Pat Hill Quotes from Monday's Press Conference

Oct. 31, 2000

On another sellout crowd
"First, and most importantly, it was our third consecutive sellout. The fever is starting to grow here in Fresno. We are 17-3 in Fresno and 13 in a row overall. Some real positive things are happening in our city with football. I hope that's the trend we continue in order to make the stadium bigger. I think you need to fill your stadium before you can talk about expanding. That's a really big part of it. There's only maybe 1,000 or 1,500 left for the Hawai'i game, so were looking at maybe our fourth straight sellout of the season. I think that speaks very well for the commitment the Valley is making to Fresno State football. Hopefully, we are giving them the type of football the can be proud of. I wish we could take this stadium with us when we go on the road."

"I just want to thank the people of the San Joaquin Valley for supporting us. I think that's a great, great accomplishment that we are filling that stadium every week."

On the WAC
"This is the first time we've had as many teams in our conference getting votes. We've got TCU at ninth in the nation, and UTEP got 14 votes in the coaches' poll. There is some recognition of UTEP, which is well warranted by the way they've played."

On the upcoming game against Hawai'i
"I find it very hard to believe this is a 1-6 football team. I think they've got some very good players, especially on defense. Last year, that defensive front...a lot of those guys are the same as they were last year. They are a physical group. I've got a lot of respect for them as a football team. It's very baffling to me that they are 1-6. I think they are very well coached and I think they have a heck of a football team. Maybe things haven't bounced right for them."

"They've given up six sacks in seven games. It's one per 60 throws. They threw it 74 times against San Jose State, and didn't give up a sack. That's an amazing stat when you throw it as much as they do. They are very well coached in the offensive line. The quarterbacks do a good job of getting rid of the ball fast. They're going to get their yards throwing the football. You've got to be patient. Keep the ball in front of you. Get the big hits, try to tip some balls. Once they get close to the goal line, you've got to play good in that area.

"Some teams who have the spread offense, if they can't pass protect, you've got a chance. But this team really pass protects well. And they lost four starters from last year. So, whoever is coaching the offensive line, must be doing an outstanding job. It shows on the tape."

"It's a good thing this game is starting at 4 o'clock, because it could last a long time."

"I think they have good players. Why they are 1-6...when you look at the film, they have breakdowns at times. But when you look at the matchups along the front, they are very physical. It's the same guys that physically played for them last year on a team that had the best turnaround record in the country. I think they have good personnel. I have a very hard time seeing them as a 1-6 football team. People have scored a lot of points against them, though. I'm hoping we have the matchups that we could do the same thing. I just don't view them as a typical 1-6 team.

On getting into a shootout with UH
"We haven't been the type of offense that scores [a lot] of points. I don't think we can get into a scoring game with the University of Hawai'i. I don't think we have the type of offense that's a 45-50 output offense. Hawai'i has the type of team that can score those type of points. What we need to do is get ready to play really solid defense. And if we have to, we need to plan a task to generate points in case it turns into that type of game. We don't usually play those big-time shootout games. We haven't really had one of those since I've been here."

On last year's game at Hawai'i
"Last year's game over there was a great football game. Anybody that watched that game was treated to a football game that was played by two teams that left it all out on the field. They just happened to beat us in double overtime. We got down 21-7. Coming back in Hawai'i is a tough thing to do. But we tied it up and had a chance to win it in the end. That was in front of a crowd that, next to UTEP, was probably the loudest we've played in front of. UTEP was probably a little stronger, but they were very, very loud. It'll be nice to have that game in Fresno."

On Fresno State's game with Tulsa
"I was pleased with our effort against Tulsa. I told the team there has been a lot of growth between 1999 and 2000 as far as handling situations. Last year, we lost to SMU and came home and didn't play our best game of the year, but did win against UTEP. This year, we lost to UTEP, came back and had a great outing against Tulsa. The urgency to play well after a tough loss, I think that shows a lot of growth in our football program. They are all little steps, but they are all important steps in trying to develop our football program."

"David Carr had an outstanding game...And he only really played two quarters. If we kept him in the game, maybe he could have had a 400-yard game. But I don't think that's the importance of what we are trying to do. We got a lot of players playing time in the second half, and I think that is very, very important. And we still won the game going away.



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