Fresno State vs. Wyoming Post-Game Quotes

Oct. 21, 2012

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Head Coach Tim DeRuyter

(Opening Statement)

"I'm pleased that our guys were able to bounce back after a tough loss last week. We've had a full and great week of practice. I was really pleased with our special teams and our defense played outstanding. Wyoming we knew was a gridy team and well coached. They have really good competitive quarterbacks. Our guys withstood the challenge and played well enough to win."

(On what makes perform better at home)

"The Redwave. Our guys love going down the ramp and they get juiced off of the crowd. Defensively you play emotionally and you want that crowd behind you. Offensively you play with rhythm and you want that crowd behind you."

(On first half more effective)

"Our defense staff does a good job analyzing strengths and weaknesses from offense and makes a plan. Our guys execute that plan and played with great energy."

(On early production)

"We had a good game plan going in and our guys did a good job executing it."

(On #11 Rashad Evans)

"He did a great job. You have to have a special guy like Rashad to set up blocks. There were a lot of guys on that play that help spring that and come right back. He's definitely a weapon for us and we were happy to see him actually get in the end zone."

"We got our crowd in to the game and it got the crowd jacked up."

(On offense performance)

"In the first half we did some good things but we got sloppy in the second half of the game. We've got to do a better job of finishing the game. There's a fine line between being so intense and have the timing and letting up just a little bit to be perfect. We've got to take a critical look at why that's happening and we have to clean it up."

(Offense flow a little better? Derek holding the ball a little more?)

"It's a combination of things. We have to be stouter on the edges, but it's not just one thing."

(On #5 Victor Dean)

"He's getting better every week. He's practicing harder and he's getting more opportunities on Saturday's because of it. I'm pleased to see him stepped up."

(On defense)

"We talked about it from day one. We have two things we have defensive coaches that teach great things and anticipation and we have players that execute it. It was good to see."

#4 Robbie Rouse

(On reaching 4,000 yards)

"It's crazy when you think about it. That's a lot of yards. I want to thank my teammates, my mom, Erik, and other players who have played with me in previous years who have helped me get to this point in my career."

(On offense feeling more comfortable at home, why?)

"Just like coach said: the Red Wave. Whenever we make good plays it's great to hear the crowd cheering for us and encouraging us to want to make more big plays."

(On starting out strong and not finishing)

"That's something that we need to work towards because like the Tulsa game we started fast and didn't finish and luckily we were able to finish this game and win. That's something we need to stress in later games in the season. We need to play all four quarters just how we played the first two quarters in this game."

(On last week's lost and needing to start fast this game)

"Just how coach had addressed to us earlier today that the best thing about football is when you have another chance, you get a chance to redeem yourself and get back out there on the field and make up for the loss last week. It's nothing like getting that bad taste out of your mouth with a win, especially at home."

#4 Derek Carr

(On sensing more rhythm and being in Bulldog Stadium)

"We love our fans, man. The city of Fresno is one the main reasons why I came here. To see them come out and support us and to hear them cheer and hear them get loud when our defense makes big hits, that's the best."

(On Conscious effort on making sure to start out fast?)

"Of course. Honestly, we don't think about other games or anything that's happened before. Our goal every time we come into a game is to start fast, and it really puts a lot of stress on other teams and other offenses. If we're starting fast, scoring points, maybe their game plan was to run the ball, but if we're going in there scoring points, well now they gotta start to kind of throw the ball. That's always our goal to start fast, but we gotta do a better job of finishing. In the second half we came out flat. I noticed some things that we can correct, and I will preach that to my guys."

(Happy with offense overall?)

"We won the game. That's all that matters in football is winning these games because if we didn't win it we'd hear about something else."

(On offensive line with Richard Helepiko and James Le'au)

"Awesome, I think he did a great job. I think they always do a great job. Some stuff got blown up from last week and they got some fingers pointed at them, but it's not their fault. When you turn the film on, I think they did an awesome job."

(On chemistry between Carr and Richard and practice this week)

"It was like riding a bike. Plus, we're in shotgun so we don't get to know each other that well anymore. I think he does a great job. It's good to have someone that can play both for when things that someone else has got to plug in. I think he did a great job."

(On Victor Dean)

"He's tall and fast. He's a good player. He's growing up right before our eyes. I'm so happy for him. I'm more happy for him as a person more than I am for football. Football doesn't define who we are. Just to see him grow up. He's showing up to everything early. That's the little things that matter. And just to see his character and him just becoming more mature is awesome. Football is fun, but that's not the most important thing because someone's going to take our jerseys one day."

(On defense and difference and more guys)

"Depends on what they want to do, especially with having Rashad(Evans) back. You can't double everybody. There was a couple times where they tried to double and you see Marcel come open. They try and do different things and there is so many, bullets in the gun, and when you have that it helps him out. It helps Rashad out and helps Devante(Adams) out. You know they can't double everybody, and if they do, Robbie will go crazy. We're very blessed to be in the situation we are and how many guys we have."

(On energizing offense when seeing special teams score)

"Oh yeah. Especially when it's a offensive guy. If it was a corner I don't think I'd be so excited. I'm just kidding. It's exciting, it really is. Especially for Rashad. I felt so bad for him that he had to miss four games. For him to come out and do what he has done so far in these games, it's awesome. I'm just so happy for him."

(On scoring short distances)

"Football is the ultimate team game, and you guys have heard that a lot from the past head coach that was here. It's the ultimate team game and I've really learned that from him. You can't do it all by yourself. When Phillip's getting picks and blowing dudes heads off and we're getting short fields, it makes our job easier. You have to go less distance, and our ultimate goal is to get to the end zone. The less distance you have to go the easier it is. So it works hand in hand. I think he gets mad at us when we score fast, too, when Robbie busts a long run. He doesn't get a break, but I'll think he'll be alright."

