Fresno State vs. San Jose State Post-Game Quotes

Nov. 26, 2011

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"That was a tough one, but that's kind of a picture of our season," head coach Pat Hill said. "We had some critical penalties, a couple of turnovers that stopped a couple of good drives and I got to give San Jose State credit, they did a heck of a job with their passing game."

"I feel bad for the seniors," Pat Hill said. "I've been here 15 years and we have never had a losing season in our stadium, and that one really hurts." "Shooting ourselves in the foot and not making the plays when we need to is basically it," junior running back Robbie Rouse said afterwards when asked about Fresno State's struggles this year to win the close games.

San Jose State Head Coach Mike MacIntyre

On the Win
After the last two heartbreaking losses, most people, I think, they had just kind of given up on us and thought there was no way we could bounce back. And these kids are resilient and they have great character. Our coaching staff has been working extremely hard. A lot of mentoring with these young men, there's a great bond. What they did last week and today and not beating Fresno here in 24 years, I told them, they're going to walk into Walmart over the next few days, go and get something to eat at Peanuts and they're going to run into ex-players who are going to thank them, that hadn't won here in 24 years so it's a big deal, a huge deal for our program.

On Matt Faulkner and the Offense
Matt was phenomenal tonight, did a great job. He has great character. He just got really comfortable in the offense. He never panicked. He did really well. And John DeFilippo did a great job calling some great plays. And I'll tell you, what about him? [Fresno State] went down and scored on us, made a great catch and a throw and it was 27-24 and we get the ball with 6:15 and we ran the clock out. We couldn't run the ball an inch, and we ran the ball 30 yards on that drive, made a couple completions and won the game. That was phenomenal and Matt making all the plays there, making the checks, getting us in the right runs. It was really, really special. He was very grateful. When he came in, the team put him up on his shoulders and carried him around. And then we gave him the game ball and they wanted him to speak to them, so he spoke to them. What a phenomenal year; what a phenomenal ending for Matt Faulkner.

On Momentum into Next Season
Certainly momentum forward. It is definitely going to help us with recruiting. It's going to give our young men a jolt in the arm going into exams. It's going to give a jolt in the arm when we come back for winter workouts and spring practice. But in all sports you can't start where you left off. You've got to go back to ground zero and start again. So when we come back in January, we'll go back to ground zero and we'll start building it again. But a lot of the things we do now as a coaching staff are validated with these wins. They listen a little bit more. They work a little bit harder. They've tasted it and they want to keep doing it.

On Cullen Newsome
I did not know Duke could play before the game started. He went out and tried it out. They even shot it up but he couldn't go. And we practiced Cullen [Newsome] a lot this week and Cullen played really well in game, really did some good things. He made some really good plays. He played really well. Hated not having Duke. He's one of our heart and souls. He was on the sidelines. I'll tell you what, he was so sharp during the game, he said "coach, they're doing this, this and this" and I went over and told them. Sure enough, the next time they did it, we made a play on it. He was over there telling the kids. So he was really into it.

On Chandler Jones
He is at the hospital right now getting x-rays. We think he might have broke his collar bone. The good thing is he will be alright. He'll be back when we start playing.

On Defense
We corrected some things at halftime. They're receivers are good. And [Derek] Carr is really good. Number eight, it's hard to tackle him. I mean, he is quick. I mean, Rouse, he is really quick. We were right there a few times and just couldn't tackle him. And then he made some good plays. And then in the second half we mixed up some coverages, got a little bit better pass rushes, blitzed him a little more and that helped us. Coach Baer did a great job adjusting at halftime.

On Takeaways and the Flee-flicker Touchdown Pass
Well, I think we had such a good habit of taking them, that we know how to take advantage of them. We know they're precious and we need to make points of it. And we have been practicing that flee-flicker and that's a great call by John DeFilippo to call the flee-flicker and they came downhill and Matt made a great throw and Jabari's so fast. He knows how to use his body and made a great catch. We hadn't run it. We had been practicing, waiting for the right time. We felt like that was the perfect time to run it.



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