Post Game Quotes

Nov. 5, 2011

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Pat Hill Post Game Quotes
Opening Comments:
"If you could write a script about what you would not want to happen in a game this one was written pretty well. We knew going into the game that Louisiana Tech played the type of front that was going to force you to run the ball and they were going to force you into a run game. We gave up a few good plays in the beginning and once we did that, we dug a hole. Once that happened it really gave all the advantage to them. We could not get going into sync. We turned the ball over three times and they turned the ball over zero. On the defensive side of the ball, the big plays got us. That has been a situation that we have had all year, giving up the big plays. I take complete responsibility; I did not get the team ready to play the way we needed to. We need to find a way to protect better to give Derek Carr more time to get the ball down the field. We create our own problems by giving up the big plays and giving them a lead like that in the very beginning. Same thing happened in the Boise State game, we let that game get out of hand early and forced us into a situation where we can get the ball down the field. We have got to get better and keep the games close early and establish the run if they are giving it to us. I thought we came out and played better in the second half but, I thought Louisiana Tech didn't run the ball much and were just trying to run the clock. This game definitely got away from us and I give Louisiana Tech a lot of credit they did what they had to do with the defensive scheme they play."
On Tonight's Performance:
"I don't like losing but what is really frustrating is it is hard to dig yourself out of a hole. We were never able to get into a rhythm where we were able to run the ball consistently on our checks. It was very frustrating to not be able to even get into our game plan. Bang we were down early and we were never able to get into the sync of what we worked on. So not being able to execute the plan that we worked on is very frustrating, same thing happened against Boise State."
On Bulldog Stadium:
"I really don't have any control over that. The crown was great early but we didn't give them anything to cheer about. It is my fault we didn't give them anything to cheer about. That was a long game and I don't blame people for leaving, why would you sit through that? I thought our fans were awesome, they came out and supported us and we did not do anything to fuel the emotion of the crowd. There has been many times where we have fueled the emotion of the crowd and those were great games but you have to give them something to cheer about."

Louisiana Tech Head Coach Sonny Dykes
"It was a good, hard fought win. I thought we really played well the first half--came out real aggressive offensively and really flew around on defense."

"We had a good drive to start the third quarter offensively, and were able to score which I think got us some momentum, then we bogged down a bit, and the big thing we did was not turn the ball over."

"I thought our defense played outstanding. Robbie's a good back, we hit him in the back field and he bounced off tackles and made some plays--he's a good player, he's one of the better backs we're going to see. It's a real tribute for our guys to hold him at 100 yards, since he's an awfully good back."

"I thought we had some match ups that were going to be favorable to us. Colbie did a good job making some plays-- the receivers played the football probably as well as they ever have. I thought they really got us off to a good start."



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