#5 Victor Dean

(On feeling more comfortable with playing time)

"I think definitely with practice. It goes by faster. The timing with the quarterback and working out a little bit after practice makes everything easier in the games and everything goes by faster. There isn't much thinking involved. I definitely got comfortable and things are good. He throws it and the offense catches it."

(On noticing a comfort level at home verse on the road)

"Definitely. Red Wave makes everything easier. Getting out there in the red zone and it gets loud, and the opposing defense has a hard time. They already have a hard time keeping up with, but it puts a little more on them when they got the Red Zone screaming and yelling. It's always good being home."

(On Derek getting criticized last week and practice this week)

"He's always focused, but starting Monday after the loss we had to get back on our feet. You can't come back into the next game thinking. Nothing is given in football. You have to play hard every game, every week and practice hard everyday. I think he definitely had his head focused on coming out here and getting the win, like we did."

#16 PhillipThomas

(On playing receiver)

"I think I could. Get out there with Vic(Dean), Devante, Rashad, and them and do some things."

(On practicing receiver)

"I played in High School a little bit"

(On practicing in college with Derek?)

"No, not even for fun."

(On getting more rest during fast scores)

"I like it when they score fast. It gives me the opportunity to get out there and make more plays, get short field for our offense."

(On seeing plays develops, interceptions, returns)

"They lined up in the same formation a little earlier. They came back to it, and I realized. I just disguised that I was a encumbered, too, playing off real deep, and on the snap of the ball I just jumped it."

(On Wyoming)

"We just knew we had to come out there with a mind set to stop these guys. We knew that they were going to throw the ball a lot. We just came out there really focused, and it showed by the way we played all game, getting a lot of stops and getting a couple turnovers. Just trying to bounce back after what happened last week."

(On turnovers)

"It just says that we're always attacking the ball. We're always going to get the ball all year long. That's why we're trying to get the ball no matter how we can get it, strips, interceptions, force fumbles, hitting the quarterback, like we're doing all year long."

(On defense)

"Sky's the limit for this defense. Just because DeRuyter says he wants 20, that doesn't mean we're going to stop. I think we can get 30."

(On big hits this game, and taking anger out from last game)

"I need to get out there and be more physical. Just not let people run around on the field and not get punished for it. I take out a little anger, but also just doing my job, and finishing the play."

(On first play of game)

"I was so mad about that. That's the type of stuff I can't let happen. I'm going to come back on Monday and see what can I do better and what type of angle I need to take on the quarterback when he sees me coming. I need to be more disciplined with my feet and my eyes and just wrap up and finish the play."

Wyoming head coach Dave Christensen

(Opening Statement)

"I thought our kids came out and they competed. I told them after the game, you got to come out ready to play at kickoff, and they didn't. They came back in the second half and defense did a great job, shut them out basically in the second half. Offense had one interception for a touchdown, but I think defense did great the second half. Offense did a little bit better. We were frazzled; we didn't communicated well between protections, and hot routes. Didn't execute at a very high level, and got a lot of work to get done."

(Little flat the first half, any idea what was going on...)

"No idea. We weren't doing anything different, we don't change up, and we do the same thing every week ... same preparation prior to the game. We just didn't play very well, it hurt offensively because we kept going three and out. Defense kept going back in there. The fake punt was executed, but one guy misses a block and they get short field now. You got to make your own breaks, you don't get breaks ... you make your breaks. We had opportunities on plays, but we kept not making the plays. Putting the defense in a tough situation and they gave up a couple touchdowns the second half. I think they came out and did a good job of shutting them down and forcing them to punt every series."

(On time off hurting QB)

"That would be an excuse. I don't think so, he had time off and then came back and won the Idaho game so I'm not looking for excuses. Bottom line is we didn't execute. We got to a better job, I have to do a better job of coaching, we all do. We'll get back and evaluate what we did and where our issues are at and try and get them corrected.

(On rotating quarterbacks)

"No ... we were down 35-0, and we weren't doing a lot on offense. I don't think it's any secret, it wouldn't be in our best interest to have Brett taking a bunch of hits. Jason doesn't have a red shirt so I felt it was best to protect Brett some by not having out there for as many snaps ... try to bring Jason along and keep getting him to improve. He's got to utilize this year ... so that's the only reason we went to doing that. We planned on going into the game that Jason was going to get a couple series in the game, but we played him more when things were a little bit out of hand there."

(On Fresno's pass rush)

"We didn't protect too well. We knew that going into the football game. We have said all week long that they are going to be schematically like Air Force with much better players ... and that's what they were. I think Fresno's the best team that we have played this year, and I'm talking about the way they go out and they play. They are a very talented football team. I talked to Tim (DeRuyter) before and after the game, and they didn't inherit an empty cupboard. They have good players, and they play hard.

(Was this a tougher loss than previous close games?)

"I can't answer that right now. I'll have to answer that next week. They are disappointed, no one likes to lose ... I don't know we will find out."

(On defensive breakdowns that allowed Derek Car to finish)

"Derek Carr, he's a good quarterback. We had a couple assignment errors early, with our two starting safeties gone ... lost a starting corner, so we have a safety that played two games and has to go back and play corner. We have a lot of guys in the secondary that are inexperienced. I think they made great adjustments as the game went on and did extremely well in the second half of the game. We were down guys ... in fact we were out of corners and had to move a safety to corner just to get through the game. I'm anxious to see the film, because I think we made some improvements."

(On first half punt returns)

"They were gigantic, we had guys out of position ... you got to make plays. You're on that team for a reason, and when you need to make a play you got to make a play. Unfortunately we didn't do that."



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