Timeouts Improved Look Revealed to Bulldog Faithful
Timeout made his grand appearance before the Bulldog fans prior to the football home opener.
Timeout made his grand appearance before the Bulldog fans prior to the football home opener.

Sept. 1, 2007

FRESNO, Calif. - After months of dieting and working out, the bigger, buffer and better fit Timeout was unveiled to Bulldog fans on Saturday at the season opening football game against Sacramento State.

Timeout's first appearance was just prior to kick off when he walked down the stairs to the field from the top of the student section. Once on the field, Timeout handed the game ball to the officials.

"I like the jersey," 10 year old Julian Rivera said following Timeouts first appearance. "It reminds me of David Carr. He looks stronger and younger."

Getting to September 1 wasn't easy for Fresno State's favorite Bulldog.

Last winter, Timeout appeared in a nationally televised NCAA alcohol awareness commercial with some of his mascot buddies. It was there, Timeout realized he wasn't as happy as the other mascots and knew he needed to change something.

Going into the taping of the commercial, Timeout didn't think anything was wrong. Once he got to the studio, it was a different story. As the taping for the commercial took place the Fresno State mascot saw how happy his buddies from other schools looked. It was then he knew it was time for a new look.

But getting started on a work out regime was not easy as Timeout was caught by Fresno State strength and condition coach Andy Bennett eating extra doggy treats.

Bennett then decided to volunteer his time in getting Timeout stronger. The Bulldog strength and conditioning coach put Timeout on a strict diet and training schedule. Since being put on the tough exercise regime, Timeout never missed a workout.

When coach Bennett first took Timeout to the gym, Fresno's favorite dog was only able to squat 224 pounds, bench press 135 pounds and had 30% body fat. After coach Bennett's intense workout plan, Timeout showed Bulldog fans how dedicated he is to his new workout schedule as he started with 264 pounds in the squats for his warm ups. He maxed out at 500 pounds. In the bench press, Timeout went up to 25 repetitions at 225 pounds, almost 100 pounds more then could earlier in the summer.



The true test though was the body fat test. When coach Bennett measured him at only two-percent, the crowed erupted in applause. A tennis ball chase was also part of the test and that was a two-second improvement for Timeout. Leading up to Saturday's football game, Timeout awoke at 4:30 a.m. every morning for some one-on-one training.

"I've been impressed since day one with what Timeout is capable of doing," said Bennett. "He wants to impress the Bulldog crowd and student-athletes. He has really dedicated himself to being a great mascot."

Along with the workout, Timeout has received help from his friend Zena Parisi and Zena's Island Spa. Zena and her staff along with help from the Fresno State spirit squad have helped Timeout with his physical appearance.

At Zena's, they colored and bleached Timeouts fur to make it lighter, gave him massages for relaxation of his muscles, gave him facials to help with wrinkles, pedicures to make paws more presentable, waxing and overall just brought his look together to give him more confidence in himself.

"I was very excited when Timeout came to the spa," said Parisi. "It was a compliment for me to get to work one-on-one with him."

Now Timeout is excited to be back with the people he loves best, the fans at Fresno State.

"Join the State - Fresno State!" - The Fresno State Football team is on the road Saturday, September 8th as they take on the Texas A&M Aggies at 12:30 p.m. pacific standard time. The game can be seen on television on Fox Sports Net and can be heard on the radio on KMJ 580AM, the home of Bulldog Football. The Bulldogs return to Bulldog Stadium on Saturday, September 29th against Louisiana Tech at 7 p.m. Tickets are available NOW at www.gobulldogs.com, by phone at 559-278-DOGS or in person at the Bulldog Ticket Office.

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