Fresno State vs. Hawai'i Post Game Quotes

Nov. 3, 2012

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Head Coach Tim DeRuyter

(Opening Statement)

"I am really pleased with how our players came out, very business like with the attitude today. I think some people were asking early in the week how can you get your guys excited? Our guys get excited to play here in front of the Red Wave. We jumped on them early and our defense did some things early to spark our offense and our offense took advance of it. Good week of practice by our coaches and our players came out and executed it today. We are very happy about getting a bunch of guys in the game and we have to continue to develop our depth because clearly as you go through a season injuries become a factor so hopefully these reps in the second halves of the games will help us and finalize our last few games."

(On another blowout victory)

"I think we preach to our players all the time that we don't look at the scoreboard, we just play and we want to hold ourselves to the standard we set whether its offense, defense and special teams. We know how well we can play and it really doesn't matter what the score says. I thought we did a good job with that in the first half. In the second half we slowed things down kind of like the Colorado game where we try and get out of the game and give a lot of the guys reps. I thought we did a great job in the first half doing some things and then in the second half managing the clock and just trying to be efficient."

(On keeping momentum going for Nevada game)

"The guys have a lot of confidence and it doesn't matter who we play. We've won on the road and we've won at home and we can be very explosive. Defensively we can create take-aways. Just having that confidence will help us as we go into next week."

(Concerned after Victor Dean's injury)

"We were concerned on the sideline anytime we have a player down for an extended period of time. Obviously there was an empathy from his teammates but as a coach you try and get your guys to refocus on the task at hand while you have empathy for Victor or anybody else that gets hurts. Probably sharpens the focus that anybody is one play away from not being able to play the rest of the game or the rest of the season, so you remind your players about that and go out and keep charging. I think our guys did a great job rallying for that and keeping their foot on the gas."

(On the Double Reverse)

"Anytime you get a sudden change situation and you have short field we do a good job with our offensive going up tempo and we've been in package many times so good defensives are key to what you do and this is just a wrinkle in what we have out of it. Coach Schramm called it at the perfect time and our guys executed. I don't know how many times we've run it in practice and I know they've been wanting to run it in a game so it was good to see us execute it."

(On Getting Dylan Root involved)

"It's really good. You have a freshman like Dylan. That is one of his packages we can a feature guy with the fly sweep and then obviously throwing in the reverse pass off of it. I think Coach Schramm and our entire offensive staff does a great job of putting packages together where we can use multiple tools and once those guys are in the game and making plays if someone goes down it's a lot more seamless going in because they have been in ball games. It might not be in that position but they've had snaps, they've been under the lights and they've made plays. I am really happy for Dylan and it's spreading out the depth of our team."

(On defense)

"I think Coach Toth came up with a really good plan with some tendencies they had and they broke those a little bit, but our guys a conventional running team has done a really good job. We've struggled a little bit against the option and we have this coming up this week and we have to do a better job. We didn't tackle great."

(On defense scheme)

"Anytime we win that by two we have a great chance of winning a football game and we've been preaching that from day one and I think clearly our guys bought in and we are up to 26 on the year and we have two more opportunities to try and get to 30 or more. I am really pleased defensively and I am really pleased offensively by not giving the ball away and that is the great thing about turnover margins because it is a factor on both sides of the ball and not many stats are."

(Up early at the half and removing Derek)

"We felt that the game was pretty much in hand and we have two more games to go. That second group needs to get reps and when you can give them the second units reps in live action and when they are called upon to go they are more ready to go and I think Greg (Watson) has been doing a lot of great things in practice and I think our offensive staff has a lot of confidence in him running our base offense and not just package stuff. It was good for him and our entire second offense. We didn't get a lot of points but we moved the ball fairly effectively and we just have to get better at it."

#9 Travis Brown

(On previous experience helping tonight's performance)

"Yeah that was huge playing against a spread like this. They were doing a similar thing that we have seen, and we have seen from them for a while now. They tried to get us with a little bit more run game, it was surprising to see that this year. The coaching staff had it figured out that they were going to come out and run on us too. I felt that we played really well."

(On getting confidence early)

"We came out not wanting to give them any momentum, no big plays, no quick start. It was big to come out and fire off like we did on them, it was good."

(On next two games)

"Yeah I mean Reno has been a tough place for us to play, just Reno in general ... but we have some confidence in this defense and we are fired up about it. We are anxious to play them. We are excited, we have the safeties and corners that can run routes with them and I feel like our front seven and front eight are ready to roll."

Hawaii Head Coach Norm Chow

(Opening Statement)

"They're all tough, but that one was in particularly. We got beat by a very good football team. Derek Carr, he's unbelievable ... they have a great scheme. They know how to attack us, they have guys wide open and they made the plays."

(On what's next)

"We keep fighting, nobody is quitting, nobody is doing anything. We keep fighting ... same thing we did last week, same thing we intend to do the rest of the season. They are a close group of kids, they play together ... we just keep fighting. We go back to work on Monday, and we play an excellent football team again."

(On Quarterback)

"Sean(Schroeder) is still our quarterback, you don't even have to ask that one ... we are never going to quit, we are going to keep trying to play ... we just got to get better, better protections. It wasn't a scheme wise ... it was just our guys getting beat by a better football team. That is a heck of a football team. Full of seniors and juniors, and Derek Carr ... he's probably a number one draft pick, I told him that after the game. "

(On staying positive)

"We changed everything, we changed the way we warmed up ... we changed the way we left the hotel, we did the Hakka inside. We got beat by a better team, give the other guys some credit as well."

(Anything left to change?)

"Just keep fighting, like I said. We aren't panicking, we aren't flinching, we just have to keep fighting. I don't know what else to do, I don't think our young people know what else to do as well. I don't know where we are headed. All I know is that we are going to work hard for next week and play a tremendous football team. I just try to build a program, and try and do the best we can. Just go back in the office tomorrow and try and get ready for the next one."



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