Postgame Quotes

Nov. 3, 2013

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Fresno State Quotes

Head Coach Tim DeRuyter

Opening Statement

"Extremely proud of our team. I thought we had great effort all night long. It wasn't always pretty, but our guys competed. I gotta hand it to our administration on the Blackout and the Redwave for showing up in black. What a great environment it created. Our recruits noticed it, they loved it. I think the fans loved it too. It created a great energy in the stadium and created a great buzz for our program. We started off pretty well on offense. We gave up a quick score on defense, but then really did a good job of slowing down an explosive offense from Nevada. We didn't start out good the second half and we have to get that fixed and we will, but we finished strong and is something we always want to do. I am particularly happy with how we ran the ball at the end of the game. Again, we just find ways to get it done on defense, but we gotta keep getting better."

On kickoff coverage this week...
"We did change some personnel on their this week and I thought the guys that were out there were really inspired. Colin did a much better job of getting better hang time and better distance and when you do that you give yourselves a much better chance. I was really happy with that group's effort."

On what Nevada did defensively...
"They play a lot of Tampa coverage. So they put a guy one guy up to chuck someone and then another over the top. I don't know if that is what they did to Davante (Adams), but if so then you've gotta attack different ways and our offensive staff did a great job with that. We threw for 487 yards, so I think we figured out some place to attack it. I was really happy with the way that Harp (Josh Haper) played. He made some big time catches and some big time runs after catches, so that was nice to see."

On fourth down conversion attempts tonight...
"We're going to go for it on fourth because I have a lot of confidence in our offense. Sometimes it is based on field position. If we get between the 30 and the 40 like we did early, we will go for it on if it three, four or five. Other times we will go on fourth-and-one, because I have confidence in our offense. We just have to execute and that is why it is a gamble doing it sometimes. Other times when it is fourth-and-one I feel confident we will get it whether it is a throw or a run. Give Nevada credit they defended it on us a couple times, so tip your to them. At the end of the game it is a different situation. When you are up by one score and facing fourth-and-eight, it doesn't make any sense to go for it there. You kick it and take the points and make it a two-score game."

On running game...
"We struggled at the beginning, but as the game went on I thought our offensive line did a really good job of leaning on Nevada's defensive line and getting some movement. When they did, both those guys ran explosively through hole and that is exactly what we want. I think we have a great 1-2 punch with those guys. We gotta catch the ball better. We had a couple plays we couldn't make and we should've and we gotta get that fixed. I thought both of those guys ran really hard -- and knock on wood -- we haven't had a turnover from either of those guys since Josh had one earlier."

On the trip to Laramie to play Wyoming next week...
"It's going to be great. Another league game on the road, it's going to be tough. I have been to Laramie and it's the highest elevation out there. Unfortunately we are playing outdoors instead of indoors because indoors the altitude doesn't affect you as much. It is going to be cold, but I reminded our guys in the locker room afterwards that we were 2-0 last year when it was under 20 degree temperatures and that is what Bulldogs like is cold weather. I told our guys we have to get in the ice tub and try to get acclimated to it and that is about all you can do."

Nevada Quotes

Head Coach Brian Polian

Opening Statement
"There are a couple things that stick out to me right now. The first thing is we have to be realistic right now and think about the fact that we didn't execute enough to beat a top 16 seed opponent. Too often we weren't on the same page offensively, defensively, and a couple of key moments. We played good enough to win on defense in the second half. The last touchdown is a throw away to me, it is what it is and I am not worried about it. I am proud of our guys however. Again, critical penalties hurt us. We have to be smart enough and cut it out with the critical penalties. The offensive pass interference negated a touchdown, but it doesn't matter how I feel about the call. Don't get me wrong, there are no moral victories for us tonight, but I am proud of our guys and how we really fought our tails off in the second half. We are where we are right now. It doesn't matter how we got here, the only thing that matters is right here and right now. I am going to do a better job, as well for the rest of our coaches, and our players are going to do a better job. We are going to go home tonight and get some rest so that we can prepare to go win a road game next week at Colorado State. If we can go play with the fight and passion we showed tonight in the second half then we got a pretty good chance."

Brian, Derek Carr put up huge number again, but it seemed like your defense played fairly well for most of the night especially in those 4th down stops.
"The numbers don't bother me. It was by design; we knew he was going to get those numbers. What matters to me is that we were able to find a way to get off the field on a few 1st downs by causing turnovers. A couple times we were able to get Carr out of his comfort zone by having him carry the ball. Bottom line, the guy is one of the best QB's in the country. He's a heck of a player! Clearly, we weren't perfect but I am not going to get hung up on the numbers."

Looks like your strategy early on was very similar to the Florida State game. Is that fair to say?
"Well, Fresno State played a really close game on the road last week at San Diego State. We felt like if we could run the ball it would help keep our defense off the field, and that we might be able to be physical with them because they were pretty nicked up from last week. Obviously, on the opening drive we popped a long power run and it was great to see, but we were not able to sustain drives in the first half. In result it kept putting our defense out there and in a fast pace game like this you can't do that. We have to sustain some drives to help keep our Defense rested and stop going three and out. Some of that was due to execution, and some were due to penalties. We must do better, but again collectively I felt like we did a lot better in the second half."

In retrospect, would you have liked to open it up more in that first half?
"No, I felt like we called the game that needed to be called. That is not fair either, every week we are asked why don't we run the ball effectively so now we have worked on running the ball; and then we get asked why don't we open it up more. The reason is because we needed to run the ball in order to sustain drives so that our defense stays off the field. Three and outs, and not changing field positions absolutely destroyed us against a very explosive offensive opponent. We came out of halftime and our offensive coaches did a nice job adjusting to the game. They called plays that were able to get us in good enough situations, but we obviously could have played better."



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