great field position in second half and if it is critical going 3 and 0
"Huge. We had decent field position the whole second half, much better than we did in the first. We didn't capitalize on it. Part of that is shame on us, and part of that is good job by them."

On their game against Reno coming up and if it will be easier bouncing back from a loss
"Yeah. You have to respond to adversity, and that's what we do. Most teams don't win every game. You have to go back and win. Obviously the red-letter game on our schedule is the one we play next week, and we will be excited for it."



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