Fresno State vs. Air Force Post-Game Quotes

Nov. 24, 2012

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Head Coach Tim DeRuyter

(On bowl preference)

"No, I have no preference at all. It's going to be a great one no matter which one we go to. Whatever way it works out, it works out."

(On providing conference championship)

"Thomas (Boeh) made that clear in the interview process. We need a football program that competes for championships. From day one that has been our focus. Our community has been starving for it. It has been too long here. I thought we had a group that if we could get them to buy in that we had enough talent to compete for a conference championship. I'm just really excited about our staff and what our guys have done."

(On being undefeated at home)

"I think our guys love playing in front of the Red Wave. There is something special about Bulldog Stadium and it was something that we wanted to establish. We wanted to put a good product on the field for the Red Wave. We get energy off of the Red Wave. So to see our guys play in a stadium with a different buzz we were able to feed off that energy."

(On ice baths)

"I kinda anticipated it. Someone got in front of me, I thought uh-oh and I couldn't get out."

On progression of the team)

"I think its been big. Anytime you come in with a transition there is a learning process. We knew that we were making progress. We knew that our defense was going to be pretty good even if they didn't look very good in the spring and that our offense was going to be good and that we had play makers. The only way that you win a championship is to make progress every week and I think we have done that."

Fresno State Players

Derek Carr

(Overall thoughts)

"I feel so blessed, thank the Lord. Hard work pays off and I am a firm believer in that. You know personally how hard you work, but when it comes to fruition like this when you get to hold this trophy or wear this hat you know you did something right. I am going to enjoy this one, but we still have one more and we haven't won double-digit games in awhile. We still have to get that 10th win and the season isn't over, but I am definitely going to enjoy my ring. "

(His preparation)

"I prepare myself for every game like it is the Super Bowl. I am not going to let anyone un-prepare me and if I do I am not doing my job and I am doing a disservice to my teammates."

Robbie Rouse

(Overall Thoughts)

"This is the best season since I've been here, and the best season in at least over a decade and to go undefeated at home is real big."

(How a MW Championship feels)

"It means a lot for all of us. Especially after coming off of last season. With all the adversity that was thrown at us with new coaches and us getting a new scheme and us coming off of last season and how we all pulled together as a team. As captains we got everyone together and were able to pull off this season and it feels great."

Phillip Thomas

(On coming back )

"It's been a long journey and it feels great to train and get my way back into the game and into full speed. To be out here with my teammates is a great feeling. To do this on senior night, in my last game in Bulldog Stadium, for the championship, and to play in this scenery with the Bulldogs fans feels great and I am going to miss it dearly."

(Do you think you've impressed enough people for the Thorpe award?)

"I don't know. For me, my main goal and the biggest thing I was focused on was this championship. Whether I win the Thorpe or not, nothing can take this conference championship away from me and I am do proud of that. It would be great to have that accomplishment too, but right know we are celebrating but we've been working towards all season long and that is this championship."

Travis Brown

(The significance of being a Fresno local)

"It's huge. The fan support I've had by staying in town and being a local guy. The community that surrounds Fresno has always held a place that has been close to my heart. In just the community they have always showed me love since Clovis West and Kaiser days even. I love the fans and I love the community. I was raised here and I can't say enough about the fans and community."

Davante Adams

(Winning a championship in his first year playing)

"It's great. Coming in this was my first year playing and I can't ask for much more. We started pretty fast and things were just happening. Coach told me I was going to be a big part of the offense and I wasn't nervous, but I was just getting some jitters about it. Once we got the first game out of the way it was awesome and it was a great feeling. I had a sick to my stomach feeling at first, just being nervous, but once I got into the groove of things it was just great. Finishing the season off like this, you really can't ask for more as a redshirt freshman."

(Speaking for underclassmen and sending the seniors our this way)

"Coach DeRuyter spoke about this many times just making sure those seniors game by game are playing as hard as they can and we are playing for more than just ourselves and knowing that the seniors only have a limited amount of games and we've worked so hard for only 13 opportunities. DeRuyter made sure that we are going to go out there and just keep fighting so those seniors can go out with a bang. It's his first season and he knows how much it means to finish a career with a good amount of wins and without a good amount of wins, but we always had a high standard on how we wanted to play and he preached that from day one and the seniors knew they only had a certain amount of opportunities, so we just had to go out there and play every game like it's our last."

Air Force Head Coach Troy Calhoun

(Will you be able to revive before the bowl game? )

"I think so. It will be good for us to probably have a break. I mean our guys badly need a break ... they have been going at it since July 10. Probably the best thing they can do is go home, after they complete all of their finals ... even four days in their own bed will be good for them. I mean give credit to the team we played today. I think that's a good team. I thought athletically, especially in the open field. I thought there were some plays in the open field where they made some pretty dynamic things happen. "

(Are you disappointed by the way you have played in the last four?)

"Not the effort, probably the execution a little bit. We are one of those teams ... I think it's got to be very, very crisp. I think we have played some decent teams athletically. I think San Diego State was a good team, and certainly the team we played today too."

(On first fourth down gamble)

"Thought to win a game like this, you have to be able to convert two yards. They did a good job of stopping it, we could have blocked it a little better ... but they came up with a key stop."

(On receiver advantage)

"Athletically those are extraordinary players. I think there are times where they are going to complete balls, but you need to really be able to limit the run, the yards they gain after a grab. They had some big, big plays on eight yard completions ... and I thought there were other times when deep balls were thrown down the field and we had the right leverage and the whole bit and they made a play. They ran away from us. They had a catch in the end zone where we had it fairly well covered and they threw it to a big tall guy and the tight end went up and made a play in the right corner of the end zone. That is a pretty talented football team."

(Did Fresno empty out the playbook?)

"Little bit. We didn't get off blocks as well as we needed to today. Just in the open field, both ways ... and I thought offense didn't make some plays that we needed too, especially on the ball handling part of it. They missed some throws, which I thought was key. I thought just one on one there were times where we needed to do a better job of closing ground, and their receivers did a good job where they didn't get tackled."

(On Dietz leaving)

"The last seven weeks ... like a bunch of them, it would be good for him to have a little bit of time to recover. He has been nicked up a little bit ever since Oct. 13, he's been nicked up a bunch. This will be good for him. It's just an accumulation of just being beat up to no end. Had nothing to do with performance. "

(On last four weeks wearing the team down)

"No sir, we just didn't play as crisply as we have to play. I think we are one of those teams that rely so much rather than girth or being mammoth or open field movement ... we are one of those groups that are very very reliant on execution. There are some things that we have to do, be crisp. Again, I think the part that will help us, there some mending that we need to do. We got to take care of finals, we got to get some of our bodies back and be ready to go on Dec. 29 because truth is we are either going to play Tulsa who beat this team, or play SMU who beat Tulsa. There is a good chance that it's just one of those two schools in their territory in Fort Worth."

(Is that enough time to heal up?)

"It can be, yes sir it can be. You got to do the discipline part of it for it to be. That will be important for us."

(On being hopeful and optimistic)

"It's been an extremely dedicated, resilient and spirited group. We have had teams that are more experienced ... probably had teams that have had more opening field play making ability ... we have had some fine ones when it comes to guts and leadership and the whole bit. That's something, these kids have been terrific."

(On Derek Carr being NFL ready)

"He's NFL ready, without a doubt. I don't think he missed a throw today. He had only two or three incompletions. He is NFL ready as NFL ready gets. Very, very affective. I think he's got great command of their offense, and he has been around it. There is linage and there is some pedigree there. Just the household and the whole bit, that contributes to it."



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